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[for normal Rocket, it's very rare to see him bothering with video, but for this world's Rocket, you rarely see her not doing video... not that there would be much of a physical difference. a fully clothed raccoon in a jumpsuit is still... a fully clothed raccoon in a jumpsuit to most people, but the reason for the video is abundantly clear by the fact that the voice that comes out of her is... well, Rocket's usual masculine voice.

half-world scientists weren't all that concerned about gender identity when it came to outfitting their cyborgs with functioning voiceboxes, meaning of course, she sounds like a guy. of course she does. and damned if it doesn't give her something ELSE to be pissed about.

either way, she's got a whole new reason to be pissy as she crosses her arms over her chest and glowers at the camera. at least her body language is pretty unmistakably female ]

Okay. So who wants to start takin' bets that Wonderland is gonna start announcin' shit and not followin' through just to see us all run around in circles tryin' to figure out what the new thing is.

I don't care what that pink jackass says. You can say anything's from your flarkin' planet if you wanna. That don't make it so.

[or maybe she just really feels like getting up gumball's ass about something, because they are friends. and by friends, i mean they hate each other.]
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Greetings, denizens of Wonderland! [Prince Gumball might not be the most frequent participant in Wonderland's various networks, but when he does choose to speak up, it's usually with something particularly interesting. As usual, he's in front of a whiteboard covered in writing.]

I woke up feeling strangely... woozy, which I'm given to understand means this event, first of all, has already started, and second of all, comes from my world. Considering nothing appears to have changed, one may suspect this is one of those events we won't truly understand until after it's over.

[He slams his hands down on the desk in front of him.]

One would suspect wrong, though. I've started a list of every strange thing that's happened over the course of my reign in the Candy Kingdom. I'll narrow it down, believe me. Just wait. Wonderland won't get the better of us this time.

I'll be certain to keep you all updated when I do. Until then, enjoy the relative calm of whatever this event is.

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[As always, Souji's in the diner, but sitting in a booth instead of behind the counter. Since there's no one there at the moment, he's more hanging out than working.

There's a thick volume on the table in front of him and though the contents isn't clear due to the camera angle, it's easy enough to guess that it's a photo album or scrapbook of some kind. There's also a not entirely ancient Polariod camera at his elbow. He flips through the thick pages of the album as he speaks.]

The last owner of the diner had this tradition of taking a picture of everyone who came in and putting it in this album. I found it and her camera behind the counter a few weeks ago, but with events and everything I forgot about it.

[He's actually pretty happy it was still there and the small, nostalgic smile on this face says so. He picks up the camera and turns it over in his hands, looking it over.]

I want to start it up again. It's just a picture and a name, so we can keep a record of who was here after they leave.

[He sets the camera back down, closer to the device he's using, but he's still visible past it, looking into the feed now.]

Hm...since there are a lot of new people lately, I'm Seta Souji. I run the diner on the eighth floor, kind of. Anyone can come by any time.


Just expect to have your picture taken, if you do.

[As promised, he'll be in the diner for...ever.]
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[Kanji looks nervous as he turns on the feed, shifting uncomfortably with one hand at the back of his neck, eyes darting off to one side as if to make sure he's not being watched by anyone other than the folks he's broadcasting too-- it looks like he's in the diner at the moment, taking a break on one of the stools at the counter as he clears his throat and focuses his attention back on the device in his hands.]

So, I was just wonderin'-- would anyone be interested in some kinda arts and crafts workshop?

[He's been wanting to offer some kind of classes for awhile, if only to find other people with interests that are in line with his own, but he's been a little anxious about stepping up to actually say something. Events had given him plenty of reason to push it back, but if he was honest, being somewhere other than Inaba made him a little hesitant to take that big first step again, especially with how hard he'd had to work to make it back home.]

Nothin' fancy, but we could do different stuff each week maybe. Puppets, crochet, painting-- whatever. We've got this great youth center, thought it might be a good place for it. If-- if anyone's interested, let me know what days work for you, yeah? Thinkin' maybe some weekday afternoons. Y'know, we don't get events during the week for the most part, so-- probably seems like the best bet.

[He's rambling, and trying hard not to trip over his words, but he manages a hopeful smile as he closes out the message all the same.]

Hopefully I'm not the only one into this kind of thing. If you wanna talk in person, I'm in the diner most days, and I've been hanging out in the youth center in the afternoons. A-anyway-- thanks for listening. Lemme know if you want in.

[He cuts the feed, but he'll be working in the diner for most of the afternoon, helping Souji out both in the kitchen and behind the counter, wiping down tables whenever people finish up their meals. Afterwards, he'll be down in the youth center, where he's claimed a corner table for himself with a number of supplies laid out across it. Anyone who walks in will see him working on the finishing touches of a small knit doll: a monkey, to be specific, which he seems to be intent on dressing in great detail now that the doll itself is complete.]
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[When the feed begins, the blonde whose face appears in the center of the screen makes no attempt to speak immediately, seeming to be thinking about something with her lips pulled into a bow, her eyes narrowing infinitesimally as they look off screen before snapping onto the camera itself.]

I have to admit. [Her face animated as she starts to speak, accompanied by a dry, almost snarky tone.] I was all ready to pin this on the little Witch but I think it's fair to say we're not in Mystic Falls anymore.

[It's hard to say whether she's annoyed, bored or amused. The woman who can't look much more than early twenties, taking time out to top up her glass of Scotch. She doesn't so much as grimace as she takes a drink before speaking again.]

Right - [Refocusing on her screen.] Introductions then. Lexi Branson.

[The blonde raises her glass and drains it before setting it aside.]

I'm not exactly sure how long this is going to last... [Leaning closer to her device.] So lets skip all the boring bits and you can tell me what passes for fun in this place. Okay?
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[Damon is not happy, and definitely not drunk enough for this. At first, he assumed he'd been hallucinating, on some trip after drinking bad blood. However, he has been roaming Wonderland for hours on this bright and early morning, while everyone else was likely asleep. He’s poked his head in where it doesn’t belong, waiting for the hallucination to fade. Spoilers: it doesn’t. He finally studies the communication device, accepting that this is either one very long dream or he’s actually here. Somehow. He’s on the main floor, pressed up against the marble pillar, staring up at the ceiling. It takes minimal effort to skim through previous entries before he switches to video.]

Question #1, for the masses: How drunk do you have to be for this place to start making sense? Because I’m starting to think this poor, lonely bottle's not gonna cut it. [Damon looks to the bottle in his hand with a little sigh, tapping his fingers on its surface.] Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

[He takes a long drink, swallows, and sends the camera a slow but absolutely charming smirk:]

Question #2: what’s the one thing you wish someone had told you on your first day in the merry old Land of Wonder, but failed to?

[Damon points a finger at the camera with the hand that's still partly wound around the bottle] And go. Best answers get a pony.
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But what I wanna know is, is, is why the fuck everyone else gets cool, albeit fucking cliched evil twins, but I'm, I'm just fucking stuck with this loser!

[The camera swings toward the nearest mirror, where another Rick can be seen. The Mirror Rick is smiling placidly to himself and is doodling smiley faces and hearts on his side of the glass.]

Look at him! Look at this pathetic excuse for a Rick! H-H-He's this sappy, sweet, goody-two--I mean he's worse than Doofus Rick, and that guy eats his own poo. That's how bad this guy is. He's an embarrassment to, t-to Ricks everywhere.

[Mirror Rick starts drawing what appears to be an adorable cartoon pony.]

Shameful. Positively shameful.


May. 17th, 2016 01:28 pm
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So a while ago there was a giant robot fight. who was involved in that? I'd like to talk to you about a defense project we might need. Given all the stuff that happens here we might need them if an 'event' from my world comes.

I guess anyone who knows about robotics and heavy weaponry.

We need to be prepared.

[Edit;] and I guess a neuroscientist. If there is one. Or lots. Probably lots.
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Greetings denizens of Wonderland!

[Bubblegum looks excited today. She has a lab coat on over her pink dress, her hair piled into a bun and out of the way.]

I have made some rather alarming discoveries, and I thought I would share them with you.

[She fiddles with a remote and the picture is replaced with an image, her face shrinking to a smaller box in the corner.]

For those of you from less scientifically advanced worlds, this is a PET scan. It shows activity in the brain. As you can see, I've marked off several areas of note. This subject made an excellent example, as they have experienced unrelated amnesia as well as Wonderland memory loss. You see in "Area A," there's a darker smudge? That is what I'd expect memory loss to look like. This subject's memories have been manipulated rather extensively, so it isn't surprising that the data would be a little... fuzzy.

But the areas marked "B" and "C".... when I first noticed those I thought there might be something wrong with my equipment, but after discussion with the subject and testing my equipment further, I am forced to conclude that my reading is correct.

My subject has lost two memories from the so-called "Wonderland Events" and traded one away to the vendors. She has three dots where there is simply... no data, two smaller, one larger. This should not be possible. It certainly is alarming. Nothing should be able to remove data so thoroughly. Nothing. But if my hypothesis is correct, Wonderland is doing just that.

[She touches her control again, sending the brain scan away, her own image now taking up the entire screen. She smiles sunnily.]

Anyway, I'm happy to share my full report with anyone interested. I'd also welcome anyone willing to volunteer as a subject. The more data we have, the more substantial a theory I can build.

Thank you for your time. I will take any and all questions you may have now.
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[After months of attempted planning (most of which was frequently cast to the wayside in favour of dealing with whatever fresh Hell decided to make itself known to them all) Evelyn has come to the conclusion that there will never be a "Good Time," and has therefore decided that with that being the case, it is simply easier to set what she likes, when she likes.

This is all a very runabout way of saying that Evelyn has politely asked the Mansion - which, as we all now know, is practically sentient - to deliver the following invitation to everyone's door:

[Intangible* attachments have also been forwarded to each resident, supplemented by the following transmission:]

I'm holding a fête this Friday evening - there isn't a particular time for required attendance, it should be ongoing for several hours after dinner - and I should like as many parties as available to come. It is themed, as there are a number of us here from time periods before 1950, so appropriate attire is encouraged, but not mandated.

[This is in part due to a withering homesickness that Wonderland itself has been unable to satisfy.]

Kindly respond if you do plan to join, and I hope to see you all on Friday.

[*Evelyn is having a difficult time remembering to call them "digital."]


Apr. 11th, 2016 01:44 pm
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[There's some fumbling with the camera then, the usual motion blur that can be associated with a newcomer exploring unfamiliar technology.]

Right, so that's the camera there. And the microphone is... Oh, well that's a bit on the nose isn't it? I suppose that would make it easier for the lay user.

[A bit more shifting then, until he sets his device on a flat surface. The image is a small, softbodied man with a pointed intensity in his eyes. He speaks softly, in a thick Scottish brogue.]

H-hello -- to whomever might be listening. I apologize for this interruption, but I'm searching for someone in particular. I have reason to believe that Jemma Simmons has been staying among you. If you know her, it's imperative that I make contact with her. My name is Leo Fitz -- I followed her here.

[He doesn't mention SHIELD or their duties, though. The agency is such a touchy issue in the public eye, it might be a condemnation to draw unnecessary attention to it. There was no telling what kind of people lived here.]

Oh, I hope languages won't be an issue. Though I suppose it should be fine if we utilize this text function...

[His stare shifts pensively from the display to the camera and back again. His instinct is to pull apart this hardware and improve upon the flaws, but that would be entirely counterproductive to his means.]
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[The camera clicks on, being held steady and centered well; this is obviously someone who knows and understands this technology. A redheaded woman looks on, pretty serious about this situation, and despite the camera cutting off at her chest, people on the network can see she’s in heavy, and rather advanced, armor, and armed to the teeth in weaponry. She’s also wearing some sort of visor, displaying a holographic screen over the right side of her face.]

This is Commander Shepard of the SSV Normandy, reporting from some sort of mansion in the middle of nowhere. No intel on planet or time, though it appears to be habitable. If anyone is on this channel and has any information about my current whereabouts, and how I could make contact with my ship, that would be incredibly helpful.

[She pauses for a second, looking a bit off camera and grinning.]

And if no one has that, I’d love information about the current whereabouts of a cocktail, as that would be equally as helpful.
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[voice ~ ota]
[This isn’t the first time Freya is woken up to find her world changed, but she had thought she had put this part of her life behind her. She’s also super annoyed because she’s supposed to be saving her dumb family right now, but apparently she can’t ever have what she wants. Story of Freya’s life.

This is not where she’s supposed to be but she’s too paranoid to place that on the network right away. She buys her time, explores, gets to know things, and after finding her way to a bar for a big girl drink, while she’s sitting there, swirling the straw in her hand, she opens the device and decides to test the waters. She speaks calmly and clearly, but doesn’t show her face quite yet.]

So. Instead of demanding information I'm sure you've all shared a thousand times before, I’d prefer to keep things interesting. If you all don’t mind indulging the curiosity of someone who so rarely finds themselves in a place that is quite so … eclectic, I think I’d like to know more about where you all are from.

Granted, there are many variables that make up different worlds, so let’s not let ourselves get carried away. Beginning with one topic would probably suffice, so I’ve chosen the one that I know best.

[You can almost hear the smirk as she speaks.]

Let’s talk magic.

[action ~ the bar ~ for cami o'connell, but ota]
[The reason she chooses the bar, rather than the safety of her assigned room to make that particular announcement is that she does need someone to explain this world to her and as far as she can tell, there is only one person she knows and trusts here. She would rather hear it straight from Cami, getting potentially conflicting information from strangers.

(She's aware that she's fortunate Cami was there at all - she might have had no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers - but for how she's choosing not to think about being trapped, alone, in a world she doesn't understand. It's bad enough that her siblings aren't here and she seems to be trapped here indefinitely.)

So there she is, perched on a bar stool like she belongs there, and waiting for Cami to make her appearance. That being said, she's not completely unfriendly, so if you wish to chat her up, she'll be more than happy to talk to you.]


Mar. 7th, 2016 06:58 pm
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[ For a few moments, all that’s visible in the slightly shaky view is an exciting expanse of bland-colored carpet. A light scratching sound is audible in time with the tilting of the image, as though the material that covers the device is moving against something unyielding and metallic. To someone who’s seen this sort of thing before, it’s indicative of someone examining the device.

A moment later, the image blurs and the boring carpet is replaced by large green eyes, shaggy white hair, thick black eyebrows, a scowling mouth, and a chin marred by white lines. ]

Hn. [ It’s a derisive snort, though the word that follows is even more so, heavily laden with disgust. ] Magic.

[ The image spins again, resolving a few dizzying seconds later to a crooked view of a sparsely furnished room. It’s the sort of room that looks to have never yet been lived in, the furniture of the most generic sort. Prowling near the far wall is the owner of that too-close face.

He’s wearing spiky armor, sharply pointed gauntlets, and a conspicuous lack of shoes. Pointed ears poke out of his hair and when he turns to unlimber a large greatsword from his back, more of the white lines are visible on his skin where it shows through gapes in his armor. As is probably apparent, he has no idea that he’s being recorded and continues to examine the room with wary unease.

The video will continue for quite some time, documenting a positively riveting video of an over-armored elf doing nothing but poking around a room, until he’s alerted to the fact that the device is both active and broadcasting his business to others.

Someone, quite clearly, does not know how to use the communication device properly. ]
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[The camera turns on upside-down seems to be shaking quite a bit, focusing in on a scaly yellow face heavily biting her lip. It seems to be rapidly moving or otherwise broken until it gets placed on a nearby table and stabilizes, though still… upside down. Thankfully, the device isn’t broken- Alphys’ hands can be seen in-view, shaking. She appears to be outside, but the camera is only showing her torso to her eyes.]

Uh, h-hello! Is anyone there? U-Uhm, t-this is, this is Dr. Alphys! I don’t, uh, I don’t know where I am. And, if this is s-some sort of joke, I don’t appreciate…

[She trails off, getting close to the camera again and finally turning it right side up, lifting it off the table and back to a close-up of her face.] I’ve never even s-seen a device like this before… I think it’s broadcasting somewhere? I bet t-thats what that light does. What h-happens when I do—

[The feed cuts out. She hit the power.]


Feb. 18th, 2016 09:09 am
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[ The young woman who addresses Wonderland today looks considerably less dirty than she had when she'd arrived. A bath and clean clothes are two things she has been without recently, and although she still distrusts the mansion's generosity, she finds decent hygiene a siren song that's hard to resist.

She's embarrassingly professional as she speaks.

I've been here a little while, but I don't think I've introduced myself officially. My name is Clarke. I'm not a doctor, but I do know a lot about healing. [ The non-magical kind, although it doesn't seem necessary to clarify. (It probably is, what with all the strange people from strange worlds here.) ] So if you need medical assistance, you can always let me know and I'll come as soon as I can.

I don't think I've met most of you, either; there's a lot of questions I don't have answers to. What is it like, where you're from? What year is it? What do you know about space?

[ After her whirlwind of questions, she takes a much needed breath. ]

Oh, and... tell me as much as you know about magic. [ It takes all she has not to say "magic" with air quotes and rolled eyes. ] From everything I know, it shouldn't be scientifically possible.

Thanks in advance.

( EDIT: you guys are super awesome and i love you all, but i'm gonna have to ask for no new repliers at this point for the sake of my inbox! if you want to do something regarding this post, such as meeting up later to discuss it, pm me or pp me at [ profile] regnant and we'll work something out ♥ )
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[When the feed clicks on, at first all it shows is a view of Regina and Robin's room; it's tidy, but there's touches of both of them visible and a large chemistry set in the background. Soon, the device is jostled as someone picks it up and Regina comes into view. For once, she doesn't look like her entire world is awful forever, instead, she looks remarkably happy.]

Wonderland. [That's it. That's your greeting.] Recent developments, both here and at home, have reminded me of the pressing need to figure out a solution to our little memory problem.

[Unfortunately, her own missing memories are back home trapped in a dreamcatcher...]

So, if you come from a land with magic, I'd like to talk to you.

[Regina reaches down to turn off the device, before she stops. Her smile warms again before she speaks.]

Before I go, I want to let everybody know that there'll be another wedding in the near future. Robin Hood and I are getting married.

[So everybody can expect another giant party. The feed clicks off after that.]
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Film recommendations after 2001. Go.

PS.: Anyone seen Dr Meyers around? Bonus question: If that's a resounding no, how are we looking on actual medical personnel right now?
PPS.: Would prefer the old-fashioned science kind, but I guess I'll settle for wand waving if I've got to. No offence.

[ Anyone looking to catch Philip in Action will find him sitting in his usual library corner, doodling while he waits for inspiration on something better to do. ]
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[when this message begins broadcasting, it’s very clear the person responsible has NO IDEA this is actually transmitting to a large population. in fact, the shrill voice just sounds like she’s calmly- possibly too calmly- talking to herself.]

Log Date Seven-One-Six-Two.

I seem to have found myself- inexplicably- in some sort of bizarre, unstable dimension. The primary population appears to be Earth humans, though they refer to themselves by specifications rather than the traditional names that humans identify themselves by. What’s more is these humans do not find rain to be…. pleasant, and would prefer to stand in awful, cramped conditions, rather than be out in it.

Earlier I drew the conclusion that these may not be humans at all, but rather some sort of strange herd creature that greatly resembles a standard Earth human. However, before I could test this hypothesis, something happened and I found myself in this strange, and thankfully, much more sizable Earth dwelling, which I am having trouble rationalizing, beyond that clearly the reality of this place is in some sort of state of flux. However, this is purely speculation and that suggests it’s more a fault in my perception of reality, than the reality itself.

As to why I am here, rather than back at the temple, or why this dimension exists, or if any of it is, in fact, real, and I am not so given to my current madness that my vision spheres cannot be trusted…. [a small, pained gulp] I have no idea. I can only continue to document my findings and hope that if the Crystal Gems discover this after I’ve well and truly gone far beyond being helped, they’ll remember that my destruction was entirely their fault.

This is Peridot, further tilting towards madness, signing off for now.

[and the feed clicks, so she can… curl up on the floor in a fetal position and cry for a moment, not realizing that PEOPLE HAVE HEARD THIS.]
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[It's been at least several hours of dodging strangers in a mysterious garden belonging to the shifting architecture of a mansion that must've come right off the pages of a fairytale... or from a nightmare. Ford has tried everything to wake himself up from what he believes is a dream; perhaps a trap in which Bill has locked him away, or some pocket dimension, or what if he's even dead, or... or...

All he remembers is raising his hands to answer Bill's "riddle", a bright light, and extreme discomfort.

He scrubs his hand over his head and looks down at the unfamiliar device he found on his person not too long after he woke up.]

Come on, Stanford. He trapped you here. You have to wake up. This has to be a riddle, a game...

[If it's a game Bill wants, Ford decides he might have to play it long enough to wake up--just wake up--

He starts typing out a message, and reminds himself to trust no one. If he's been blasted to another dimension, it might actually be better than being locked in his own mind, but... if this is his own mindscape, it doesn't seem to fit. It's definitely something Mabel would come up with, but him? No.

What then, is it? Where is he?]


My name is Stanford Pines and I come in relative peace. I am attempting to communicate through this device. If you understand this language, please respond.

[That's ambiguous enough, and--] There. I drew my line in the sand.

[He pockets the numbered, lettered pad and sets out to explore.]


Dec. 22nd, 2015 04:38 pm
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[Kaneki has been having a fairly uneventful Ewaymas so far, but he appears on the network now, looking a bit unsettled. He's standing somewhere in the library, as the book shelves stretching behind him attest.]

I was wondering...does anyone else have one of these following them around?

[He turns his camera to point at this fine fellow, who's standing a bit behind him in the aisle. Kaneki keeps the camera on the reaper for a moment, before turning it back on himself.]

It isn't really doing anything, except following me around, so I don't think there's any danger. But I'm not sure where it came from or what it means that it's here... [He rubs at the back of his neck with one hand, uncomfortable with the whole thing.] Does anyone have any ideas?
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[So Rick is on fire. But don't worry, he's only a little bit on fire. You wanna know what happens when goblins get into your lab full of chemicals and machines and devices that can literally end whole species? People end up on fire, that's what happens.]

[He's got a gun in one hand, a bottle that says GALACTIC GLUE on it in the other hand (thanks for the idea, Tony!), and he's splattered with festive red and green blood. There is cranky goblin-y chattering in the distance and in the background is a small mountain of destroyed science. Rick is staring into the camera with an expression of abject crazy.]

S-So anyway killing them doesn't work, but gluing them to the ceiling does, at least sort of.
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There are those in this Mansion who are well-learned and know much of magic and such odd crafts.

[ sansa seems restless today, as if the very subject makes her uneasy and her discomfort is clear. still, she sits up, prim and proper and continues. ]

I would speak to those who know of such matters and would help another who does not. Any such help would be appreciated. There is little I understand of it as I was never taught of such crafts beyond the tales and songs that were always meant for children.

[ a beat. ]

You have my thanks.
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[It's your friendly neighborhood alcoholic back again, and this time he's not threatening to burn the entire place to the ground with no remorse.

So that's nice.]

I got a quick poll for everyone here:

One, who actually can play poker around here? Real poker, okay, not any pansy low stakes crap. That, or pool. I'll take anything. [ Ahem.] Two: Is there anyone around here over 50? I mean, jesus christ.

[Not including Stan Pines and two people he already knew goddamn personally. It's ridiculous. It's like the only grey hair he's seen in months is in his own damn beard.]

Surrounded by goddamn children.
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Good morning Wonderland; it's that time again.

[The face on the network is friendly enough; Cami does her best to be warm, particularly in the wake of everything that's happened lately. The nightmarish events that have hit Wonderland are bad enough, but Cami hasn't forgotten how things went this time last year. If history does repeat itself, these people need to be prepared--so much as anyone can be for the insanity so rampant in this world.]

For those new to this corner of the multiverse, my name is Cami O'Connell, and I'm acting as the mansion's resident therapist. With how things have gone recently, I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone that there's an office on the sixth floor with someone willing to listen to your problems and concerns. It probably doesn't need to be said that what we go through here can be pretty terrible, and that's on top of anything that went on in our home worlds.

The simple truth is, sometimes it helps to talk about it. As much as many of us want to get back home, we don't know when that will happen. A few days turns into a few weeks, and then suddenly a year's gone by like that. [She snaps her fingers, her grin widening a touch as she thinks of how it's been like that for her. A whole year in Wonderland, and it had only taken Cami a month to realize that particular anniversary had come and gone for her.]

Or maybe you're one of the ones that sees Wonderland as a second chance, in spite of all the insanity it throws at us. Either way, we all have to figure out how to make a life while we're here, and part of that is coming to terms with some truly awful things. As hard as this place is to bear sometimes, in my experience it's even worse trying to do it on your own. Therapy is one way of finding support, be it by getting a chance to vent, or hearing a little bit of advice. And as an added bonus, no one else will be told about what you talk about, or even that you've come to see me. It's all confidential and private.

So feel free to get in touch if you want to give it a try, or if you've got any questions. Like I said, I'm here to listen.

[She cuts the feed with that, but as promised, Cami will be in her office and paying attention to the phone most of the day. Not all of it though; as reluctant as people can be to show up the first time, it seems like certain others aren't showing up for second or third appointments. It's up to them, of course, but don't mind Cami if she just happens to go around the mansion later in the evening looking to bump into those who haven't stopped by for awhile, strictly for the purpose of catching up.]

{{ooc: feel free to have cami run into your character if they've been a patient in the past! or even if they haven't. prose or actionspam is fine for in person interactions.}}
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-does this do? What about this? Helllooo?

[The video feed begins with a close-up of a gauntleted thumb and then twists nauseatingly around until there's a giant eyeball... that gradually diminishes in size as its owner pulls back from the device. Once it's farther away it reveals a large man in heavy armour with a sword at his hip and a shield on his back, looking rather put out. Alistair frowns down at the thing for a moment then shrugs and begins to speak.]

I heard I can use this thing to talk to people. People far away. I don't know if I believe it, I've never heard of magic like that. But this way it doesn't look like I'm crazy and talking to myself. Maybe.

I don't talk to myself normally of course. That would be crazy. But I do talk to myself - and little... boxes - when I get lost and wind up in a strange place I've never seen before. Especially when I'm supposed to be somewhere else doing something important. Then I might talk to myself.

[But only because he hasn't found anyone else to talk to yet and he's still trying to figure out what's going on. He isn't buying anything he's heard so far so he's reduced to thinking out loud at a little box.]

Well, I think I know what's going on here. This is the Fade, is it? I'm stuck in the Fade again.

What do you think box? Am I right? [His voice turns high pitched and squeaky and the video judders about as the device is waggled back and forth.] 'I think you are Alistair, you handsome fiend you, you must be in the Fade! Now we just have to go find the eeevil demon that trapped us here and make it let you go!'

[And back to a normal voice, the video steadying again.] I'm glad you agree and I am looking rather handsome today, aren't I? Now, let's go find that demon!

[And, companion... box in hand - and still broadcasting - he strides boldly off in search of something that looks like a demon, keeping up a running commentary until someone decides to interrupt him.]
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Greetings, Citizens of Wonderland! [Bubblegum is sitting in her room, wearing a pink gown and her tiara and looking grave, but not particularly anxious. She’s certain she’ll be able to think her way out of here, even if the time bubble means that Finn and Jake can’t come rescue her as usual, but for now, it’s time greet the people.]

I am Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. I have been taken to this land against my will, which I understand is common here.

[She slams her fist on the table in front of her, leaning forward.]

I will not stand for it. And I will tell this supposed “Queen” [She rolls her eyes, making quote marks with her fingers] to her face if given half the chance. Honestly I’m insulted. This is some sort of interdimensional nexus, right? With "magic?" [She rolls her eyes, wiggling her fingers. Magic. Phah. It’s just science with extra special effects.] Come on. Who are you trying to impress? Sure, the sheer level of power that must go into powering this place seems pretty sweet, but come on. I could easily build a place like this with the right equipment and a decent power source. Though the transportation process was surprisingly smooth. I need to figure out how that part was done….

[She looks momentarily thoughtful. A project for another day. She straightens, smiling sweetly, and adds:]

Anyway, it’s nice to see so many humans around. I thought you were all but extinct. Then again, the anomalous nature of time and space might account for that. In which case… whoops. I hope you’re all from well before the Mushroom Wars.


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