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[ when bran stark addresses the network for the second time in his stay in wonderland, it is far more grave than it was the first. the youngest of the starks--now the middle child, through the strange mechanations of this place--looks deadly serious as he addresses the camera, though he does still nod his head in greeting. there's an obvious tension to his shoulders, even as he speaks. ]

Good people of Wonderland, I hope this message finds you well.

[ he hopes they are as good and kind as bran has so far been treated, and his fingers curl in his lap outside of the video, finding the cloak of one jojen reed, so far invisible to the camera, save for a couple of tufts of blonde hair. ] I come to you to ask for your help, and I'd be truly humbled if you would spare me a moment of your time.

Late last night, my companion became very ill, and though this is not uncommon, I fear that I-- [ his mouth draws tight for a second. ] I don't know how to treat it. He has a waking dream, where he begins to twitch and seize, and sometimes, foams here. [ bran reaches up and touches the corner of his mouth--the first sign of real emotion crosses his face beyond the princely facade he'd put on, eyebrows knitting together in serious concern. it becomes far more obvious that this child is just that; a child. ] Though he has woken, now, I don't know how to help him, and...I need someone to teach me, though I cannot offer much in return. He is very ill, and has been since his arrival here, I must--

[ "today is not the day I die, little lord" ] I cannot stand by while it happens.

[ bran looks off screen, swallowing a lump in his throat, and jojen murmurs something just loud enough for bran to hear--he returns to the camera and adds on; ] If Lady Rachel could hear me, I would like to speak with her as soon as possible, as Jojen has had a greendream.

Thank you, Wonderland. Thank you very much.

[ there's some fumbling and reaching, the video shakes, and then it clicks off. ]
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[ For the first time, Daenerys is seen and not just heard over the network, dressed much more like royalty than she'd been upon first arrival. She looks much more calm, too, as if she's settled nicely into the mansion and its chaos. ]

I have been here long enough and have found little necessity for pretense. [ Violet eyes flash, a distant but proud smile tugging at her lips. ] Though titles are without meaning in this place, I owe the people of this realm an introduction. I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. Captive though I may be, I do not bend to the will of others.

As such. [ The smile twitches upward. ] It seems that this Wonderland seeks to earn my favor. Though I have no interest in wild dogs, I was given a gift very recently that I find much more... pleasing.

[ A high, piercing cry sounds nearby, and before long a small dragon comes into view. It's midnight blue with streaks of silver and lands clumsily on her shoulder, hovering uncertainly. ]

He may not be mine, but I am grateful for the company of one of my own.

( ooc; Wanderers can find Dany and her new dragon out in the gardens! )
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[ There is no video feed when the device begins its broadcast. In fact, there isn't much but breathing and clicking for a stretch of time as the young woman on the other end turns it over, examining. ]

What magic is this, that I hear and see the voices and faces of others through this box? [ Enchanted metal, maybe. Magic was said to still exist in parts of the Free Cities, though the only magic she had seen in recent history was a dark, hateful blood magic. The girl on the audio feed sounds young, in her early teens, and though her voice is captured with confusion, there is a wearied strength behind it that extends beyond her years. ]

I needn't examine these grounds to know that I am no longer in the East. Still, I am slow to believe that this is the Westeros of which I've heard so much.

[ There is something very wrong about this place, she can tell. Some undercurrent of shadows under a guise of flowers and light. ]

I was traveling with a number of Dothraki--my khalasar--and a man called Jorah Mormont. Have any of them been taken captive here with me?

( ooc; Anyone who happens upon Daenerys in the gardens will find her looking like this. Minus the dragon, unfortunately. )
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[ bran stark has been told through all of his life that his family's curse is just that--a curse. growing up with the lidells had not been a bad life, save for a terrible fall that left him crippled from the waist down, but it was often a lonely one. while the family was big, they only had each other, and they lived that way because their curse wouldn't allow them to touch anyone who was their opposite gender, or a terrible thing would happen.

but here was the thing: for bran, it wasn't that terrible.

when he bumped into a girl in the middle of the hallway, it had only somewhat been an accident. he didn't quite recognize her, but bran was thrilled with the puff of smoke that followed, because he left his wheelchair (and his clothes) far behind. for as a raven his legs were still useless, but his wings?

his wings stretched on, catching the wind above the great house they've been spending their time in and sailing out through the windows. whoever he ran into would simply have to wonder where he'd gone, as when he was stuck as a raven? well, he could fly.

so, he does, out of the window and through the skies towards the tallest part of the mansion. he used to love to climb as a kid, and this is that but a thousand times better, and he soars through the mansion, ducking down to tug on the occasional dog's tail, feeling light and, well, free as free could be.

all that comes to an end though, and when bran feels the pull of being human again, he alights down on top of the roof. there's a poof and he's back to normal--and very stuck. he sends out a video message that shows just his face, showing a skill with the device that definitely wasn't there before today. there are six or seven ravens around him, just visible in the video feed, cawing and occasionally picking at his hair. bran seems completely unbothered by them as he speaks.]

Hullo. [ how to start this. ] I'm, um. Stuck on the roof. Would someone be able to help me?

[ how embarrassing. ]

{ this will serve as a catchall for the event! if you don't want to reply to the video post that's more than fine--just lemme know you want something different! feel free to run into him as either a raven or a person, although there isn't much "running into" to be done to a kid in a new wheelchair that i can assume he got since this is an AU event ♥. }
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I learned something interesting recently.

I'm going to successfully bring life into the world. Something to look forward to in the future.

Have any of you been told something that will happen to you in the future?


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