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[After months of attempted planning (most of which was frequently cast to the wayside in favour of dealing with whatever fresh Hell decided to make itself known to them all) Evelyn has come to the conclusion that there will never be a "Good Time," and has therefore decided that with that being the case, it is simply easier to set what she likes, when she likes.

This is all a very runabout way of saying that Evelyn has politely asked the Mansion - which, as we all now know, is practically sentient - to deliver the following invitation to everyone's door:

[Intangible* attachments have also been forwarded to each resident, supplemented by the following transmission:]

I'm holding a fête this Friday evening - there isn't a particular time for required attendance, it should be ongoing for several hours after dinner - and I should like as many parties as available to come. It is themed, as there are a number of us here from time periods before 1950, so appropriate attire is encouraged, but not mandated.

[This is in part due to a withering homesickness that Wonderland itself has been unable to satisfy.]

Kindly respond if you do plan to join, and I hope to see you all on Friday.

[*Evelyn is having a difficult time remembering to call them "digital."]


Apr. 26th, 2016 02:50 pm
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Hey, Wonderland. Henry Mills here. And I wanted to keep a running tally of all the monsters or villains that you know of from your world that could come here. And then note whether or not they have been here.

I'll need people's help since I've only been here a year and a half, and I'm not sure what was here before me. So, I'll go start:

  • Ice queens (but only evil ones) - One named Ingrid was here but left.
  • Dark One (any form)
  • Ogres
  • Peter Pan - he was here and left a while ago
  • Curses (any type, usually there are a lot of clouds that build up before hand)
  • Poison apples/spindles/pointy things
  • Dragons (but not all of them are bad so you have to be careful)
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Zelena (she's here. Hi, Zelena. Sorry you're on this list.)
  • Flying monkeys (but they're actually people so...I'm not sure what to do about that?)
  • King Arthur
  • Trolls
  • Mermaids (but NOT Ariel.)

  • There's probably more, anyone from home can add to this. But yeah, it just might be good to know what to be aware of?

    ( text )

    Feb. 16th, 2016 12:02 am
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    I seek audience with those who have known a girl named Alayne Stone.

    And with those who have been good enough to name themselves my friends. I require your aid. It is a small manner but important, still.

    Thank you.
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    [Stan has never been happier with an event. When he appears on the screen he's in full Mr. Mystery garb - fitted suit, fez, unnecessary eye patch, 8-ball cane. It's like he never left home! And he'd be a lot more upset about this event if it weren't for one huge, crucial detail - he woke up with money. Which means everyone woke up with money. ...Which means, naturally, that he's going to try and make all that money his.]

    Well, well. [He leans forward on his cane with two hands and glances around conspiratorially, 150% showman swagger.] Would you look at that. Another event. Another weird building in the middle of even weirder woods. A good two hundred dollars burning a hole in your pockets.

    [With a flick of his wrist like a magician, Stan produces his new event wallet and turns it sideways so he can open and close it like a puppet, and he makes it talk into his ear in falsetto.

    "But Mr. Mystery! Everyone's stuck in the woods with nothing to do and nowhere to go! How will anyone ever spend me?"

    That's a great question, Wallet! [With no regard whatsoever for his new wallet friend, he roughly jams it back in his pocket.] Luckily, I have the perfect place for people to spend their completely unearned cash!

    [He tosses his cane up and catches it, using it to gesture widely to the gift shop around him.]

    Welcome to...THE MYSTERY MANSION! Formerly known as the Mystery Shack and even more formerly known as the Murder Hut! [Stan places a hand over his heart, clearly pretending to be sincere.] My fellow Wonderland refugees, I'm sure you're just as tired of this magic nonsense as I am. So why go off into some spooky, potentially dangerous magical forest when you can satisfy your curiosity right here, without even steppin' out the door?

    [Granted, Stan is well aware that the forest of Gravity Falls is not as dangerous as the last forest they all got stuck in, but these rubes don't know that! He'll happily bank on the fears and insecurities of suckers.]

    Tours run once an hour, sun-up to sundown, from now until whenever this event ends - $20 a pop. Behold incredible sights never before beheld by your eyes! Wondrous attractions that will leaved you astounded! Bewildered! Befuddled! I can guarantee without a shred of doubt that you've never seen anything like the oddities of my Mystery Museum before, even takin' Wonderland events into account. Don't believe me? Take the tour and see for yourself!

    [That's because they're mostly horrible taxidermy abominations that Stan's cobbled together himself.]

    And that's not all! There's also a gift shop with all sorts of things you poor folks with your barely workin' closets desperately need! We've got T-shirts, cameras, key-chains, probably a grappling hook or two, bobbleheads, maps, postcards, snowglobes, hats -- we'd be here all day if I listed everything! Buy somethin' for everyone you know so when they get dragged to Wonderland they'll wish they'd gone to the greatest attraction Wonderland's ever forced you to be in!

    So come on down to the Mystery Mansion Tours and Gift Shop! [He points his cane right at the camera and grins.] Because you and I both know you don't have anything better to do!

    [He smacks the network device with his cane and it crashes to the floor, shutting off. Anyone's welcome to reply via video/text/audio/whatever, or they can skip right to the part where they're handing Stan their money and opt for an Action thread for tours and/or gift shop shenanigans!]
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    [The feed starts with Dipper’s face way too close to the screen, tongue out as he sets the phone in place. It wiggles a bit as he finds a good balance, then he moves back to sit next to Mabel and gives an awkward grin and a wave.]

    Hi! Dipper and Mabel here. Welcome to Gravity Falls, I guess? Sort of? [He glances over at Mabel.]

    Close enough, anyway! [Mabel’s not exactly concerned about the differences, to be honest. she’s all but bouncing in her seat.] For once, Wonderland’s giving us a break! Gravity Falls is totally awesome so long as certain well-dressed triangles aren’t here. [she blows a raspberry.]

    Which he probably isn't since he used to be here as a… [Dipper glances up, scratching his chin.] Well, I’m still not sure if he was here on purpose or not, but the fact is, he’s no more likely to secretly be lurking here now than he was before the event started. But isosceles horrors aside, there is a lot to watch out for here. The woods are filled with amazing creatures!

    Gnomes! Unicorns! Sometimes an occasional cow with extra legs. But the important thing to remember is that for the most part, none of them are really gonna hurt you. They’re more… [she squints, trying to find the right word.] ...annoying? Weirdly stalker-y? [she shrugs] Point is! They’re pretty easy to deal with if they get on your nerves. And accidentally swallowing unicorn blood will not give you an extra face on the back of your head! [she turns around in her chair and tosses her hair over her face to demonstrate] See?

    And the Multibear has surprisingly good taste in music. [Dipper looks slightly shifty as he says it.] For the record, we mean deal with in a non-fatal manner. [He spreads his hands out in front of him, looking serious.] I know a lot of you fight monsters in your worlds, but can you just… try not to do it here? It’s unnecessary and really sort of a jerk move. I mean, a lot of them are sentient.

    [Mabel turns around tosses her hair back.] Yeah, seriously guys, even the gnomes aren’t that bad, and they tried to make me marry all two thousand and something of them.

    [there weren’t that many, Mabel.] And, most importantly, don’t forget to check out the gift shop for all your mystery needs!

    [she beams proudly, much like someone who expects to be rewarded for throwing that in.]

    [Dipper rolls his eyes like someone who won’t actively speak out against the family business but also refuses to participate in the sucking up part of this message.] And ask us if you have any questions. No one knows these woods better than us. [A beat, then he quickly adds:] Except Great Uncle Ford. [Ford is the reason Dipper and Mabel know so much, after all. He looks over at Mabel, frowning slightly.] Do you think the gnomes’ll bother Wirt?

    [still facing the camera and beaming.] He’ll be fine.

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    [ Steve's given it a few days.

    There hadn't been any real reason for it. The moment that the door between his room and Bucky's had disappeared once more, he'd known it in his gut. Finding the room completely vacant had only made it concrete. He could have announced it right then and there, but he'd needed some time to compose himself, and...

    Maybe a tiny part of him had hoped to be wrong, even though he knew Wonderland's pattern all too well at this point.

    He doesn't have it in him to show a strong face right now, so it's only his voice that he broadcasts to the network. That, at least, he should be able to keep steady. ]

    To anyone who knew Bucky Barnes — some of you may have known him as James — he's left the mansion. All of his belongings are gone, including his phone.

    [ Steve has to do this, as painful as it might be. Bucky had made real friends here, he'd gotten close to other people, and they all deserve to know what happened. Everything that Steve and Bucky had grown here, it's gone now, but for a while it can live on in the memories of each person who'd considered Bucky a friend. Except that bit by bit, those people will disappear too. Steve knows how this goes by now. ]

    I'm sorry you had to find out this way. [ But most people probably haven't noticed Bucky's absence yet. He hadn't been one for routine, and he hadn't let people into his room when he wasn't there. ] He would have at least wanted the chance to say goodbye. [ But now he's gone, and all of that recovery, all of those new memories, are gone with him.

    Steve can tell that he's spiraling, negative thoughts feeding on each other, and so it's better to cut this off before he slips. ]
    That's all. [ And with that, the recording ends.

    Rather than in his room, Steve is currently at the bar, figuring that most people wouldn't think to look for him there. But it's tempting to try and get his hands on some Asgardian mead. Just like the last time he lost Bucky, he has to struggle with the fact that he can't get drunk so easily. ]
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    There are those in this Mansion who are well-learned and know much of magic and such odd crafts.

    [ sansa seems restless today, as if the very subject makes her uneasy and her discomfort is clear. still, she sits up, prim and proper and continues. ]

    I would speak to those who know of such matters and would help another who does not. Any such help would be appreciated. There is little I understand of it as I was never taught of such crafts beyond the tales and songs that were always meant for children.

    [ a beat. ]

    You have my thanks.
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    So... has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of eyes of providence hidden in weird places?

    [Dipper casts the camera along the wallpaper before turning it back to face him. He looks a little on edge, but that's not really unusual for him. He's sort of an on-edge kind of guy.]

    And I haven't had any creepy messages with dying animals or Shepard tones or whatever and I haven't seen him so even though he doesn't have a room and I can't really check, and even though he could just be invisible and waiting to show up at the worst possible time... I'm gonna call it.

    Bill Cipher is gone.

    [He glances from side to side. It would be just like Bill to lay low for whatever horrible reasons and show up the second he tells everyone just to make Dipper look like an idiot. But no triangle abominations appear. He lets out a breath, nods decisively, and cuts the feed.]


    Dec. 7th, 2015 09:37 pm
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    [Henry's back in Wonderland again, after his first date and subsequent rejection. Once he confirms with his mom and Robin what they all know (and perfect, they're from different time lines. But at least they left and came back together), Henry trudges back to the mansion. He's not sure if he's missed anything or if anyone else has maybe arrived or left, but he's about to find out.

    Once he's in his room and he's made sure his pen (wow, he broke the one at home and...that was...stupid), the blank book, and the ink are still secure, he settles in, still wearing his Camelot clothes. The last thing he remembers is meeting Merlin, and he takes a breath, letting it out and turning on his camera, addressing Wonderland.]

    So, I don't think I was gone that long, but just in case I was, it's Henry, and I'm back. Fresh from...Camelot. I think maybe it's been about a month back home. My mom - Regina - and Robin are back too, in case you were worried. We all left together, which is nice. It's better when you aren't worried.

    Nothing bad happened while we were gone, did it? Nothing is on fire, the mansion is still the mansion, no one seems sad in the halls, so it seems like maybe everything's okay.

    [So that's a success?]

    Hopefully all my friends are still here. Are you?
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    [ Steve has found a fairly isolated spot for himself, up on the checkerboard hills. It gives him a good view of the entirety of Wonderland, but doesn't leave him as exposed as the roof would, where anyone might come across him.

    HYDRA isn't here. He has already established that time and time again, but that could also change at any moment. All Wonderland has to do is bring in one member of that organization and it might spread throughout this place like a plague.

    It's been quiet, so quiet that he doesn't know what to do with himself except fall back on instincts. Stay away from people, be on the ready for any potential threats...

    But something has been nagging at him, and he needs to talk. A video broadcast is out of the question. His voice alone will do. And that voice no longer has any real authority in it. The man who was there to encourage people, to remind them that they would get through this, he isn't there. His tone is much more subdued, almost like he doesn't think he deserves to be sending out this message. ]

    You ever wonder how things might have been... if you'd just been a little faster? If you hadn't hesitated for that split second? [ He heaves a sigh. ] Yeah, I guess everyone has regrets. And we tell ourselves that it's pointless to dwell, that there's nothing we can do, and we have to live with our mistakes, but...

    Wonderland treats time like its plaything. If it can pull us from any time, why can't it send us back?

    [ The message ends there, but Steve will be spending the next few days wandering around the grounds like a ghost, shield always on his arm and wearing a uniform that's seen better days. It's torn up and faded, but he keeps it on as a reminder of that day when everything had gone to hell. ]


    Nov. 2nd, 2015 07:09 pm
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    [When the screen flicks on, Bobby casts an irritated glance up down the brim of his hat to the little camera on his phone. He lets out a puff of air and sucks briefly on his teeth.]

    Sam, Dean? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that one or both of your asses got something to do with me showing up in -- wherever the hell this is, aside from not Heaven or Hell -- and that you've got a real good reason for not even having the decency to give a fellow a call before you rip him out of his nice, comfy afterlife.

    [He pauses for a moment in his speech, the shifting background behind him revealing that he's now moving (from the kitchen to the bedrooms area, for anyone with a good eye for that sort of thing), and that he's got an armful of supplies with him. It isn't too long until he turns a corner to an empty bedroom and closes the door with a click, setting the phone down onto the nearest table and pouring a generous line of salt from the box he'd gotten from the kitchen down in front of the threshold of the door. Then he leans over the phone again.]

    So, whichever one of you idjits has gotten themselves into the south-end of a north-facing horse, send the other one over to explain things, all right? And bring beer.

    [With that, the video ends.]
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    [ it's quite rare that sansa has happy matters to address in these sorts of announcements but today, she is quite determined to do so. lyanne is back, evidently; the great direwolf is sitting at the corner of the room, visible at the side of the screen. ribbons of silk and lace in silver and grey are wrapped around the neck, making the beast appear perhaps a little less threatening.

    and then, there is sansa, packing little cakes and sandwiches into a basket. ]

    The days are growing shorter, it would seem, and cooler.

    [ and winter is coming, she thinks but speaks naught of it. no, today is going to be happy. ]

    Lyanne is growing restless and I have thought a walk to the seaside would do well. We have decided to ask if there are any who wish to join us on this little adventure, it seems that we have been holding ourselves prisoners inside the Mansion for far too long.

    [ a beat. ]

    some fresh air, then, and some treats would do us all well.
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    [ it's been a long time, months and months, since sansa had addressed wonderland. many moon cycles came and gone and people has well. today finds her in silks the color of the bluest skies and her hair in an elaborated braid that might remind some of a departed queen whose hair was silver. ]

    Good people of Wonderland, I hope today finds you well.

    [ formal and perhaps distanced, too. sansa had kept to her chambers for days on end, had not traded words with anyone. the stings were perhaps a bit too much. she had given herself some time to collect herself again and when the need came.

    well, there she is. ]

    Many people came and gone from this Wonderland of ours and I am missing a companion of my own. A direwolf named Lyanne I have sent to search for some friends that I have found - have departed from among us and were sent free.

    [ her voice doesn't quiver, she tidies her gown and speaks again ]

    She is highly likely still searching yet I must request that if you happen upon her, you shall tell her to find me. She is a direwolf of the north, larger than a wolf and smaller than a bear, her eyes are golden and her coat is that of grey for.

    [ a beat and ]

    And I am Lady Sansa of House Stark.

    005 | video

    Jul. 4th, 2015 03:13 pm
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    [ The feed opens with James looking a little different than usual. His usual mess of long hair has been trimmed short and neat, combed into place in a familiar style. For once, he's even clean-shaven. He doesn't look exactly the way some people might remember. Too much has changed for that. Most obviously, the metal of his left arm is visible just below the sleeve of the t-shirt that he wears. It's a constant reminder of who and what he is now, but there's a reason he isn't covering it up.

    At the moment, he's all business. He leans his weight back in the chair and scrubs a hand over his face; this being in front of a camera and talking to a crowd stuff still feels ridiculous. There are about ten different alarms going off at the back of his mind telling him that he needs to hide his location, his face, his intentions better than this. He really isn't cut out for this kind of thing. He doesn't know how Steve does it. ]

    In light of the last couple of events, I've got a couple of... Requests. I'd like to trade notes with anyone who's working on an index of threats we've faced, or might face from different worlds, and how to fight them. With the closets acting up like this on top of everything else, we're playing a risky game scrambling to meet things as they come. I realize memorizing an index isn't really a viable option for most people so... I had another idea.

    [ He takes a breath. He probably hasn't said this many words in a row since he got back here. ]

    A few weeks ago, Captain America posted a list with descriptions of the Avengers, their abilities, and how to contact them. I'd like to do something similar. I'm not talking about a team, just something like... pooling our resources. I want to make a list of people who are willing and able to take civilians in, and protect them when things get tough. That could be combat, or it could be something like warding a panic room, or rationing supplies if the closets keep acting up. I don't know if anyone is working on the welcome pamphlets since Pepper went home, but knowing who to contact in case of, I dunno, zombies -- might be the kind of thing that's worth including.

    [ He rubs the side of his neck. ] Anyway, that's about it.

    While I'm here, if you're training with me and you're still injured from the last event, report in. Otherwise, training resumes tomorrow morning on your usual schedule. Those of you who might want to take the holiday to slack on your conditioning: don't. [ He's looking at you, Billy. ]

    Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, it's Steve Rogers' birthday today. Every joke you're gonna make is about 97 years old, but feel free to make 'em anyway. He's used to it.
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    [you're looking at your device. you see a close up of what appear to be braces, followed by a brown eye, followed by the head of a little girl as she adjusts her phone.]

    I think it's good. Just... Just hold it riiiight... THERE. [And now we have Mabel in full view sitting crosslegged on a bed that looks like a FAO Schwartz stuffed animal section exploded all over it. She had fun with the closets.] Hello, fellow Wonderfriends. I'm Mabel! And I just got here, like... a few days ago, but this has already been so much fun. I got a snow day in the middle of summer, I hugged a giant wolf, and I sang karaoke on the front lawn in the middle of a ghoul invasion. [she shakes her head dreamily.] Good times. Good times.

    ANYWAY. I just heard that somebody's getting married this weekend- I don't know the bride and groom, personally, but since they invited everybody to the party, they clearly have good taste. And since is the first wedding I've ever been to where I haven't been expected to throw flowers or sit still and not put gummy worms in my face holes during the ceremony... I need a date!

    So if there are any Wonderland bachelors looking for somebody cute and great like me to be their date, I'm here for you. I have great references! [she holds up a glittery cardboard sign with "MABEL IS AWESOME"- LITERALLY EVERYONE written in bright marker. After a second, she holds up another one with a drawing of a pig on it that says "GIVES GREAT HUGS!"- Waddles the Pig. Satisfied, she tosses the signs away.]

    Serious inquiries only, please and thank you. And hey, if any ladies out there are looking for an eligible bachelor of their own, look no further than my brother, Dipper. [She adjusts the phone a bit to show Dipper over on his bed... probably reading and tuning this out.] His dateability is questionable, but some people are totally into it, and you should never be ashamed of what you're interested in, girls.
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    [The time for this announcement is long overdue, though Steve has also put a lot of thought into who should be on the Avengers roster here in Wonderland. Wanda's appearance only served as another reminder. Just because Natasha is gone doesn't meant that Steve gets to slack off in his duties as team leader.

    With the kind of dangers that lurk around the mansion -- demons and ghouls and vampires -- people should know that there's a group of people who can help.

    He decides to deliver the information in text form, figuring that it'll be easier for people to copy things down that way. It's a lot to remember.]

    Hello, everyone. This is Steve Rogers. If you haven't met me, I'm head of a group called the Avengers. Our membership has shifted around depending on who Wonderland has decided to bring in, but I wanted to make an official announcement to explain what we are and how we can help.

    Essentially, we're a group of super-powered people. Back home, we handled worldwide disasters, the sort of stuff that threatened the entire human race. We want to fulfill that role here too, so if you're ever in any kind of danger or in need of protection, you can contact any one of us.

    This is our official member roster, along with each person's skillset:

    Steve Rogers / Captain America: Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: impenetrable shield.
    Thor: Control of weather, thunder, lightning. Superhuman abilities. Weaponry: Hammer. (Don't try to lift it.)
    Wanda Maximoff: Energy blasts, telekinesis, telepathy. Weaponry: N/A.
    Bucky/James Barnes: Sniping, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: Rifles and knives.
    Rocket: Constructs and modifies weapons, enhanced agility and senses. Weaponry: Large guns, but anything under the sun.
    Billy Kaplan: Magic, flight, teleportation, healing, more than I can probably list here. Weaponry: N/A.

    We also have a non-combative science consultant by the name of Bruce Banner.

    You can turn to any of us if you're in need of protection, or if you need to make use of one of our abilities. It's our job to help. Let me know if you have any questions, and stay safe out there.

    [PRIVATE TEXT to the Avengers team:]
    You all know what you signed up for, so hopefully this is okay. I know not all of you have met, so we should figure out schedules and make a time to do some team training. We won't be effective together if we don't know how to coordinate with each other in combat situations.
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    [ she almost uses text for this, almost hides away her face and voice from her audience. but in the end, sansa appears to all in a gown of stark grey. there is little point to hide anymore. alayne stone is dead to all those who knew her for they have seen into the girl beneath.

    queen in the north, she was called but when sansa speaks, it is soft and unassuming ]

    Good people of Wonderland, such odd days we have seen.

    [ days which were too familiar, too filled with memories that are not welcome and some which are ( stark banners and a pack of wolves to protect the pack and - ) ]

    I send word to those who have been of house Stark and their allies. Some of you I have never met before. I would extend my hand and offer my friendship. For all of Wonderland's tricks, if we can maintain such friendships rather than lose them, I would think it to be wiser.

    [ a beat and then ]

    I am Sansa of house Stark and though - there are many here who Wonderland would have made my enemies,

    [ lannisters, boltons, greyjoys ]

    I do not wish to let its falsehood come between us. I am your friend, no matter what house you belonged to. If you ever need me, I shall be at your service.

    [ a breath. ]

    For your kindness and your attention, you have my thanks.
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    [ at first, you would think you are looking at a wolf.

    grey and white with yellow eyes, it will move in front of the camera, blocking the view of the girl whose company it keeps. however, as it steps away, one could tell that it is much larger than any wolf. it is not the size of a bear or a lion, no, but it is certainly no ordinary wolf.

    there is a silver ribbon around its neck and when the direwolf finally rests her head on alayne's lap, alayne reaches a fond hand to caress her ]

    dear people of Wonderland, I would introduce you to my company. I know well that many of you have not heard of a direwolf and that you may think her to be a threat. I promise, she will do you no harm. Her name is Lyanne and she is my companion. She has a sweet demeanor to her and she would do you no harm.

    [ she is less trusting, alayne has noticed, than lady was. sweet, yes, but less inclined to approach others.

    she is all the wiser for it, she thinks. ]

    she is not a pet, by any means, and I do not intend to force her to my side at all times. however, if you see her wandering please do not be alarmed. I promise she is good.

    [ she inclines her head. ]

    if there is any way for me to assure you of it, I would do so.
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    [ This is an inauspicious start to the New Year.

    Considering the tension since last event, where Will sat side by side with the friend he'd roundly denounced to Ned and, for lack of a better phrase, sat pretty while most of Wonderland's residents tore themselves apart, his and Ned's lack of communication is nothing out of the ordinary. The few times they did speak afterward were short, in the public eye, not betraying their respective secretkeeping but definitely not delving into just what Will's behavior was all about.

    Still, pies continued to be delivered, baked dog snacks came. Nothing seemed irreparable, even if it didn't seem good. Will thinks it's about time he cleared the air, and sends word ahead so that, in true introvert form, Ned can prep himself for another intense, likely protracted talk.

    In private. Will clarifies one text later, Will your room work? It ought to, Will's headed there.

    Except, stepping inside, Will feels a certain inevitability come to pass that he maybe should have picked up from Ned's lack of response. Barren walls, stripped furniture. Like Ned's prepared to move but where the hell would he go? Unless Will's gone strictly on the verboten list and isn't in the perky pie party that gets the new address forwarded to him. But in the unlikely event that Ned is the kind of man that would leave someone behind, well. Then he wasn't who Will thought he was.

    Hey, little guy - or, girl.

    [ he says wearily while the English spaniel raises a cautious nose to the air. Something like her owner. A soft whine sounds. ]

    Yeah, I know.

    [ Not Ned, but Derby tolerates a newcomer a little bit better than the piemaker, even though she'll be missing Ned. She wouldn't be the only one. The notion dawns on Will to open a channel to the network while Derby occupies herself with skirting Will's immediate proximity. ]

    It's been a while since I addressed the network.

    [ "Addressed" here is an accurate term; accidental nighttime shows don't count. ]

    But for those of you that knew him, Ned, our resident piemaker, has disappeared.

    [ Yes, that piemaker from the diner on the eighth floor. Those of you who share the obsession with his baking have suffered a great loss, but don't let that blind you to the greater loss of Ned himself. ]

    This might not mean anything, as for recent departees who've wound up right back here, I'm among their number. But I wanted to let Ned's friends know before search parties were sent abroad. Particularly a - Tohru. I'm afraid you'll have to find a temporary hire in your diner.

    [ Will gets the dog, sorry. ]
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    [ Vivaldi's Winter is playing in the background of the video as Hannibal makes the connection. As opposed to the last time the network saw his face, he looks very much in his element, without a hint of rage or much emotion outside of the range of contentment. His offense is kept just under his thick skin. It remains, but he doesn't dwell on it. Dwelling without action would accomplish nothing at all.

    But never mind that. Crowley's reckoning will come later. For now, he is in peak physical condition, dangerous in his presented amicability. Good luck. ]

    Good afternoon Wonderland. It seems I was sent home for a short while. It didn't seem right to let my return go unmentioned any longer, now that our moment of defensive panic has subsided. My apologies to my patients, and any others I may have left in an uncomfortable position. My door is still open, should anyone need my help. Simply message me to make an appointment.

    It's also come to my attention that Dr. Jones has gone home. Martha was a good friend and a respectable colleague, her presence will be missed. Hopefully she has gone home to better things. Has any discussion been had about the status of her clinic? I hope to see it carried on under responsible supervision.

    [ He pauses for a moment, for emphasis of train of thought. ]

    Two more points of interest. Firstly, as some of you may know, someone that I consider to be violently unstable has gone to great lengths to see me suffer. Therefor, I ask for your help. I would like to learn how to protect myself from demons. If anyone would be able to offer their assistance, I would be in your debt.

    Secondly, as I missed the opportunity for a proper Christmas celebration, I've decided to throw a symbolic New Years Eve party. [ Symbolic because, of course, what is New Years Eve in a place with no real concept of passing time? ] Formal dress, black tie optional, with hors d'oeuvres and a small tapas dinner. Should anyone be interested in working the event as wait staff, I'm sure we could come up with a method of payment. Otherwise, I'll be forced to serve the food buffet style. [ oh the humanity. ]

    And I believe that's all. Have a good rest of your day.
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    to those who tended to me in the clinic, I thank you and am in your debt.

    to those who would heed the call of the red queen, please take care and be safe and I shall pray for your return.

    to the one who brought me here -

    thank you.
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    [ Though she'd been mysteriously absent over the past week, the last Targaryen is not shy in her return. Clad again in Dothraki clothing, Daenerys looks displeased as she appears over the network. ]

    I know not where I have been these few days, but it seems I am not yet to return to Essos. [ And that's annoying, to say the least. ] What has happened that so many run about the mansion in fear?

    [ There's a long, thoughtful pause, during which her silver eyebrows come together, and then... ]

    Where is my dragon?
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    his knuckles are unmarked graves )

    I know that there are people here who deal in memories. [ The voice is low, a little rough from long disuse, but still unmistakably Bucky's. ] Is there anyone who knows how to get them back and... fix them?

    [ He lingers long enough for replies, and then turns off his phone and moves on to the roof. It's exposed, but the chill doesn't bother him, and it will help to keep the curious away. Or so he hopes. He has a sniper's nest there, and the scope on his rifle will let him get a look at the scar on the hillside.

    He lays down on his belly to do just that, the rifle braced against his shoulder. He's wearing ill-fitting layers, the brim of a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. Keen eyes might catch the edge of a knife sheath strapped against his lower back, hidden largely by the bulk of his clothing. It's a fair bet that he's carrying at least as many weapons as he has layers to hide them.

    If anyone approaches, he may not move, but he will notice. ]
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    [Yes, the Once-ler had that dream too. No, he's not talking about it. It was just a dream, just a stupid, dumb, terrifying dream with a monster and the moon going out like a broken lightbulb and obviously none of it was real. Or at least, he doesn't want any of it to be real.

    So, he's stress-knitting.

    He's taken up one of the tea rooms for the day so that he has a little more space to work (plus it gets him out of his room, and that's probably a good thing). He's already got a colorful pile of completed things tossed on one of the chairs - scarfs, mittens, absolutely no thneeds. The Once-ler himself is sitting on the floor in front of one of the armchairs with his knees up, using the chair as a backrest as he knits. His piglet Boris is keeping him company, and he can be seen running around in a dark green pig-sized sweater.

    So, uh. Since I'm knitting anyway and winter's coming up...does anyone want anything?

    [And wow, he sure is knitting. Even while he talks, even while wearing his trademark green gloves, his needles move incredibly fast. He shrugs though, like offering to make people stuff for free isn't an enormous step forward for him.]

    I mean, it's just something to do, and it's not like I have anything else to do with them.

    [That's all he really wanted to say, because he's definitely not acknowledging that Jabberwocky dream. He leans forward a bit and uses the end of one of his knitting needles to jab at his network device until it shuts off. If anyone would rather meet up with him in person, he's in one of the tea rooms on the tenth floor with a small mountain of yarn.]
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    setup and introspection )

    [When the feed starts, Steve's seated at the desk in his room, which is as neat as always. There's distant barking in the background that he does his best to ignore, at least for the moment.]

    For anyone who knows Bucky Barnes, he's left Wonderland. All of his stuff is still here, though, so he'll be back. But... he's not going to be the same.

    [Usually when Steve makes a public announcement, the words flow out of him with no trouble, but now it feels like each one is sticking in his throat.]

    Back home, something was done to him. He won't remember who he is, and he probably won't remember any of you. He's... [He heaves a sigh.] When he first gets back here, he'll be pretty disoriented. He may lash out, so you might want to keep your distance at first.

    [Steve and Natasha, those people who are in the know, they can help him adjust. Or so he hopes.] But eventually, he's going to need help. He's going to need friends. He's still Bucky, he's just gotta be reminded of that. [Together, maybe they can all make that happen.

    Steve dips his head down and a brief, somber smile passes over his face.]
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll explain as best as I can. [And then he reaches forward and ends the feed.]
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    [ alayne stone wears simple cotton today, pale blue with a hint of silver. her hair is the same color catelyn stark's has been, deep auburn rather than the usual brown. she had not dyed it again yet. she looks worried, a familiar fear sitting there on her brow. however, when she speaks, her voice is clear and it doesn't shake. ]

    Good people of Wonderland.

    [ a pause ]

    To those who have been so kind to me since my arrival, I offer my thanks; to those who have been kind to - her. catelyn stark, during the past week, I offer you my sincere gratitude as well. I fear I have awarded your kindness with a lie. It was not ill meant, I swear it. It was for my own safety and yet a lie it was.

    [ she looks aside ]

    Wonderland had mocked my mother's memory by giving me her name and making me forget all else. If it ever steals her memory from me, I want others to know of her. Lady Catelyn Stark had auburn hair and blue eyes.

    [ exactly like herself ]

    She was of house Tully and had married lord Eddard Stark she was a mother to Arya Stark who has been her before and Brandon Stark who has also been here once before. They are both gone, now.

    [ for a moment, she almost looks angry ]

    Her enemies had killed her and her eldest son Robb and Wonderland has mocked her memory, it gave me her name and it made forget.

    [ a breath, small and shallow. ]

    I am her eldest daughter. Lady Sansa Stark, sister to Arya and Bran. They are gone and I am the last of my House to be here. My Lady Aunt - Lyanna Stark, she has been here too. For those who have been kind and good to Arya, Bran and Lady Lyanna, I thank you, as their kin.

    [ what to say even ]

    I hope you shall find it in your hearts to forgive me. I will ask you to still call me Alayne when in company. In a private audience, you may call me as you will.
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    [It is a rare moment in his life where Hannibal is in something akin to a impotent rage. It seems those moments come with more frequency here in Wonderland, as he keeps tabs of all the wrongs the Dutchess, the Queen of Hearts, their whole entourage of masturbatory miscellany have done him. He'll find a way to get back at them, and when the moment comes he will strike.

    This is a little different.

    How does one seek vengeance against a demon? Therein lies the question. The first step is, of course, exposure. That he can provide in spades. When he makes the connection he presents Wonderland with the genuineness of his offended rage--the only strong emotion he can recall with familiarity--behind the lens of composure. ]

    Good morning Wonderland. I have had enough professional experience with the criminally volatile to know that even when there is no police force present, it is best to expose unlawful and uncalled for behavior as a warning to others.

    I was attacked last night, by one Anthony Crowley. I wish I could say that it was without reason but unfortunately, he had a reason. His reason was merely an inability to parse reality from fiction, or the choice not to. I should not have to continue to to validate myself against unfounded accusations. You should all know it is my professional opinion that Crowley is either delusional or, as is more likely, a highly effective demon, and not to be trusted. More than that, he is dangerous.

    This may be my last communication through the public network for some time, though of course I am always open to private inquiry.

    [ Private to Will, Private to Evelyn, two separate but identical messages ]

    I could use your company, if you could spare it.
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    [ The feed opens with Bucky stepping back to stand at ease, his hands clasped behind his back. There's still a general weariness about him, but any injuries that were visible have long since faded. This might seem a little unusual to anyone who knows how extensive the damage was. Luckily, that's not a lot of people. His tone is low and even when he speaks. ]

    Anyone I talked to earlier about classes, self-defense or otherwise, can meet me in the training room. 20 and 22 on the first floor, if you don't remember where it is. I'll be there all day. If you've got some experience, I wouldn't mind learning a thing or two, myself.

    We've all been through a lot lately... Sometimes the best thing you can do is try to get back on your feet again.

    [ There's a short pause. He tries to keep the same casual tone, but his jaw tightens a moment, and there's something resigned in his expression when he goes on. ] Oh, and one other thing: if you got dragged over to the other side of the mirrors and ran into a man with a metal arm, and a red star on his shoulder... We should talk.

    [ The feed cuts out there. Bucky will be in the training room most of the day and well into the evening, as promised. He might have invited the people he spoke to, but he'll work with anyone who's there.

    Shirts are negotiable, unfortunately, not optional this time. ]
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    Though he does not grow, he does eat. [ Setting: the kitchen. Featuring: Dany and Aeryn, the still-tiny dragon who caws hungrily from behind. ] There is more than enough food for us both, though I wish he could prepare his own meals. I tire of charring his meat for him.

    [ She strokes his head affectionately, though. Aeryn makes another rough sound and waits impatiently. ]

    I am a stranger to these... technologies. I have been content to use the candles in my room, though I have been told that there is an easier way...

    [ And that's the clicking sound of a young dragon queen turning on the stove. Note: there are no dishes, pots, or pans on the stove at the moment. Only open flame. ]

    It appears without any effort... would that we had such marvels in Essos. We--

    [ Aeryn shrieks, flapping his small wings as the fire flares up. So much for that idea. The meat on top chars rapidly with the strength of the flame. Then, smoke begins to clog the room and spill out of the kitchen. All in the name of dinner! ]


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