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video • ❝ this isn't my first rodeo ❞

[ sara's picked two swords as her weapons, though there's a large number of knives hidden on her person as well. she doesn't look happy, exactly -- but she looks very much ready to kick some ass, a determined glint in her eyes. ]

I was going to be grateful that something disrupted the whole quaint little village feel, but did it have to be zombies?

[ that's not the point of this. the point is: ] If anyone's got a spare sniper rifle lying around, I could do a lot of good with that. If not, well. Just let me know if you need help.

[ ooc | i travel for work soon so replies may be slow, but feel free to hit this up with action as well if you're so inclined and i'll backtag into forever. ]
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[ well. hello, miss lance. ]

Sharpshooter, are you?

[ that's curious. and damned helpful, likely. ]

Pity, then, that I've no rifle to spare.
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[ at the risk of giving the game away: ]

I hope the offer is mutual. [ a beat. ] I've only got a pistol. But I wouldn't sneeze at a rifle. Or a shotgun. Should you find yourself fortunate.

[ under circumstances like these, there's almost no use in maintaining the old lie. lives are at stake; she may as well own up to her strengths. ]
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The first? [ she doesn't believe it. miss lance is, she suspects, being merely cordial -- saying the words people expect to say in conversations like these.

(as unusual as conversations like these are.) ]
I didn't realize I rated so high on your to-call list. I won't be offended if you arm your fellows first, Miss Lance.
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[ oh, heaven help her. she nearly smiles. ]

Whatever happened to hoping they'd listen to arguments before you had to crack their skulls? [ despite the circumstances, the comment is lightly made. ]
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Have you lot hunkered down somewhere, then?

[ she can't help but be a little nosy, in the end. ]
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How much of the hoard can you see from up there?
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A challenge. [ an interesting choice of words. ] But not an impossibility?
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Captain Lance. Perhaps finding a cure for the contagion may help matters instead.
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I still have access to the records of your last encounter with zombies. It may provide a starting point.
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It's possible that they may ignore me due to my not being organic. That is untested, however.
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I won't be going outside unless it becomes necessary. Being alive is a preferable outcome.
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Of course, Captain.