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[Arya fumbles with the device, which pans round to show a direwolf sat panting at her feet, before she manages to point it at herself. She's a little out of focus, the top of her head cut off from the camera, and she looks a little frustrated that she has to make this post at all.]

I need help disassembling my fort - well, what's left of it - if anyone wouldn't mind. And I'm looking for advice on how to train a wolf.
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[ Henry's had an idea for a network post for a while, he's just been trying to work out the specifics of it and what to include and what not to. The seeds of the idea were planted in Storybrooke when Wonderland was just a place his dead grandma used to lord over, but after going to space and being out of his element, he realized it's something that translates here, too. Maybe. If people actually need it. Maybe people adjust well enough on their own, but no harm in trying to help, right? ]

Hey, everyone. Back in my world, we recently got a lot of newcomers in town who don't really know what indoor plumbing is, or electricity or toothpaste, and I thought that maybe since there are people here from all over space and time a little FAQ would be good.

If you're from a world that isn't modern at all, and a lot of stuff like the toilet or shower or even these devices were new to you, what do you wish someone had told you about first? Just imagine someone's already given you the talk about how the mansion itself works with magic closets and murder mirrors and all the other stuff. Basic necessity wise, what's something you had no idea about and really like now? If I were making a list it would be: toilet paper, toothbrushes...actually probably all toiletries in general.

[ Any world is a better place with modern hygiene, okay? ]

Anyway, what about you? What's a good part of modern living that you'd miss when you left if you got to remember having it? When this is all done, I want to put together something people can just pick up, maybe in the entranceway. Because if a person doesn't even know what running water indoors is, what are the chances they know how to actually operate these devices?

Thanks in advance, everyone.

[ Henry, you're actually an author this should all come to you easily but w/e. ]
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[The camera comes on to Shepard actually using her original network device for once, having it propped up on her desk with her rather futuristic room in full display. Behind her, her armor stands in a display case, and the room is primarily lit by a dim bedside light and the glow of her fishtank.]

Alright. So in the last couple of months, I've gotten a bunch of people trying to pick my brain about my world. I've been here about a year, and it's pretty safe to say most people around here are from the 21st century. Thing is, back home, it's 2187.

[She looks pretty smug about all this, honestly, and she kicks back, moving her left arm into view and kicking her omni-tool to life, the orange light coming from it further illuminating her face.]

I grew up on a human colony on the opposite side of the Milky Way from Earth. I've been in humanity's military for more than 10 years and I've been to most star systems in this galaxy at least once. Consider this an AMA for living in space. No question too stupid. I'll only veto stuff if I don't know the answer, or it's too personal.

[She gives the camera a mock salute and a smile.]

Ask away, Wonderland. Be as starstruck as you want.

[And with that, she cuts the feed.]
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[The screen is a blur of flurried movement, and whatever that sound is, it's high pitched and distorted. Evidently, someone is shaking their device. When it finally stills, Greg's staring in, face flush with excitement, panting from happy screeching.]


[Welcome to Kidland, population a bunch of kids and multidogs who are all BEST. FRIENDS.]
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Oh my god. That sucked.

[ Comes the introduction to a message from a mouthy teenager. ]

Okay, so... I'm back. Well, I got back - last week, but I kind of had, uh... water in my lungs, or something, so I've been in the clinic. Totally fine now, though.

[ Well, you know, except for having to be back home and deal with that. And the almost-drowning thing. ]

Gonna be honest: I only sorta remember there being a doctor-type person involved? So... if you helped me out, then... thanks. I owe you.

[ ... ]

Also? What is the point of learning to swim here if it doesn't carry over? That is some shit.

[ private to evelyn o'connell ]

Hey. [ Does she look uncomfortable? She doesn't mean to. ] Can we... talk in person? Just for a minute?


Feb. 10th, 2017 07:34 pm
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[ When Joel's face appears on the screen, he's not screaming. He's not stalking the room in rage or setting the library on fire.

He is calm. Eerily so. He glares unblinking into the camera, brow furrowed, silent just long enough to become unsettling.

He has the look of a man who hasn't slept in the last twenty-four hours. ]

I know it's probably the mansion what took Ellie. That more'n likely, none of you had anything to do with it.

If I find out otherwise, I will kill whoever's responsible.

[ end feed. ]

private to tess

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[what's up it's just eleven chillin' in her cozy basement room. she's sitting on the couch in front of a coffee table where there are some d&d miniature figures and whatnot.]

I met people like me here. Are there more? [she turns her attention to the miniatures, and they levitate off the table, then go flying sideways into the wall.]

I want to meet more people like me. I thought I was alone.
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[The camera turns on to reveal Wendy in selfie-mode, sitting on what appears to be a beach chair in the shade. She has sunglasses on anyway and looks particularly cool as she points a finger gun to the camera.]

Hey Wonderland. So, as much as I love the scene here, you guys are seriously lacking in cool hangout spots. And by that, I mean the coolest hangout spot- the roof.

[She hefts herself up from the chair and switches the camera around to reveal her setup, an obvious homage to her favorite place to goof off back home. In Wonderland, it contains two beach chairs under an umbrella, with a cooler in between them, pointed out in the direction of the beach for a great sunset view.]

Presenting: Roof Spot, Wonderland edition. Usually I'd reserve this place for only the coolest of the cool, but I'm feeling generous, and it'd be way too much work to try and figure out who wasn't allowed up here or whatever. Plus, like, it's freezing, so I figure nobody's gonna be here unless they really want it anyway. The cooler's for drinks but refilling it is hard so that's on you. Also, I will definitely be throwing water balloons from here in like, the immediate future. Consider yourself warned.

[She backs up a little bit to reveal a bucket of water balloons. Yes, it's winter, but like... who even cares about that. Details, details.]

So go ahead, use it up, dudes! C'mon, roof spot, roof spot, roof spot!

[She chants the last bit, obviously in an attempt to get people more hype for freezing their butt off on the roof, before cutting the feed. Feel free to come see her up there, or become the rather unfortunate recipient of a water balloon to the head on the ground.]

001 [text]

Jan. 3rd, 2017 02:49 pm
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Happy New Year. :)

[ Which is, of course, notable only in that it puts her give or take six months ahead of the timeline she was working prior to her arrival here. But putting words to it anchors her. ]

This is Natasha Romanoff. Looks like I'm experiencing a little WonderlandTM Amnesia. If you could fill me in on the particulars of how we knew each other, I'd appreciate it.

And, while I admire everyone's patience with new arrivals, feel free to spare me the welcome packet. "Welcome to Wonderland, you can't leave by your own design, sometimes people come and go +/- their memories of Wonderland." I think I've managed to sift through most of the basics.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:43 am
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Is anyone aware of the presence of a very large reptile in the lower levels of this mansion? And the amount of.. water?

I almost lost my bow to the beast, but I would rather not accidentally kill someone’s pet.
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[Maybe no one is ready to rally up and take arms against the Authority of this dimension just yet, but for as little time as he has been in Wonderland, Bill can’t say his plans are off to a terrible start. Despite the last few uh…. Hiccups he’s had with the Pines family and their entourage, his mission to spread doubt about the Queen and display himself as the stronger entity was going fairly strong. Having a few followers and deals isn’t enough, though. He has to make good on his word. To be the better deity, you have to show why you’re better. And Bill believes he knows just how.

Residents of Wonderland will wake up to find this text on their screens; though only words, the script itself seems to have a life of its own, fizzling, glitching and popping all over is the phrase:


OOC: For those not in the know, the creator of Bill’s canon actually did an IC AMA once and it’s the best thing ever. Bill is the literal All- Seeing-Eye and IS capable of being omniscient, if you want to ask about your characters own canons he CAN conceivably answer certain things-- but, as stated, his answers might not pertain your character’s Universe so you can always disregard anything you don’t agree with.
Bill may answer in riddles, try to get around the question, or just argue that your question is stupid, although if there is something specific you want and I’m not taking the hint, you can always PM me too!
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[SURPRISE. Wonderland’s favorite twins are back and their faces are on your devices, all smiles… Well, Mabel is all smiles, anyway. Dipper is smiling too, though, as usual, he looks a little more subdued. He's also got an entirely different hat than usual. It's Mabel that speaks first, though.]

So bad timing, Wonderland… Or maybe good timing, depending on how you wanna look at it, but Dipper and I were, like, just on a bus going back home to Piedmont, and then suddenly it’s all whaaaat. [she waves her hands in a mock pantomime of her mind being blown.]

Still pretty good to be back though. And, just in case you were sad and missed us while we were gone, I come bearing gifts! ...Technically, it’s a gift for the future, but Future You can thank me somehow. I know time travelers. We can make this happen.

[Dipper shifts forward, grinning.] We all know the worst part of Wonderland, right? The whole memory loss thing. [That and the not aging thing, but Dipper's feeling a little less bad about that than he was. They are growing up. Just… not too fast.]

Well, lucky for all of you, Mabel here is an expert at unerasing memories. [ that a word? Dipper decides not to worry about it.] Her scrapbooks have literally fixed amnesia.

YUP! [she’s so proud of this, okay.] So I’m gonna be donating all my Wonderland scrapbooks to the gallery. That way if you ever feel like you’ve forgotten something or if you wanna see if one of your friends was here and you missed them or just wanna be reminded of all the times Wonderland isn’t being a jerk, you’ll have something to ease your mind. With sparkly gel pen descriptions! [she leans forward and whispers, conspiratorially] That’s the Mabel difference.

[Dipper raises a finger.] Also, for people whose eyes hurt when they look at things Mabel has written, I've been keeping a very thorough account of all my time here. Those will also be available in the library as I finish them.

[Mabel sticks her tongue out at him.] Neeerd.
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So seems I owe y'all an apology.

[ Joel appears on the feed, looking sheepish. He scratches the back of his head, then drops his hand again. ]

Name's Joel. I'm the one who burned down your library. I guess you're used to people comin' through from different worlds. Mine's,'s pretty bad. [ He sucks in a breath, then lets it out. ] Place I was at before I got pulled through, it was really bad.

[ Cannibals. There were cannibals. It was a whole thing. ]

So. Yeah. I set fire to your library, and I hurt a lot of people, and I'm sorry about that. There's, uh, too many to name here, and I don't know who most of y'all are anyway, but... [ He pauses, eyes flicking down to a scrap of paper in his hand. ] Miss...Evelyn. I'm sorry I ruined your library.

And...the guy I killed. Didn't catch your name, I'm afraid. As I understand it, death's not quite so permanent here. But I'll bet it still hurts like a bitch, and I'm sorry about that too.

[ For a moment, it seems like he's had his say. But then his expression changes a little, shoulders firming up a little and eyes going hard. ]

One more thing. This is all on me. You got an issue with me, that's fine. I understand. But anyone tryin' to take it out on Ellie, make her feel scared, makin' her'll regret that. Trust me on that one.

That's all.

1 - text;

Oct. 17th, 2016 03:02 pm
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So, great to know this place still gets e-mail.

Except I don't know where it's goin.

I woke up in the middle of a fountain. My bike's gone. Pretty sure I'm not dreamin either.

Anyone know where Healin Lodge is from here?

[In a world of futuristic motorcycles and robots, Cloud Strife still cannot figure out the video function on this thing.]
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[Arya looks very serious as she addresses the network today. She's still on the brink of fury, unable to shake off what had happened with Frisk.]

How many others of you had their Mirror try to murder them while the parties were going on? They have the advantage here, they know far more about us than we do them -- how do you even prepare to fight someone like that?

[She's about to switch off, then something else occurs to her and her face hardens.]

If you see my Mirror, promise me you'll kill them.
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[ Some of you may have witnessed Ramsay wreaking havoc on a certain "Prince" Theon's reputation. A few days later, another young man appears on the network. He's clearly agitated and even more clearly enraged, jaw clenched tightly and a fire burning in his eyes as he paces like a restless animal with his device. ]

Listen to me, all of you.

[ He does his best to force authority into his voice, to try to force others to obey his word, just as he did in Winterfell, but things are different now. There's too much uncertainty lingering in his words now. What he intends to be authoritative instead comes across as desperation, madness, or just a poor man who could fall apart at any minute. ]

My name is Theon Greyjoy. Reek, or whatever he may be calling himself. The man who showed his face before--

[ Even as he continues, the uncertainty is still there. Ramsay's act is convincing. It's so convincing, in fact, that Theon is finding himself wondering if he didn't dream up his last few days in Winterfell. This is a stubborn man, however, and he refuses to back down so easily. ]

Everything he's told you has been a lie. He isn't the man he's pretending to be. He killed my men, he slaughtered two young boys--

[You allowed him to kill those boys. His guilty conscience causes him to stumble slightly, but the fire in his eyes only rages as he lets out bitter bark of laughter. ]

I should have killed him when I had the chance. I will kill him this time, whether I'm given the chance or not.

[ Ramsay's act is well constructed, but Theon is a man unhinged. Whose behavior is easier to believe? If anyone cares to slap some sense into him, they'll recognize the background as the ballroom, where he will still be pacing a hole through the floor. ]
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[The feed opens up with Pearl, looking down into it. She looks a little irritated, but her brows furrow and she adjusts the screen accordingly before stepping back a few feet. All of her now being in frame. The Gem gives a small wave after clearing her throat.]

Greetings once again, Wonderland. This is Pearl, and I come to you all today with an offer.

[The gem in her forehead glows brightly. Closing her eyes, Pearl reaches inside the actual gem itself, extracting a rapier blade from inside it. That's right folks.

She pulls a sword from inside her head. Or, gem, specifically.

Pearl twirls the sword in her hand before she rests the tip of it against the floor.]

I would like to offer my services. I specialize in swordsmanship. I have a couple thousand years of experience. I'm willing to teach anyone, and it doesn't matter your skill level. Wonderland can be unpredictable, so it's better to be prepared, right?

For, now I'm gauging interest. Plus, it would be great, for myself, to start practicing again.

[A beat.]

Oh, and I could offer dance lessons if anyone is interested!
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[It's a Sans. He appears to be in his room, and he appears to be literally partially submerged in a small mountain of blue fabric. He also appears to be more tired than normal but, haha, he always looks tired, so maybe you're just imagining things. How can a skeleton look tired, anyway?]

so, uh.

mistakes were made.

[He wiggles a little in a half-hearted attempt to extricate himself from the pile of fabric. Only as he tilts the camera, it becomes apparent what all this madness is. Sans is surrounded by blue hoodies. Probably a hundred or so. Only no two are exactly alike. There are hoodies with fur-lined hoods, hoodies made of denim (joodies??), hoodies made of wool, hoodies made of cotton, hoodies made of cashmere. There are navy blue hoodies and cobalt blue hoodies and sky blue hoodies and a tie-dyed blue hoodie and an electric blue hoodie that hurts just to look at. There are hoodies with polka dots or stripes. There are hoodies with made-up sports teams and made up colleges and made up company logos. There's at least one hoodie with what looks like a knock-off Squirtle on it. There's also a handful of those hoodies they sell to teenage girls that don't ever actually fit and are way too thin and they like, stop at your midriff so that really kind of defeats the purpose and they don't even have REAL POCKETS AND...ahem. Anyway.]

[Basically there's a lot of hoodies.]

i mean, i knew the closets up every now and then, but i figured that was mostly when people were trying to summon baby animals or something.

it just couldn't get it right, basically. my usual hoodie's got--uh--a bunch of holes in it now. figured maybe i could get a new one too much effort, i guess. plus, yanno. sentimental value.

[Or something like that. Mostly he's just too lazy to dig through this mess and find a good replacement. Anyway, might as well wear clothes until they literally fall apart, right? Maybe Papyrus will be a good sport and patch all the holes.]

so...anyone want a hoodie? free hoodie with a purchase of a hotdog. or, uh, free hoodie regardless. call it hood-dogs, heh. i figure winter must be coming again eventually, right? i'll be down at my hotdog stand in a bit handing these dumb things out.

[He gives another squirm in the hoodie pile and one end of the pile collapses a little. He ends up with a star-print hoodie draped over his head.]

...actually this is really comfortable.

[He yawns. Someone stop him before he literally takes a nap in the hoodie pile.]
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[ If there's anything on Sam's mind about people who may or may not have disappeared from Wonderland recently, he doesn't say it. In fact, he looks and sounds like a person who is trying very hard to stay busy, to keep his mind occupied in the midst of something else. Hence: ]

So, I realized recently that we've got a problem. People here get excited about the closets - "cool, I can get a... damn miniature unicorn out of them" - but I think we can get a little irresponsible about it. If you're pulling living things out of the closets, then they're your responsibility. Don't dream up a hundred and one dalmatians if you've never taken care of anything before.

[ God knows these people can barely take care of themselves most of the time (Sam himself included). ]

That's not even getting into whether or not they're really... real; this isn't a discussion about the actual animal status of Wonderland animals. [ He pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling a little headache coming on. ] What I'm trying to say is that you get a few pets, fine, and then... one day, you might leave for good. Then, we've still got Fido here without an owner. I'm planning on setting up something in the basement that can help with the animals that're left behind. Maybe just like a doggie daycare sort of thing. I can't be there all the time, so... if anyone else is interested, maybe we could set up shifts, figure out what we've got, here.

[ There's a thoughtful pause. ]

If there's something a little more dangerous than dogs and cats, we'll deal with that, too. For now, just let me know if you want to get involved, or if you've got someone's pet with you that you inherited and can't really take care of. We can't forget about those guys.

[ Whether he means the abandoned animals or their vanished owners is unclear as he ends the feed. ]
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[The feed starts off fuzzy for a moment, then clears to show a figure in a white and green uniform, though her helmet's off. Pidge smirks as it clears. Some people might be satisfied with the basic phone, but why settle when you can relay it into the holographically projected wrist computer that houses all your other cool toys?]

Hello. My name is Pidge. I'm… well, I'm a Paladin of Voltron, but from what I've come to understand through reading the archived posts in this network, that might not mean anything to anyone else. [At least that means the Galra Empire doesn't control this… planet? She isn't even sure if that's the right word.]

I've managed to obtain the answers to all my basic questions, and while I'm sure more will come up, for now I only have one pressing question.

[She throws her hand up, the one not transmitting the video, frustration creeping across her face.] Why are there no access panels anywhere? What's powering this mansion? I want to see how it works but I can't do that if it won't let me in!

[She exhales, clears her throat, and gives another nod.]

...that's it. Thanks.
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[ It's late at night, when most good little residents should be asleep.

The video feed focuses on the face of a man in his early 50's, only mildly disheveled, propped up against a wall in one of the many corridors of the mansion. He pushes his glasses up on his nose and offers the tight, almost sheepish smile of a prideful man gathering up the courage to ask for help. His free hand settles on the back of his neck, squeezing it. ]

While it seems customary to make an introduction, I'm afraid that this isn't, entirely what that is.

[ His cadence seemed to speed up and slow down with odd emphasis. ]

My name is Harrison Wells. A name, I am sure, some will find at least somewhat familiar.

It seems that whatever has brought me here, or by whatever means, neglected one very important piece of equipment. You see, I am--

[ He started to shift his position, he elbow driving back against the wall, but he didn't seem to get very very. ]

--I'm paralyzed from the waist down, and by whatever means I was transported here, my chair did not make the journey. If anyone would be so kind as to find some manner of assistance, I would be very grateful. Though I'm afraid I have little frame of reference for where I am, but I will help the best I can.

[ Then his tone shifts. It's rather subtle, and to the uninformed it merely sounds as though he suddenly became gravely serious. But to those he addresses, there's no mistaking the shades of the true Eobard showing through. ]

And Barry. Caitlin. Ms. West, if you've been brought up to speed. You must be careful of what you say, especially to one another. I have reason to believe we've been pulled through time as well as space, and cannot be sure our starting point was the same. Sharing certain details could cause irreparable damage to each others' timelines. The four of us will need to sort this out.

[ There was nothing more than a lift of his eyebrow and a slight cant to his head. Those he addressed would know what it meant. ]
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[The screen boots up, blipping out of focus ever so slightly, as the happy titles for a DRAWING TUTORIAL make their way onto, and occasionally fizzle off, the display. Distantly, this 'tune' can be heard in the background, distorting the music with its impossible, never heightening decibels.]

HOW tO dRaw A T̶̴͝R̶̕͞I̷͜͞͠A̛҉̀Ņ͘͢͞͡G̨Ļ͢͝E̢͜

1.) Put THREE DOTS on YOUR PAPER or whatever object YOU'VE CHOSEN TO DEFACE!





VI.) Use the midpoint to draw an oval YOU CREEPS!

7.) ADD a dot within the oval at wherever you'd like to SUBJECT YOUR JUDGEMENTAL stare first. GO ON, YOU'VE EARNED IT!!

.) Fail to realize you just STARTED FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS without thought like THE SHEEPLE you are!


[All at once, the screen flashes with an obscenely bright light, aiming to seer the videos completed after image into the watchers retinas. After all, it's much easier for Bill to enter the minds of people, when they already have his image imprinted somewhere in their brains! The static emits one more alarmingly loud hiss before the picture dissipates entirely.]

E͠M̸͟͝K̡ ̵̢͝ ̧Y̶̡̧K͞ ̴̴ ̵̧̢ ̷̕Z͘͠MY͢͡͡Q̡
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[Private video - filtered to Literally Everyone But Asriel and Toriel]

Greetings, Wonderland!

[Announced brightly and cheerily. There's someone new in town! Chara is PANICKING, and this manifests itself in clear and obvious ways: a placid, polite smile and a camera that only jitters slightly, because they're multitasking. Occasionally, a ridiculously twee cupcake backpack peers into frame, because Chara is cramming every treasured possession they have into it while they talk.]

Let me make this straightforward and simple. Another new friend has arrived into our fold. I trust you'll all be welcoming to him.

Don't tell Asriel I'm here.

If you so much as mention my name to him, I will know. I will find you. I will kill you, and I will wait tenderly and patiently over your fallen, disgusting corpse until it rises again. I will sink a knife in and twist, so the very first thing you feel upon your revival is unspeakable pain. I'll cut away every life that you have remaining in this place, and then I will go hunting for everyone you love.

I hope I have made myself clear. Understand, for once, I make this demand from a place of mercy. I distance myself for everyone's good. Sabotaging that would not be advisable; I've been told I'm a little bit dangerous when I have nothing left to lose.

[Private video to Toriel, because of course Mom gets a nicer version lmao]

Ma'am. I hope you're well. You must be happy. You must be excited!

I hope I don't dampen your elation, but I have decided it would be for the best if I give Asriel some space. I... I was responsible for his death. I believe it would be much easier on him if he were given some time to adjust to Wonderland before the bombshell of my continued existence is dropped on him. It would be a lot to take in at once, would it not?

Please, don't mention my name to him. Give it some time, at the very least. I'm going to make myself as scarce as Wonderland will permit. Think of it like... a vacation. It'll be fun!

Try to understand. I'm not trying to be dramatic or attention-seeking. I've made this choice because I feel it will be easier on Asriel.


[True to their word, they've removed every last trace of themselves from Room 12 and fuckign BOLTED. The problem of where to go is a little trickier, since there's really no getting away from Wonderland. Just sprint out into the woods until they've gone Too Far Out? Hide in a cave and hope nobody finds them?

...They go to the diner. Diners were safe places to hide out when they ran away before they fell. Souji said they could work there. There's food, and the booths are soft enough to grab quick snatches of sleep in. They can duck into the kitchen, and even if it's sterile and commercial rather than homey, it's still a kitchen.

They've seated themselves on the floor behind the counter, tucked away out of sight. They're... emptying salt shakers onto the floor with an absent smile on their face. Even they don't know why they're doing it.]
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[When the feed starts up, Alphys can be seen in plain view, except instead of her usual labcoat, she's wearing an oversized t-shirt with what looks to be an anime catgirl on it, surrounded by hearts. Those who can read the Japanese text at the bottom can tell it says 'Mew Mew Kissy Cutie'. Alphys looks quite proud of herself and very excited, and addresses the network with a little more confidence than is usually seen from her.]

So, uhm, I w-wanted to let everyone know-- the first meeting of, uhm, Wonderland's a-anime club is gonna be tomorrow! Usually, uh, it'd just be a few hours where we'd w-watch a new show, or talk about our favorite series, but... I thought the f-first one should be special! So we're doing, uhm, a movie marathon! Starting tomorrow at noon, in o-one of the second floor tearooms. There's gonna be signs so everyone knows, uh, w-where to go. All the films will be in the original Japanese with s-subtitles, and they're some of my favorites, and... hopefully they can m-make some people feel better after, uhm, everything that's been h-happening recently.

[She knows it's been rough for a lot of people, herself included. This is, obviously, the fix for that. Obviously.]

There's also gonna be, uh, snacks, and pillows, and you c-can come in your pajamas if you want. Everybody's w-welcome, just as long as you don't, uhm, disrupt a-anything by talking too loudly. The point of this is f-for, uhm, time to relax, and watch some great stuff, so. I hope everyone c-can come!

[Her smile's starting to bleed into something very nervous-looking, so she waves a bit and then abruptly cuts the feed.]

[ooc: log is over here for the club meeting!]
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[Get up. Wake up. Open eyes and blot out light, scrub at face. Dirty. Slept in soil. Not a monster, should be better than that. Staying determined, be the future of humans and monsters, this is all just a bad dream. Never wake up.

Doesn't hurt anymore. Should.

Drag self upright. Wobble. Don't fall. Open doors and slip inside, climb the stairs. Hard to breathe. The lungs are too tight. Head spins. Can't remember, but someone cried. All scared. Shook in someone's arms, pathetic sobbing, sweating, dying.

Room twelve. Doors open, enter, doors close. It all got messed up.

Speak up. Look parents in the eye when talking. Don't stare at the ground. Only bad kids do that. Explain the bandages. Put flame to the thoughts, burn them all away until smoke coils to the ceiling and there's nothing left but Bad Memory, hurts 1 HP. Cut it all out like pruning shears to vines, like ripping off the band-aid, like fingers through dirt.

Video on. Can't think of what to say. Can't talk, opens mouth, closes mouth, shuts eyes, twists away, whispers:]

It's okay now.

[What else. What else? Nothing else. Doesn't matter.]


[Shuts it down.]

[[ooc: Frisk will be in their room on the second floor for anyone interested in action prompts! They won't be getting out much today otherwise.]]

⎊ [Video]

May. 1st, 2016 08:07 am
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[The feed opens to Tony's form from about the waist up. His sleeves are rolled up and his left arm is covered in burns that look to be about a week old. He's holding a strange device about eight inches long. It's encased entirely in a shell and seems to have a small domed sensor on top.]

I just wanted to say, if you start seeing these around, it's not a tiny alien invasion, they're sensors. I'm setting them around key locations in the hopes of finding a way to predict these event things. In light of the most recent catastrophe, I think it's only a reasonable step towards surviving something like that again. There has to be something preceding these things, right? Like a low-pressure system before a storm. We get a warning, sure. Sometimes, anyway? Maybe, if we can figure out what causes them or where they're coming from, we can delay or stop them?

[It's... all he's got, okay? He hates feeling like he isn't in control and he hates that people die because of it, even more.]

I'm... [He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, the beginnings of a sleepless headache coming on.] officially out of retirement. Hold the "I told you so"s. You know who you are.
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[The Twins appear on the network, completely ready for whatever they're about to announce.

Functional yet fashionable.]

You might want to start preparing, lovelies.

Right away. If you wait, you won't be pleased with the outcome.

[Tweedledum turns to adjust her sister's gas mask. Tweedledee tries to shoo her away, but it doesn't really help any, and Tweedledum hovers around her as she talks, fussing..]

It might be a while before you can find what you need again. There might even be rioting in the streets--

There aren't any streets.

--Though you probably won't have time with all the running and hiding you'll be doing.

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[For the first few moments of the video, all that's visible is what looks like a little makeshift shooting range set up outside. It's the kind a kid who just got a BB gun for Christmas would set up, just a rail with some cans and bottle set up along it. Someone shoots down three bottles off the display, then John moves the camera to show his face. He looks like he hasn't slept in days and then got run over by a truck.]

Okay, here's the deal. It's pretty obvious by now that this place is a goddamn death trap just waiting to snap. And too many people are showing up unprepared. [In his humble opinion.] So, I'm gonna be offering free shooting lessons to anyone under 18. If you're over 18, you gotta provide your own weapon, but I'll take you.

[He's more worried about the kids, truth be told. Adults, they, but minors are...well. He's spent too long hunting to let kids just go on unprepared for things coming at them. It's not fair.]

There's one catch. You gotta prove to me that you're not gonna be stupid enough to blast a hole in your own foot before you can hit a target.

[That's fair, he thinks. He's not going to just put guns in kids' hands. Right away. Even Dean was seven before he let him shoot a real gun.]

And bring your own bullets.


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