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[ Cue up one particularly irate face. He's trying his hardest to act calm, to not to let the vein by his temple throb with his obvious distaste. It's an obvious struggle between professionalism and an outright rant, one that'll spread and engulf all in its wake like a broken levy. If it breaks. Probably not a good idea to find out.

Or do. Whichever.

To anyone who reads this transmission, this is Starfleet officer Leonard McCoy speakin'. Anyone affiliated with Starfleet or the Federated Planets, please respond immediately. [ And he does mean immediately, because to hell with this standing out in the open shit! He's just asking to be kidnapped by unfriendly natives. ] Or, Hell, I'd take a damn Nibiran at this point...

[ With a grim huff, he looks askance for a moment before his attention rests back on the screen. The likelihood another officer is going to hear his transmission seems moot, so he tries for a Plan B as well. ]

I'll also take a point in the direction of whatever passes for a foreign embassy or emergency care facility around here...

McCoy out.
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Dear friends. [ she speaks with a warm voice: vivacious and welcoming, for nothing today has turned her mood to melancholy. nor to anger. her heart remains heavy with a lingering dismay she hold wrapped up and hidden -- her grief for her lord father and her brother. her concern for the young jojen reed. her anxious love for those starks who have joined her. but she presses it all into the back of her mind and chooses instead to reach out and make peace with her fellows. ]

Wonderland's gardens are so fine. Beautiful, truly. But I wonder if anyone has seen a certain flower blooming: a rose -- blue like ice looks blue just before the sun sets. We call it a winter rose. Only it smells nothing like winter.

I want one. Whosoever manages to find it for me, I'll repay him or her kindly. Most kindly. [ an indulgent smile and a playful pause. perhaps she might ask the closet for this hardy blossom, like she might ask for a weirwood sapling. but she has decided to do what she can the earnest way before she goes depending upon sorcery. ] In return, I'll share with the finder a thrilling legend! The tale of Bael the Bard, and how he plucked the most beautiful flower in my own dear Winterfell -- much to her father's ire. [ lyanna laughs. ]

Go! Find it. I beg of you.

[ or else come find her instead! she's sitting in the kitchen exploring the odd appliances and sampling delights she'd never known before in her short life. ice cream has rocketed quite high on her list of favourites, closely followed by butterscotch sauce. and the two together! seven heavens. ]
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[The video streaming over the communication device was a bright, blue sky with perhaps the occasional white cloud that passed by. The video wasn't really important as Minato had set the device aside on the rooftop. The Music Room was one place to practice his violin, but he thought a change of pace would be better. Get out of that comfort zone and go somewhere not as familiar.

The song he was currently practicing was this one. When he was done, it looked like he was talking to someone off screen.]

Maybe I should take requests.

[That might be good practice too, taking on songs that he hadn't heard before, finding the sheet music for it or creating his own. But Minato readied his bow and violin with a nod.]

... I know. One more time.

[Practice makes perfect, after all, and Minato began to play the song again.]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 05:25 pm
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Hello, everyone.

Thank you to those of you who were so concerned about my well-being a couple of weeks ago when I returned. I'm feeling much better now!

[Or putting on a very brave face. She's all smiles, either way.]

If you recall, about a month ago we were under an influence that caused us to become a bit obsessed with things, and I obsessively painted up a storm. There were three unfinished compositions from that time that I've completed.

I just wanted those of you who were so kind to pose for me to know I hadn't forgotten about them, though I'm not sure what to do with all of these portraits. Perhaps the gallery could make use of a few? Or maybe some of you would like to keep them?

[A picture of Kili is shown, looking very regal in some nobleman's attire and posing next to a tree.]

[A second picture of Steve Rogers is shown, looking very handsome and sitting on a bench outside the mansion.]

[The third picture is of Eames, who is sitting at the dinning room table in the mansion dining hall.]

Mr. Eames has since left us, I understand. That's a shame. He was a very nice man.

[ooc: photos are not exactly what the paintings look like but just to give you an idea!]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 10:41 am
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Should anyone see a small piglet running about wearing a little Red Cross vest, I would like it returned to me. It appears to have fled when I was pulled away from this place. It would be helpful if the few supplies it had carried with it were still intact but it is not required.

[The young man speaking to Wonderland has a curious lack of emotion in his face and dark eyes. The reds in the iris are more pronounced than before, giving a hint to the annoyance he's experiencing. Matters being beyond his control is not something he enjoys. Unlike the other Hannibal, this one is casually dressed in a grey shirt and dark jeans.]

For those that don't know me, I am Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I am a surgeon, unlike the other Lecter about. While I am not part of the clinic or those involved, I am an emergency room surgeon should someone fall out a window. Again.

Or encounter rabid crocodiles in the basement.

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[ when bran stark addresses the network for the second time in his stay in wonderland, it is far more grave than it was the first. the youngest of the starks--now the middle child, through the strange mechanations of this place--looks deadly serious as he addresses the camera, though he does still nod his head in greeting. there's an obvious tension to his shoulders, even as he speaks. ]

Good people of Wonderland, I hope this message finds you well.

[ he hopes they are as good and kind as bran has so far been treated, and his fingers curl in his lap outside of the video, finding the cloak of one jojen reed, so far invisible to the camera, save for a couple of tufts of blonde hair. ] I come to you to ask for your help, and I'd be truly humbled if you would spare me a moment of your time.

Late last night, my companion became very ill, and though this is not uncommon, I fear that I-- [ his mouth draws tight for a second. ] I don't know how to treat it. He has a waking dream, where he begins to twitch and seize, and sometimes, foams here. [ bran reaches up and touches the corner of his mouth--the first sign of real emotion crosses his face beyond the princely facade he'd put on, eyebrows knitting together in serious concern. it becomes far more obvious that this child is just that; a child. ] Though he has woken, now, I don't know how to help him, and...I need someone to teach me, though I cannot offer much in return. He is very ill, and has been since his arrival here, I must--

[ "today is not the day I die, little lord" ] I cannot stand by while it happens.

[ bran looks off screen, swallowing a lump in his throat, and jojen murmurs something just loud enough for bran to hear--he returns to the camera and adds on; ] If Lady Rachel could hear me, I would like to speak with her as soon as possible, as Jojen has had a greendream.

Thank you, Wonderland. Thank you very much.

[ there's some fumbling and reaching, the video shakes, and then it clicks off. ]
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[ For the first time, Daenerys is seen and not just heard over the network, dressed much more like royalty than she'd been upon first arrival. She looks much more calm, too, as if she's settled nicely into the mansion and its chaos. ]

I have been here long enough and have found little necessity for pretense. [ Violet eyes flash, a distant but proud smile tugging at her lips. ] Though titles are without meaning in this place, I owe the people of this realm an introduction. I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. Captive though I may be, I do not bend to the will of others.

As such. [ The smile twitches upward. ] It seems that this Wonderland seeks to earn my favor. Though I have no interest in wild dogs, I was given a gift very recently that I find much more... pleasing.

[ A high, piercing cry sounds nearby, and before long a small dragon comes into view. It's midnight blue with streaks of silver and lands clumsily on her shoulder, hovering uncertainly. ]

He may not be mine, but I am grateful for the company of one of my own.

( ooc; Wanderers can find Dany and her new dragon out in the gardens! )
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[ alayne is always nervous and fidgety when speaking through her looking mirror as she calls it; but today there is an extra frown on her brow that betrays her concern.

her manners, however, are as splendid as ever; she tidies down the blue silks she has found in her wardrobe and dips her head in greeting. ]

Good people of Wonderland,

[ the manners are there but her voice betrays a hint of urgency ]

There are those among you who have made by acquaintance. I seek those who have come to my aid before, those who I have met and have come to know in the duration of my stay in our Mansion. I have a request to make of you; I will be -- endlessly grateful if you shall hear my words, though I have little to offer you in return.

[ and she doesn't like this; does not like to ask for something she cannot repay for but she has little choice in this manner. ]

-- thank you.
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winter is coming ( action ) )
...and a little later

[ Arya...has no idea what she is doing. It's plainly obvious that the device is confusing to the dirty little child grasping it, with it held far too close to her face as she squints as if it were a dangerous weapon. She's out of her depth, but that won't stop her. She's determined to find some kind of answers here. ]

Hello? Is anyone there? [ She's shouting far too loudly, loud enough in fact that it's almost difficult to tell what she's saying given how close she holds the device to her face, but she presses on. ] I was told this contraption had answers, but I can't find them anywhere.

[ If she seems disheartened, it doesn't last, and the only indication that there is anything wrong would be the way her jaw tightens slightly, and how her voice slightly drops. She has to get through this. ]

I'm looking for the kingsroad. It... It's very important that I find it, but I've never been to this part of the country. Am I in the south still?

[ That seems to be all for now, but after fumbling with it a little and glancing around her, Arya adds in a quick, hasty voice: ]

Oh, and if someone would point me in the direction of a horse. I have the coin [ that's a lie ] and I can pay well. Uh...thank you?

[ And on that lovely note, Arya finally figures out how to end the feed. ]
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What is the use of these damned vendors? I’ve no shortage of gold in my own keep, but these stubborn fools won’t take my word for promise of payment. Not even the bloody bank of Braavos is as hard nosed as these damned fools. The closets are little better. I've tried a dozen times to find a bow or spear for hunting, but all I have to show for it is are there tiny wooden sticks.

[Toothpicks! Why does he need toothpicks? Is he supposed to be hunting moths? He groans, rubbing his temple at the growing frustration of negotiating with the people who occupy this pace. It’s part of a larger symptom in that he simply craves some action, whether it’s fighting or fucking, he’s not picky.]

What this place could use is decent entertainment. We have a tavern, aye. But a sad one at that. But where are the tourneys? The action? Gods, but what I wouldn't do for a melee now. Seven hells, but I’ll end up fat and soft if I’m expected to live like this much longer. My armor will rust before it sees use again.

[A moment's pause. He adds testily:] And to anyone who might ask, I have no wish to read anything.
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[You were clearly bored of dresses, Wonderland, because Lia for a change is in a man's shirt and waistcoat. She might not be wearing pants, but it's at least long enough to cover anything scandalous and, in fact, is higher-cut than the usual fare. Decent, right? She is cross-legged on what looks like her bed, a sword resting on her thighs.]

It has come to my attention that there has been a war within my country. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, so they say. So they changed from my country.

[Oops. Someone learned about the French Revolution and she doesn't look happy about it.]

No one here was responsible and I beg your forgiveness. Your indulgence, if you will. Why would he- would anyone turn against King and country so readily? Would judge everyone guilty no matter their responsibility, would murder babes in their mothers arms, would parade a head around in the streets of our beloved Paris.

[Yep, definitely bitter. But the graceful hands which have clenched on her thighs relax, and when she looks up again she's calm. Serene, even.]

I would very much like to practice today. Blades or with fists. It appears I am in need of something to soothe my thoughts.

[Then, almost as an afterthought because she is reaching for the feed.]

Does anyone know the story of King Arthur? It seems it has lasted for centuries. That it has
transcended worlds. It was always one of my little brother's favorites.
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[ There is no video feed when the device begins its broadcast. In fact, there isn't much but breathing and clicking for a stretch of time as the young woman on the other end turns it over, examining. ]

What magic is this, that I hear and see the voices and faces of others through this box? [ Enchanted metal, maybe. Magic was said to still exist in parts of the Free Cities, though the only magic she had seen in recent history was a dark, hateful blood magic. The girl on the audio feed sounds young, in her early teens, and though her voice is captured with confusion, there is a wearied strength behind it that extends beyond her years. ]

I needn't examine these grounds to know that I am no longer in the East. Still, I am slow to believe that this is the Westeros of which I've heard so much.

[ There is something very wrong about this place, she can tell. Some undercurrent of shadows under a guise of flowers and light. ]

I was traveling with a number of Dothraki--my khalasar--and a man called Jorah Mormont. Have any of them been taken captive here with me?

( ooc; Anyone who happens upon Daenerys in the gardens will find her looking like this. Minus the dragon, unfortunately. )
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[ All things considered, things have been rather interesting recently, but now they've settled down again, and honestly, the Doctor's been feeling a bit deflated.

For one thing, he's used to having the option of going nearly anywhere in time and space, and now he can't. Oh, yes, he can go from one end of the mansion to the other, and go off to various places branching off from there, but it's starting to lose its charm a bit.

He's tried digging around in the attic for things for experiments, and he's done the same with the closet in his room. But he's been lacking inspiration, so all he's got is a bunch of junk filling up space in his room and not much to show for it.

Main point being, he's bored and just a tiny bit unhappy. So he's taking to the network to see if he can't find inspiration from somewhere or someone. ]

Hello, Wonderland.

[ He waves, but it's a hair less energetic than it might have been normally. ]

I'll keep this short, but the thing is, I've run out of things to do. Well, the things I'd usually do to keep from getting too bored.

[ He hates the very sound of that word, and just saying it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. ]

So, that's why I'm here. What do you lot do when you've got too much energy but can't think of anything to do?
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So. As I told you before, my name is Captain Jack Harkness. All of the alcoholic beverages you had in any of your common areas are now mine.

[There's a good chance he's lying there. If one judges by the background, he's up on the roof in a lawn chair sunning himself. A plastic pink flamingo at his side holds his drink. It can't be healthy to be drinking something that's a swirling liquid of red, blue, and orange.]

So is some of the food.

[Meaning snack food. A few piglets lounge about, safe and content with Jack. Each one has a light drink carrier strapped to it. Who doesn't want a drink they have to keep up with?]

I've met a few of you that want physical contact. Should you want that, feel free to come to me. What I won't promise you is sex. While I like it as much as the next person, but something is wrong. We all saw that in one's communication about this not being something we are in control of. Addictions. Craving.

It's safe here.

[All he wanted long ago was the Doctor to be proud of him. He'd like to think Ianto could be now too. He smiles, welcoming and as seductive as Jack Harkness can. He can do this for them.]

It's a great view of the beach. I have cards too! Ever watched the sunset? It's amazing here.
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[Wonderland, have a video post of Holly - well, the girl some of you know as Holly. Except she's sitting up high and occasionally there's a gust of wind. She's glasses-less, hair blowing around her face, smiling at the camera. It's not a nice smile.]

Wonderland what's your favorite toy?

Favorite toy, favorite keepsake, favorite possession favorite item. Epictetus said that wealth consists of having great possessions but having few wants. Did you want your possessions? Care for them? Work really hard for them?

Are they even here?

[She shrugs her shoulders] Mine aren't. Well one of them is, but the majority of them aren't. And I'll be honest with you it's really starting to piss me off.

[her mouth sets in a firm line.] so you should console me, with tales of things that matter to you. Since life is so fleeting and no matter how much we would give up for one more moment of time...we still have don't we.

[But then Holly-well not Holly looks profoundly uneasy and switches the feed off. Responses are welcome, but she might only respond to the few or the interesting. Everything else is counted as a potential item, indeed a potential shiny.]


[There's a cat burglar about the mansion. Throughout the weekend she's here, she's there, she's sultry, she's innocent, she's...stealing your shit.

Oh she'll give it back at the end of everything, finally outed, finally proving people's theories, but for now she's proving that she deserves to be on Interpol's top ten most wanted list - and that catwoman deserves her reputation.]
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[Robert was staring at the ocean. It seemed an odd place to put an ocean, given he had only just been at the Trident, which was not far from the ocean, but not nearly so close to it as he stood now. But he took no special joy in the salty sea breeze. He'd felt it so many times at Storm's End and now it held nothing for him but a bitter reminder of a wreck along the rocks. Slowly he paced along the beach, but had to hobble because his leg had been cut and was bleeding still through his bandages. His chest had still not fully healed from the wound he took before the battle of Stony Sept and somehow the ocean seemed to only aggravate it more. He should be racing to King's Landing, not standing alone at a beach in the darkening evening. He stepped on strange rock on the ground and heard it crunch. At this point, the video feed begins.]

Seven hells, but where did the army get to?

[Suddenly and without warning, Robert begins to bellow. His voice is loud. It has to be loud, because his voice is that of a battle commander and one that must be heard over the chaos of battle and to the furthest off soldier. Magnified through the device at his feet, it's almost obnoxiously loud.]


[No reply comes. Not from the beach, anyway. So he picks up his warhammer, tightens his grip on his shield, and prepares to march away from the ocean.

Later, once he's found his way to the mansion, he'll be exploring the grounds and can be found wherever seems most likely.]
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[The plan is not to use the network of this place like this. It really is.

However, everyone knows the story about best laid plans.

So when the feed cuts on, it wobbles a bit, as Tony gets his phone at a stable angle (thanks to Dummy) and then backs into frame, toting something that looks suspiciously like a piglet. Because it is a piglet, as he displays it for the camera, the little red and gold name tag proudly proclaiming Iron Pig. Iron Pig himself is amazingly calm, watching the proceedings with bright, curious eyes.]

So the last thing I expected when I came down here was four little piggies giving JARVIS the fits. He's been nagging me all morning about this. I know it was you, Barton, you're good, but my security's better.

[Totally on the shitlist, bro.]

I'm not sure if this is a social commentary or what. [He emphasizes it by giving Iron Pig a little hoist. Hawk Pig is busy in the corner, chewing on something that's probably going to take a week to fix, while the one named after Natasha naps in another. Hulk Pig, thankfully, is busy exploring, and it's obvious he's the biggest of the bunch, though he's not smashing anything. Yet.]

So really, the most important thing here: Iron Pig? Hanging with me. You guys can come pick your own up. Especially you, Bruce, I don't know how anyone expects me to feed that thing. It's huge.
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...Benjen? [ when lyanna stark pushes herself into a sitting position a few twists and turns away from the maze's centre, her instinct is to call for one of her brothers: the youngest, first, and with a lilt of concern. with a groan, she brushes detritus off her palms and straightens her skirts (simple; in the northern style). and she tries to figure out why she might have been preparing her palfrey to ride in one moment, and sitting in dirt the next.

not that she minded the dirt -- not really. but she did mind the conspicuous absence of her kin. panic mounts: ]
Brandon? Ned?

[ she scrambles to her feet and finds the strange small brick only a few feet away. lyanna picks it up and can now be seen peering suspiciously at its every angle. ] You're a funny thing. [ she mutters, tapping it gently and fingering (but not pressing) the buttons. but then she holds it loosely in her fist and raises her voice. ] By all the named gods and the unnamed gods -- Brandon Stark! If this is some trick or a mummer's game, I will have your hide. And without it, you can hardly hope to woo any pretty --

[ she stops abruptly because the brick chirrups like some odd precise bird. surprise catches the breath in her throat and she's forced to ask -- staring straight at the device: ] ...Are you alive, little brick?

[ grab her attention on the funny little brick-bird or else find her wandering the maze and the gardens. ]


May. 12th, 2014 09:37 am
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Well, it’s not exactly Stark-level technology, but I guess it’ll have to do. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

[And, hey, at least she doesn’t have to worry about cellular or data service being shut off because she can’t pay the bills. Or, well, have access to her father’s credit cards. Or any of those responsible adult things she’d need to do back in California. The thought makes her pause for a second a she stares at the screen, brows creasing with worry. Lucky’s back there and Barton’s back in New York and it’s hard to stop the brief pang of guilt that hits her.

But it’s not like she had a choice in arriving in Wonderland. Some things, Bishop, she reminds herself, are out of our control.

The smile returns a split second later and she quirks an eyebrow.]

I hear we’ve all taken a trip down the rabbit hole together. Lucky us. I knew I needed to get out of New York for a while, but this is taking it to a little bit of an extreme, isn't it? [A shrug.] Well, since we’re stuck here, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Kate Bishop. Hawkeye – like this place needs anymore superheroes. You know, of the Avengers?

...well, practically anyway.

[She’d probably do a better job of it than Barton, if you ask her. At least she’s willing to take responsibility for her actions.]

So, what’s there to do around here? Because I was finally going to get a chance to experience that California dream lifestyle thing. Is there a beach? Someone tell me there's a beach.


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