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[A burst of static, and a rough picture flickers across the screen. A blob of a face forms, and seems to be waving at the screen.] Um, hi. Okay. No, wait-- [And she frowns, tapping out something beneath the screen, and suddenly the picture sharpens into perfect clarity.] There! Sorry, the camera wasn't fully reconnected.

...Um. [And she clears her throat.] Hi. I ... already said that, nevermind. Hi, I'm Felicity Smoaks, from Starling City. [And then her expression pinches together like she wishes she could bang her head into a wall, but she refrains.] ...I promise I won't say it again. I'm just... just seeing if there's anyone else out there I could recognize. Since apparently I'm in an alternate dimension and some people aren't even from earth. [There's a vague tone of anxiety in her voice, even fear, but it's mostly filled with wonder-- like part of her can't believe it, and yet the other part, the slightly nerdy part that made it impossible for her to get a date in college, is almost giddy at the possibilities.

If she could just get over the completely scary aspects of being transported out of her home and into this place against her will, she'd be just dandy.]

And, um... look, I know I'm probably the thousandth person to ask this, but it's only my second day and even though I found the pamphlet and understand what it seems to be saying-- [A shake of her head.] I'm just-- just checking. [A small swallow.] Is it true that no one's ever really gotten out of here?
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[When the video pops on, a very happy and already buzzed Oliver is there grinning like a moron.]

Hey, Wonderland. I figure now is as good of a time as any to celebrate my arrival here. So in honor of me, I'm throwing a little get together for everyone that'd like to come on down. I did a little investigating the other day and I am happy to say that I found a room large enough to house all of you crazy people.

[The video pans over to a nicely decorated ball room with tables of food and drink. It's looking more like a club and less like a fancy dance room. He's somehow managed to get a jukebox from the closet and drag it there. Everything is all set up and ready to go.]

So anyone that feels the need to party knows where to come. All the food and alcohol you can handle and then some. If you're looking for a good time, look no further. There ain't no party like an Oliver Queen party.

[He'll finish it off with a drink and head back over to the fully stocked bar.

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Aug. 9th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Clearly, we've got a problem here.

[ If you saw Thea when she arrived, or even during the event, you might see that she looks a lot better. At least she's making sure that she looks it. The event was pretty traumatising, not just in itself but watching someone die also didn't really help ]

People died and there's no welcome back party?

[ Or a party to deal with the whole thing. Or, if she's actually being honest, just a party because why not have a party? ]

So I'm fixing that. Though I might need some planning help, as a new girl.

[ She'd do it all herself if it wasn't for that aforementioned 'new girl' party ]

Mainly somewhere to have it, other than all over the mansion. And people to make sure the sadness is kept away. So BYOB and I'll bring the rest. [ She means the drugs. She's testing out that magic closet of hers ]


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