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[Action] #004

[Jay had pretty much managed to stay clear of the woods the whole month that he had been here, having found himself becoming more relaxed and less paranoid when he didn't think about anything associated to the being that had been following him for so long.Staying clear of the forest was easy for him for the most part at least-until today.

He woke up, his body laying on something hard and uncomfortable; obviously not the nice bed in the mansion he had gotten used to. His eyes slowly opened and he realized that he was in a tent, sun shining through the fabric of the tent and into his eyes.]

[He could smell the pine, a clear sign that he was in the forest. He hesitated a second, gaining the courage to slowly unzip the tent and stare out into the forest he was in. He would have panicked if it wasn't for the fact that he noticed the other tents. Others were out here-this must be an event? But he was still paranoid over the idea that the Operator was here now, possibly watching their every move.]

Uh, anyone know what's going on?
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[Oh no what's that abnormally fast moving thing coming towards Jay - wait, it's just Pinkie Pie spotting a friend!]

Hi! Do you know where I can get marshmallows? How about chocolate? Or biscuits?

[Who cares about how she got here, it's s'mores o'clock!]

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Yeah! And then we can make s'mores together!

[Now where would the best place to start looking be? Hey, do alien trees grow chocolate fruit? How about marshmallow berries? Pinkie decides it's worth exploring and starts to hop over to the forest. Sorry, Jay!]
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[Pinkie pauses and waits for him to catch up.]

I've never been down here before. Have you?
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[Pinkie took a break from staring hopefully at the trees (as though they might bloom marshmallows if she looked at them long enough) and looked at Jay.]

How come?
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[He'll have to try harder than that! She's torn her gaze from the trees back, expectantly, to him.]

I love stories!
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Cross my hooves-

[She does.]

Hope to fly!

[And now she's flapping her legs.]

Stick a cupcake in my eye!

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[Pinkie screams, flees to hide in some bushes, then sticks her head out.]

Will the thing watching you come out if I'm here?
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Aw, really?

[She hops out of the bushes, hanging her head low.]

Maybe it just wants to be friends?
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[Unlike Jay, Zuko is fine and dandy. He is pretty used to camping trips, and for now, this event doesn't seem all that bad. At least he's in control of himself. He hears Jay as he scouts the campsite.]


Jay, right?

This is an event.
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This is the mansion. The whole place changes.

[Zuko quirks a brow when Jay does that whole: HOLY CRAP A STICK thing.]
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[He peers off into the woods with a more intense gaze, looking to see if something is there. Nope, nothing.]

I don't hear anything.
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It's an event, I'm guessing! This isn't bad at all!

[Aang is all smiles, as usual. As a nomad, he's used to living outdoors - it feels more natural than living in the mansion, that's for sure!]
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Why would it? I don't think there's anything that can hurt us here. Do you dislike camping?

[He's confused as to why Jay looks so nervous. Are the forests really dangerous where he comes from?]
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This doesn't seem too bad so far. I kind of like it! It's not as stuffy as it is in that mansion.

[Aang's the newcomer, so he hasn't experienced anything bad just yet. His optimism is kind of sad when one thinks of what Wonderland is really capable of.]

Why not? The forest is peaceful, and full of life. And that air!

[He takes a deep breath of fresh pine and newly-budding flowers.]

It smells great! The air's so clean!
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Oh...I'm sorry.

[He feels bad for Jay - it's difficult for someone as in touch with nature as Aang is to imagine what it would be like to not like a certain aspect of it. Either way, Jay looks like he doesn't want to talk about it anymore, so he leaves it alone.]

Don't worry; the event will be over in a couple of days.