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[This isn't a particularly substantial post, but at least Wanda is putting herself out there on the network in a post that not just a response to others, after being absent from Wonderland for a week, only to have been gone to live a stressful year back home. She got back a few days ago.]

That was disorienting to come back to Wonderland after being sent home for a while.

[The words probably read more casual than she actually feels. But it's text, so she can get away with it. Fake it til you make it -- or something like that.]

Does anyone actually readjust to that or..?

[she has her doubts. at least in her case.]
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dinna ken, lass. only just got here. ye can go back?
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(Jamie thinks about that for a moment and tries to decide if this is truly something he wants to pursue. Does he want to go back? Here in this place, he's got Claire and he knows that he's safe from harm. Nothing that threatens him back in Scotland threatens him here in Wonderland. Still, he's got a clan and a family to think about and he doesna know how the Battle of Culloden turned out. Can he turn his back on all of that for happiness? Isn't duty more important?)

Does it happen more than once? Disappearing and coming back?

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(Jamie has gotten used to the arrivals question, actually, and he's asked it a few times himself since he's shown up. He's not upset about answering it this time, at any rate, and when he texts back it's a quick reply.)

Just a fortnight ago, more or less. Not long enough to ken all the ways of this place, anyway.

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The closets? They're not just for clothes, then?

[Jamie's never used a closet for anything other than storing his clothes so he doesna know what they are used for here in Wonderland. Clearly something else, based on what she's said.]
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I dinna ken what a pizza is, lass, much less why I want 200 of them. What's a pizza?
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[ Jamie thinks it actually sounds like it might be good, though he's more for simpler fare. ]

And ye think I can get one of these from the closet if I ask for it?
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I'll have to get one to share with my wife. I dinna ken if she's ever had one either. She's never mentioned it.
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I'll let ye know, lassie, and if it's good I'll have ye to thank.
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[ Steve had noticed Wanda's absence but had also wanted to give her space after her return. He can hazard a guess at some of what she's lived through, and not much of it is good. Well, that year of training her up as an Avenger before the Accords came into play wouldn't have been so bad, but...

Either way, now seems like the right time to reach out to her. ]

It takes some time. Kind of throws your head for a loop, for a while. [ He's gone through it a couple of times now. ]

What's the last thing you remember? [ Is it possible that she's now experienced more than him? Could she give him a glimpse into the future? ]
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[ It would have been nice to hear that Wanda was in a better spot after he broke her out of that cell, even though Steve knew that the likeliness of that was low. It wasn't going to be easy for any of them, not unless someone stopped Ross' manhunt. ]

That's what I was worried about. I'm sorry, Wanda.
I know this doesn't fix anything, but I do come to break all of you out of that place.
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Yeah, I don't really know much of what happens after that, so your guess is as good as mine.

Are you okay, though? I know it was rough in there...
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[ Sharon feels a stab of guilt; she hadn't noticed that Wanda had gone back home. But then, with Wonderland's fluid nature, it's always difficult to know who's here and when unless someone goes out of their way to know. ]

What point are you from now?

I think readjusting depends in part on how you left things back home and how things are in Wonderland when you return.
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[ Her eyes narrow at the text. She knows that more happened after she came to Wonderland, that Steve and others had left some things out of their retelling of events, but surely Wanda doesn't mean that she was in the Raft as a prisoner. She doesn't know much about the Raft, but she knows that it's nowhere anyone would want to be, and there's no way to escape once someone is imprisoned there.

She tries to think of a way Wanda would be on the Raft without being a prisoner - not if she were there shortly after the Accords fiasco. Maybe Wanda is much farther in the future than anyone in Wonderland?

It's possible, but unlikely. ]

No, it didn't.

When you say you were in the Raft, were you just visiting by any chance?

[ Please tell her Wanda wasn't captured. She doesn't want to think that Wanda might have been captured. ]
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Were you returned for a long period?
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Time is something that can easily be altered. If you've only known it in a linear sense you wouldn't notice.
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That you know of. The technology would be available whether you knew of it in your world or not.

( Granted when the technology was actually invented in her world more people knew of it, and travelling to the past of course they wouldn't, so technically it's not the same thing. But it might also exist and not be known of )

Though you are correct. In the wrong hands the technology would be inadvisable to have.