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[Nothing ever stops, it seems like. Back home, here, no one can just have time together. No one can be happy for long stretches of time. Curses have to happen, kidnappings to other lands, memory wipes, evil twins from behind mirrors, monsters and giants and people disappearing and dying. First Mary Margaret, then Robin, and now, after searching everywhere for Regina, one of his moms. He's terrified that she's dead somewhere too, that he just can't find her. But he's looked everywhere and now as he stands in her room that's still furnished with all of her things, he wonders if this is like what happened to Hook. He should tell everyone, he guesses. He doesn't necessarily feel like putting his face out there though.]

My mom is gone. Regina. I don't think...I don't think she died anywhere.

[He's still afraid she did, she could be in the woods, or someplace else he just doesn't know about. It makes him feel kind of sick, the worry and fear.]

How long does it take? When people leave but all their stuff is still here? How long until they come back?.

[There's a pause before his next text.]

Her birthday's next week.
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This is a mess... Armin seems like he's doing better now, but...

[Not looking directly at the camera just yet, Eren takes a moment to finish up re-bandaging what's left of Armin's leg before turning to greet his audience. So as not to upset anyone with the sight of the gruesome wound (they've seen enough blood already over that last few weeks) he's careful to keep most of it out of view. Still, one can still catch a glimpse of Armin in the corner of the screen, fast asleep in a rather large, compfy-looking four poster bed. A sharp eye might be inclined to recognize it and the rest of the room as Integra's.]

To the people who helped out the other day- I think your names were Carlos and James? ...Thank you. I really owe you one. I mean it. If you ever need help with anything, just tell me and I'll be there.

[There's a lot more Eren could say on the matter, but in the end, he decides to leave it at that. He knows if he says much more, he'll end up getting too emotional.

After taking a deep breath, he forces himself to move on to the next order of business:]

So... Healing "magic." Is it true that there are people here who can do that? Can someone help my friend?

((ooc: Replies might be coming from Armin, as well. Souji is lined up to answer Eren's request, but all comments are more than welcome!))

006; video

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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[The feed is shaking. It won't focus properly on Armin's face, wan with terror, looking out to the distance. His breathing is sharp and quick.]

[No. This can't be happening. He's tried so hard to find a way out, to avoid this-- have all his efforts been for naught? They're here, and the Mansion is nothing more than a giant feed box...]

[calm down. calm down.
Calm down. Giving into despair now won't save anyone. He has to at least warn them of the dangers ahead. Armin draws a hand back through his hair and swallows thickly.]

Do not...

[He stands up straighter.]

Do not engage the incoming Titans!

They aren't normal monsters. They can't be killed by normal means. Facing them head-on will end in death-- Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. It will save your life.

[Armin takes a deep breath, and then speaks quickly, but clearly, with careful enunciation. It's like he's listing off bullets ordered up in his head.]

Titans-- the monsters that you now see approaching-- do not feel fear. You cannot intimidate them with shows of power. They are mindless, ruthless, and their only goal in existing is eating people. They feel no pain, so superficial wounds will not hinder them. They will do whatever is in their power to eat you, no matter how badly wounded. Never let your guard down.

The only way to stop a Titan is to kill it. And the only way to kill a Titan is to cut out a chunk of flesh from the napes of their necks, where the spinal cord would meet the brain stem on a human. Any other wound will heal-- and at an astonishing rate-- even if you blow a Titan's brains out, it will regenerate. The fatal point on their neck is their only vulnerable spot.

The only other weaknesses worth taking advantage of are... Titans are single-minded and stupid, and can be easily led into traps with enough skill, where they can be more easily dispatched. If you somehow incapacitate a Titan's limbs, that will render them motionless until they regenerate. They can also be blinded with shot. And they subsist on sunlight, so their movements slow dramatically at night.

Fortifications have appeared around the Mansion, and there are rail-guns on the roof. If anyone has the courage to help, I could use every hand available-- No, we need every hand available. If we can't fend these Titans off, they can and will tear the Mansion apart to eat every last person hiding inside.

[He continues to stare out into the distance. His jaw is tight.]

...Anyone who wants to give their lives for humanity, and fight the Titans hand-to-hand-- they should contact my Captain, Levi. He'll make use of you somehow.


[Armin closes his eyes, as if in pain.]

I'm sorry. I couldn't get us out. I did everything I could to try and avoid this fate, but... I failed. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

[A faint rumbling can be heard from far away.]

ooc: [Game start! Titans are now advancing on the Mansion. Team Armin and Team Levi will make their separate log posts later.]
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[ it's ben a few days since elena got back to wonderland, and she's mostly been taking the time to stay as close to damon as possible. she's been trying to ignore the fact that katherine is here, that caroline is gone... everything that isn't damon is being ignored. but now, a week later, there's no more ignoring it. who knows what katherine's been getting up to, and if she's been pretending to be elena the whole time... well, it's about time she addressed the city.

she's sitting on her bed, the video feed focused on her neck up.

Hey, everyone. Elena Gilbert here again with a PSA. I have this doppelganger, a woman who looks exactly like me, named Katherine Pierce. She's basically my evil twin, and she's here -- Damon told me she actually sent out a video about a week and a half ago. I know I don't know a lot of people here, but I wanted to warn you all. She kills, she ruins lives, and she's not to be trusted.

[ elena reaches out to turn off her tablet, then pauses and drops her hand, biting her bottom lip. after a moment, she speaks again. ]

Also, this may be a strange question, I don't know, but...

[ she tucks her hair behind her ears and bites her lip. she's not quite sure how to ask this question. the first time she addressed the network was easy; after she found out she had damon back she was ecstatic. this one, she thinks, is already stranger, and about to get worse. or maybe it won't be. who knows, with wonderland. ]

Has anyone else gone home, experienced some stuff, and then... come back?

[ yeah, that definitely sounds weird. and there's weirder still to come. ]

And if you have, did you forget about Wonderland too?
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Hello, everyone.

[A hastily-written It's back, be a dear and see if you can't locate the Vorpal Sword was the only thing scrawled across Evelyn's mirror this morning in bright-red lipstick from the opposite side, which had her justifiably concerned. Even with that in mind, Evelyn appears to the casual observer perfectly composed, a limited frame of the parlor behind her and a Super-Soldier on her left.]

As we're sure many of you are aware, there's something- [A rumpus. A manxome rumpus.] -going on through the looking glass.

[Steve is similarly composed, his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he regards the broadcasting device. His Mirror had also left him a message, an even briefer it’s here, be ready, and upon conferring with Evelyn, they decided it was best to get everyone on the same page.]

I’m pretty sure we all knew that the Jabberwocky wouldn’t stay in our dreams. And I think it’s a safe bet that it won’t stay on the mirrorside for very long either.

What we are proposing is ample preparation, at worst, [she suggests carefully, wary of the sort of panic that can spawn from bad news.] As we have been gifted with a warning it would be unwise not to take advantage, and while many of us have combat experience, rushing head-on into altercations with the denizens of Wonderland’s bestiary is ill-advised.

[Which isn’t to say that a certain Captain won’t do just that, but at the moment he’s putting his best foot forward.] First of all, anyone who isn’t combat-trained for something at this level- [-which they should all be able to judge for themselves, given that they got a good look at what’s in store for them in that dream-] -should make sure they find shelter. We should barricade as many areas as we can, and Evelyn, I know you had another idea for that too… [Steve’s gaze leaves the recorder for a moment to eye her.]

In the event of emergency- [she picks up right where he's left off, tone firm,] -should our side be breached, heroics should not be endorsed. Exercise discretion. The Jabberwock cannot be killed by anything but the Vorpal Sword, and as a precautionary measure we'll be stocking the main caves beyond the cellar for evacuation purposes.

[Evelyn is not so naive to think that Steve won't be lunging through a mirror to take a stab at the creature anyway, but some people still need the reminder.

And speaking of mirrors, the one hanging on the wall behind them, formerly a glossy clean slate, is now spattered with red.

Neither of them seem to notice.

The clinic should also be stocked and prepared to service anyone who does get on the Jabberwocky’s bad side. I’m not sure who’s in charge there now, but it’d help to know that our lives are in the hands of some capable doctors.

[They may not have the Vorpal Sword (and who knows what the Queen of Hearts has done with it, but so much for thinking she might be on their side with this), but plenty of people are going to want to fight anyway. Steve can speak from experience there.]

Those of you who do plan to fight, you may as will suit up and arm yourselves now. If we’re going to fight it off, we should attack it in groups. We’ll have a way better chance of slowing it down if we work together. [There’s no place for anyone’s ego here, not now that they’re at the eleventh hour.]

...Which is easier said than done, mind, but blinding it first wouldn’t hurt our chances, [she points out, not at all keen on the idea of attacking the damnable thing but knowing the inevitability.]

Anyone who can handle ranged weapons and has fair aim on moving targets would be appreciated assets. Steve will be organizing some groups, I’m leaving that to him, but assistance with supplies and munitions collection wouldn’t go amiss.

[Should things get exceptionally bad - as in, ‘closets stop working’ bad - it’s best to stock up while they can.]

I know that the odds are against us, here, but let’s not forget that there’s only one of it and a whole lot of us. If we coordinate on this, we stand a chance. [Steve has to believe that. They’re not going to survive this if they go into it assuming that they’re already dead.] If anyone wants to volunteer to contribute to the cause, we’ll need all the help we can get. You can contact either one of us.

[There’s a small look exchanged, as if they’re quietly making sure they’ve covered everything. They nod to each other and then Steve reaches forward to cut the feed.]

[ OOC: Russet is Evelyn and blue is Steve! They will be responding together to each reply. Posting order A -> B -> C. ]
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[That nightmare was... different. Not new, as the stuff of nightmares was something Minato was used to. But different. He had been taking a nap at his desk while working on testing something. Something had been bothering him for a long while already, and it would be a way to distract him from thinking about the dream. The nightmare was the sign of something to come. Like those event announcements. He would just be prepared for it whenever it came.

Thus once he was ready again, he began writing, solving this math problem, then the next math problem and others like it.]


[Done. Answers checked out. But what about something... simple?]

42 - 17 = ______


........ What's forty-two minus seventeen?


[Blank. How could he not know this? Something had to be wrong. (And it isn't cheating to ask the network!)]
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[ Kevin's grim-faced when he looks into the camera, the neck of a cello extending up past his neck. He'd like to be happier about what he's about to do, but it's pretty bittersweet, especially coming on the heels of everything that's gone on lately, but... Well. Thanksgiving just happened, and he always heavily associates birthday cake with turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie. His birthday comes close enough on the heels of that holiday that his family would celebrate it all in one go, so it's weird, spending the day without hearing anything about it.

He knows time isn't really passing here, but he feels a year older, and it's not like he'll ever have a birthday again back home. Why shouldn't he take the opportunity to celebrate it now, here, with his new family? He doesn't really want to make it all about him, though, which is why he's here with his cello. ]

Hey. So... It's my birthday. I'd be 19 today if I actually aged any, but since I'm dead back home... I'm just going to go ahead and call this one an official birthday.

[ He picks up the bow for his cello and starts to move into position, holding it against the strings. ]

I know there are others of you out there who can only look forward to more age-less birthdays, so this post is about wishing you guys either a belated happy birthday, or a happy birthday in advance, if it hasn't happened yet. Or maybe we're birthday twins?

[ He starts to play, but then stops. ]

And it's for you guys who are still alive back home, too. Not to discriminate against anyone.

[ And then he moves into playing, and singing, the happy birthday song. He hasn't been practicing every day like he used to, but he gave himself a few warm up rounds before starting the broadcast. ]

Happy birthday to you; happy birthday to you; happy birthday, dear everyone; happy birthday to you.

[ Next comes the sound of a lighter, and then Kevin holds up a cupcake with a lit candle on it. Leaning over, he blows it out, and then gives the camera a small smile before he cuts the feed. ]
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That was like having a really nasty flu. Except I wasn't throwing up my last meal; I was upchucking other things instead. [Ew. Wow, Eren. That's disgusting. Some conversationalist you are.]

...Sorry. Forget that last part. I didn't start this post to gross you out. Something's been bugging me, so I wanted to ask a question.

[Eren seems to be in his room, huddled up under the covers of his bed. There are heavy bags underneath his eyes, as well as the faint traces of long, red gashes running down his cheeks, left over from all of the shifting he'd been doing over the past several days. He should be sleeping it off right now, but as hard as he tries, he can't. There's too much on his mind for that.]

When Wonderland acts up and starts adding memories in your head... They're supposed to go away, after a while, right? Like a few weeks ago, when we all thought that we lived normal lives in a peaceful, little town - your head is supposed to go back to normal, after the incident ends, right?

My body's back to normal, so....

Does that mean that this memory is really mine?
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[ It's late when the video feed kicks on. In the background, the library stretches out behind him, but Blake's seated at a large table with a multitude of crayons and construction paper instead of the usual stacks of books. On the tabletop, a small gray tabby kitten bats around crayons and generally invades Blake's space as he adjusts the camera. ]

Hey, uh... Wonderland. [ He offers a wave as he sits back from the camera propped on the table. ]

Been thinkin' a lot lately. 'Bout this place, 'bout these murders, 'bout the people we meet an' the people we lose, and I—

[ Blake shakes his head. He feels almost instantly like he's made some kind of mistake. Not being a particularly outwardly emotional person, not really one to admit there are chinks in his armor, let alone display them, he can't be sure why he's decided to share with the network this time around.

He reaches to go turn off the feed when his hand is intercepted by that affectionate and persistent kitten, purring and butting against his fingers. Instead of ending the transmission, he scoops up the cat and holds it close to his chest.

It's been rough. For a lotta people, not just me. The, uh... the Elrics are gone: Edward and Alphonse. And Jesse Pinkman, too. A— [ He sighs a little. ] —a lotta people, really. 'Specially lately. And it sucks, really sucks losin' family like that.

[ When he looks down at the kitten, he realizes he doesn't have much else to say, that he's probably said enough (or too much). John smiles thinly, scratches at the kitten's ears, and then focuses back on the camera. ]

Anyway, pretty sure I'm not alone in feelin' that way, so... It's late, but if anyone wants to come down to the library, I hear colorin's good therapy and I don't mind sharin' my crayons.

[ He might even draw you a picture. ]


Nov. 5th, 2014 01:59 pm
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[ Frank is scratching the back of his neck as he turns the network on, looking… well, extremely awkward. He isn’t one for making open posts to the entire network like this, especially when he doesn’t really have anything specific to say.]

Uhm, so I was told it was better to tell people that I’m back. It was… weird, like I was dreaming about something that had already happened to me. I didn’t even really remember this place.

Does that kind of thing happen often? This going-home-but-not-really thing, I mean.
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[ alayne stone wears simple cotton today, pale blue with a hint of silver. her hair is the same color catelyn stark's has been, deep auburn rather than the usual brown. she had not dyed it again yet. she looks worried, a familiar fear sitting there on her brow. however, when she speaks, her voice is clear and it doesn't shake. ]

Good people of Wonderland.

[ a pause ]

To those who have been so kind to me since my arrival, I offer my thanks; to those who have been kind to - her. catelyn stark, during the past week, I offer you my sincere gratitude as well. I fear I have awarded your kindness with a lie. It was not ill meant, I swear it. It was for my own safety and yet a lie it was.

[ she looks aside ]

Wonderland had mocked my mother's memory by giving me her name and making me forget all else. If it ever steals her memory from me, I want others to know of her. Lady Catelyn Stark had auburn hair and blue eyes.

[ exactly like herself ]

She was of house Tully and had married lord Eddard Stark she was a mother to Arya Stark who has been her before and Brandon Stark who has also been here once before. They are both gone, now.

[ for a moment, she almost looks angry ]

Her enemies had killed her and her eldest son Robb and Wonderland has mocked her memory, it gave me her name and it made forget.

[ a breath, small and shallow. ]

I am her eldest daughter. Lady Sansa Stark, sister to Arya and Bran. They are gone and I am the last of my House to be here. My Lady Aunt - Lyanna Stark, she has been here too. For those who have been kind and good to Arya, Bran and Lady Lyanna, I thank you, as their kin.

[ what to say even ]

I hope you shall find it in your hearts to forgive me. I will ask you to still call me Alayne when in company. In a private audience, you may call me as you will.
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Er… hello, Wonderland. [ Carlos gives a bit of an awkward wave at the camera, not sure how to really get this started. Maybe he should have kept it voice-only, but the camera is already on… too late now. ] I have something I need to say… to share, actually, with all of you. In case this affected anyone else besides myself. And if it did, I encourage you to contact me immediately. Verbally, psychically- you can even send an email if you want. Anything is fine.

So there was a strange event a few weeks ago, and… well, I don’t think I have to tell you that. You all were probably there for it. Unless you’re new. In which case, uh. Welcome to Wonderland? [ He smiles, but there's a nervous edge to the expression. ]

In any case… yes. The phenomenon, where individuals from the other side of the mirror came through to our world, and some of us ended up on their side of the glass. That was exactly the type of phenomenon I’ve been waiting for, Wonderland! A chance to see the denizens of this world in action, to meet and examine a Mirror, or to even see the other side…

[ He trails off, expression clouding as he frowns into the camera. ]

The thing is, I think I did see the Mirror side of Wonderland. And I think something mimicking my form and my voice and my pulse and probably everything else about me took my place. I just… I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from that event at all. I came-to in my room the day after it was over.

Click here for more agitated scientist. )

005; video

Oct. 3rd, 2014 10:56 am
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I have a question for everyone here.

[Armin picks a book up off his desk, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, and shows it to the camera.]

It's about this book.

A long time ago, when I was wondering about the origins of Wonderland, someone referred me to this book. Since then, I've read it several dozen times, and I've gotten a handle on all the different characters and their counterparts here in our Wonderland. But I still have trouble gathering anything useful from it... To me, it's just a bunch of nonsense.

This book does not exist in my world, but I know it exists in others. So many people come into Wonderland with prior knowledge of the setting. So I'd like to ask them-- or anyone else that's read the book-- what is it about? Is there anything in there that we could use that I'm not catching? For example, is it written in code, or does it have some sort of underlying meaning?

I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer. It would help me out a lot.

[Some time later, he adds as an edit:]

I've come across a few new questions-- Why is this Wonderland so much like the book, but not exactly the same? What came first, Wonderland or the book? If the book did, how did it influence this Wonderland? And why does it only exist in certain worlds?
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[There was a brief moment of fumbling as Hange tried to make her recording private to her squad but she failed miserably. She finally moved it away from her and revealed a pale face. She looked tired, fatigued- even the color seemed drained from her lips and the happy smile that normally painted her face was far too weak in comparison. She moved slowly, holding onto the table she was in front of for support as she slowly sat down.]

What a trip last week ended up being.

[Normally she would be laughing about this but she seemed to be more ashamed at the fact she had been bested. She moved slightly, wincing. She couldn't even do her hair the way she normally did because of this pain.]

I might have bitten more than I could chew this round. Well, more like I got bitten and now I think it might be killing me. I am aware there are people here with amazing abilities and I was hoping to receive some aid from any of you who can heal. [She moved around and winced. Her yellow shirt turning crimson. Guess who just soaked through her bandages. She groaned, breath hitching and hesitating before she addressed the video again.]

I'm not sure how I could pay for the service but if anyone knows how to regrow flesh on someone else, we can negotiate some payment.
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[Eren's leaning against what would appear to be the kitchen counter. Fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, it takes him a moment to collect enough composure to look up at the feed. There's something cooking on the stove in the background, and by the way the pan pops and sizzles, one would almost suspect bacon. When he finally speaks, his words sound a little forced.]

Wow. It's been hectic around here lately, hasn't it? Is everyone alright? Everyone back where they should be? I got a little banged up before, but I--

...You know what? No. No. I can't just not say this: 

'The fuck was that?! She just sends the sword off on her stupid pig?! She's lucky I didn't find that piece of junk. I would have shoved it so far up her-- [Right on time, the fire alarm goes off. Who even knew the kitchen had one? Eren, for one, doesn't even know what a battery powered fire alarm is.]

Uhg. I hate this place.
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This is an emergency, Scouting Legion report!

[Okay, so there is some weird stuff going on and Hange is in full-on business mode. Not only is she sporting her three dimensional gear but she's got her swords out just in case she needs to beat anyone else down.]

This is your commander Hange Zoe ordering you to report! Unfriendly's have been engaged. I repeat, unfriendly's have been engaged. I want all scouts in uniform. Be advised, running into potential replicas of our own comrades is possible. I advise extreme caution when approaching anyone. Report back to me for more orders!

[She came across a corner and edged closer around it before continuing her jog down the hall.]

Lumi? Killi? I better hear from you both. Report in! Lightning, don't you stay quiet now. Where are you guys? To everyone else fighting off these intruders, if we work together, we can prevent them from getting what they want. We can't let them find that sword before us!
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[ when the video first comes up, it's upside down, and for the first ten seconds or so all you can see is the bottom part of a shirt - fraying near the bottom - and the top edhe of a pair of sweatpants. there's another pause, and then a huff, and then the video is righted. mikasa frowns down at the screen like she's not really sure this is right, isn't sure she's doing this right, but armin did say if she pushed this button and just talked into here...

she lifts her free hand, which is holding a stuffed head of one of what looks like a training dummy. what's not visible by the eye of the camera is the remains of the rest of it on the floor behind her, or a few of the knocked over punching bags. someone had a little built up stress and didn't really know any other day to deal with it. ]

I don't know what these are called. [ she sees very serious when she says this, like it's a life or death situation. really, she's just incredibly apologetic, but that emotion is hard to muster for an audience. instead. she just tightens her jaw. ] I don't know what to ask the closet.

[ she looks over her shoulder, which opens up enough of the video to make it a little obvious that someone seems to have snuck into the avengers' training area. there are various piece of equipment out and about - mikasa's been here for a couple of hours after all - and mikasa looks like someone who has been working out for a while. there's a tired sort of exhaustion hanging to her shoulders, the corners of her eyes, but when she looks back her expression seems calm. ]

Also- [ she stops, thinks for a second before taking a breath. like she had to convince herself it's okay to just ask this out to everyone. it's not that she's worried, or partically scared of speaking out, but it's not generally something she's used to doing. ] Can I make them bigger?

[ and then, after an awkward pause or two, the feed seems to be flipped over as she looks for the button to turn it off.

for anyone who might want to come find mikasa, she's still going to be training in the gym training area that natasha and the rest of the cast so helpfully set up for the people of wonderland! she's going to be there probably through the rest of the night. feel free to come find her. ]
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[Marco will keep to video since it's kind of easier for him, this texting stuff was hard...to a degree for him. What happened to just writing a letter or something?

With the video on he rubs his cheek before he offers that smile he's known for.]

So, this place is still confusing...but not as bad as when I got here. I'm still kind of amazed with the stuff I've seen and the people I've met here!

[A pause.]

Also...I've noticed that I haven't seen Jean around for a bit now.

[The cadet looks nervous as he says this...he knows Jean can be odd at times or kind of wander off. So he has some concern, he hasn't spoken to him in a bit.]

I tried to call him too and there was no answer. If anyone's seen him let me know.

[A switch of subjects.]

Also, would anyone be interested in doing some surveying of a few places here, or even up for doing anything?
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::Now that the hell that was the latest event was over and Ed was able to take a proper shower and sleep in his own bed again, he feels much better. Enough so that he's taking a break from his usual haunt of the library to set up camp in the diner instead. Granted, he still has books and papers laid out in front of him. He just wanted a place to both work and eat when he gets hungry; he's got both, so win-win.

He keeps working for awhile, taking the occasional sip of coffee before getting back to it before noticing that his comm turned itself on. He raises his eyes skywards for a moment before leaning back in his seat, eyes focused on the camera.::

May as well take this as a hint and take a break. I couldn't help but notice that there's people here from all different points in the timeline and different worlds. I should know, I'm one of the ones that gets the reaction of 'You're from where? And when?'. So I guess I just wanna ask how many others here are from some point before when the majority of people are from and what they're catching up on. Be it history, scientific developments, new ways of entertaining yourself, whatever.

::He thinks for a moment, trying to decide if there's anything else he wanted to add before shrugging and turning off the recording.::

001: video

Sep. 5th, 2014 03:36 pm
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[It seems reality has been shifting around Erwin quite a bit these days. From a prison cell to the vast grasslands of the American Midwest to a mansion, he has taken it all in stride. For now, it's enough that he's alive. The bruising had began to heal, moving around was becoming easier but it was still necessary to rest. That didn't mean that Erwin would be hide though, today he was inspecting the communicator he had found by his bedside. He hadn't had a chance to ask Levi or Hange what it could be so while he had a moment to himself. he had picked it up, turning it over in his hands. In the process, it had switched on, recording him sitting by the window. The right sleeve of his shirt hangs empty, he sets the communicator down on the table to the left of him as the door opened.]

Ah, Hange, come in, please.

[The cheerful commander walked in pleased to him moving around the room. Nothing like restlessness to tell you that you’re healing. She had a plate in her hands that she set aside on the desk in the room before moving over to the window.]

How are you feeling? I’m sure the beds are better on your back than whatever we had on the wagon.

[Erwin peered over at what she had set down on the desk, communicator forgotten. He didn’t try to get up just yet, letting himself lean back against the comfortable chair.]

It was fine, it was certainly much more comfortable than the accommodations I had been enjoying before.

Stop thinking about that. [There was a mild frown on her face as she rested her hands on her hips. Although Erwin had always been the rational mind of the group, it wouldn’t help him put his mind at ease if he kept thinking of such morbid things. Positive thinking works wonders!] I’m glad to see you’re moving around. I brought you a little reward since you’re healing so well.

[Let her give you more reasons to be happy to be alive. It’s in the form of cheesecake.]

We will have to discuss it nonetheless, but now is not the time. [Erwin said as he pulled himself to the feet, hand knocking the communicator off the table to the floor where it shows his slippered feet now.]

What did you bring?


[Seeing as how Erwin couldn’t really bend over, Hange scooted over to pick up the communicator realizing it was actually recording. She gave a laugh turning it to Erwin.]

I see you found your communicator. This thing is very useful. It’s a machine that allows you to communicate with someone. It can share your voice or even your surroundings. [She slips into view now, Erwin still visible behind her.]

Hello, Wonderland!

[ooc: both Erwin and Hange will be answering responses, Hange is nosy like that.]
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[ when alayne speaks her voice is calm ( I will not cry ) betraying only a hint of an edge beneath its polite yet hard (polished) surface. ]

There were ones who were in the Mansion and are here no longer.

I would seek them, if I can. I would care to know how far I'm allowed to look.

[ that is all in terms of the question asked. you may find her in the gardens by the fountain if you seek her out, holding what seems to be a handkerchief of simple grey cotton. ]
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[The device was something he has never seen before and in all reality to Marco it resembles a brick...a brick that lit up. Strange what was it even for. Entirely by accident he turns the device on and stares at the screen as he jumps. After his initial freak out of suddenly being alive he tries to remain calm, although he still seems shaken. ]

W-Whoa...This is really amazing!

[There's an excited laugh he pushes out as he flashes a cheerful smile to the screen.]

I guess people can hear and see me...right? If you can I was wondering where am I exactly? I've never seen anything like this before or this place.

Aha. [Still in his cadet jacket and straps he rubs the back of his neck. He wants to mention the fact he thinks this is the afterlife...but he holds off for the moment. Instead he salutes the best he can.]

I'm Marco Bodt of the 104th trainee squad. I look forward to any assistance, thank you.

[Fumbling and turning the screen upside down he soon turns it off. What a weird brick. Anyone near by will see him in the mirror hallways wondering around, as he tries to get a baring on what is happening.]

((I was going to comment for the event...and then I got distracted This is after the event! ;A;/ so here is Marco.))
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[Before he even speaks, there is something distinctly, perceptibly different about Armin. For one, he is lounging. Armin does not lounge. He barely even relaxes. Secondly, his eyes just aren't... right. They lack their normal clarity and alertness. They are hazy, and subtly scrutinizing, as if he's sizing you up.]

Good and Evil. Hmm.

[He presses his fingertips together.]

I think such broad terms are too... confining. It depends on the situation, doesn't it? You can harm a person to save yourself, or someone you love. Or your kind actions, or good intentions, can lead down an unwitting path of destruction. No, drawing a line line in the sand between what is and is not sin-- that isn't very fair, is it?

Stipulations. There needs to be stipulations. The Commandments should be open to amendment. Humans aren't as simple as they were... How long has it been now? 4000 years ago? It's not all first borns and blood sacrifice anymore. We need to modernize. Preferably democratically.

Not every good action is good for you. Not every bad action is bad for others. Think about that.

[This, of course, is a logic trap. Any action you would take would then end up being a sin. But that's exactly what he wants. Spreading little discontents is so much more effective than traditional tempting.]
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[A monitor came on and began recording the movements of a platinum blond searching about the library. Integra's blazer rested on the back of a nearby chair as she climbed a shelf ladder and began inspecting a section of books. A library had information and she was certain there had to be a history book hiding somewhere. Her search so far had been fruitless but she hadn't given up hope just yet. Gloved hands were pulling out books and bright blue eyes quickly read their spine before shoving them back into their spot.]

Don Quixote, Clarissa, The Way We Live Now, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire- Christ, you would think there would be some order to this library.

[She knew she probably had no reason to be surprised considering the type of place she was in but still. Her life relished in organization and therefore experiencing anything less was just frustrating. A brief scan of the rest of the shelf and her eyes caught the title to a very familiar book. She reached for the piece and pulled it out to inspect it.]

Bram Stoker. How ironic. [With a quick motion she turned and threw the book gently onto a nearby chair near her coat. Once again, her attention back to the shelves, she caught a glimpse of something hiding behind the books of the new empty spot. She reached her hand in there and pulled out a recording case labeled 'important'. At once her interest was piqued, she knew looking in here would offer some clues. After carefully getting down from the ladder, she moved to one of the record players and pushed the receiver with a click. At once the scratchy sound of the recording came into play and Integra stood still in wait.]

Find a safe spot to pull over. If you're on the freeway, taking the next exit is the safest bet, even if you have to drive on a blown tire. Otherwise, pull as far onto the shoulder as poss-

What the hell is this.

Turn on your hazard lights. Get the jack, wrench, and spare tire from the trunk of the car and bring them over to the tire that is flat. Use other tools or supplies-

[She turned off the recording, her jaw clenched and eyes livid. She wouldn't burn down the library just yet but she was certainly thinking about it. With smooth movements she reached into her coats pocket and pulled out a cigar. Lord give her strength lest she burn this thing right here and now.]
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[So...about last week. It seems like some people are just ignoring it and others are kinda weirded out by it. Okay. Good. So it wasn't a dream.

Wait, shit. It wasn't a dream.]

Does this kind of bullshit happen all the time here?

[Cause he definitely remembers being a 15 year old who rode on some iron horse.]

I don't really give a fuck about the whole school whatever the hell that happened. I'm more concerned about the fucked up aging process and the fact that our memories were severely shitted on.

[He can't be the only one who is concerned about this. Right?]
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[This post is filtered, as well as Armin can, to Annie. Which is not very well at all. Pretty much anyone could get through this. But he tried.]


Please meet me in the Library at 0100.

It's important.
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[ alayne is always nervous and fidgety when speaking through her looking mirror as she calls it; but today there is an extra frown on her brow that betrays her concern.

her manners, however, are as splendid as ever; she tidies down the blue silks she has found in her wardrobe and dips her head in greeting. ]

Good people of Wonderland,

[ the manners are there but her voice betrays a hint of urgency ]

There are those among you who have made by acquaintance. I seek those who have come to my aid before, those who I have met and have come to know in the duration of my stay in our Mansion. I have a request to make of you; I will be -- endlessly grateful if you shall hear my words, though I have little to offer you in return.

[ and she doesn't like this; does not like to ask for something she cannot repay for but she has little choice in this manner. ]

-- thank you.
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I wonder what it means... To be a god.

[Armin is fidgeting like crazy. He seems to constantly need something to do with his hands, whether is be wringing them, or curling them into fists, or busying them with bits of clothing or papers or books. He looks at the camera, then down, then at the camera, then away, then back again. His posture in particular is very fatigued. All the signs point to a certain someone being a nervous wreck.]

Most think a god created the world, and that we all live under them. But we don't know. We can't feel this god. We don't know that they're there.

[He shakes his head.]

I think that's a cruel god. To stand silently by as atrocities happen? No. That's wrong. I'd want... I'd want to know...

But what is the alternative? A protective father of a secret garden, filled with his most beloved angels? Or a child with a box full of toys?

[He looks down again, and twitches a little. Livestock in a pen. He had thought that once. Why had he thought that? He must have remembered at one time.]

Is unconditional love worth your freedom? Or would you reach for the fruit?

I just... I want to...

[The feed cuts short.]

action 1: [Armin still likes to hole himself up in the library-- in fact now he probably likes it even more. In the furthest, dustiest, darkest corner he's made a fort for himself out of pillows and books. If you find his secret base, you may catch a glance of a hundred beady red eyes glowing all around him... before they vanish in a whispering skitter.]

action 2: [Somewhere in the mansion, there's a pile of clothes on the floor. Just. Randomly. A tiny lump beats like a heart under the shirt. Pulling it away will reveal a small blonde rat with its tiny sides heaving far too quickly. It only responds vaguely when touched or handled. What will you do?]
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[Sometime in the early afternoon, a video of a very frazzled-looking Jo makes its way to the network. Whereas her last public address showed her being accompanied by Jormy, Gabriel's beloved Jack Russell terrier, this time around?

She has a whole lot more in the way of company.

Some of the dogs that keep pushing their way into the frame are familiar, like Jormy himself and Lucky, Emma and Henry's dalmatian, but there are others who are entirely new faces, from golden retrievers to labs to border collies and, if someone were to look closely enough, even a chihuahua or two. Dogs of every size and color -- at least a couple dozen, total. She grimaces as she tries to steady her phone, trying her hardest to keep her mood from slipping despite looking incredibly harassed.]

I'm having a little bit of a problem -- I know some of these guys have to have owners somewhere.

[An invasive muzzle starts to make its way onscreen, and Jo gently takes hold of it to steer it away, along with a quiet 'Shh, don't interrupt.']

If anyone out there recognizes anyone here, feel free to come and claim them? If not-- the Wonderland stray population might be skyrocketing. I can't take care of all of them; Jormy doesn't like to share.

[And she'd never get any peace.]

Any takers?

[Action A, 6/07:]

[Even outside of events, it's not unusual to find Jo manning the bar -- she's been a permanent fixture in the place since she first arrived in Wonderland more than a year ago, though there's something distinctly different about her now. Maybe it's just that she's more cheerful than she has been lately, or maybe it's that she's much more reluctant to reach out and offer a friendly touch to friends and regular patrons alike. Regardless, she's tirelessly serving people with a smile throughout the afternoon and evening, with a few exceptions -- there are some residents of Wonderland even she can't fake it for. Anyone in need of a drink, some conversation or a dedicated bartender to lend them an ear is more than welcome.]

[Action B, 6/08:]

[Thanks to an unfortunate collision in one of the corridors earlier that day, anyone out on the grounds might spot a rough collie making her way through the gardens or running along the beach -- fortunately, she'd been able to make a break for it and flee the scene of the incident before the other party saw what happened, she's almost positive, but just to be safe, Jo will be keeping herself outdoors until she can find a way to turn herself back. Most of the time, she'll be found on her lonesome, but every now and then, she'll pick up a few hangers-on -- more dogs like those in her video two days previous, none of whom seem the slightest bit interested in letting her out of their sight.


Private to Bran Liddell )

((OOC: This post will be serving as Jo's catch-all for the event! If you would like to run into her but don't want to use one of the above scenarios, feel free to encounter her in either human or dog form anywhere in the mansion or on the grounds. Just let me know the location, date, and which form you'd prefer in the comment title!))
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[ it's laaaate when Rachel turns on her feed, and it's obvious she's sitting at the edge of her bed, her face only lit by the backlight of her communicator, dark shadows under her eyes and hair a mess. she's even a little out of breath, obviously just woken up in a bad way ]

Hey. Okay, okay. [ hhhhhuff ] This is probably annoying for everyone that's sleeping, sorry, but I had to get this out there, I had to record it before I forgot the details. Quick backstory, I have the sight, I have prophetic dreams, and it's real and you have to believe me, just for a second, please. It's the Jabberwocky, like, the Jabberwocky, and it's like he knows I can see him, that I've been dreaming about him, and he doesn't even care. He's not trying to hide anymore. I don't know if he's planning something, or if he's just waiting, buh-

[ she huffs again, only it's not a pause for a breath, it's just a long release of air. her eyes fall shut, followed by her head dropping forward, and it's almost like she fell back asleep again, right there sitting up. almost! right up until her head picks back up, eyes blown wide, and they're definitely glowing. bright green, to be exact. so basically yeah, she looks completely possessed. and when she speaks again, her voice is tripled, like three Rachels are talking at the same time, in a low chant ]

A threat well known beyond great lore
Returns to Wonderland once more.
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch
Defeated only once her blade rejoins its match.
Convince the side who hides in shame,
Or kingdom's destruction shall be your blame.

[ aaaand then she's out again. only this time, after her head drops forward, she snaps back awake, totally back to normal. well, she looks like she's about to barf, but at least she's not flowing anymore. ]

Whoa. Did anybody catch that? What did I say? H-ang onto that. [ she points at the camera ] I'm just going to-

[ pass out again, whump, back onto the mattress. just give her a second, she'll come to pretty quick ]


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