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[ For the first time, Daenerys is seen and not just heard over the network, dressed much more like royalty than she'd been upon first arrival. She looks much more calm, too, as if she's settled nicely into the mansion and its chaos. ]

I have been here long enough and have found little necessity for pretense. [ Violet eyes flash, a distant but proud smile tugging at her lips. ] Though titles are without meaning in this place, I owe the people of this realm an introduction. I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. Captive though I may be, I do not bend to the will of others.

As such. [ The smile twitches upward. ] It seems that this Wonderland seeks to earn my favor. Though I have no interest in wild dogs, I was given a gift very recently that I find much more... pleasing.

[ A high, piercing cry sounds nearby, and before long a small dragon comes into view. It's midnight blue with streaks of silver and lands clumsily on her shoulder, hovering uncertainly. ]

He may not be mine, but I am grateful for the company of one of my own.

( ooc; Wanderers can find Dany and her new dragon out in the gardens! )
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[In the end, she's at least grateful that her memories haven't been affected this time. She knows who she is. Katniss Everdeen. Eighteen Years old. From District 12. The former girl on fire, the former Mockingjay. A Tribute and a Victor who shouldn't be alive today but somehow was. Someone who probably deserved this, deserved to be trapped in someone else's game. A pawn for new Gamemakers to be used for their amusement.

She hates remembering. But it's more comforting than thinking she's someone she's not. A girl with lots of family. Someone who was a little bit of a loner but never alone.

This time, it's her vision that's strange. Not being able to see color, seeing the world in black and white and shades of grey is disconcerting to say the least. Uncomfortable and very unwelcome. But that's not what really grates on her nerves again. What has her scowling at the camera doesn't have anything to do with those changes and everything to do with the pack of small, yipping puppies that won't leave her alone.

She's tried hiding in her room. They appear in her closet. Tried escaping on to the grounds and into the forest. But it doesn't work. She's not Prim. She's not good with animals. Doesn't really care for them as anything but meat.

he stands by the outskirts of the forest, looking utterly displeased at the latest puppy to attempt to wriggle its way into one of her squirrel traps as she reset it. More circle around her boots. The camera pans around them before she he holds up one pup in particular by the scruff of its neck. It yips at the phone and wiggles in her grasp but Katniss ignores it.]

Do these belong to someone, too? Or are they fair game?

[Because these aren't hunting dogs. Clearly. Aside from providing meat or fur, she can't think of any other use for them. For all she can't stand Buttercup, at least he knew how to make himself useful at times. These things? So far, not in the slightest.]
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winter is coming ( action ) )
...and a little later

[ Arya...has no idea what she is doing. It's plainly obvious that the device is confusing to the dirty little child grasping it, with it held far too close to her face as she squints as if it were a dangerous weapon. She's out of her depth, but that won't stop her. She's determined to find some kind of answers here. ]

Hello? Is anyone there? [ She's shouting far too loudly, loud enough in fact that it's almost difficult to tell what she's saying given how close she holds the device to her face, but she presses on. ] I was told this contraption had answers, but I can't find them anywhere.

[ If she seems disheartened, it doesn't last, and the only indication that there is anything wrong would be the way her jaw tightens slightly, and how her voice slightly drops. She has to get through this. ]

I'm looking for the kingsroad. It... It's very important that I find it, but I've never been to this part of the country. Am I in the south still?

[ That seems to be all for now, but after fumbling with it a little and glancing around her, Arya adds in a quick, hasty voice: ]

Oh, and if someone would point me in the direction of a horse. I have the coin [ that's a lie ] and I can pay well. Uh...thank you?

[ And on that lovely note, Arya finally figures out how to end the feed. ]
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What is the use of these damned vendors? I’ve no shortage of gold in my own keep, but these stubborn fools won’t take my word for promise of payment. Not even the bloody bank of Braavos is as hard nosed as these damned fools. The closets are little better. I've tried a dozen times to find a bow or spear for hunting, but all I have to show for it is are there tiny wooden sticks.

[Toothpicks! Why does he need toothpicks? Is he supposed to be hunting moths? He groans, rubbing his temple at the growing frustration of negotiating with the people who occupy this pace. It’s part of a larger symptom in that he simply craves some action, whether it’s fighting or fucking, he’s not picky.]

What this place could use is decent entertainment. We have a tavern, aye. But a sad one at that. But where are the tourneys? The action? Gods, but what I wouldn't do for a melee now. Seven hells, but I’ll end up fat and soft if I’m expected to live like this much longer. My armor will rust before it sees use again.

[A moment's pause. He adds testily:] And to anyone who might ask, I have no wish to read anything.
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[ There is no video feed when the device begins its broadcast. In fact, there isn't much but breathing and clicking for a stretch of time as the young woman on the other end turns it over, examining. ]

What magic is this, that I hear and see the voices and faces of others through this box? [ Enchanted metal, maybe. Magic was said to still exist in parts of the Free Cities, though the only magic she had seen in recent history was a dark, hateful blood magic. The girl on the audio feed sounds young, in her early teens, and though her voice is captured with confusion, there is a wearied strength behind it that extends beyond her years. ]

I needn't examine these grounds to know that I am no longer in the East. Still, I am slow to believe that this is the Westeros of which I've heard so much.

[ There is something very wrong about this place, she can tell. Some undercurrent of shadows under a guise of flowers and light. ]

I was traveling with a number of Dothraki--my khalasar--and a man called Jorah Mormont. Have any of them been taken captive here with me?

( ooc; Anyone who happens upon Daenerys in the gardens will find her looking like this. Minus the dragon, unfortunately. )
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[ This morning, the Doctor's in relatively good spirits. Actually, he's in brilliant spirits, if the way he's grinning means anything at all. ]

Adventure, now that's a wonderful word. Don't you just love the sound of it? Adventure!

[ He waves a few times before moving on. ]

Anyone want to come with me? Not really sure where I'm going yet, but wherever it is, it's going to be just great. No, not just great, it's going to be incredible!

[ Yes, a certain someone is craving adventure right now, and whether or not he's got companions to come along, he's going to be roaming all over the mansion with no plans to stop. Good thing he's got enough energy for twenty people, right? ]
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[Robert was staring at the ocean. It seemed an odd place to put an ocean, given he had only just been at the Trident, which was not far from the ocean, but not nearly so close to it as he stood now. But he took no special joy in the salty sea breeze. He'd felt it so many times at Storm's End and now it held nothing for him but a bitter reminder of a wreck along the rocks. Slowly he paced along the beach, but had to hobble because his leg had been cut and was bleeding still through his bandages. His chest had still not fully healed from the wound he took before the battle of Stony Sept and somehow the ocean seemed to only aggravate it more. He should be racing to King's Landing, not standing alone at a beach in the darkening evening. He stepped on strange rock on the ground and heard it crunch. At this point, the video feed begins.]

Seven hells, but where did the army get to?

[Suddenly and without warning, Robert begins to bellow. His voice is loud. It has to be loud, because his voice is that of a battle commander and one that must be heard over the chaos of battle and to the furthest off soldier. Magnified through the device at his feet, it's almost obnoxiously loud.]


[No reply comes. Not from the beach, anyway. So he picks up his warhammer, tightens his grip on his shield, and prepares to march away from the ocean.

Later, once he's found his way to the mansion, he'll be exploring the grounds and can be found wherever seems most likely.]


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