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[ In hindsight, he shouldn't be too surprised. He'd heard about it happening to a number of people before in the mansion — where they're gone for, say, a solid week or so. Where they're home. Until they're not again, anyway. If that was what had happened here, well. He wasn't quite ready to come to that conclusion just yet.

But it was very, very clear that something had gone on in Wonderland in his absence, at least.

When the feed starts, he's crossing his arms, examining the room around him before holding up a book by the corner of the cover. The pages are wrinkled and yellowed, showing signs of having been wet, waterlogged. Harrison hardly seems amused.

Alright. Who wants to explain this? Because apparently, I seem to have missed something.

[ if that's also his way of announcing his presence to certain others in the mansion then, you know. these things happen, too. ]
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Pool party.

In your room.

BYOB, leave the clothes. It was fun.
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Some things don't change.

When are you from now, doc?
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Right then.

[With someone as insistent as Harrison Wells to never give much in the way of an actual conversation - from casual observing, not even to people other than him - Leonard could just disengage. But instead there's this certain stubborn or perhaps just provocative urge to prod and poke until he gets a more engaging response. He's not expecting much success with grump incarnate here, but he figures it's worth a try.]

So, how are things? What Earth are you on? Who are you dealing with? Any fun anecdotes to share? We should meet for drinks, catch up a little. It's been so long.
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Just rekindling our deep and meaningful connection.

So, you gonna do anything to move this conversation forward or is it all on my end? I'm so glad I never went on a blind date with you, I'd have bolted and stuck you with the bill.