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How often should I expect to not be myself?

( Yes, hello. Helena's hoping that she's doing this right -- it's the first time that she's sent a message to the network at large )

I know that we frequently expect events, but not every one would turn me into a creature or... something else.

( She also doesn't know what most of those things from the last event were. Where's Pete or Claudia when you need them? They'd have had some ideas, she expects )

For as unpredictable as all of this is surely there's a proportion, or some pattern -- how frequently you've become something else compared to how often you've remained yourself. I don't believe in that many coincidences.
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There is n-no pattern. Trust me, I've looked.
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Yes at fu-fucking everything, who do you think I am?

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I don't think there's a pattern.

[There' the sound of pages turning while she checks her notes.]

Not a noticeable one, anyway.
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What do you mean by that?

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Everything is random chaos here. I mean, at least it has been in the three years I've been here. The only thing that's kind of predictable is that things happen like, every two weeks.
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[ He's never actually kept count, really. ]

I'd say it's been like...maybe fifty-fifty. I feel like for as many times as I'm someone else, I'm still me and something is here to try and kill us all, or make life hard for a while.

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Pretty frequently, but it doesn't really happen in any way you can predict. I tried keeping a calendar for a while when I first got here and nothing lined up, so I stopped.
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It happens to all of us, especially when you've been here a while. [ you kind of just expect things to happen, whether they're good or bad. whether you'll be allowed to remember you're you or not. ] They're not all terrible experiences.

You think so?

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Not sure if it helps much, because history in this place means nothing, but that shit was the first time in like six months that I haven't been me. Though a friend ended up a child a while back.

That said, it's the worlds others come from and what's common in them.
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I think we all are concerned about it, but no way of knowing when or what is going to show up.

Why? I think it's to build new memories. That's going on the theory the place runs on them.

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[When Regina first hears Helena's voice over the device, she nearly has an aneurysm. It can't be -- Of course it isn't. The Black Fairy is dead, and Helena is from another world entirely.]

In three and a half years, I can count the number of times I haven't been myself on one hand.

[A pause.]

Of course, one event that affected most of Wonderland was my fault...
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Wonderland does have a fondness for rewriting our lives -- We were all students at a Japanese high school once, and a school for magic. But it seems to keep the core tenets of who we are.

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[After a hiss of static, a voice pipes up on the comm system.]

“LISTEN, LADY. That all DEPENDS on how VULNERABLE your ORIGINAL COMPOSITION IS! HUMANS are already MALLEABLE and REACTIVE as their FLESHY selves; little reason to SWITCH that UP if they’ve already GOT YOU at their MERCY!

ME? I don’t HAVE a form on your PHYSICAL PLANE, so you can BET this place has tried to MOLD me into whatever SHAPE I’ll fit on a GIVEN BASIS.”
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"'INTERESTING' doesn't cut it!"

[Bill all but audibly waves off the counter argument with a note of haste. This is what happens when he tries to explain things for free.]

"COURSE they have. I'm not REFUTING the EVIDENCE, here, I'm TELLING ya WHY. Let me ASK ya something, if WONDERLAND is so capable of THREATENING us, why doesn't it just FINISH the JOB?"

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