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[video] Day 2 of the Event

[However awkward this broadcast is, given how the Taishou is unfamiliar with technology, he still manages to make it sound quite grave. When the device finally focuses up on his face, he looks serious indeed, although he's not yet become remotely panicked.]

Have you a sword, citizens? I would fight for your safety all the better if I was able to wield one, but unfortunately, my blades did not arrive with me.

Your help is appreciated. I fear we must prepare for the worst.

[That's all he says. Brief but to the point.]
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I've got blades to spare, but they don't have hilts. Can you work with that?
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What's your current location? I can jump from roof to roof, so I can avoid the walkers pretty easily.
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I'll keep a lookout then. Stay safe getting up there, and try not to make too much noise. I was told they track people from sound and smell.

I'm Jean, Mr. uh... [He enunciates each syllable.] I-nu-no-tai-shou.
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[Nope, he wasn't hard to find at all. Jean had good eyes, and an even better vantage point up high here. He jumped from roof to roof with running leaps, using just enough jet-power to close to gaps. He was doing his best to conserve his battery, even though it lasted so much longer than the gas he used to use.]

[Soon, Jean made his way to the house Inu no Taishou was perched on. He looked pretty bizarre close up, but Jean didn't have time to gawk. They were in the middle of an emergency.]

Here. [He pulled one of his blades from the boxes at either side of his thighs. Normally they clipped into the triggers he used to control his 3DMG, so they didn't have hilts. But there was still a blunt protrusion at their ends that one could grasp if they needed to.] They're made to hunt tougher prey, so they work really good on these half-rotted Walkers. It should last you awhile.

[He hadn't had to replace his yet, so he was fine with letting one go to someone else that needed it.]
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[Zack found a moment in between zombie killing to check the network, which is why he is currently covered in blood.]

Check the closets. I think they might be giving out swords for free.
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[Since when has anyone really cared for someone like him? Like, literally, unconditionally.]

Pfft, yeah I'm fine. I think I know how to pick off a few walking corpses.
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[Really? Because that's news to him.]

[He shrugged.]
Whatever. They're probably going to be toast whenever these zombies show up.
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Open a closet. Are you new?

[He's in a slightly delicate situation right now, excuse the text.]
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Points for effort.
But you're in luck, we're only being furnished with melee weaponry at the moment.
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Can you not fashion a sword or some other weapon? I have my pistol and it does some good when the heads are destroyed.

(But he is really missing Sebastian. Hell, he'd take Finny at this point! Someone with brute strength.)
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You needn't make a proper sword. Anything with a blade will do. (Though Inu no Taishou in a special case. A normal blade would shatter if he used it.)

I take it you are quite the warrior. (His expression darkens and he lifts his chin; proud and stubborn.) I can look after myself. Unlike others, I have experience with the supernatural.
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