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[Video/Text/Voice] 1st Light

[Oh God there's a major close-up of Rapunzel's green eyes as she puzzles out this communications device.]

Hello? Hellooooo? Is it broken or something?

[She frowns at it.]

I don't get it! What does the little red blinking light mean?

[The girl turns it this way and that, tilting the screen curiously.]

I hope the light doesn't mean I broke it. That would make a horrible first impression to whoever lives here!

[Rapunzel is going to fiddle with it, so it cycles through video to voice to text and back to repeat this horrible cycle. After a while, it starts to speed up until someone decides to speak to her and help a girl out.]
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[Wow, those are some gorgeous green eyes.

Puck decides this is an opportunity that can't be missed.]

Hey, babe.

That light just means it's on, and people can see and hear you.

Oh yeah, and a bunch of people live here. You're in Wonderland now.

[Does he sound enthusiastic? You bet he does. This place is totally awesome.

...Not really.]
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[Another one who hasn't seen this stuff before? Well, whatever. At least she's cute.]

I'm not in it. It's just how we communicate here. You can write stuff with it or shoot videos like we're doing right now. It's weird, but it works.

[Okay, no, it's not weird to him. But that's not important.]

Yeah, Wonderland. Like fairy tales. And no, I don't think there's a big castle around, or any giant towers. There's just the mansion, which I'm guessing you've already seen.

[It looks like she's in the entrance, anyway.]
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Well, here's the bad news. We can't go home.

[He shrugs.]

It sucks, but there's no way to get out of this place.
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[Pinkie watches, entranced. This is exactly the kind of cinematography her script will need.]

Don't worry; it's not broken.


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Sure! You're in Wonderland.

[She considers the question.]

I really live in Ponyville then I turned up here somehow some time ago and now I'm living here, but here isn't home even though some of my friends from home are here. My name's Pinkie Pie; what's yours?
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[Audio] ooh boy, here we go, ho ho ho

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[Shuu stares at the girl in the video feed, shocked to pure numbness for a few moments. Those eyes. That voice. Her face. Her hair. There's something about's all too familiar. It's all too soon. He can't help it, though. This girl reminds him of Hiyoko more than he's comfortable with.

[Finally gathering up the courage to say something, he clears his throat and begins to talk.]

...Ho ho ho. It seems this birdie has fallen out of her nest, hm?

No need to fret, my dear. It isn't broken, and you aren't intruding on anyone's home. This is the mansion, where all of your dreams and nightmares can become a reality. A fascinating place.