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video; backdated about a week pre-event

[ HELLO WONDERLAND it's your favorite grumpy murder grandpa. What's up.

Joel had been truly shaken when he'd found Ellie alone in the woods, hiding away from the world and with a broken arm she'd been too scared to even go and get treated properly. When she'd finally told him an abbreviated version of what had happened, he'd gone from feeling shaken to feeling sick.

He'd done his own research first, to no avail. At a loss and unable to make further progress on his own, he's finally caved to his last resort - asking the other residents for help. ]

How d'ya kill your mirror.

[ And don't tell him it's not possible. ]
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It's possible, certainly.

[Evelyn has known of Reals getting to their Mirrors before, and distinctly recalls a time when Philip killed his own. He was hounded by mirror messages from his double's lover for days before the Queen remade the doppelgänger.

The grim certainty in Joel's voice and that writ into his brow suggests he is of no joking mind about this.

But the circumstances are not something we can achieve with our own resources. They have to be presented to us.
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[Joel Miller? Hearing things he doesn't want to hear? It's more likely than you think!]

We can't access the other side at will. If you haven't noticed, you can't exactly walk through your mirror.

[She frowns at him for a moment.]

What happened?
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video -> private video;

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[In an unsurprising consistency of character Evelyn studies him in return, unaware of his internal debate but fully conscious of the fact that he is very much the sort of person to closely guard his own problems.

Well, if he wanted to be so secretive about it, he shouldn't have asked after Mirrors in the first place.

Do you think I'm stupid?

[There is only one person in Wonderland whose safekeeping is monitored strictly by Joel, one person for whom Evelyn is certain he would give his life if necessary. One person who might be fooled by an impostor, inviting a trusted figure into her confidence.]

If you're going to publicly solicit help, the least you could do is be honest. What did he do to Ellie?
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[Under normal circumstances Evelyn might graciously accept the hint that she stop asking questions about what must have been a traumatic event, but Joel has admitted to the connexion and Evelyn herself has still very recently died - courtesy of a Mirror - therefore her patience is thin.]

Clearly you've made it your business.

[She isn't trying to be antagonistic, but neither is she shrinking back at the feral intensity meant to intimidate.]
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[It's clear that Joel does not draw a line between his business and Ellie's, but he isn't the only person who cares about adolescents in the mansion and their well-being, even if his concern is limited to a singular person. Neither is it a crime to ask after the well-being of a child.

Evelyn is not calling into question the appropriateness of his guardianship, nor is she setting any blame upon him for what happened to Ellie, but this conversation feels so agonisingly like the one she had with Freya Mikaelson that it chafes. Insular, irresponsible, and stubborn. These are not traits that serve communities or help people to help each other, these are traits that harm.

Unlike the quiet and genteel backpedaling of previous talks wherein Evelyn would kindly divert the subject to something else after grazing a raw nerve, she is somewhat too close to pull back from whatever invisible line she's crossed in somehow offending him. Again.

No, it's just-

[She huffs an incredulous laugh. It would be easier to avoid topics that set him off so violently if she knew what those subjects were, but he's so wrapped up in isolationism that he never speaks to them.]

It's just that talking with you is like navigating No Man's Land, if I don't step on a mine I didn't know was there I'm inevitably going to fall into a trench full of barbed wire.

[The brief silence is thunderous and she swallows her own frustrations because they aren't why she's upset.]

I care about Ellie. As I care about any child here.

[As I care about my son.]
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[Evelyn is prepared to switch her communicator off just to save him the effort of replying when he does, pinching at the bridge of his nose like a man doing his best to dispel stress. He doesn't make eye contact, but neither does he really need to do so. That he isn't sober comes as a mild revelation because his hair-trigger nature seems about the same as usual.

At least he looks chagrined. More astonishing still is the offer he extends like an olive branch, clutched carefully in hands far too large to be known for their delicacy.

Arms folded over her chest Evelyn sniffs, considering him.

...I don't know, are you going to be crude and taciturn?
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[Evelyn supposes that that's really all she could ask for when it comes to Joel, as it happens to be the most civil response he's given her to date. She scrutinises him for another long moment before agreeing with an:]

All right. Bar?