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Sep. 13th, 2013 12:44 pm
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[ Thea's drunk, that much is obvious when she starts speaking, maybe even before then if you're perceptive. Her room is a mess, and there's the even more obvious signs that she's been crying. A lot ]

Ollie's gone. They brought him here and just sent him back.

[ Sent back the person she needs. He'd left her before, it was supposed to be different this time. He'd promised, promised to do things with her, make up for their lost time ]

He wasn't supposed to go. [ She'd text him before this, had been texting him yesterday and looking around the mansion for him. She'd died, had come back and was afraid. And now he was gone ] I got killed and he wasn't there. It's not fair.

[ Thea drinks again, draining the glass she'd picked up. She's done caring at the minute ]
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So, show of hands. Who doesn't care about their secret enough to kill someone? Or just wouldn't kill someone anyway. I'm not asking what it is, because I don't care either - unless you're a psychopath that might kill me, but if you're not? Great. Let's not kill anyone.

[ Because really, haven't enough people died lately after the last thing? ]

Because, let's be honest, the last crazy thing wasn't that long ago. If this can go without anyone dying [ Or anyone else. She knows someone has already ] that would be nice, and probably make some of this crap worth it. Right?

[ Thea's in a hallway that's looking out onto the grounds, just having a look around. She hasn't been outside much since arriving in Wonderland, and even less since the whole makeover - was it any different to before? Maybe. She couldn't actually tell, she didn't know the place well enough. She's in a quiet area, quiet enough that if anyone were to approach her they might make her jump - she wouldn't expect them, anyway. But it looks nice outside, and pretty peaceful. She needed it ]
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[If there's one thing that Blaine's learned, it's that every minute of every day is filled with choices. And for most people, the majority of those choices come easily to them. When it comes down to choosing between whether to heat up a frozen dinner for one or to whip up a batch of macaroni and cheese, most people have no problem deciding between the two.

But for Blaine, things are a little bit different. If he feels like cooking for himself, he has to make sure he has enough time to devote to the entire process: the process that starts with gathering the necessary ingredients and cooking supplies, and also familiarizing himself with the layout of the room he's in.

All of this takes some time, and a simple thing like making scrambled eggs for breakfast ends up becoming quite the endeavor. But the way he sees it, he has nothing but time on his hands, and what's three minutes or thirty when there's no appointments or classes to rush off to?

So, after the lengthy process of making sure everything he needed was prepared and within easy reach, Blaine settles back to wait for the stove to finish heating up to the proper temperature. He doesn't go very far away, because causing a fire this early wouldn't be great for anyone. He stays near enough that he can still feel the heat rising from the stove, working off instinct to tell when it's hot enough to cook the eggs that are sitting in a bowl to the right of the pan.

But in the meantime, he's just going to see if anyone's awake and in the mood for conversation, so he fiddles with his communication device until it flips to the video function. He manages this fairly well, only fumbling once or twice as the buttons prove difficult. It's something he's gotten used to, though, remembering which button he needs to push to get the function that he wants, but sometimes, he doesn't mesh well with technology. At least today, it seems to be cooperating.]

Morning. [He smiles in the direction of the screen.] It feels like it's going to be a nice day, doesn't it?

[He can't really tell by looking, of course, but there's something in the air that makes him feel like today's going to turn into a pleasant one.]

Listen, I'm going to be in the kitchen for awhile if anyone wants to stop by. You might even get some food out of it if you do.

[He's cooking for more than one person, because in his experience, the smell of food acts as quite the powerful lure, and really, it's a win/win all around. They get fed, he gets some company for a little while, and if they hit it off, an enjoyable conversation might end up happening.

And if they don't hit it off, well, sometimes that happens too. But whether they get along or not, it's not about that for him. Having someone else around to talk to, even if they're the grouchiest person on earth, really helps Blaine out in ways he never thought possible.

He puts on a brave face most of the time, but not being able to see definitely has its pitfall moments. He's come a long way in terms of taking care of himself, but the adjustment part of things is something he has to wrestle with on a daily basis.]

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Aug. 14th, 2013 04:13 am
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[When the video flickers to life, you see a view of Wonderland's night skies. It stays there for a moment before you hear a certain voice with a Scottish lilt that has been missing for the pat week.]

Have you ever looked up at the sky and thought "Wow, look at all those colors?" A very good friend once taught me to look beyond the blacks and see the hidden colors painting the night. I can't see them as well without him here, but I can still remember the vibrancy with which they shone. And it makes me wonder just how much good is hiding right before our eyes.

[Amy is out lying in the grass, looking up at all the stars. It's good for thinking and remembering and feeling alive. She doesn't let the video focus on her just yet and there's a pause, as if that is all that is on her mind. But she's really thinking about the past week that she's played ninja. Actually really and truly dying has been a whole new experience for her. One she didn't care for at all.

She's hidden away from her friends and hasn't been in her room much at all. She's popped into the dining room for food when no one else has been around but hasn't spent any time in the mansion otherwise. She wonders if this really was a good idea after all. But she can't just keep hiding out here. She doesn't have the survival instincts for that. So she figures it's time to stop avoiding everyone and rejoin the living. And after seeing the singing flowers, her spirits are in better shape. She's still a bit shaken up from how the sunflower screamed when she tried to pick it, but that's a story for a different day.]

They're gone, aren't they? Those hell hounds…they really know how to do their job.

[She lets out an anxious little laugh, running a hand through her hair all the while.] Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing fine, really. I've still got four more, right?

Private to Cordelia
Sorry I haven't been in touch. [She mumbles the next bit.] I've kind of been dead. And hiding. Sorry.

Private to Tohru
So sorry for disappearing on you. Things got a bit tricky back there. But I'm back and ready for action if you still need the help.

Private to Thea
I hope you survived everything okay. Sorry I didn't stick around longer. [Best humor, right?]

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Aug. 9th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Clearly, we've got a problem here.

[ If you saw Thea when she arrived, or even during the event, you might see that she looks a lot better. At least she's making sure that she looks it. The event was pretty traumatising, not just in itself but watching someone die also didn't really help ]

People died and there's no welcome back party?

[ Or a party to deal with the whole thing. Or, if she's actually being honest, just a party because why not have a party? ]

So I'm fixing that. Though I might need some planning help, as a new girl.

[ She'd do it all herself if it wasn't for that aforementioned 'new girl' party ]

Mainly somewhere to have it, other than all over the mansion. And people to make sure the sadness is kept away. So BYOB and I'll bring the rest. [ She means the drugs. She's testing out that magic closet of hers ]

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Jul. 30th, 2013 10:11 am
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[ There's the obvious setting of a very clean room where Thea is, and the girl being tucked up in bed. It's not 100% willingly but it's necessary, and she's actually obeying her doctor (but only because he's a grumpypants and she has a big enough headache as it is). But the bed's nice, and she's apparently not dead ]

I gotta say, not being dead's a bonus. [ Even though she wasn't close to being dead, she hadn't been in the best shape when she'd arrived either. She still looks a little rough, though: bruised, healing cuts and in an obvious 'less than comfortable' way ]

Who do I have to thank for that? Other than, you know, the doctor. [ Because, as they might realise from her still being there, and being nice, she's grateful ] It being Wonderland and all. Rabbit holes and getting high? [ Because, obviously, the food and the wackiness from the story was getting high. Oh, Thea ] Sounds like a great escape. [ At least compared to what she drove away from ]

So what's the charge? And be honest.


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