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[See, it's there any yet no one seems to have said anything about it. Raleigh doubts he's the first to find it but it's not on the news feed, so to speak, so here he is. Sweaty in his running clothes with the camera pointing at what is certainly a new but not very well constructed structure near the Southern walls.]

You guys are seeing this, right? It's not just me? There's another house?

I kinda wanna go in... has anyone tried yet?
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[ The network is met with a rather unimpressive looking man, and he seems a bit jumpy if the way his grey eyes dart around to any noises he happens to hear as he broadcasts. ]

I-I don't know how I got here. [ He's read the brochures, not that he's going to admit to that, or even being able to read just yet. It's unsafe to give strangers the inkling of being a highborn in a possibly hostile environment. Anyone familiar with Theon Greyjoy might be shocked at how easily Ramsay's anxiety and behaviour mirror the pirate's. Like someone awful took him for hostage as well. ] Or how this works [ He means the device. ] o-or if it even is, but I need to get home.


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[ Carolina's been sitting on making this broadcast for almost three weeks now, not entirely sure that she really wants to make it. She's not typically one to seek help, especially not from a bunch of strangers over a public network, and yet... It seems like the best way to get some answers.

So here you go, Wonderland. One redhead who, for once, is showing her face instead of addressing the network with her helmet and armor on. ]

I'm hoping there are some people out there who can give me a bit more information on the vendors outside. I know that they trade harder to get items for memories, but that's about all that I know.

[ And before anyone assumes that she's looking for information before being stupid enough to make her own trade... ]

A friend of mine made a trade, and I'm... concerned. I just want to make sure there aren't any bigger problems that could come from someone doing something that stupid. Is there any way to reverse the transaction after it's been made?

[ Probably not, and she doubts Epsilon would be willing to anyway, but it's at least worth asking. ]

4th video

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[The video turns on to show a large goat woman- the background seems to be recognizable as the kitchen.]

Greetings! This is Toriel.

Perhaps this is a strange question to ask, but... would anyone care to discuss what your favorite food is? I am curious!

You see, I enjoy cooking, and it has been a very long time since I have been able to work with ingredients that are not found in the Underground. As such, I am not entirely sure what kind of foods I can prepare with all these options!

I have found a few cookbooks in the library, and there are so many different selections, I am not quite sure where to start. So I was hoping that someone might provide some suggestions for me! Additionally, I am sure I would be happy to share anything I make with you.

Personally, I have always been fond of pies. There are several flavors I like, but today I decided to try making a snail pie. Though, that might not be enjoyable for humans, in my experience. Or... monsters other than boss monsters, come to think of it.

Still! It is here in the kitchen, if anyone would like to come try a slice. I would be happy to share the kind of food I like, while you share what you like in turn.

That is all! Goodbye.


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I think we're all in agreement to never talk about that event again. ^_^

Btw has anyone seen Alex? His room's full of stuff but he's been MIA...

[Which, to be fair, is not so unusual. She shoots him a text as well: "Alex if you get this call me. Or text." But as time goes on and she gets no response, she becomes increasingly worried.]
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[It's a Sans. He appears to be in his room, and he appears to be literally partially submerged in a small mountain of blue fabric. He also appears to be more tired than normal but, haha, he always looks tired, so maybe you're just imagining things. How can a skeleton look tired, anyway?]

so, uh.

mistakes were made.

[He wiggles a little in a half-hearted attempt to extricate himself from the pile of fabric. Only as he tilts the camera, it becomes apparent what all this madness is. Sans is surrounded by blue hoodies. Probably a hundred or so. Only no two are exactly alike. There are hoodies with fur-lined hoods, hoodies made of denim (joodies??), hoodies made of wool, hoodies made of cotton, hoodies made of cashmere. There are navy blue hoodies and cobalt blue hoodies and sky blue hoodies and a tie-dyed blue hoodie and an electric blue hoodie that hurts just to look at. There are hoodies with polka dots or stripes. There are hoodies with made-up sports teams and made up colleges and made up company logos. There's at least one hoodie with what looks like a knock-off Squirtle on it. There's also a handful of those hoodies they sell to teenage girls that don't ever actually fit and are way too thin and they like, stop at your midriff so that really kind of defeats the purpose and they don't even have REAL POCKETS AND...ahem. Anyway.]

[Basically there's a lot of hoodies.]

i mean, i knew the closets up every now and then, but i figured that was mostly when people were trying to summon baby animals or something.

it just couldn't get it right, basically. my usual hoodie's got--uh--a bunch of holes in it now. figured maybe i could get a new one too much effort, i guess. plus, yanno. sentimental value.

[Or something like that. Mostly he's just too lazy to dig through this mess and find a good replacement. Anyway, might as well wear clothes until they literally fall apart, right? Maybe Papyrus will be a good sport and patch all the holes.]

so...anyone want a hoodie? free hoodie with a purchase of a hotdog. or, uh, free hoodie regardless. call it hood-dogs, heh. i figure winter must be coming again eventually, right? i'll be down at my hotdog stand in a bit handing these dumb things out.

[He gives another squirm in the hoodie pile and one end of the pile collapses a little. He ends up with a star-print hoodie draped over his head.]

...actually this is really comfortable.

[He yawns. Someone stop him before he literally takes a nap in the hoodie pile.]


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[It's rare that Raleigh addresses the network at all much less via anything other than Text but here we go. She's in the gym in a tank and yoga pants, hair piled up on top of her head in a messy bun. Sitting cross legged. On a yoga mat. You can see where this is going, ay.]

So.. I've gathered that half of not going crazy here is finding something to do and no one makes that happen but us. I've been thinking about skill shares and what I even have to offer but.. short of starting a Jaeger Academy or teaching language this is what I got. So. Yoga.

[And if she's already prepared for being made fun of you are absolutely right and jumps to explain herself before she's even finished recording, listing off it's advantages finger by finger.]

Makes you feel good, keeps you fit and keeps you bendy. Plus it lowers your blood pressure and it's low impact.

[See those scars up over her shoulders and neck and chest? The red angry electric burn scars? Boxing isn't for everyone.]

I do it every morning and if you'd like to join me I'll be here in the main gym.. 7am. Bring a mat, some water and a towel.. and wear something comfortable. It's okay if you've never done it before, we'll start easy.... Everyone is welcome.

[That's about it and she thinks twice, coming back to camera with a smirk.]

No Uggs allowed. Wear Uggs and I won't let you in.
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[ Ruth's far from a fan of showing her face on the network, but for the purposes of this particular broadcast, it's what makes most sense. Whereas some people might recognize her voice, others could just not make the connection, and she knows a face is likelier to trigger people's memories.

Doesn't mean she still doesn't feel and look awkward, though. A little too exposed for her taste. But anyway. ]

Hi. Uh... I'm Ruth Banner. I know I've been here a couple of times before. In Wonderland. I don't remember any of it, but so far I've met a few people who seem to know me, or at least know of me. So I've been wondering who here recognizes me, and those who do, what exactly do you know about me? I'd just feel a whole lot more comfortable being aware of how well people here know me.

[ Which is to say, she mostly is getting a little too paranoid about who knows or has seen the Hulk before. So best to get it out of the way by simply asking. ]

On another note: I know people are starting to get worried about a possible event following that announcement, and while I haven't experienced that many events so far, I've had it pointed out to me that sometimes they can change our minds, appearances, histories— everything, basically. So for all we know it might be happening right now and we're not even aware of it.

Not that that changes much, I know. [ She smiles weakly. ] Guess we'll have to wait and see.


[ After the late night broadcast, and still having difficulty falling asleep, Ruth decides to take advantage of the silence around the mansion and goes for a walk. The hallways and grounds are dipped in darkness, but she can be found walking down the corridors and around the gardens for a while, finally going to the kitchen and making herself a cup of tea. She's sitting on one of the stools, with her head propped on her hand, elbow on the counter, gaze unfocused as she pays little attention to her surroundings, apparently lost in her own thoughts. ]

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Greetings, denizens of Wonderland! [Prince Gumball might not be the most frequent participant in Wonderland's various networks, but when he does choose to speak up, it's usually with something particularly interesting. As usual, he's in front of a whiteboard covered in writing.]

I woke up feeling strangely... woozy, which I'm given to understand means this event, first of all, has already started, and second of all, comes from my world. Considering nothing appears to have changed, one may suspect this is one of those events we won't truly understand until after it's over.

[He slams his hands down on the desk in front of him.]

One would suspect wrong, though. I've started a list of every strange thing that's happened over the course of my reign in the Candy Kingdom. I'll narrow it down, believe me. Just wait. Wonderland won't get the better of us this time.

I'll be certain to keep you all updated when I do. Until then, enjoy the relative calm of whatever this event is.

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[ It's like 9pm on a Friday and to say Chuck is 'drunk' is a vast understatement.

But Aussie's are built tough, so when he comes on the network, he's not even slurring. ]

Right, 's been a while, kids. We're gonna play a game. Ever hear of word association? I say a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind in association with that word.

I'll start.


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[ It's late. Adaline can't sleep. She's tried counting sheep, reading, warm tea, a purring kitten on her chest -- nothing works. So wraps herself up in a robe over her cozy pjs, crams her feet into some slippers, and heads down to the bar area, nestling in a comfy booth with a drink and a deck of cards.

Once there, that's when she addresses the network.

Quietly, because again. Late, Thursday sometime after midnight. ]

Is anyone awake? Would anyone be up for a chat, or a game of cards? I'm in the bar.

[ she'll be there a while. join her for a hand if you feel like it. ]


May. 17th, 2016 01:28 pm
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So a while ago there was a giant robot fight. who was involved in that? I'd like to talk to you about a defense project we might need. Given all the stuff that happens here we might need them if an 'event' from my world comes.

I guess anyone who knows about robotics and heavy weaponry.

We need to be prepared.

[Edit;] and I guess a neuroscientist. If there is one. Or lots. Probably lots.


Apr. 25th, 2016 08:40 am
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[The video opens with a pitched cackle. The man on screen wipes a tear away from his eye and shakes his head, sighing contentedly as he comes down from the fit.]

Ohhhhh-okay, okay. Okay. People of--is this, is this really what we're going with right now? Wonderland? What pretentious dickwad came up with that one? [There's another short bark of laughter then he clears his throat.] Wh-oookay. Ahhh, this is just--just beautiful! God, and here I thought things just couldn't get better.

[There's a pause in which he composes himself, runs a hand back through his hair, and fixes the video with a slightly less hysterical visage.]

So, right, I did the reading and the whole shtick. Oh no, where am I, I'm so confused and lost. Wah, wah, I don't like change. What am I gonna do with myself? Here, let me confide in the local ECHOnet, seeking solace from my equals. Yeah, that crap just ain't me, kiddos. So uh, I'm Jack. If any of you assholes knows me, pipe up, because I'm gonna need a basic rundown of the whole dealio as far as who's here. And I swear on my mother's grave--the devil condemn her soul in eternal torment--if I see or hear one CL4P-TP unit, I will set it on fire. I'm not even kidding right now. You have been warned. I don't need that crap here, too.

So yeah. Really, just uh, sayin' hi. Oh, and in case you didn't really catch it, I was making fun of the ostentatious name of the place. Yep. That about wraps up this video. Later, losers.
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( the video opens with a pair of bright blue eyes, far more fur than any one creature could need, and a practically thunderous purr. it's not surprising, seeing as Hook has tried about 5 times to set the thing up to record and the damn cat keeps knocking it over. his company is painfully exposed as he scoops up the purring beast and puts it on the floor.

no he's not going to mention or talk about the cat. that's not important, all right? thanks to that bloke with cat fantasies practically all of Wonderland has a cat. that's not what he's trying to talk about.

the pirate looks tired, but anyone that knows him knows that's a 24-7 thing for him. he's been tired since he arrived, months ago. that doesn't seem to be stalling anytime soon. not sleeping doesn't help, but his busywork does, at least a little. busywork for a pirate means making maps, which means... )

Is there a proper map of this place? I haven't spotted one yet. If there's not, I've been considering starting on a draft. It won't do us any good once the place is tits up on these events, but it's not a horrible thing to have on hand.

( he rubs at his forehead, as Dave jumps back up onto his desk and paws at the many pens scattered there. )

I'd ask for a star chart while I was at it, but speaking of things going tits up, the stars here are absolutely mad. I don't remember them being like this when I arrived, does anyone know what happened to them?

( the stars running wild bothers him more than he cares to admit. stars shouldn't move nightly... it's utterly ridiculous. Dave seems to have decided that the first eight times he was put on the floor for messing with the camera were just a cute joke, and tries to nuzzle it with more of those dementedly loud purrs. the pirate sighs and plucks it back off the table to the floor. )

If anyone has experience with cartography, I suppose I'd take the help. Making a map from scratch is difficult.


Apr. 5th, 2016 11:11 pm
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Alright, how many of us got roped into taking care of a cat?

[Us, because there's a sweet little kitten climbing up her arm. Black fur, bright eyes, and an obvious talent for clinging to her new owner. The cat seemed familiar in a way Emma couldn't walk away from. Maybe it was because she needed a home, maybe it was because she's clearly a troublemaker covered in fluff.

Only time will tell whether or not it was a good idea. She's still wondering how Henry's dog will respond to her, and whether or not this is going to be the disaster Emma thinks it could be.

The sad eyes got to her; the truth is, they work every time.]

And what did you name it?
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Um. All right, no one panic, but I may have underestimated these magic closets of ours and accidentally... done something.

[Anders' voice, sounding contrite. In the background, an unremitting stream of noise threatens to drown him out--it's meowing, rising and falling at different pitches like a tone-deaf a cappella group trying to harmonize and failing miserably.

The camera settles unsteadily on the hem of his robes before he sets it down and steps back. The source of the caterwauling then becomes apparent: in his arms are four young cats of various shapes and color, two tucked under each arm.

By the sounds of it, more are audible off-screen. Many, many more.]

I wasn't thinking... Well, I was, I was thinking how much more homey this place would be with a cute cat or two, and then--and then they were just there, and everywhere, and now there are a few more than two. If you have cat allergies, stay off the fourth floor.

[As if on cue, a kitten on stubby legs capers across the floor behind him. Anders, noticing movement on the screen, squints closely for a second, then looks for the real thing over his shoulder.]

One's making a run for it. Alistair! Alistair, catch it, my hands are full.

[From somewhere off among the caterwauling comes a response, the owner appearing shortly after--]

I see it!

[Alistair runs past in the background, two cats under one arm and what is presumably another squirming about down his shirt. He comes back into view a moment later, the escapee cradled in his free hand. Shoving the kitten in Anders' face--where it proceeds to bat at his nose--he frowns at the other man.]

This is getting ridiculous. We can't keep track of all of them. Is anyone coming to-- Ow!

[The yelp comes as the squirming under his shirt grows more energetic and with a slightly panicked look Alistair disappears from view again, kittens in tow. The only hint as to his fate comes as an increase in the mewling and the sound of fabric ripping mercifully out of sight.]

I'm getting to that part!

[Anders stares after him, eyebrows drawn up in alarm, before dragging his eyes back to the camera.]

Uhhh, it's okay, everything's fine, we have things completely under control, but as you can tell, we're in possession of some cats who could use a loving home! Soft, furry cats! Adorable, see? They're domesticated, easy to care for, and make excellent house pets. That one doesn't appear to be a fan of Alistair's shirt, but some are more fashion conscious than others.

I don't know if I can take care of them all. If you'd like to take one, we'll be giving them away free of charge in the ballroom. First floor, you can't miss it!
[Anders then points a finger sternly, though the effect is mitigated by the wide-eyed kittens holding onto his arm.] But no funny business. If you consider cats a delicacy, I'm warning you now, we're both heavily armed. People wanting to make mittens out of their fur need not apply.

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[River has done everything you are supposed to do. She has wandered the grounds, played with the fish, admired the flowers, then suddenly took notice of the giant mansion that had been looming at the corner of her eye the entire time. She then dutifully entered and took a long walk straight to an empty room. Because that's what she's supposed to do.

It's then that she addresses the communicator that's been in her hand the whole time.

everyone gets bored always saying the same things
i got told i wont wake up and this planets in a corner of the verse no one can reach
no need to threaten anyone

[She pauses to gather her thoughts. There are a lot of them and some of them aren't hers and those ones are making her brain itchy. She's trying her best to be clear.]

people say strange things that have nothing to do with this place
but thats only as important as you make it
whats important is

[What is important? River is not sure she even knows. She scratches at her head and continues.]

too empty for a place thats full
wish i was lost

[That's enough for now. She hits send and leaves the room, and sets off wandering the mansion the way she did the grounds. Her footsteps are heavy in their big combat boots, but she gives a kind of grace to it regardless. She can be found anywhere, looking very lost with big confused eyes that stare like she's constantly in the headlights. She pointedly avoids the labs and the clinic, but has no qualms stepping into, say, the bar or the magic study, although she has no place in either. She touches things a lot.]


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[ Adaline wakes up slowly with the scent of vanilla, almond and parchment teasing at her senses. Her limbs feel heavy as lead, as if a hundred years of exhaustion has settled into her bones overnight. Unable to move properly right away, she stays there as she lets her the grogginess fade and her consciousness slowly come back into focus. Logic dictates she's fallen asleep at work again, lost in the 70,000 cubic feet of original records, books and news reels that the National Archives boasts. It wouldn't be the first time.

She yawns, jaw crackingly so as she pushes herself to sit up, her name badge still hanging loosely around her neck (still at work, then), proudly proclaiming her name as Jennifer Larson. It clicks gently against her belt, and Adaline looks down, taking it between her fingers and tapping the plastic with a soft snort before stretching, wincing as her bones crack down the length of her spine.

Just because you're ageless doesn't mean you don't ache like a 107 year old, she thinks off-handedly. Everything aches right now, like she's been in this position all night as opposed to a few hours. Normally, one of her coworkers will gently shake her awake and tease her for her inability to keep track of time. Poor Reese, she thinks as she finally stands and rubs her eyes, humming quietly under her breath as bones pop back into place after sleeping so long in a chair. He must be starving.

It's only once she's aware of her surroundings, once she clears the sleep from her eyes and takes a good look around that she realizes this is decidedly not the Archives. Her brow pinches between her eyes as panic flutters, but Adaline stays calm, composed. She's in a library, that much is clear, and danger does not seem to be imminent, but the threat is always there, as it seems to be no matter where Adaline Bowman goes.

A strange weight in her pocket merits a check, and it's not her cell, but a strange little device that looks as if it could be some sort of device. Which, of course, warrants further investigation and examination. ]


[ She's quiet, voice tentative. She's comfortable at least, surrounded by books, one leg delicately crossed over the other as she speaks into the device, not quite knowing what else to do.

It has a record function - broadcast, whatever you have it. So, that's what she's using. ]

Is anyone there?

[ Oh God she feels literally crazy, talking into a palm pilot or whatever the hell this thing is. So crazy, she speaks it aloud. ]

I'm going mad.


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