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[ If I look back, I am lost. If I look back-- ]

I have seen for myself that we are not returned so easily. [ Dany huffs impatiently, long silver hair rippling in the breeze of the gardens where she spends all her time. ] I have neither my khalasar nor the first of my Queensguard and thus I must ask if there are any skilled warriors among you who might tutor me in handling arms. I would merely ask for soldiers, but I am well aware that loyalties here are not as they are in Essos or the Seven Kingdoms. I would not believe for a moment that a guard is so easily created and held for a stranger.

I would like not only to learn to defend myself, but also to better understand the magics of this mansion. Its history, secrets, and-- [ She frowns pointedly at the device, eyes sharp and gaze distasteful, ] I must understand this... device. How it can be used to better suit our lives.

If you might assist me with either, I would be happy to discuss payment.


Jul. 23rd, 2014 05:49 am
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[Annie set there on her bed, she held the phone above her head with her arms stretched out. She casually flipped through the video feeds, text feeds and any other for obvious breaks where she could see anyone she knew that involved themselves. The feed of herself was uninteresting, almost boring while she looked over things as a way to stalk people without following them.

After all, she'd been stuck in her room since she was with Armin. The entire situation still bothered her and even now, even weeks later she was still pretty depressed about it.]

Some people are just not meant to be in this world. It's just too much for them.

[Annie's tone is said in reference to others in Wonderland, clearly rabble-rousing.]


Jul. 17th, 2014 04:09 pm
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[In light of recent network posts, Souji's a little hesitant to claim ownership of that last event. He hesitates on screen for a minute, looking off to the side before his eyes flicker over to look into the camera.]

For the record, the speed dating went a lot better here than it did at home.

[He rubs the back of his neck, not quite embarrassed and not quite apologetic, then shrugs. It is what it is. No need to feel bad about it.]

It was kind of nice to see home again.

[He's been away a long time.]
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[It's hard to tell if Eren turned his device on by accident or on purpose. He seems pretty zoned out, not even looking at the camera.]

I hit my commanding officer off a motorized bike with a soccer ball.
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[This post is filtered, as well as Armin can, to Annie. Which is not very well at all. Pretty much anyone could get through this. But he tried.]


Please meet me in the Library at 0100.

It's important.

001 Video

Jun. 18th, 2014 10:29 pm
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[The camera clicks on and amber eyes blink owlishly at the screen. Billy usually didn’t do things like this. The only videos that existed of him were usually taken by Teddy, because he claimed Billy was doing something cute, or by Tommy who claimed Billy was doing something idiotic and those usually wound up on the internet somewhere. This was a first for him.]

Well. This was not where I expected to end up when trying to teleport home. Unless someone slipped me something at the comic book store. Is it possible to hallucinate entire worlds? For all I know I’ve wandered into Avengers Mansion and I’m talking to a wall.

[He winced internally, he was babbling and the only one who ever found that endearing was Teddy, and Teddy wasn’t here, at least he didn't think Teddy was here.]

So um, hi, I guess? I guess I should introduce myself. Billy Kaplan, I can do magic…sometimes it works.
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[You were clearly bored of dresses, Wonderland, because Lia for a change is in a man's shirt and waistcoat. She might not be wearing pants, but it's at least long enough to cover anything scandalous and, in fact, is higher-cut than the usual fare. Decent, right? She is cross-legged on what looks like her bed, a sword resting on her thighs.]

It has come to my attention that there has been a war within my country. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, so they say. So they changed from my country.

[Oops. Someone learned about the French Revolution and she doesn't look happy about it.]

No one here was responsible and I beg your forgiveness. Your indulgence, if you will. Why would he- would anyone turn against King and country so readily? Would judge everyone guilty no matter their responsibility, would murder babes in their mothers arms, would parade a head around in the streets of our beloved Paris.

[Yep, definitely bitter. But the graceful hands which have clenched on her thighs relax, and when she looks up again she's calm. Serene, even.]

I would very much like to practice today. Blades or with fists. It appears I am in need of something to soothe my thoughts.

[Then, almost as an afterthought because she is reaching for the feed.]

Does anyone know the story of King Arthur? It seems it has lasted for centuries. That it has
transcended worlds. It was always one of my little brother's favorites.
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I wonder what it means... To be a god.

[Armin is fidgeting like crazy. He seems to constantly need something to do with his hands, whether is be wringing them, or curling them into fists, or busying them with bits of clothing or papers or books. He looks at the camera, then down, then at the camera, then away, then back again. His posture in particular is very fatigued. All the signs point to a certain someone being a nervous wreck.]

Most think a god created the world, and that we all live under them. But we don't know. We can't feel this god. We don't know that they're there.

[He shakes his head.]

I think that's a cruel god. To stand silently by as atrocities happen? No. That's wrong. I'd want... I'd want to know...

But what is the alternative? A protective father of a secret garden, filled with his most beloved angels? Or a child with a box full of toys?

[He looks down again, and twitches a little. Livestock in a pen. He had thought that once. Why had he thought that? He must have remembered at one time.]

Is unconditional love worth your freedom? Or would you reach for the fruit?

I just... I want to...

[The feed cuts short.]

action 1: [Armin still likes to hole himself up in the library-- in fact now he probably likes it even more. In the furthest, dustiest, darkest corner he's made a fort for himself out of pillows and books. If you find his secret base, you may catch a glance of a hundred beady red eyes glowing all around him... before they vanish in a whispering skitter.]

action 2: [Somewhere in the mansion, there's a pile of clothes on the floor. Just. Randomly. A tiny lump beats like a heart under the shirt. Pulling it away will reveal a small blonde rat with its tiny sides heaving far too quickly. It only responds vaguely when touched or handled. What will you do?]


May. 29th, 2014 12:28 am
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[Annie needed an excuse to talk to Armin about the problem she was having. The mere idea that she needed to even bring this up with him was annoying her. She easily lifted the device, turned on the video and left the listless look upon her face.]

I tried the food here, finally. The stuff not bad.

[Locked to Armin.]

Hey, there is a problem
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[The last thing he remembers is the cold, wet asphalt beneath his body. Pain lanced it’s way through his chest with every breath. He couldn’t feel his arm anymore. Bloody Mary had taken good care to snap his left arm in half - a fitting end considering what he’d done to Grendel by relieving him of his arm. It would grow back. Everything seemed to grow back eventually.

Except heads of course.

But all of that is gone now. The pain has miraculously disappeared. He had always healed faster than most Fables but this was new. Bigby’s eyes fly open and he’s greeted to a lush garden. He’s surrounded by green and flowers of every shape and size. The scent overwhelms him and he sneezes loudly, the petals bursting into the air. He sits up, rubbing his nose as he stares, the day a stark contrast from the wet and brutal night he has just left.

The first thing he does is reach into his chest pocket. His palm wraps around a familiar rectangular shape and he pulls out his pack of Huff and Puff brand cigarettes. He taps one out and places it between his lips before reaching into his right pants pocket. He pulls out his lighter and a strange, black rectangular device. Bigby lights his cigarette and breathes deeply, the smoke dampening the scent of the flowers around him. He turns his attention to the device, turning it over and over in his hands before the screen flickers and he’s staring at a reflection of his face. But it’s not a mirror - it’s more like a small television screen although Bigby has never seen one without an antenna before. Magic, perhaps?

There is small red letters on the upper right side that say REC. The video broadcasts a rough, deeply lined face across Wonderland.]

What the hell-? What is this? Where is Snow?

[The face frowns. He shakes the camera a few times before looks around. The world tilts as the man stands up. He takes a long drag from his cigarette before tapping it out, the ashes scattering into the wind.]

So tired of fucking games.
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[After spending too much time alone, she grew incredibly lonely. When it came to being at home, she had people to argue with that she knew. After much deliberation, Annie brought up the device and decided to message the only person she knew.]

Armin, what are you doing? Are you free?

[Annie was not used to such a feeling of needing companionship, she wasn't sure if this was humanity rubbing on her. She felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she watched her device. Sigh, she turned on her feed with regret.]

So, is there a place where everyone goes?
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[ Before the video, Hannibal is cleaning up after himself in the kitchen when he hears the patter of tiny feet. Four of them to be exact, lacking the definitive sound of scratching on tiles that comes with claws. Not a mouse or a rat then. Neither would be welcome in his kitchen (and it is his kitchen now, as far as he's concerned). He looks down at floor beneath the corner of the counter when the patter stops, and is eye to eye with a small rust-red piglet. A wild boar piglet from the look of it. He puts down his sponge and picks the little creature up, placing it down on the counter. He checks it's skin for lumps and abnormalities, lifts its feet, gives it a nice and proper check up as it snuffles at him.

Should anyone come into the kitchen they would find him there, or perhaps in the hall later with said pig comfortably under one arm.

But then there is a video.

When the connection is made, he is comfortable in his own room. A pen sits in one hand with a notebook underneath it, column titles written in elegant script. His demeanor presented to the network remains generally pleasant, but he makes no real effort to let it reach his eyes. Not a blatant reveal of the man behind the human-suit, but merely an entirely normal display of a psychiatrist keeping his private life private as opposed to leaking out through his irises.

Should anyone choose to look beyond him, they might see a small doggy bed, with a piglet curled up asleep upon it. ]

Good evening Wonderland. After much consideration, I've decided that I will be offering my services as a psychiatrist to the general public of Wonderland. I reserve the right to refuse any clients as a private practitioner, but consider my hours open by appointment.


Abigail, I would like you to come and see me when you have a moment.


Should I schedule us for our old time-slot or are you still set on avoiding my company and my help?


If you are still interested in making an appointment, now would be the time.
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[Regina is just going to... ignore the piglets running amok around Wonderland. She has a few more important things to worry about right now. Namely the fact that's been at home for a while and has returned to Wonderland with a new set of memories.

Good memories, for the most part. There's definitely some bad parts, but her most recent memory is very much a good one. When the feed clicks on, it's clear she's already gotten herself settled back into her room. For those familiar with the Mayor's home in Storybrooke, it looks just like that. For everybody else, there's a lot of white with a few splashes of black. ]

Not the place I wanted to be when we finally won.

I have a question for you, Wonderland. [The fact that she's asking it publicly will probably clue a few people into something very big having happened at home.] Do you think a person, rather, a villain is capable of permanently changing? Of becoming a true hero?

[She might be asking it, but she's definitely uncomfortable. In the initial rush of victory, she hadn't needed to question it. Now that she's had time to think, though, the more she's beginning to doubt it.

The Evil Queen knows more than anyone what her capacity for backsliding is, regardless of how much she wants to be a good person, and a good mother. There's always a brand new obstacle, whether it be her own mother, a savior or a wicked witch. ]

Once upon a time, I wouldn't have thought so. But if evil isn't born, it's made, then good must be too.

Private texts )
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[Annie starts to mess around with the device, it was a growing agitation. Using her strength, her frustration and anger to deal with how she felt, she suddenly threw it against the wall. The device drops with a thud on the floor, activating the video without her knowledge.

After a few minutes, she grabs it and lays down on her bed.]

I wonder where the Queen is.
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[ Sometime between downing the last of his rum and lowering the empty bottle, the scenery around him had abruptly shifted. There was suddenly no tang of salt to the air, no cool breeze on his face, or the quiet bobbing of the dinghy over calm ocean waves. Nope. Instead, in its place, was solid ground, the warmth of indoors, the mild scent of incense permeating the air. And an immensely puzzled pirate captain, now presently sitting on the smooth floor of the Entrance Hall.

Jack took a couple moments to process this abrupt change -- glancing side to side with a furrowed brow -- then patted himself down to check that his effects were still on him. The network device was discovered thereafter, buried in one of his coat pockets. Jack let out a curious: 'oh!' and proceeded to investigate it, turning it over and sideways and around a few times. Then, for a couple minutes, he watched the network -- and all the strange voices and faces that flashed across it -- with a mildly perturbed expression.

Eventually it's by some miracle (AKA the random, accidental press of buttons) that the video is actually turned on. And then it's only mid-sentence, of course, and with half of Jack's face filling the entirety of the feed: ]
-- bizarre contraption or somewhat of the sort. [ When Jack speaks, a couple words here and there are accented with a flash of silver from his teeth. The view shifts, then, and the pirate peers closer. Enjoy that extreme close up of one suspicious, squinting, kohl-framed eye, everyone. ]

Blimey. This is a dream, i'n'it? [ An expectant beat, then: ] Ah. Well o' course it is, what else could it be. [ The feed draws back, and one can see the corner of his mouth twitch, upper lip slightly upturned. Jack lifts the empty bottle in his hand, watching the last few drops dribble out. ] Not a particularly fantastic dream, mind you, given the most recent and appalling deficit of rum. [ The view shifts away to the ceiling of the Entrance Hall as he sets the device down, and Jack continues. ] Could be much better, too, really, with all things considered.
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[Walking through a door just after midnight and finding himself in the entrance hall instead of the doctor's lounge at Johns Hopkins had jarred Hannibal Lecter more than he cared to admit. Things didn't often catch him that off-guard. Before the door had clicked shut behind him, he had a brief look at the hospital hallway. He had ripped it back open, finding only a pathway leading to the gardens.]

[Confusion gave way to survival instinct which meant learning everything he could. The closet had been more than useful there. Instead of a complicated device like an iPhone, Hannibal's was very simple with three labeled buttons and a keyboard that could come down. After experimentation, he felt confident enough to finally use the device. The one made by the woman who called herself 'Darcy' and the one printed out before told him that he wasn't the only person arriving here suddenly. That provided some easing of his paranoia.]

My name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, previous of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland of America.

[The video shows a young man in dark clothing, charcoal sweater and black pants, that leaves his face all the paler for it. An accent makes some of the vowels roll and sharpens the consonants in others. Funny, that Baltic state accent may have been heard in someone else's voice.]

I'll spare everyone my questions. Given the other two inquiries I've seen on this box, I see it has happened to others besides myself. I hope the hospital found someone to cover my shift tonight in the emergency room and thinks to feed my goldfish.

[The fish part isn't true, but he tells the lie to make himself seem more relatable, easier to approach.]

I do like the room provided. My thanks to whomever had the foresight for all that it seems capable of. The closet, at the least. The first communication box I found was puzzling. The second it provided was much more useable. Again, my thanks.

While I will spare you all questions about this place, I should like to know who else is here. I prefer being able to put a name to a face.
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I'm the best physical fighter here, period.

[The look on her face is stern, dead but certainly confident as if there was nothing else worth noting.]
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[ On the morning of the twenty-second of April an envelope will arrive for Wonderland's inhabitants. It is written by hand, addressed to each individual by their name, and titled helpfully with an informative subject line. ]


[ Shockingly enough the letter includes no return address. ]
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Now I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this, but no matter how much this camera blows, you can't deny this view. [ booms the voice of some guy who still manages to find a great angle to showcase a particularly beautiful shot of the gardens that most residents are probably already familiar with. yes, residents. he's done his research. he's tech-savvy enough for that and smart enough not to run screaming, blabbing to the first person in his vicinity. he recovers what's left of his sanity and he waits; he learns. then he appears on his own terms. ]

It damn near takes your breath away. [ so does arriving face first in the pool. ] There are only a few things in life that have that kind of power. That kind of sway over you. [ hm? he shakes his head clear of it and steers the view away from the fountain ( far, far away ), cutting the feed and switching to text without ever revealing his face. ]

so, i wanted to pose a question to you, Land of Wonder. what would you describe as a sight for sore eyes, and why? is it something that can be physically found or does it exist strictly in the imagination?

and don't worry, i know all about how curiosity killed the cat. i'm more of a dog guy. on that note, if anyone's seen either one of mine, i'd really appreciate whatever information you have. one of them is like a wrecking ball. he's big, hairy, and he leaves a huge mess. he answers to Derek, and no, you never get used to the drool. the other one's kind of small, but he never stops trying to learn the same darn trick. Scott's just so predictable. you almost have to like him and feel sorry for him at the same time.
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[She set there staring at the device, her eyes stared down at it with disdain. Her fingers move fluidly, moving some of the items out of the way to experiment. She accidentally turned the video on and stared even harder at it, noticing the blinking light in the corner.]

Genius, really.

[She whispers to herself.]
I need to get home, I can't stay here.

I just can't.

[Annie shook the device a little, when nothing happened she just sighed staring down at it again. She was angry, provoked that something or someone was keeping her captive. Go ahead, poke her one more time.]


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