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[Marceline couldn't particularly remember arriving at the mansion. One minute she was flying home from Finn's place, and the next this big house had just seemed to loom up out of nowhere. There were all sorts of places between the tree house and her cave, and lots of houses of all different kinds, but certainly not this house.]

[What else to do but explore it? She'd flown around the grounds, looked in some windows, and all in all been fairly impressed by someone throwing up something like this in the span of an afternoon.]

[Eventually Marceline had noticed something in her pocket, a thing she most definitely didn't remember having put into it. Pulling it out revealed a phone, and, oddly, it wasn't her phone. Obviously the only thing to do was mess around with it. Finding a video option, she turned it on.]

I didn't think there was anywhere in Ooo I hadn't explored yet. What is this place?

[She turns the phone around, and the camera shows the grounds of Wonderland, seen from above. As Marceline floats closer, the image gets larger. The shot sweeps slowly across the grounds to give a panoramic view before it turns back to Marceline's face and the evening sky behind her.]

By the way, whoever lost this phone? I don't know how you managed to misplace it like this, but I've got it now, and I'll be keeping it. I hope you weren't too attached to it.
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[The communicator turns on, revealing a dark forest filled with stunted trees and Katniss standing in the middle of it, glaring at the device. It's clear she doesn't trust it.]

I didn't think being dead would be like this.

[She hesitates for a second, wondering if she's being watched. She's fairly sure that she's dead, but on the off chance that she's not, that means the Capitol is still watching her, and listening to everything she's saying.

So, she chooses not to say anything, and simply starts walking. This forest doesn't look like anything she saw in the arena, but that's probably because the Gamemakers altered it to confuse her. If she's still alive, anyway.]

Is this it? A forest, and nothing else?

[She cranes her neck, looking up at the sky. There are no signs of life, not even a bird or a squirrel.]

What kind of forest is this?

[Even in the forest in District 12, there was always some kind of animal moving around that she could hunt. But here, it doesn't seem like there's anything.

That is, until she hears a twig snapping, causing her to whip around in response. Her bow is in her hands before she even realized that she'd pulled it out, and she aims at whatever it is that's coming towards her.]


Mar. 16th, 2012 07:06 pm
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[Past curfew, Yuu is clambering up a tree some ways away from the boys' tents with a flashlight clenched in his teeth. He's not the best tree climber around, but he can get the job done.

He's not making much attempt to be stealthy, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that someone might take notice of him. He also intends to be out here most of the night.]


Mar. 12th, 2012 10:56 pm
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[George looks...off. She's usually pretty neutral, but this time when the video starts, it's clear she's not feeling her best. Not that she's sick, but, well.

It's been a rough few weeks.]

Do you guys think there's any point to making friends here? I mean. It's not like we remember anyway.

And maybe it doesn't count as much.

Then again, we all die eventually in our own worlds, right? Well, most of us, anyway. But maybe that means there's no point to making friends ever.

[She looks self consciously away, eyes blinking uncomfortably.]

I...I don't know why I did this. Never mind.

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[At first, one might notice a song being sung somewhere at the mansion's ground floor. It's neither particularly good nor bad singing, and certainly doesn't give a location away without some form of investigation.

But Izaya is there. He's situated himself on a windowsill and is currently enamored with looking all around the great entrance hall.

Yes, this is people watching in the making.

Binoculars and all. ♥
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The video opens to show Vriska stood on the rooftop, illuminated mostly by the blue pixie-dust that surrounds her. In her hands is the device she was making in the previous video, the one with the domes and the dice, the deadly game she'd planned to just make and ignore until the event had stirred up her vengeful tendencies and pushed her to a point she would never have considered of her own volition. It would have taken so much more than it did for her to have actually hurt John, let alone kill, and she's pissed. Pissed at John and Dave and Terezi and everyone else who seemed to exist just to torment her. Pissed at the mansion for fucking with her head. And most of all pissed at herself for being such an abject failure to her ancestor's blood and symbol.

And so, here she stands, device in hand, the seven pupils of her left eye glowing as she influences each and every dice roll for maximum damage. After the final roll she waits.

And waits, and waits some more before finally facing up to the unwelcome fact that as usual, her doomsday device has failed on her. With a howl of frustration she throws the device away, where it will land and explode away from anywhere it could actually harm anyone, before dropping to her knees.

For a few moments more the feed continues to roll, showing nothing more than a fairy troll with her face in her hands, curled in on herself, before she finally seems to remember that she'd had it switched on and reaches to switch it off without looking up. The astute, however, may note the pale cerulean droplets on the palm of her hand in the seconds before it cuts out.
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[Marceline shoots while brushing out her ridiculously long hair. It's a full-time job keeping this mane in check you guys. Sometimes she has to multi-task!]

I've been thinking these days, I need a new henchman.

[Brush brush brush.]

I had one for a little bit, but he split awhile ago and now I've had to do things for myself again. It's a total drag! Queens aren't supposed to do their own dirty work, it's just wrong!

So I've got a deal. If you wanna be my henchman, you gotta be ready to do stuff like:

Help me feed
Do recordings
Set up pranks

...There's probably more I'll think of later but that's the gist of it!

And in return, you of course get the protection and unbeatable companionship of a totally rad vampire queen. Who doesn't want that? It's a super sweet deal if you ask me!

Oh, and there's only one opening. Night hours mostly. If more than one person applies I guess you'll have to duel for it or something. Tough cookies!

Good luuuuuuck!


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