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[The feed clicks on and shows a stretch of bright blue sky. There's a snatch of someone mumbling to themselves, clearly unaware of the video being recorded.. The voice quite obviously belongs to a young girl.]

- is this thing? Too smooth for a pebble, but not metal either... Weird.

[There's a sniffle, then an impatient huff. The journal is being moved around. Small, stubby fingers move over the camera, knuckles recently scraped raw. There's a flash of an arm, the ground, then bare and dirty feet. The toes flex, burrow in the grass outside the mansion a little. Finally the camera catches a face, more by accident than anything else. It's only half visible, and turned at an angle.

The girl is young, no older than 11 or 12 maybe. Looks East Asian, with strange green and yellow clothes, black hair falling into her face, unruly. The child's face is round and sweet, but the small mouth pressed into a concentrated frown. She's got sand in her hair, on her clothes, hint of sunburn on her cheeks and nose. Her wide eyes are not only red-rimmed as if she was fighting tears just a moment ago, but more noticably very milky, almost entirely white - she's blind.

Her head tilts away from the journal - she really is entirely unaware that she's managed to record herself on video, unfamiliar with the technology and unable to see the visual feedback on the device. Toph, as the girl's name is, lowers the strange object in her hands, makes the camera point at the mansion's walls. All residents watching this will get a lovely, if shaky view of her walking into the building - by punching a 12-year-old-girl-sized hole into the wall. Doors are for sissies. Toph could sneak around and try to find out where she is.

But then again, she could also stomp into the middle of the entrance hall and call out.]

HEY. You dunderheads in here gonna tell me what's up or do I have to knock someone around first?

[Yeah, no, seriously, screw subtlety or letting anyone know she's kinda worried the library collapsed on her head and this is the spirit world's idea of a practical joke. She isn't scared or anything stupid like that, okay, shut up.]


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