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I do hope everyone is returning quickly back to their normal state. It seems I have found something quite soothing for my own self.

[She hopes Wonderland is ready for a fashion show because she is about to give them one. The feed turns from Lia's face to her rooms, in particular a little circle of furniture that has made a makeshift pin. Inside the pin are animals. To be precise, a monkey, a piglet, and two puppies all romping together.

And why shouldn't they be? They are wearing fabulous outfits! The monkey is the most elaborate since it is about baby sized. Puppy One and Puppy Two fare a bit better, with adorable matching hats that they are trying to pull off but it's the piglet who sports the most elaborate head wear.

Lia wiggles her fingers and puts down a few more tiny scones and tiny cups of tea, which are consumed, and she's smiling pleasantly.]

They are lovely, are they not? Would anyone like to bring any pets over for a bit of a play date?

[She's not including she kidnapped these pets. Instead she sits down in a fluffing of human-sized skirts as the feed ends.]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 05:25 pm
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Hello, everyone.

Thank you to those of you who were so concerned about my well-being a couple of weeks ago when I returned. I'm feeling much better now!

[Or putting on a very brave face. She's all smiles, either way.]

If you recall, about a month ago we were under an influence that caused us to become a bit obsessed with things, and I obsessively painted up a storm. There were three unfinished compositions from that time that I've completed.

I just wanted those of you who were so kind to pose for me to know I hadn't forgotten about them, though I'm not sure what to do with all of these portraits. Perhaps the gallery could make use of a few? Or maybe some of you would like to keep them?

[A picture of Kili is shown, looking very regal in some nobleman's attire and posing next to a tree.]

[A second picture of Steve Rogers is shown, looking very handsome and sitting on a bench outside the mansion.]

[The third picture is of Eames, who is sitting at the dinning room table in the mansion dining hall.]

Mr. Eames has since left us, I understand. That's a shame. He was a very nice man.

[ooc: photos are not exactly what the paintings look like but just to give you an idea!]
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[Lying Cat has generally avoided trying to post on the network, though she's read as much of it as she has cared to (not very much, in other words). She figured there wasn't much point, seeing as she can't really communicate, and trying to do so would probably prove embarrassing. But now something has changed.]

[Now there are ten puppies in her room, coming in through a hole in the wall, as if that makes sense.]

[Lying Cat dislikes dogs even on the best of days, but she can't exactly kill or eat them. Dog meat is gamey as hell, for one thing. For another, Lying Cat isn't particularly a fan of the killing of innocent creatures.]

[So since she has no idea what is going on and one of the puppies has taken a dump in her room already, she has to turn to the network.]

[At first it's just video, showing a hairless blue cat about the size of a panther, currently surrounded by puppies. All kinds of puppies. Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers, pugs, Labradors, a Shih Tzu, and several mutts. Three puppies are currently trying to climb up Lying Cat's back. Lying Cat glares at the puppies and then glares at the camera with the sort of contempt that only an affronted cat is capable of.]

[After that, she figures out how to switch on the text function and proceeds to try to type something legible. She's seen The Will do this plenty of times. How hard can it be?]




DoG ///? MNy dogggg


W HEre

whyyyyy dooog hapan

asssssssssssssssssisssisssisisssstttance rekwirED

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[You were clearly bored of dresses, Wonderland, because Lia for a change is in a man's shirt and waistcoat. She might not be wearing pants, but it's at least long enough to cover anything scandalous and, in fact, is higher-cut than the usual fare. Decent, right? She is cross-legged on what looks like her bed, a sword resting on her thighs.]

It has come to my attention that there has been a war within my country. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, so they say. So they changed from my country.

[Oops. Someone learned about the French Revolution and she doesn't look happy about it.]

No one here was responsible and I beg your forgiveness. Your indulgence, if you will. Why would he- would anyone turn against King and country so readily? Would judge everyone guilty no matter their responsibility, would murder babes in their mothers arms, would parade a head around in the streets of our beloved Paris.

[Yep, definitely bitter. But the graceful hands which have clenched on her thighs relax, and when she looks up again she's calm. Serene, even.]

I would very much like to practice today. Blades or with fists. It appears I am in need of something to soothe my thoughts.

[Then, almost as an afterthought because she is reaching for the feed.]

Does anyone know the story of King Arthur? It seems it has lasted for centuries. That it has
transcended worlds. It was always one of my little brother's favorites.
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[The video feed turns on, and the camera is clearly shaky. Elizabeth has been gone for a week, though many may not have noticed due to the craziness already going on in Wonderland. What they will notice is the blood. There's blood on her face, her hair, her clothes and her hands. As she grips the camera some of that blood is smeared on the lens, distorting her image. One can still see a pair of metal scissors in her other hand, though, also crimson colored with blood.]

What? Where's..? The First Lady. I was on-board.. I went through the door and..

Oh God...

I killed her. I.. I did that.

[Her voice is a frantic, hushed whisper, but gets louder when she says the name:]

Booker? Booker!! Where are you?

This is.. Wonderland? I'm in Wonderland?

[So she came back. But why now? Why?]
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[She hasn't been this annoyed - no, this close to actually physically hurting someone - in a long time in this Wonderland.]

I can deal with having myself here twice over, that is a given. Although the last time I checked, I did not have extended family like this overnight. This isn't very funny, it's a little bland.

[HAHA no, it really angers her that she may just punch a wall if she hasn't done so already. Alice keeps her voice a cool, composed tone; it belays her real fingers.]

Might as well put them in a barn or have them roam pastures for the time being. At least they'll stay out our hair.

[ooc; you can has an ~imposter~ head of the family. GO WILD. also, if this isn't cool, feel free to ping me. HEAVEN OR HELL: LET'S ROCK.]
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Hello, and good day! I just heard a wonderful little story, and I simply had to come share it with you all immediately! I'm not sure exactly where I heard it, but it came to me very suddenly just now, and it's the sort of story that requires telling out loud, I think.

[Alice then coughs into her hand and begins to tell the wonderful story, as best as she remembers it.]

A long, long time ago, God decided to invite all of the animals to a banquet.
He - no, She sent out word for all of them to come to her house the following evening.
"And don't be late," She said.
When the mischievous Rat heard the news, he decided to play a trick on his neighbor, the Cat.
He told the Cat that the party was the day after tomorrow.
The very next day, all of the animals lined up for the celebration and the Rat led the way, riding all the way there on the back of the Cow.
Everyone had a wonderful time!
Except for the foolish Cat, who missed the whole thing.

...The End!

[And Alice smiles brightly, very happy with her tale.]

Isn't it an interesting story? I do feel sorry for the poor Cat though...
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[Are you sick of his face yet, Wonderland? Well, you might as well get used to it, because you're far more likely to catch him here than in person. But at least this time there's more of a point to this than piglets or sassing the crowd. It's something he's been mulling over for a few days, and Sam's post about classes (and other things) has finally spurred him into action.]

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've dug around and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm looking to you guys to kind of...Help me compile a few things.

[He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers together over his middle.]

Now I'm sure by now, we've all heard the story of how the Jabberwocky is supposed to show up at some point in the relatively near future - because let's be honest with each other, folks, five years isn't that long, and I can't give you an ETA on when I can get us out of here, just that I can - and that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time. Now, I know I wasn't here when the message was delivered, but you guys have been pretty great at giving me an idea of what we can expect. And I know there's some dissent among the crowd here about whether that's still going to happen or not, but just. Let me run this by you.

Thanks to all of that, I've put together a few ideas, and I'm curious about who might be on board. Because ultimately, it's going to take every last one of us to make it work. So consider this me putting out my feelers for how you guys feel about it.

One, we should probably start weaning ourselves off the closets of this place. Stockpile what we can't make ourselves at first, use those greenhouses for more than just a landmark, maybe. I know there's stuff out there now, but it might be good to start looking into things that go beyond being pretty decorations. Start looking into food crops, medicinal plants, that kind of thing. I know cold turkey's not an option, but on the whole, whether this Jabberwocky really shows up or not, it might be better as a whole if we stop relying on "magic" - [He uses finger quotes.] To do everything. And we should probably think about giving this place a different power source. I don't know what's running the electricity and everything now, but I've got some better ideas for that.

Two, there's a list of classes - which is highly informative, actually, I didn't think you guys had anything like that - but no kind of guide for who can do what here. Basic things, because while we don't age, we can get sick, we can die, we need haircuts...You get the idea. So what I'm asking is, if you have a basic skill like that, no matter what it is, let me know. I'm gonna be putting it together, so it can be in that updated pamphlet you've heard Pepper talk about working on. I know people drift in and out of here, and that's fine, because editing isn't that big of a deal. That way people don't have to take a blind stab in the dark for what they're looking for, and have a list right there ready.

And...I guess that's it. Everything I had on my list for now, anyway. If you have anything you wanna add, let me know, because I fully admit I've still got the new car smell here, and this was just stuff that happened to occur to me talking to you guys.

By the way. My birthday's tomorrow. Feel free to direct all gifts you plan to shower me with to Miss Pepper Potts. She knows what to do with them.

[Because clearly Tony's birthday is the most important part of anything ever. Stark parties are legendary.]

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[ Now he wouldn't make a network post so soon after his last, but the pieces fell together quite perfectly, as if the powers that be had rewarded him for acting on his most base desire to humiliate another. Not Buckingham, no, but it seemed well timed. It isn't right after he finds Buckingham's dead body that he makes the network post. He has other, more important things to do. He puts on a calm but perturbed face with a firm frown, and starts the video. He's in the dining room, at the table, the body can't be seen. For a moment he sits with a first lightly against his mouth in concern, not speaking. ]

I would prefer not to make this public, but as I do not know who Lord Buckingham considers a friend...I regret to inform you all that he has been murdered. I--

[ He pauses, licking his bottom lip in a display of discomfort and looking elsewhere from the camera. Then back to it. ]

As a medical professional I'm not unfamiliar with corpses, but I would rather not stay here any longer than I have to. The body is in the dining room, I suggest someone who knows him come and at least make him decently presentable.

[ And, well, that's the end of that. ]
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[ Whatever it is about Wonderland's wonderful devices that allows them to interpret a hard drop as an input to start a feed, it needs to be fixed. The angle is definitely from an elevated spot in a simple, basically furnished bathroom, a good quarter of the screen obscured by a blurry green fold of fabric just where the device has nearly wriggled free of a jacket pocket. The lion's share of the activity piped out isn't even Will's, who's busy disentangling himself from the wet cling of a tee recently christened with nightmare sweat, which is of interest to the pair of new four legged companions scrabbling up his legs for a sniff. Not so interested is the piglet, who, barred from its favorite activity of sitting on this human's feet until food appears, snuffles indignantly around the all too hyper scatter of paws and instead wanders behind the toilet for a nice lay down on a length of gingham Will set there after noticing its odd fondness for the spot.

Funny thing about the closets: you can think of something and it may or may not materialize how you expect it. Will thought he learned it when he tried and failed to recreate one of his canine brood from back home and felt it sit heavy in his ribcage the rest of the day, but it can't get much simpler than thinking "dog" at it and seeing what happens. By some miracle the request is interpreted correctly, and serendipity makes Will suddenly the proud caretaker of a boxer mystery mix and a french bulldog. Predictably, the other shoe drops.

Flinging the tee into a corner, Will, for once, isn't the one that stinks far too much of - let's just call it nature. The piglet had the decency to wander into his possession already potty trained, somehow; the same can't be said of the dogs, having greeted their new owner with presents soaking the bottom half of the sheets while he's got the top half covered.

All right, over here. Up and in, fellas. Tsst. [ He indicates the bathtub, which has grown to accommodate a larger man than he or two smaller, furry bodies. Results at issuing commands to untrained dogs may vary. ] You made the mess, I'm here to clean it up, guys, come on.

((The hour is very early or very late, depending on sleep schedules, and anyone wishing to drop by the room might... not... want to. Kind residents wishing to inform Will that Wonderland knows what his boxers look like may wish to inform him of this fact at a distance. Unkind residents can snicker gently at his dire need to hit a gym. ))
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[ Before the video, Hannibal is cleaning up after himself in the kitchen when he hears the patter of tiny feet. Four of them to be exact, lacking the definitive sound of scratching on tiles that comes with claws. Not a mouse or a rat then. Neither would be welcome in his kitchen (and it is his kitchen now, as far as he's concerned). He looks down at floor beneath the corner of the counter when the patter stops, and is eye to eye with a small rust-red piglet. A wild boar piglet from the look of it. He puts down his sponge and picks the little creature up, placing it down on the counter. He checks it's skin for lumps and abnormalities, lifts its feet, gives it a nice and proper check up as it snuffles at him.

Should anyone come into the kitchen they would find him there, or perhaps in the hall later with said pig comfortably under one arm.

But then there is a video.

When the connection is made, he is comfortable in his own room. A pen sits in one hand with a notebook underneath it, column titles written in elegant script. His demeanor presented to the network remains generally pleasant, but he makes no real effort to let it reach his eyes. Not a blatant reveal of the man behind the human-suit, but merely an entirely normal display of a psychiatrist keeping his private life private as opposed to leaking out through his irises.

Should anyone choose to look beyond him, they might see a small doggy bed, with a piglet curled up asleep upon it. ]

Good evening Wonderland. After much consideration, I've decided that I will be offering my services as a psychiatrist to the general public of Wonderland. I reserve the right to refuse any clients as a private practitioner, but consider my hours open by appointment.


Abigail, I would like you to come and see me when you have a moment.


Should I schedule us for our old time-slot or are you still set on avoiding my company and my help?


If you are still interested in making an appointment, now would be the time.
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I am not too terribly fond of introductions, but I suppose I'll only say it a few times before I finally go mad. Yes, my name is Alice. Alice Liddell. I am fairly familiar with Wonderland, but please do advise the fact my Wonderland is substantially different between this one and that. And up is down, but that's not what is important.

I suppose I can spare some knowledge, but I do not know how helpful that would be. If anything, I am still trying to wrap my mind around how any of you could possibly be here and why it's so different and yet... not. And as you can see, I have eyes. Furthermore, whatever knowledge you possess, I rather not hear about it, if you may spare me. Books and all of that nonsense! After all, I still have my muchness and I would very much like to keep it that way.
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[Are you bored of seeing floofy dresses yet? Because at first the feed is of nothing but a mountain of skirts. Finally it's adjusted to Lia, and a teacup, and it's clear there's been some thought in presentation. Her hair is styled, the dress is the height of fashion (of two hundred and something years ago) to the point of impracticality.]

So many people are posing such fascinating questions. I would ask one of my own. Would you want to know your future? If you could peer into the next years of your life, and the lives of those you love, would you wish to see what time will bring, even if you could not change it?

And then, if you knew...would you accept it as the will of God? Of fate?

[There's a sadness there, lingering behind the polite and pretty face. Fingers are tangled in the beads of a rosary around her neck as she considers her next words, and at last she smiles and ducks her head.]

I still find myself lacking for a partner in sword practices. I would very much like to encourage anyone who wishes to learn or only wishes to stay active to get into contact with me. I would be happy to teach a beginner to defend their self and virtue, as I would be happy for someone to perhaps teach me new endeavors.

That failing, I fear I shall have to invite a few of you for tea.

[Quite the threat, there, and at least some mischievous spark has returned to her face as she shuts off the feed.]
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waking up is the hardest thing to do )

[The voice on the network is Crowley's, but he today. His voice trembles on occasion.]

Listen, Aziraphale--he isn't Aziraphale. He's been replaced by his Mirror. If you see him, don't--don't even talk to him. Just run.

Is there a way to the Mirror side? There must be, right? I need to get the angel back.
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[Walking through a door just after midnight and finding himself in the entrance hall instead of the doctor's lounge at Johns Hopkins had jarred Hannibal Lecter more than he cared to admit. Things didn't often catch him that off-guard. Before the door had clicked shut behind him, he had a brief look at the hospital hallway. He had ripped it back open, finding only a pathway leading to the gardens.]

[Confusion gave way to survival instinct which meant learning everything he could. The closet had been more than useful there. Instead of a complicated device like an iPhone, Hannibal's was very simple with three labeled buttons and a keyboard that could come down. After experimentation, he felt confident enough to finally use the device. The one made by the woman who called herself 'Darcy' and the one printed out before told him that he wasn't the only person arriving here suddenly. That provided some easing of his paranoia.]

My name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, previous of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland of America.

[The video shows a young man in dark clothing, charcoal sweater and black pants, that leaves his face all the paler for it. An accent makes some of the vowels roll and sharpens the consonants in others. Funny, that Baltic state accent may have been heard in someone else's voice.]

I'll spare everyone my questions. Given the other two inquiries I've seen on this box, I see it has happened to others besides myself. I hope the hospital found someone to cover my shift tonight in the emergency room and thinks to feed my goldfish.

[The fish part isn't true, but he tells the lie to make himself seem more relatable, easier to approach.]

I do like the room provided. My thanks to whomever had the foresight for all that it seems capable of. The closet, at the least. The first communication box I found was puzzling. The second it provided was much more useable. Again, my thanks.

While I will spare you all questions about this place, I should like to know who else is here. I prefer being able to put a name to a face.
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[While it's obvious everyone is oh so busy doing Disney on Broadway with each other, this, however, is entirely more important than whatever the hell it is you people are doing.

There's a squelch of feedback over the communicators, before you all get treated to this lovely little one-up. Everyone else is bragging? This pretty much settles the argument of the best, right?

But it's the actual Black Sabbath recording, not Tony, and for that...Well, it's up to you whether to feel grateful or not. For all you people know, he has a great voice (spoiler: he does).

And it's loud, and only fades to background noise when the video feed cuts on. In it is someone some of you might recognize from movies...Or fifty years worth of comics or...Having to deal with his pompous ass numerous times in that whole saving the world gig. Tony's leaned against a table covered in various power tools, a sledge hammer propped beside him, and there's evidence all behind him that he's been hard at work. There are gaping holes everywhere, wires and cables trailing all over the floor, blinking lights...The works. And he does look mighty proud of himself.]

So I get that we're stuck here, and there's no just demanding to go home. And I get that this is some Tim Burton-envisioned version of Alice In Wonderland. [He leans back and picks up something off the table, which is proven to be one of the pamphlets. Where'd he get it? Don't ask silly questions.] And I get the closets, the dying thing - which, for the record, is entirely messed up - the people from fictional worlds and other times and whatever else was in this thing.

So basically what you guys are saying in this thing- [He taps the corner of the pamphlet, before tossing it behind him.] Is that we're probably trapped in some kind of wormhole. If not a wormhole, some kind of extra-dimensional black hole pocket or something. Seriously, is there no one here that's considered that? Is this place pulling the best of the best from places or just grabbing you guys randomly and so no one's had this thought rattle through their head? I mean, that was my first guess, minute one.

Anyway, since we're stuck here. And since that pamphlet is just informative enough to either piss someone off or confuse the hell out of them, I got some questions to anybody that can answer them. Fill in the blanks a little better, if someone who actually knows what's going on has the time.

[He moves to cut the feed, but pauses a second, before leaning back once more.] Oh, and guys, if any of you happen to be here - highly doubtful, but worth a shot - basement.

[And then he finally cuts the feed.]

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[The video feed opens to Loki, once again, clad in his green and golden royal regalia. That ridiculously large horned helmet was polished impeccably! He was dressed to the nines and his ego was just spilling from his leather and metal robes.

He's grinning far too wide, showing all those pearly whites. Bright green eyes nearly glowing with vigour. Oh, this man had something important to say. Something very important. And somehow, his lips pull back to reveal even more teeth as he laughs at the camera. God of Madness? Why yes, he certainly fits that title today. Chaos. Insanity. Pandemonium...]

You are, all of you, beneath me! Is that not what you said? [No, wait, that's what HE said. But close enough. Why yes, he's addressing you, Duchess.] I know not who you are, but I am here to answer that challenge. Show yourself and we shall see who is beneath whom!

[Cut because this is about to get very, very bad...] )
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[When the video feed starts up, it shows a man seated at a desk in a rather nondescript room. Not much can be seen behind him beyond a bed and closet. Much more noteworthy is his face, which has a few bruises and a line of stitches extending outward from the corner of his mouth.

Despite that, he has a bright, open look on his face, though the fact that he's sitting up straight and looking head-on at his phone's camera makes it clear that he means business.]

So... had a few days to take everything in, read what information I could find. It's been helpful, it really has. [A lot of the work and investigation had already been done for him, though that hasn't prevented Steve from doing his own exploration.]

Just a few questions, if anyone can help. [And so far, most everyone has been helpful.] I can only assume there's some escape effort that's been put together here. A group of like-minded people, working together to get everyone home. I'd like to be a part of that. [It might seem overly transparent to ask about something like that over a network like this, but Steve has no interest in secrecy, especially not after everything that he's been through.]

Secondly, I've heard a lot about people being from different worlds. I'm trying to get an idea of how many we're dealing with. [He knows about Asgard and has heard vaguely of the Nine Realms, but beyond that he's clueless. He needs to determine the scope of this operation.]

Oh, and the name's Steve Rogers. I'll do whatever I can to get us all out of here. [It's meant mainly as a test to see if anyone here is going to recognize him, or if he actually has some manner of anonymity in this place.

With that said, he offers a small smile and then ends the feed.]
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[ On the morning of the twenty-second of April an envelope will arrive for Wonderland's inhabitants. It is written by hand, addressed to each individual by their name, and titled helpfully with an informative subject line. ]


[ Shockingly enough the letter includes no return address. ]
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[Alice normally isn't one for socializing, but here she is, sitting here with her vorpal blade that she quietly keeps her fingers on the handle to keep the blade upright. Only a few times she lets her anger and annoyance surface by viciously stabbing the table. But for once, she can't particularly keep her silence.]

So, that's how it is, then? I suppose the lot of you can't comprehend the level of at least attempting to keep Wonderland clean. It may not be my Wonderland, but it is still very much Wonderland! And as it stands, it's very dear to me. Honestly! I would have hoped with guests here that at the very least you could behave yourselves.

And not leave such a mess. Blood stains, after all, you certainly can't wash it out. What a mess.

[There's more to it than that, but hey, guys, not cool. Not. Cool.]

I suppose it wouldn't be too much to ask that some of you could keep your heads together and certainly not be making messes in the near future? Or is that too much to ask from the Alice with eyes? It's the only thing I can ask. Just be sure to avoid informing me that "we're all mad here". I know that plenty.
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[Crowley seems almost jovial today! Yeah, sunshine and rainbows and puppies and shit! Except there's something quite a bit forced and false about it. If the rather unsettling grin didn't convince you of that much, what he actually has to say will clinch it.]

Humans. Really, what a joy you all are. Such clever, creative, busy little bees, always thinking up such interesting little ways to harm and kill each other. I've thought it for years now, but you lot don't need any help from my kind at all, do you? You've got everything under control. What was it Shakespeare said? "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." And him all of three hundred years ago.

I suppose if Wonderland is meant to be a sample of general humanity, it's no wonder that there are a couple of truly horrendous examples here. Oh, I won't name names. I don't have names to name. Not yet.

[The smile completely disappears and he leans closer to the camera. And for a moment, the Crowley that Wonderland knows, all snark and banter, is gone. His face is expressionless and the sunglasses look less douchey and more like empty black pits. There's a very faint reddish glow behind them. Just for a moment, you could believe that there really is an actual demon in there, full of Old Testament wrath.]

But you know who you are, and you know what you did. I do hope we have a chance to meet one of these days--I'd love to shake your hand. People have lots of extra chances in Wonderland, but even in this place, one way or another, everyone pays the piper eventually. At least I intend to make sure of it.

[And then the moment is gone and the smile is back in place, completely false.]

Thank you for your time.

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[Because he's clearly too good to lowering himself to chiming in on one of the posts requesting who's missing, and because he's been far too quiet, and because clearly Wonderland has definitely missed that lovely accent, Hector has taken it upon himself to apprise the mansion of the whereabouts of the other pirate.]

It grieves me terribly, o'course, to let you lot know Jack Sparrow, fool that he is, no longer be among our number. [It should be noted he in no way sounds at all grieved whatsoever, and if nothing else, is definitely holding back laughter.] Especially to any of the fine ladies here who may be baying for his blood, and no doubt with good reason.

I recommend you make sure all your valuables be in their proper place, and if anything's missing, that be your problem, and not mine.

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[The video starts and for a while, there's no more than the blue of a clear sky, with a few clouds floating by, the only sound heard being that of waves crashing. Then the image shakes as the dwarf, who had been lying next to the device, scrambles up to his knees.

At first only a corner of his face can be seen, and when he finally notices the camera has been turned on, he exclaims.]

[He scoots a little closer until his face and part of his figure show in the camera. He's dripping wet and grinning almost too enthusiastically.]

I had the most brilliant thought today, I have no idea how it did not occur to me before!!

[He pauses to swallow dryly, as his breath is a bit labored right now.]

When I first arrived in Wonderland, I did so by washing upon the shore. And then I thought... if I came here through the sea, then if I swim out to the ocean then I am bound to go back!

[His grin becomes even brighter, like he expects everyone to agree with him.]

I just have to keep trying, I just... one more time! Yes! [He nods happily and before he stands up to run into the water, he leans over to turn off the feed.]
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[John who did not forget about April Fool's day like some people might have got up early the day of the first. Like, Midnight early. Because he has capital P Plans to enact and honestly you don't realize how hard it is to tape up plastic wrap until you're trying to make it as tight as possible and you can fly sure but you're still ONE DUDE and okay like it's just an awful lot of work to do a good prank so you need a few hours for MAXIMUM COVERAGE.

So yeah, basically expect to find plastic wrap spread over door frames, toilets, all over furniture, horses, dinosaurs, your bed while you're in it possibly...

Of course, tape and plastic wrap can only be so quiet. John's good, but maybe not THAT good.]
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[ Hannibal does not make himself known on the network right away. He instead explores, reading what he can and figuring out exactly where he is. Wonderland. He's not above believing in what was once thought impossible, so long all the evidence fits. God works in mysterious, cruel ways after all, and Hannibal takes it in stride. He takes a day to officially announce his arrival. Making a move on the board without knowing what game you’re playing is be naive at best, but more likely just plain stupid. His device is comfortable enough in his hand, like the familiar shape of his ipad, and he’s already scrolled through, until he found he understood the situation well enough. Only then, after learning what he could and checking his person suit in the mirror does he show himself. It’s a video, and Hannibal is the model of concerned professionalism. ]

Good evening, my name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, and it seems that I’m what you might call a new arrival. I’ve combed through the archives and believe that I have a good understanding of the situation at hand. While I do find it terribly rude that I have been torn from my home without the courtesy of an invitation, one can hardly expect such a formality from any higher power.

[ Not that he considers himself to be lesser in any way, but it’s curious, and he keeps the thought to himself, as he does so many others. He then pauses for a moment with his tongue to the roof of his mouth, choosing his words, before continuing. ]

It seems that I’m not alone in being pulled from my world into this one, so I find myself somewhat obligated by my profession to provide you all with a warning. There is a man here now, another new arrival, by the name of Will Graham. While I do consider him to be a friend and a good man, he has a history of mental instability and is currently on trial for multiple murders. I would suggest exercising caution in his presence and referring to me should you have any questions or concerns.

[Do you see that waters of being genuinely concerned in his eyes? Good. ]
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[ Transitioning from one kind of prison to another shouldn't be this pat, but Will Graham is taking it as in stride as any recently sane person. The device Wonderland affords its "guests" isn't entirely dissimilar to a few of the smart phones or tablets back home, leaving it a question of what would drive him to invite possibly scores of people to bother him. Several days of observing others spontaneously turn into children, swap genders, and otherwise defy natural law really hammer in that he's stuck in Oz and he's no Dorothy that'll be going home soon.

The drab jumpsuit he arrived in has been traded for the comfortable plaid he's always favored, feeling a strange disconnect from himself while shrugging it on. Will manages to make it to the docks without accost or transformation, turning on the feed without much ceremony. Wonderland will see someone who's definitely lost more than a few days of sleep, altogether a little too rumpled to be called put-together, though his eyes are clear and lucid.

Uhm, hello. My name is Will Graham. I'm what you'd call a new arrival, though I've gathered that there's been a version of me here before. I can't account for that. I am - [ He pauses, a bit of a rueful edge sharpening the set of his mouth. ] - I have worked with the FBI as a teacher and criminal profiler. Some of you might be familiar.

Now that I've spent some time confirming that this is, in fact, not a delusion or fever dream in the most literal sense, I'm at something of a loss.

[ One hand comes into view and scrubs the side of his face, the feed jostling and listing to the side as he looks away. It's not eye contact but he feels the weight of eyes pressing on him all the same. He should have just figured out how to broadcast his voice. ]

It's definitely unusual, I'm just not so certain it's cruel, depending on what it is you're leaving behind. Clearly anyone can be taken for any reason, so the punishment doesn't necessarily fit the crime. No crime is needed at all, which sounds like the U.S. justice system in a nutshell besides. Not that I want to attribute this trip to "Wonderland" to it, however, as that would imply it had imagination.

[ If it sounds like he's speaking from experience, that's because he is. ]

If there's some documentation where I can get up to speed, I'd be grateful for the direction granted I don't get turned into a toad on the way. Aside from that, if anyone runs into a well-dressed man, middle aged, goes by the name Hannibal Lecter - [ Don't trust him. He goes still, rewording himself. ] - tell him I'm looking for him.
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[ figuring out how to use the device isn't the hard part, no, it's swallowing the fact that either purgatory changed on him in what could only be described as seriously trippy as shit way, or he's in yet another new dimension. so have dean, wonderland, covered in dirt and grime from head to toe. it doesn't take squinting to notice the obvious splashes of blood either, though all of it's dried as if he hasn't changed his clothes in a while...

in his hand is a massive weapon; axe-like in shape, with a blade made of something unrecognizable but decidedly dangerous. ]

Alright, listen up. This is how it's gonna go; whoever thought this-- [ he gestures vaguely around with the tip of his weapon. ] -- was a great idea? Hand up now. You and I are gonna have a couple words, and how pretty they end up bein' depends entirely on you. [ a threat is laced in every single word. ]

Or I can always just start demandin' answers-- [ you know the violent way. purgatory kinda rubs off on you after a while. ] -- 'cause you know what? I don't have time for this. Not today. [ not when one minute benny had been going on about something or another and now the vampire isn't anywhere to be seen and his search for cas is interrupted.

which leads him to adding, after a pause; ]

Cas, if you're here for some messed up reason, lem'me know. Same for you, Benny.

[ end feed. ]


Mar. 17th, 2014 07:19 pm
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[With the arrival of Bill the Lizard on the scene, Souji has been considering some important things. Naturally, he takes to the network to poll the other residents.]

Bill's new, isn't he? Where do you think they come from?

[He adjusts his glasses, which he is actually wearing for once. They just make him feel more sexy focused somehow.]

Speaking of them... Has anyone seen the Duchess?


Did she take the sword with her?

[Those who know him can probably hear in his tone that he's legitimately worried about this. It doesn't show on his face, though.]
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[ What a wonderful day, Wonderland! Not only is the sun shining, not only are the trees and flowers sprouting the first hints of their bloom, no! The snow is finally gone, and all across the grounds the grass is luscious and green and- and moving. Rustling. Shaking with all the force--

With all the force of a standard-size hammer. Being dragged slowly up one of the Checkerboard Hills. By a standard-size lizard.

'Bout time, 'bout time, heeeeeere we goes now. [ That's awfully poor manners, talking with a mouthful of hammer! The lizard quickly lets go of the wooden grip, and smacks his jaw a few times. ] S'cuse me-- [ He sticks out his tongue, and rolls it back in. One last smack, and he's finally looking mighty pleased with himself. By lizard standards, anyway. Probably. ]

That's all better, right it is. Keep back there, ye hear me? Don't nobody come over snoopin' while Bill's at work; don't want ye lot go tumblin' over me tools, or wander all 'round and go get nails stuck up yer foot, or watch yer step none and get a plank to yer head, or tumble over me tools, or tumble me tools, me-- Me tool!

[ A speech so moving, it's even gone and moved Bill's hammer to slide all the way back down the grassy slope. He follows it flailing, tail and limbs all waving about, until the grip is back in his mouth. Mumbling with a mouthful of tool he makes his way back up the hill. ]

Me too late, eh? Eh? That'll be the day! Gots here just in time, I did, gonna make it look just right on time! "Bill," I says to me own self, "Bill, go on, make the Queen proud"! And lookit, here. I. Am. Right on the dot, all right on schedule, all in a day's work that is. You lot, don't ye worry none, I'mma fix it all right up, right on the dot right on schedule, right in a day's work, right... right... left... right, right again, don't wanna get a prick of me own nails, ha!


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