beautifullies: (⌘ 40)
Claire Fraser ([personal profile] beautifullies) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2017-07-14 06:45 pm

quick and dirty voice post;

[ Claire's mostly staying with Jamie for right now, but on the heels of Steve Roger's announcement, she feels the need to offer assistance. ]

This is Claire Fraser. In light of the things we've heard and the fact that...cutting off limbs is a way to help keep from dying, I wanted to offer my help. Amputations are primarily what I performed in the field. If you need me, for anything medical, I was an army medic. I'll help. Please, just let me know.

[ That's it; she's worried and afraid, it probably shows in the tensity of her voice, but she's not going to decline to be of service to anyone should they need it. ]

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