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[She's been in Wonderland for a little while, figuring out how to work the closet and laying low while everyone seemed to sing and pour their hearts and superiority out through song... It was wonky.

She takes her sweet time looking around the massively huge library, hesitant to even reach out to the network because there are just so many awesome things screaming at her for attention. BUT she needs to know if anyone else is here, especially Jane. She clears her throat before starting the feed.]

What’s up wonderful and talented Wonderland!

First of all – wow. Was not expecting people to be bursting out in to song... not that I knew what to expect. Anyhoo, kick-ass library… really. Kinda weirded out about the whole Wonderland thing since I don’t remember chasing a fluffy rabbit in a vest but I can roll with it for now.

Jane, if you and Thor ended up here instead of Asgard, please let me know because this is all sorts of messed up. Also, ditching me and leaving me standing in the rain to deal with the cops – so not cool.

For anyone else, my name’s Darcy and I like long walks on the beach, top shelf tequila and whiskey, listening to music, lounging by roaring fire, helping an Asgardian god and his buddies try and stop his psycho brother from leveling a town in New Mexico, and video games. Oh! Also books – I loooove a good book.

[She manages to keep a straight face through the last part, before finally losing it. She should probably take this more seriously, but with the singing and everything - it's really hard to maintain any sort of composure.

She takes a breath, running a hand through her hair.]

Ok, but really - I have questions. Any helpful information is appreciated like why I've been kidnapped and brought here... that'd be nice to know. Also if any of the Avengers are here, you probs don't know me but I know you in that 'I promise I'm not a creepy fangirl stalker' way - had to keep an eye on the big guy... So... yeah - please just let me know.

Toodles kids!

[end of feed.]
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[The feed turns on to show Aang curled up in a room that is not his own - like many, he has moved to the upper floors for safety. He looks tired, as if he isn't quite himself.

[He sighs, rubbing his eyes before speaking.]

I feel so tired. It's this curse - Amaterasu said it's from her world, and that it's really dangerous. I've been trying to gather as many people who are trying to get away from the fog as I can. I'd like to try and get those who have turned into stone to the upper floors as well, but I don't think I can manage it. I'm just not as strong as I was.

[Aang smiles bitterly.]

My bending is pretty much all but gone.

[To demonstrate, he tries to create one of his air scooters - a simple trademark move for Aang. However, all he manages to create is barely a puff of wind.]

I don't like this - it feels unnatural to not bend. It's been such a huge part of my life...I know I might regret saying this later, but this is probably the worst event I've ever been a part of.

[The Avatar doesn't say anything for a few moments before he turns off the feed.]
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There is nothing quite like a pleasant jaunt outside, and for once Athos actually laments the fact that he can't get out and about. Ironic that the week he feels more inclined to do something, he's restricted by this ludicrous black fog, the edges of which crackle with some kind of red fire that refuses to radiate any heat.


It calls for some inspection of the area, observations that the mystery stuff appears to kill everything it touches...or at least stop things in their tracks, if they had been moving. A number of small animals are trapped.

Unfortunate that he doesn't quite have the words to describe the occurrence, given that things like this don't happen in High Renaissance France very often, if ever.

You may find him lurking around the edges of the dangerous, roiling mist, attempting to test its reaction with things like plants, stones, his sword.

...Or you may find him after he's decided to screw the consequences and figure out what's going on firsthand, in which case he'll be nothing more than a statue, frozen solid on the outskirts of the fog, blade in hand and more granite than steel.

[ ooc note; Athos traipsing around and testing the waters, so to speak, so you can pester him there and interrupt his train of thought OR you can interact with his stony self in any way you like if you know what I mean. c: ]


Aug. 20th, 2012 12:31 pm
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[The Once-ler had honestly been ignoring everything going on outside. He's not magic, and he doesn't have to go out in that, so it's been an excuse to hang out inside, make more Thneeds, and pretty much just do all the things he usually does. He doesn't start worrying until he tries to go down to the kitchen and finds that red fog stuff inside. He's not really sure what to do at first (and flails about in a panic) but he does eventually reach the common sense conclusion that up is the way to go. So he runs back upstairs to the tenth floor where everything is fine and safe.

Last event, he spent almost all of his time building a Whisper-ma-phone. It's a long, long metal tube that stretches all the way down from near Room 398 on the tenth floor, to somewhere near the library on the first, with funnel-looking things on either end. And it occurs to him that maybe now is a good time to test it.

So, he coughs into it, hoping it will blow the dust out of it. And then, he speaks loudly through it, with a metal twinge to his voice:




[There. He's done his good deed for the day. It was probably a little hard to hear, since you're supposed to lean into a Whisper-ma-phone to hear it, but maybe someone in the vicinity would hear a loud whisper of something and call back, or just come upstairs.

...Of course, he could have just posted on the network, but that would invalidate the need for a Whisper-ma-phone! And Wonderland needs one, obviously!
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[Lithuania and Poland had evacuated the horses and ponies from the stables as soon as they noticed that the fog would not stay away from the immediate mansion grounds, but when Lithuania gets up at the morning of the 20th to go downstairs and check on them, give them their food and calm them down, he can see that something is very wrong the moment he enters the ground floor.

Very wrong..

The fumes or clouds or whatever they are have invaded the house. With a hand that is too agitated and jittery to really hit the right bottoms, he speeddials Poland's number, hitting the general network instead with his message, only waiting for the feed to turn on before starting to walk again, dodging the red and black fog more hastily than entirely successfully. By the time that he can see the tearoom that they have turned into a makeshift stable for the time being (getting the equestrians upstairs would just have been too much when it didn't seem necessary) he is almost running, the view of the camera jumping up and down, sometimes showing the nation's face, a deep frown from worry marring his features.]

Poland. The ground floor is affected too! Get down, we need to get the ponies and horses upstairs, and as quickly as possible - I hope-

[And then he stands in front of a cloud, of only maybe a metre diameter but it is blocking the door to him. He angles the camera at it before stuffing the still running device into his shirt.] I'll go in there.

[And then there is only darkness and the screeching of the door before the device bumps against his tummy, hitting the off button.]


Aug. 19th, 2012 06:35 pm
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Does anyone else feel really...well, odd?

[It's taken him a day or so of unsuccessful (and downright boring) bed rest to work up the nerve to admit that to the general public, but with everything that's going on outside, well. It's probably an event, isn't it? And if that's the case there's no point to wallowing around in bed.]

I don't think I'm sick or anything. I's like there's something missing, I suppose? It's hard to explain. Maybe I'm just a bit tired, but I don't think that's it either.

[He sounds tired though. And he looks a little worn out, but he's mostly frustrated that he doesn't know exactly what's wrong with him. Obviously an answer should have popped into his head as soon as he went to make this post.]

Anyhow, I was wondering if there's a virus going around? Maybe something to do with how grim it looks outside? I mean. I can't be the only one feeling like this, right?
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since we should stay inside during this..curse, does anyone want to watch a movie, cards?

there isn't much else to do, regardless. it looks like we're going to be stuck here for some time.
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[That morning, Amaterasu's comm's camera is pointed at a window. Well, technically, it's up against the glass to give the residents a very clear look at what lays outside it.

Purple fog with red glints in it covers sizable portions of the grounds of the mansion. Whatever this stuff is, it doesn't look good. What's barely seen of the fountain is some sort of purple sludge instead of water.

Ammy growls lowly in her throat beside the comm, and then shifts it to train on her face. She looks grim.]

This is a curse. Something from my home world of Nippon. It's a plague caused by demons, though I have neither seen nor scented them so far in Wonderland.

The curse saps those with supernatural powers of their strength. If a mortal should so much as touch the fog or water, they will be turned to stone. An immortal touching the fog will start to grow weaker as it feeds off of their life force. Please, be extremely careful if you decide to venture out.

If you have questions about this, I will answer as best I can.
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Now, now. I don't find this at all amusing. Do you see how I'm switching my tail? I'm not a dog, so you ought to know what that means.

I have a heavy feeling in my paws, like a dark sun rolling through a dark sky. I simply can't shake it off.

I will just have to find a quiet corner to sit still in like a statue of a cat and wait it out there.
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[The feed begins with Aang pacing his room, his brows furrowed as if he's in deep thought. Finally, he gets close to the communicator and taps it with his finger.]

Hey, Zuko. Hey. Hey. Want to practice bending?

[He's still for only a moment before he starts pacing again.]

I'll probably do it with or without you. I feel...really antsy. Like I need to constantly be moving. So, anyone can drop by if they want. Maybe I can even teach a couple of you guys a few things? Or something.

[Aang rubs the back of his head before grabbing the communicator and cutting the feed off before leaving the room.]
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[The feed comes on to find Aang in the garden, sitting cross-legged among the shrubbery and flowers. He looks a bit worse for the wear; dark circles under his eyes, and there's a peculiar gleam in them. He gives a great sigh.]

I suppose some of you were wondering where I've been all this time. Don't worry, I'm okay. Sleep and food deprived, maybe, but I'm alright.

I felt the need to take a spiritual sabbatical, I guess. I've been wandering the fields, spending time in the forest and in the garden. I wanted to get to know this place a bit better. The mansion may be the center of it all, but there's so much chaos and lots of distractions there. It's difficult for me to try and cross over to the Spirit World there.

This past event confirmed what I had only guessed at when I first got here: this place is alive. It's a conscious, living thing. I've tried communicating with it, but to no avail. I am tempted to go to the Jabberwocky Scar and try there, but I'm not too sure what would happen. I don't want to accidentally do something that would upset it.

I've talked things over with my past selves - we've discussed things in depth. My initial reaction a while ago was to just get home, to leave this place forever. But I know now that I can't do that. We're all here for a reason, even if we can't understand it. It brought us here to serve some sort of purpose, and I'm not going to leave until I've done just that.

Katara, Toph, Sokka, and home...all of that will have to wait. For now, I need to find out why Wonderland is hurting. Why it hurts us. Where the Queen fits into all of this, I don't know, but there has to be other beings here that have answers. Perhaps the Mirrors...

[His brow furrows in thought.]

Don't worry about me - I'll be fine. I just need more time to meditate, more time to think.


Jul. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Sorry, this is so overdue, I was dealing with an... incident.

[If anyone notices him brushing his fingers against his neck absently, pay that no mind... he's just remembering where his neck was slashed open.

He clears his throat awkwardly, drops his hand and continues, expression growing concerned.]

...In any case, I'm looking for a young boy named Conan. He was injured quite badly the other day and I was... interrupted while treating him.

Has anyone seen or talked to him? Is he alright?

I owe him an apology.
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[The down time between events is always both a relief and a bore. It's times like this Santana misses Puck most, because he would usually have some ideas of how to make things more interesting.

...Not that she would even take him up on the usual idea of sex, anyway. She's past that.

Which brings the narration to just why Santana has been less bored and more content for the past months. She's actually even been a little less bitchy to people! (In her opinion, anyway. Shut up.) Brittany's influence has always been good for her.

Anyway. Brittany's off doing who knows what, so Santana's relaxing in her room with a magazine. Oh, and she's kind of not wearing much. What? She just showered! Her towel is right next to her and everything. So there.

Besides, you're the perve for looking at her right now anyway.]
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[Alice looks severe. Not angry or happy or anything in particular just...severe. Intense. Intimidating, even in her rouge and lipstick. Maybe because of the lipstick.]

So. It's come to my attention that our morals have gone a bit...lax. While I can't claim to be perfectly sinless, I do think I make a daily effort to better myself and those close to me, and if I'm doing that much, why shouldn't I offer to extend my efforts to the entire mansion?

[She holds up a book. The Good Book, to be precise. You know-- the Bible.]

Starting this Sunday, I'll be hosting a class once a month to remind everyone of the values I know you all hold deep down. As I can't expect everyone to get up at six AM sharp like I always do, I'll simply record my lessons for you. Feel free to reflect on them whenever you have time, but it would please me very much to see some of you in person. I'll be using one of the tea rooms for the recordings, more info TBA!

[She pauses, clearly trying to remember what else she meant to say.]

Oh! There will be coffee and freshly made donuts after every meeting! Everyone is welcome to stop by just for the snack if they so desire.

[The tone of her voice suggests that Alice wouldn't exactly suggest anyone do that.]

Well, thank you all for listening. I hope to have some intriguing discussions this Sunday! God bless!
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[Redglare is greatly disappointed in a very many things now that she's returned. Mostly with herself past actions and how stupid her overwhelming confidence seems now that she's dead because of it. Or perhaps it wasn't so much overconfidence as her underestimation of Mindfang. For all that Dualscar had told her subjuggulating employers, he had failed to mention her manipulation prowess. Redglare's own desire to show off to the low-blooded masses that ALL were susceptible to Justice, that they were not the only ones who had to pay, was what proved her undoing.

Of course, she isn't willing to tell anyone this. It's stupid to display all of your weaknesses to the public, so instead she greets the fed with a smile.]

Well well! It seems I've taken an unwarranted and unannounced leave of absence due to the mansion's interference. You have my sincerest apologies, and I'll be sure to file the correct paper work.

[She mock-sighs and presses the back of her hand to her forehead.]

Not that anyone would care, disregarding the law as you all do so very often. You know, [And at this she sits down and crosses her legs, propping her arm up on her knee and cradling her head in her palm.] It's almost disgusting how so many individuals across all universes try to enforce the law for the safety of others and, in the end, it all comes to nothing so very often. It's just such a fucking shame, worse when you think of how many simply don't care.

[There are people who have done worse jobs at coping.]
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[With all the brouhaha that's been going on, Evelyn didn't quite notice her older brother's disappearance until after she'd woken up from that dreadful affliction in Wonderland called being dead. Lacking sibling support is one of the things making recovery that much more difficult.

It was nothing, really.

Your standard slit-throat-and-heart-removal. Evie barely remembers it happening: for an instant, there was pain, but it was like something out of a bad dream.

Since then, she's been spending a lot less time reading and a lot more time thinking. Even now, she can be found at one of the library's window seats, arms around her knees, cat occasionally venturing into her presence.

If you're not wandering through the bookshelves in her area, you might muse over the text she's decided to send today.

Good friends are really very hard to come by.

[And now she's learned this the painful way.]
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[ There's a young boy that appears on the screen, looking very perplexed. Also he seems to be holding the device the wrong way as his face is quite upside down. He's also mumbling something about uselessly complex Midgardian gadgets under his breath. His lips twist down into an adorable pout and the view is momentarily obscured as he obviously pokes the camera a few times. ]

I'm... not sure if this is on...?

[ His brow furrows as he stares at it in utter bafflement before his eyes widen in surprise as he seems to realizes something. The screen blurs for a moment and he appears right-side up when it clears again. It was no small miracle that someone as technology inept as he even managed to notice he had it upside down.  He honestly would have preferred not using this... thingamabob at all.  But the fact that he had found it after finding himself here led him to believe that using it would probably be the best way to ascertain were in the nine realms he actually WAS. ]

Sorry, I have... a profound distaste for devices like these. Is there anyone out there who can let me know where I am so I can turn this off before it gives me a headache?

[ Because he honestly hadn't the foggiest idea of how he managed to get himself here.  He knew in this child's form that his magic occasionally did wonky things if he attempted something too advanced... but all he'd been doing minutes ago was a simple summoning spell.  However after the puff! of magic cleared he discovered that instead of a low level magical beast appearing before him... he had simply appeared somewhere else instead.  He of course suspected some sort of assassination attempt, but after discovering none of the usual annoyances he suspected something else entirely must be afoot. ]


Jul. 8th, 2012 08:05 pm
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[ So after trying (and failing) to get in touch with her pals, Jane takes the time to poke around the mansion a little.  Nosing around and wishing she had her detective gear along with her. It would make this Sleuthing a lot more fun! Still, though, this place wasn't her house, and it didn't really look...well, like she expected the game to look. ]

Aww shucks,

[ She would ask something along the lines of 'Why can't I seem to connect to pesterchum, and where are my friends?' but what a silly question that would be. Instead, she settles on the more general. After all, her first order of business is figuring out where she is! ] 

this isn't what I was expecting at all! :(
Has anyone, by chance, seen a house lying around?
I don't mean this rather lavish mansion, either.
Now, I do realize this isn’t all that conventional a question, but I’m certain it should be here!
Unless, of course, something went awry right before I entered the game.
I wouldn’t be all that surprised if something had, given how the day’s been...
Still, this is a rather peculiar predicament I've found myself in, isn't it?
It seems I can't get in touch with my pals, either!

[ 'Peculiar predicament' is the understatement of the century, but still. ]  

Hoo boy, if anything, this certainly requires some serious sleuthing.
So! If you'll give me a moment here to see if I can find a fedora, I’ll get this case underway.
In the meantime, does anyone have any clues?
And on that note,
is there anyone even here?

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[The communicator is on the ground, showing a worm's eye view of a massive man in a sludge and blood covered diving suit. The poor thing's boots are particularly dirty, the last pieces of Rapture clinging to him despite being submerged in water right before he came here. His hand is on the rounded top of his helmet, holding it as if dazed. The image of a triangle printed on his hand is barely visible, but can be seen, proving his identity of someone who's been here far too many times before.]

[He lets out a noise, a strange, half growling moan as the world comes back into focus. Eventually he leans down, giving a better view of the triangle imprint, and picks up the strange device on the ground carefully.]
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[Aang clumsily turns on the camera, and sits back on his futon, a wine flask in one hand. He's swaying slightly, and as if it isn't obvious by his bloodshot eyes and slightly rosy cheeks, he's completely hammered.]

Sho I woke up thish morning feeling really shick...sho my closhet gave me thish and it'sh been working pretty well! My head doeshn't feel like it'sh going to explode and I don't feel like I'm about to purge anymore.

I thought kidsh my age weren't shupposhed to drink?

[He looks around his room and leans closer to the camera to whisper conspiratorially.]

But maybe the manshion knowsh how old I really am. I'm technic...technicaca...techni...I'm really one hundred and twelve, thirteen yearsh old! Sho I guessh that meansh I can drink.

Zuko. We should drink together. You'll feel better, I promishe!!! I'm going to go to the pool, sho you can find me there. Bring a drink or two, and we'll relaxsh and have shome fun!

[He starts giggling, and once he starts, he can't stop. He falls over, knocking the communicator to the floor and ending the feed.]


Jun. 6th, 2012 04:15 pm
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[Lithuania has three stages of being drunk: Responsible, relaxed and brooding. The second one does not alst very long, and the last forever. You can meet him during the last two.]


[Lithuania is sitting in the kitchen, a glass with beer and one with vodka in front of him, and peers at them as if deciding which to drink first is the next question after the one about the life, the universe and everything else. He seems to be in a good mood.]


[He's still sitting in the kitchen, but now he is just drinking, staring at the table with an aura of gloom. Every once in a while he will mutter something in a voice too low for someone else to understand, but he's clearly in a mood of "everything is horrible and I will tell you about it if you get too close".]
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[Right, so this place was obviously not New Meridian. Peacock growls and kicks at a near-by pumpkin in irritation as she casually lights up a cigar and takes a few over exaggerated drags before flicking it onto some of the lettuce below.

Veggies suck anyway.] I'm seriously two seconds from blowin' this joint, and I don't mean exiting stage right.

[She'd tried that. Didn't work. Just ended up popping out of the forest right back where she started. She had to give this place props for the cartoon effect it had going there. Too bad her patience is growing thin. So she casually pulls a bomb from her skirt and rolls it in her hands.] Hmm...
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[A very exhausted looking Zuko stares at the camera. His hair is a wreck, and he looks pretty grimy in general. He puts his hand on his head and groans.]


What's going on?

[The feed clicks off, but a few minutes later, Zuko can be heard yelling at the mansion to give him some water instead of sake.]
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[Athos is one of those men who drinks in more than just a recreational manner.

He drinks when he's unhappy, he drinks when he's feeling cheerful (but let's face it, how often is that?), he drinks when it's appropriate and, more often than not, when he doesn't need to. His tolerance is fairly strong, then, what with him being a large male in the "prime" of his life, having trained his body to deal with alcohol of all sorts, but the past two days have been a painful exception.

Good thing he knows how to drink to combat the searing headache.

You may encounter him in several places:

1) Slumped on a counter in the kitchen, flagon of fine Chambertin in one hand,

2) In his (rather trashed, sadly) rooms, sprawled across a bed, pillow over his head, or

3) Reclining leisurely on the veranda of the Mansion, because there's nothing like fresh air to complement some fine wine.

Surely, someone can disturb his solace. They say that misery loves company.
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[After eavesdropping hearing over the network that alcohol makes whatever this horrible sickness is go away, The Once-ler decides to give it a try, since it can't possibly be worse than what he woke up with.

More than half a bottle of Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka later, he's claimed a tea room for himself, with his guitar. Maybe he'd been looking for the music room? Does he know there's a music room? Does he remember there's a music room? Whatever. He just needed a change of scenery, and he's pretty cozy sitting on one of the fancier couches.

And he is singing a song and it sounds a little like this one.

Na, na! Nananana! Nananana na na nuh nuh nuh!
Woop-boop bo-dee-o-bo, I feel so much better now!

[He's a little sway-y, but he seems to be handling the guitar okay for the most part, except for the parts where he gets too into the lyrics and just idly strums it.]

My headache's all gone!
And I don't feel like I'm gonna puke my guts out.
Na, Na, Naaaaaah, nuhhhhh~

...Wait. How'd this go?
Na...Na, na, nan-n-n-n~

[Let's just lay down on the couch and drunkenly guitar over that part. LAKJDLASLSAALSDH!]

Hey, the ceiling's moving around
And my hands and feet feel pretty weird and tingly
And I'm not sure I can sit up...
But I can guitar somehow...I don't even know anymore
But I'm feeling so much better, nananana, na na nuh nuh nuh!
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[The camera turns on to the sight of a small futon in the corner of the Medicine Seller's Japanese-style room full of odd little curios, covered in a thin, brightly-patterned blanket. There's dim light streaming in through the shouji, and...]

[Ugh. Light.]

[Under the blankets, there's a very, very faint hiss of disapproval. The Medicine Seller sits up, in just one layer of robes, looking distinctly disheveled and not very happy about it at all.]

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[Kurt Hummel isn't immediately visible on this feed. He is, once again, a bundle of miserable blankets, huddled in woe. He probably doesn't even know the camera is on.]

Why? Why would Wonderland do this to me again?

[He groans in pain. His head hurts so bad. His everything hurts. Light hurts. He's never drinking again. Ever.]

Ugh...It wasn't funny a couple of weeks ago and it's not funny now!
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if its not obvious already
the mansion is basically giving us all the middle finger right now
its using that same finger to mindfuck us like a goddamn jackhammer to make matters worse
so i asked for the closet to give me anything to help this goddamn hangover
see mansion fucking us over with a demented smile
anyway it gave me i shit you not apple fucking cider
sparkling no less
so brb as i drink this and see if the mansion decided to give it to me without lube

[There is a pause and he finally gets back to the network.]

ok not only is it fucking delicious like i could offer it up to the gods as their substitute for nectar but it actually worked
im feeling hells of better
what the fuck is this shit
was its sheer delicious taste supposed to be the cure or what
just my luck if its actually been spiked
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So like.

Does anyone else kinda feel like they wanna die?

'Cause oh, my God. I totally wasn't even drunk last night!

...Unless I forgot last night. What day is it?
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What the fuck is going on this time?

[George looks terrible. Her skin is pale and her eyes are glassy. She rubs a temple, but it doesn't seem to help.]

I feel awful. Is this event a flu or-- ugh, fuck, my voice is so annoying right now.

[It slowly dawns on her.]

I'm hungover, aren't I? But I don't get hungover...

[She huffs.]

Anybody have a good cure or are we gonna get magic candy, you think?


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