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Video - Day Three

[Wirt doesn't look good.

He's pale, and he's having a little trouble holding the camera steady. Too beat to stand, he's sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. Thinking is hard and he doesn't want to send out this message at all, but he doesn't have a choice in the matter.

I...I need someone to do me a favor.

[It takes him a moment to summon up the nerve to keep going. He uses his free hand to pull his cape tighter around him.]

I need someone to look after my brother Greg. He's only six and I-I'm not-- I'm not good in a fight and I can't really protect anyone. [His voice hitches, his nerves failing him for moment.] I-I can't even protect myself, how can I--

[He can't do this. He pokes his arm out from under his cape and knots his fingers in his hair. The famous cone hat falls off. It takes him a second to collect himself again.]

I-I just. I need someone to come look after Greg, and I need someone to not-- n-not tell me I'm an idiot or dumb whatever for this because like I know that already and it doesn't change anything, so can someone please do that? Please? Please, I...I-I need...

[He shuts his eyes tight and rubs at them. This message is too hard to do without being that guy who cries on the network and he doesn't want to go down with that kind of reputation.]

...I-I need someone to look after him. I...I'm going to go once someone says they'll come. I don't want to leave him alone, but I c-- I. I...need to. Soon. ...Thank you.

[He rattles off their current address quickly and when he pulls the camera closer to shut it off, for a second viewers can see that his other arm is heavily bandaged and blood-stained. It's been hurting him, but he wasn't sure if anyone would come if they could see it, so he's been trying really to keep it out of frame.]
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[Greg's standing in the doorway, holding something in both his hands and staring over at Wirt. They could probably have a contest for who's paler, who's eyes are more round and wide. He takes a step forward, then waits. Something tells him Wirt doesn't want him to come too close.]

Um. A lot.

[He looks down at his hands and holds it up so Wirt can see.]

I couldn't find any water or anything. But I found this comb. So you can. Um. Since your hat fell off.

[Greg reaches up and points at his head.]

I lost my teapot too.

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[ Oh God. She remembers this kid, and she knows his brother too, though she hadn't realised they were related. She sees Shaun in both of them, possible futures that he might have lived, and she's suddenly desperate to protect them in any way she can, even though she knows it's too late for Wirt right now. ]

The little kid with the teapot? I'll look after him, you have my word.
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Yeah, we met when I first got here.

[ She'd subsequently tried her best to avoid him, after the vivid nightmare she'd had during an event where Greg was dying in front of her, and she could do nothing to stop it. Maybe this was her chance to set that fear at ease, even if she could do nothing for his brother. ]

I promise, nothing will happen to him. And you-- you're going to be okay. We'll all be back at the mansion soon enough and you can forget all about this.


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There's no...fixing it, is there? No amount of healing magic will soothe away what's going to happen. They can't guarantee that. But Wirt knows. He knows what's about to happen.

There's no need to talk about it anymore.]

I'll...I can help take care of him.
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I will.

[They've got their friends behind them, right? They're not traveling alone this time, at least. That much they can say for certain.]

Do you know what to do next?


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Oh. Oh no. Oh you poor thing. I can be there. I can be there for him. On my way.

[The background of the video shows he's moving already through the town. Out and about though he shouldn't be without his magic that he's used to using to protect himself.]

Though... I mean... if others come to look after him... do you need help as well? Just... you shouldn't be alone in this.

[Even if he is in danger, he shouldn't be alone. Should he?]
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It's not your fault. Don't think that.

[The mansion. A zombie. Anyone or thing, but not some kid who this place had hurt.]

People will be there for your brother. I'm nearly there now. Just try and...

[He didn't know what to say, what to offer to try and make this better.]

We'll all be okay soon. I'm sorry.

[Sorry he was dying. Sorry his brother would probably figure it out. Sorry for Wonderland in general.]


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[Oh god. Oh god.

Dipper's smart. Dipper's always been smart. It takes him all of half a second to put the pieces together and figure out exactly what's wrong with Wirt. Not that it's hard. When you've got zombies around and someone's acting all sick and telling people not to tell him he's being an idiot, there's... one very obvious answer, one that's obvious even before he sees the bandaged, bloodstained arm. And Dipper already feels like throwing up. Because taking care of Greg is only part of what needs to be done.

Someone's gotta take care of Wirt, too.

Like Stan took care of Dipper that other time with the zombies.

And Dipper has... a shovel. It's a heavy, sharp shovel, one that can and has been used pretty successfully against zombies. He hates zombies. Maybe once he would have found this event fun and exciting, but that was before zombies killed him. That was before he spent enough time in Wonderland to know that no one gets out of an event like this unscathed.

He's already moving when he responds.]

Wirt...? Are you there too, or just Greg?
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[Mabel shoves her way into view, sharing Dipper's communicator.] If the adults are coming to get Greg, then we'll take you somewhere safe.

[Except there is no place safe enough. She's blithely optimistic, but she's not stupid. If they take Wirt away, she knows what they're inviting.]


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[Mae has not had a very good time of it. It turns out that dealing with zombies in real life is a whole lot worse than just watching them on a TV screen. She's splattered in blood and has a broken bat slung over one shoulder when she responds, eyes wide.]

Greg? Little teapot kid?

Oh jeez, you're...

[She should have seen this coming. It's zombies, and it's not a zombie movie if lots of people aren't dying, and it's not a proper zombie movie unless those deaths are fucking tragic. She knew Greg had a brother, but this is her first time even seeing him. And shit, she wishes she'd looked him up sooner.]

Hey, I. I've met Greg. Where are you? I can--I can look after him. I've been doing okay out here. And I know of a pretty safe location on the other side of town. Just...I can take him there or something.
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Okay. Okay, dude, I can come there. Uhh...there's some zombies between me and there, but I can go over the roofs.

[She's very good with roofs.]

That's a good idea. Keep him in a place you already know is safe. Is anyone else coming?

[She's already on her way, judging by how the camera is jostling.]

Are you gonna...I mean, obviously you're not...God, eff this. Do you need, like. Like, help, with...after?

[God, what is she even offering? What the fuck? That's just--that's what people do when there's zombies, when someone gets bit and there's no options, but she never really thought about how fucked up it was. Is she seriously going to just mercy-kill a teenager? She doesn't think she can just do that, doubts she has the stomach for it, so why the fuck is she offering?]


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[Stands to reason that his first time even talking to Wirt in--what, months?--is when the kid is...]

[God, he hates zombie events. He hates this.]


[And what do you even say? He's not...he's not good at comforting people. And it's not like Wirt is even looking for that right now. He just wants someone to help his brother. It's painfully familiar.]

i...sounds like a lotta people are comin' to help already, but if...

[Why is he so bad at this?]

i got--ways of gettin' around real fast. like shortcuts. can get him outta there and to safety in an instant. is he with you?


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[Oh no. Oh no.]

Wirt-- Wirt, it's gonna be okay, he'll be fine, and...

[Shiiiit what was said about cutting off the limb?? She's not a medical doctor. Fuck, she doesn't know how to do this.]

Is someone c-coming for you?


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[Greg is that nice little boy, Angus remembers. Angus, meanwhile, can put the rest together in his head. Everyone explained "zombies" or "walkers" already, on the network -- it doesn't matter that Angus' undead are much different. This is... contagious. It's deadly. And it's got this poor older kid.

He's leaving his brother behind for his own good. Angus has never had a sibling, but he feels he can understand what this kind of sacrifice must be like. Maybe not totally understand. But... in the pit of his stomach, he feels nauseous and scared, somehow even moreso than he already did, huddled in a secluded corner with his network device and whispering so as not to catch any zombies' attentions.

Um. I know people are already on their way, and I'm only a kid anyway, so I don't think I could've done anything, but, um... Do you need someone to keep you company? I mean, um, over the network, since...

[He sniffs and wipes at an eye. Don't cry, don't cry. It'll just make this older kid feel worse.]


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I know this is late so feel free to ignore this if it's too late!

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[Other people have already responded to this, have promised to check up on Greg and tried to comfort Wirt, but it's always good to have more, he thinks. Besides, he feels almost obligated to respond to this. Isn't this the second time he's spoken to Wirt on the Network in relation to his death?]

Don't worry Wirt, dear, I'll check in on Greg as well. I'm completely immune in all senses possible to these creatures, so he'll be safe.

[His poor favorite elephant. He gives Wirt a look of deep sympathy.]

He's going to be just fine, dear. And things are going to be painful for you, but it will be fine for you as well.

[He's quiet for a moment, then a little awkwardly speaks up again.]

Is there anything you'd like to see or hear to keep you company while you wait? I understand that waiting to die is quite the anxious way to be.

[He sounds like he speaks from an odd place of experience.]