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010 ☆ video/action

[ It's been a long, long while since Steve transmitted a message through the network, and that's been no accident. His last announcement was when he came back from his last trip home, over a year ago. It hadn't felt right to take the lead in the same way after that, and others had jumped in to take his place as needed. Hadn't they? He'd thought as much, but others have told him that he's still needed as a leader. Maybe not as Cap, but as Steve.

It's a work in progress.

But here he is all the same, sending out his message toward the end of the second day. He's indoors; the room he's in not well-lit but his face is still visible. It's quiet out, the calm before the storm. ]

Michonne and I took a trip past the gates today, and... there's something coming. Or, well, a lot of somethings. A whole horde of zombies headed right for us. She's already given you guys the rundown, but I wanted to get the word out. We're gonna have to fight, or barricade ourselves away from danger. [ His expression hardens then, something steely and determined. ] Whatever you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, do it.

[ A pause as he gathers his thoughts, and then he's back to it. ] I know death isn't permanent here, but this isn't a way that anyone wants to go. [ Is he speaking from experience?? Who knows, he doesn't elaborate. ] And I'll do whatever I can to help. In case you didn't know, I've got super strength, super speed, and I can take a hit. I'm not even sure if this infection will affect me because of the way my metabolism is. So if you need help getting out a scrape, let me know, all right? Or even if you just need help barricading a house. [ He's perfect for all that heavy lifting. ] I'm here to do whatever I can.

[ It's never enough, but he's still going to try. If he's learned anything this past year, it's that. ]

Oh, it's Steve, by the way. Steve Rogers. Stay safe, everyone.

[ With a firm nod, he ends the broadcast. For someone who's rusty on the speeches, it could have been worse, right? ]
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[Normally Evelyn wouldn't be so concerned, as she can hold her own, but since she's down to one life left in Wonderland there is merit in wariness. Discretion is the better part of valour when death might actually become your permanent state in this world, as well as the next.]

It's good to see you over the network again.

[It's good to see you at all.

Evelyn can't recall with clarity the last time they spoke, and she wonders if that negligence can be attributed to her own lack of reaching out for old anchors. That they are buried too deep in the seabed, and she is drifting far away.

I'm sure you'll be busy.


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[So zombies are kind of a NOPE button as of a few weeks ago, but it still feels like an organizational issue he should be part of. He's not the type to skip work without calling out.]

I'm sorry captain

I can't do it this time

I'm out

good luck

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Steve. Give us a shout if you'd like a hand.

[ -- polite, yes. and even with an edge of care. but there's no mistaking the old professional slant to her voice. she might as well be back in uniform for how officious she sounds. distant, for her sake as well as his.

even so, with stakes like these? no one can afford to alienate their best allies. so the offer is made in earnest, even as she trusts him to be delicate enough not to make too much of it. her heart is still tender and more than a little brittle.

luckily, she doesn't need her heart to make a headshot. ]
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How large a horde, and how much time until they reach our walls?


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[Steve. He hasn't talked to this guy in awhile, but he always seemed pretty trustworthy. Sans is utterly not having this entire event, and just hiding and waiting it out seems the best bet, but that doesn't always work. It didn't work for the last zombie event.]

[Especially not if there's a group of them coming.]

how...big is a horde? rough estimate.


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[Since she obviously knows Steve, she feels comfortable making this a video reply. But she still locks it. Why? Because she's not sure she's ready to go that open on the network yet.]

If you get infected, I'm going to be really mad. [Her way of saying 'TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO'.]

If you need me, I ... can help. Or try to. [It's the last thing she feels like doing -- more fighting, more trying to survive -- but shit is going to get real really fast, so it seems like a -- quite literally -- do or die situation.]

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You sure you still got your strength and everything? Because my powers aren't quite what they should be.

voice, private.

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Are you sure your super stuff is working right? Mine's not.

[If it were they might not actually have to deal with the zombies at all...]


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[Now there's a commander. Respect, Steve. Regardless of her admiration, she looks deadly serious when she starts the feed.]

You got any coordinated plan? If we have time, I can run front line support until we have to push back. Keep 'em out of town as long as possible. I'm ready for a long fight.

[N7 training ensured days and days of firefight with little water, food, or sleep. The Blitz was a one-woman mission for 16 straight hours. If she's got more people on her side, she can handle this.]


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Don't get bit, Cap.

[yeah that's what he's got to say to that.]


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And somehow I'm guessing the odds that someone's got enough grenades stashed away to take care of the problem before it gets to us is zero.

[Her expression twists slightly under her sunglasses.]

Well. This'll be fun.


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[ Its good to see Steve putting himself out there again, but some of that is overshadowed but the news he brings. Of course. Zombie horde. Wonderland can't just send them to a nice neighbor hood for a few days, it has to also actively try to kill them. ]

How many is a horde? [ He wants to be prepared. ]

I have Teddy with me and I can track down Peter. My magic isn't what it normally is but its still mostly working. If you need us let me know.

Re: Video;

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[Teddy is thinking along the same lines. Normally, infection or disease aren't things he has to worry about, although he's not willing to bet that Wonderland has been kind enough to let that hold up during this particular event. Still, he's strong, he's durable, and he can fly to do reconnaissance. It would be wrong not to offer himself to help.]

If you need another body on the frontlines, Cap, I'm good for it.

[Even if Steve doesn't think of himself as a leader anymore, and even if he's never been Teddy's team leader, there's still respect there. Teddy has to give credit to the old guard where it's due, even though this particular Steve Rogers admitted that he and Billy are the old-timers by comparison.]

I don't know if the infection will affect me, either, although I'd rather not test that one. If you need wings to get where you're going, I've got those, too.
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Not taking a hit may help more.

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