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Sokka's gone home. His room's empty.

[She looks down.]

I'm sorry for how I acted during the event. I wasn't myself, although I thought I was. If I hurt anyone's feelings, I'm really sorry. I owe you all an apology.

I hope nothing like that happens ever again.
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[The sound of sheets shuffling and footsteps fill the network. For a moment there's nothing but this near silence, but eventually Zuko's exhausted voice speaks up.]


[The feed cuts out abruptly.]

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[You might notice that Zuko has been acting a little different. Different how? Well, he's under the influence of an event, an event that makes him one hundred percent convinced that he actually is his genocidal maniac of a father. So, let's cause a bit of destruction, yes? How about we start with lighting a massive ring of fire around the hot springs in an attempt to cook Aang alive? Or..well..also cook anyone else haplessly caught in the crossfire. So, residents, don't mind him as he occupies his time with creating walls of flame around the garden and the spring area. Johnny Cash anyone?]
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[Aang is lounging in the hot springs, enjoying the warm water way too much. It's just so nice and relaxing. He's taller than normal, with a dark brown goatee. His voice is deeper, and although he isn't buff, his muscles are more pronounced now that he's older.] messed up and confusing as this event is, I gotta say: this is pre-tty nice. I woke up this morning and none of my clothes fit. I'm taller, stronger, and I've even got a goatee, see?

[He tugs on it lightly, grinning. This is pretty awesome, getting to see and experience what it's going to be like for him when he grows up.]

All of that aside...I'm kind of worried about Katara. This event has sort of changed her. Not necessarily for the better, either. If she says something to upset you, please don't take it too personally. She's not herself right now, and I know that once this event is over, she'll be back to normal. Try to think of it as someone who's really drunk. They can't control themselves and don't mean what they say.

[He leans back in the water, closing his eyes with a serene expression on his face.]

This water feels so nice. If you haven't been to these hot springs yet, you should. It's definitely worth it.
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[Immediately after this the communicator turned on, And there was Jay looking panicked.]

Is there-Is there a Doctor here? Anyone?!

[He looked away from the communicator a moment before pointing it towards the young man passed out beside him. There was blood near him that he had spit up after Jay had brought him back to shore.]

Please, someone help. he's not-not in good condition.
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[The Avatar can't sleep. At all. The sudden change in his environment had left him suffering from insomnia. The robots kept bursting in at all hours, futilely trying to clean the acid dripping from the ceiling that was starting to eat into the floor. Aang's cubicle was extremely uncomfortable - he had half a mind to try and find somewhere to sleep outside, but it was so chaotic out there that he knew it was pointless.

Instead, he finds himself turning the communicator to video on a whim, sitting down in the office chair, his feet propped up on a desk. He opens his mouth, and instead of regular speech, he begins to sing.]

I need some can't go on like this. I tried counting sheep, but there's one I always miss. Everyone says I'm getting down too low...everyone says "you just gotta let it go, you just gotta let it just gotta let it go."

[He straightens up a bit, rubbing at his eyes, he's exhausted, but another cleaning robot bursts in the office. He sighs.]

I need some sleep; time to put the old horse down. I'm in too deep, and the wheels keep spinning 'round. Everyone says I'm getting down too low. Everyone says you just gotta let it go. "You just gotta let it go, you just gotta let it go."

[Aang slumps his shoulders, the last line coming out very softly and quietly.]

"You just gotta let it go."

[He's having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this place is cruel and dangerous. It's pretty depressing.]
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[The communicator beeps to life, followed by a yelp from Aang.]

Whoa! What...what is this thing?

[A rustling sound followed by a loud thumping can be heard as he taps the communicator in curiosity.]

I've never seen anything like this a new invention or something? Hmmm...

[A moment passes as Aang gets up and opens the door to his room, only to find the hallway of the mansion.]

What is this place...? Wait...where's Appa? And Momo? And...

[Another gasp as he realizes that his friends are no longer with him. His voice sounds desperate and concerned.]

Katara! Sokka! Toph! Suki! Where are you?!


[The sound of his voice grows fainter as Aang bolts out of the room to try and find his beloved friends.]
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Is everyone all right?

That last event was... Well, I didn't like it. I got out all right, but I'm sure some of you didn't.

[Katara twists her hands together.]

I felt like I needed to see how everyone is doing and if there's anything I can do, even if it's just sit and talk.
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[Katara's dream world was more of a nightmare. Aang had failed to save the world, and so the Fire Nation held all the cards. All forms of bending were forbidden except for firebending, and although the Fire Nation had another word for it, the other three nations were slaves and prisoners.

In this world, Katara was no longer allowed to call herself a Waterbender. She was just another girl, one of many. And Sokka was just another boy. They were part of a work crew, assigned to tasks such as constructing buildings for the Fire Nation. It was grueling work, and their overseers were merciless.

If Katara had to describe her dream world, she would choose upsetting, horrifying, and absolutely hopeless. But it was also a reminder of what was at stake. Aang could not fail, and the world she saw could not happen.

She was afraid of what she saw, but it also bolstered her determination to do whatever she could to help Aang succeed.

The world she saw was wrong, and she wanted no part of it.]

[OOC: Katara will be getting herself out eventually, but feel free to visit her. Anyone who comes to see her will find themselves in a sort of courtyard with several buildings with the Fire Nation insignia.]
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[Yes, that is keysmash. Trembling hands slip over the buttons awkwardly. Eventually voice is triggered, and heavy, almost inhuman breathing can be heard on the other line. Video comes next, with a bright glowing lens. Yellow fills the screen, but eventually it shifts back to text.]


[No, try again, no one can read that shit.]


[Typing with gloves is hard to get a hang of. Hey, eventually he’ll get it!! But for now, enjoy drunken type. He goes back and fixes his words, though.]

Is anmon anyone there?

whaty What is this place? How did I evenms even get here?!

[Is he dead? Is he fucking dead? Maybe something blindsided him, instantly killed him. That’s the only rational explanation for appearing in a forest, with an actual sky. ]

is thjis this it?

..Am I dereadf dead?
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[John's comm appears to be balanced on something precarious, if the gentle rocking from side to side is any indication. The camera is trained on an expanse of white-- apparently the area just in front of the mansion --where John is busy using his windy powers to form the shape of a giant salamander out of snow. It's going pretty well, all things considered, though this specific kind of salamander will only be recognizable to a select few within the mansion. He's even getting up close and personal with the eyes, floating up to do detail work about ten feet up.

Eventually John just hovers in midair, surveying his work. His hands land on his hips and he makes a satisfied noise. He is officially done! Time to clear out some space at the bottom. John raises his hands, sweeping the excess snow behind him aaaand knocking his comm to the ground.]

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Hey Sokka, where have you been? We need to talk.

[She addresses whoever might be listening.]

Does anyone have a good cure for idiocy? If you don't mind, could you share your ideas with me?
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[Hey, Wonderland, there is now a miffed flying pony on the screen.]

What the hay is going on around here? I mean, there wasn't a mansion the last time I checked! I almost crashed head-first into the wall!

[The pony crosses her arms and pretty much pouts.]

Not cool, whoever built it here, not cool. And I know cool!

[She pauses to rub her head a little awkwardly.]

So, like, where am I, now? It's definitely nowhere in Equestria that I'm familiar with.


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