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[Professor Gregson is, for the start of her classes today, anyway, mostly herself. She's a little frazzled, clearly, but that's just because T was out partying in the forest last night and, well, hopefully her students understand that that just isn't her, so...

So they'll understand if T decides to party in the middle of class, too.]

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[So, Zuko is part of Gryffindor. Despite being quite high up there on the years tally, he still sucks at a whole lot of things. Potionmaking? Sucks. Care of magical creatures? Accidentally set one on fire.  Basically, he's bad at everything that does not include explosions. Therefore, he will be practicing his fire making talents in the Gryffindor house. Guess what he does? Well, by the smell of smoke, it could be guessed that he lit his bed on fire somehow.]

[Yeah, that's what he did, and he'll be occupied for the next five minutes with stomping the fire on his bedsheets out and growling in frustration.]

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[When the video starts up, there's still some purple smoke floating in the air. The camera tilts, and it shows a figure that might be vaguely familiar to some residents, for one reason or another: Lanky, bad posture, wearing an old-fashioned diving suit tailored to fit a young girl. As the camera is apparently put down somewhere, the bed in the room can be seen. On top of it is a small, skinny doll with a bubble-shaped head with little toy arm-spikes. Soon, though, a real helmet and real arm-spike equipped gloves are set down next to it, and a girl of about 16 or 17 hops up onto the bed. When she speaks, it seems like she's addressing the machine, but she isn't quite looking at it, either.]

Well... It certainly looks just the way I left it. I couldn't find any of them, though.

[She gives a quick, short chuckle, which doesn't sound as convincingly lighthearted as she meant it to sound. She then finally looks to the camera, wearing an equally unconvincing smile.]

I... don't suppose there's anyone I know here, is there?
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[So Evelyn read from a book she wasn't supposed to. These sorts of things can happen to anyone! After all, what harm could possibly come from reading a book?

Outside of bringing a three-thousand year old mummy back from the dead with a vengeance; It's all well and good until the locusts start swarming and fire rains from the sky.

...right. She stays here - you three, come with me.

[O'Connell is the first to jump into action, which means that Evelyn takes immediate offence.]

Now, just a minute! You can't just leave me behind here like some old kind of carpet-bag, I mean- Who put you in charge-

[After that, in the cloud of anger that has something to do with O'Connell picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder as he forcibly moves her back to her room, she can hardly remember precisely what she's saying. It's all a blur.]

O'Connell! What do you think you are doing? Jonathan!

Ah...sorry, Evie, he's a bit...tall...

O'Connell! Jonathan, you- you coward that you are! O'Connell, you are not leaving me in here!

[The door slams shut behind her, tumbler rolling into place heavily, giving her an instant to realise that he's locked her in.

She tries the handles. She beats against the panels. She briefly considers throwing her typewriter before abandoning the idea, because she only has one and ordering another from London would take far too much time, even using telegram. So Evelyn paces. Sits. Waits.

Her impatience gets the better of her, though, and it isn't long before she gets up, turns the knob again, and - lo and behold! An...

...empty hallway, rather than the parlour guarded by two ill-mannered Americans that she had expected.


[Memories from a place without sand and murderous, undead priests hit her like a wave of vertigo, and she stares down at a curious communicating device in her hand. It looks familiar, but at the same time, it's not something she should know.]


[That definitely puts "saving mankind" on hold, doesn't it?]
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[A very exhausted looking Zuko stares at the camera. His hair is a wreck, and he looks pretty grimy in general. He puts his hand on his head and groans.]


What's going on?

[The feed clicks off, but a few minutes later, Zuko can be heard yelling at the mansion to give him some water instead of sake.]
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[Hello Wonderland. We would like to interrupt your normally scheduled program to bring your attention to a large streak of lightning cascading over the sky right around noon. Thunder claps loud enough to shake windows. The sound, whatever it was, came from the beach.]

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[Something is falling out of the sky.]

[It's visible, if only because the journal somehow fell first, impacting the ground hard enough to start up a recording. There's a brief image of a dark green shape plummeting downward toward the beach before it just. Slams right on into the sand.]

[And it doesn't move. Not for a good few moments.]

[The shockwave from impact threw the journal back a few feet, far enough to provide the image of whoever it was that had fallen -- and it shows a giant robot. A giant, green robot with bright red wings extending from each shoulder. It just sort of lies there, the occasional spark popping up off its "armor" plating.]

[Then, abruptly, its head turns slightly to the side, revealing a bright, glowing green 'eye', before the sand and abuse take their toll, shutting the recording off.]
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[Aang's voice sounds tired.]

Now that the Event is over, I can finally talk about what happened last time...

Seeing the Jabberwocky kill Zuko was painful. I wish I could have prevented it. I had thought that this place wasn't so bad. The first few weeks here have been wonderful. They really have. But seeing my friend be killed and acting like Ozai has made me realize that Wonderland is just as dangerous and fickle as they say it is.

At the same time, though, I can't believe that this place is all that bad! I've seen such beautiful things here, and have gotten to make so many good friends! This place can be good all the time, I know it can! There's just something a bit off about it, that's all.

[He mumbles incoherently.]

I have to keep telling myself that. If I don't, this place becomes much worse than it already is.

[He clears his throat.]

The other thing that's bothering me is the fact that Sokka's gone home. I wish I could take all of my friends and myself back, but I don't have a clue how I would do that. I think it's for the best, really. I don't think Sokka was all that happy here, and he'll be of more use to our loved ones at home. They need strong warriors like him.

All of this aside, who was that lady that killed the Jabberwocky? I wonder if she'll grant someone an audience if they wanted one.
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[He sounds tired, really tired. Zuko just was ripped apart by a giant monster that used to be someone he thought was p. cool.]

Aang, I want you to promise me that if something like that happens again, you'll stop me from hurting anyone, no matter what it takes.

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[The sound of sheets shuffling and footsteps fill the network. For a moment there's nothing but this near silence, but eventually Zuko's exhausted voice speaks up.]


[The feed cuts out abruptly.]

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[You might notice that Zuko has been acting a little different. Different how? Well, he's under the influence of an event, an event that makes him one hundred percent convinced that he actually is his genocidal maniac of a father. So, let's cause a bit of destruction, yes? How about we start with lighting a massive ring of fire around the hot springs in an attempt to cook Aang alive? Or..well..also cook anyone else haplessly caught in the crossfire. So, residents, don't mind him as he occupies his time with creating walls of flame around the garden and the spring area. Johnny Cash anyone?]
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There are few pastimes a grown man in an estate manor filled with teenagers can partake in - even fewer that a Musketeer might indulge.

There is no one to impress; why bother using his know-how to put together a magnificent meal?

There is no one to fight; the last enemy died several times, and the thrill is gone.

There is only a member of His Majesty's Maison du Roi and his blade, performing a clever dance in the dining hall, having pushed the tables back against the walls. With or without an opponent, the fencing is mechanical, practiced, and skilled.

But admittedly, he could use an apprentice to pass the time, as it were.

He only realizes that his communicator is transmitting when he takes a moment to glance towards it, noticing the blinking light. Athos lowers his rapier.

"...I believe I took privacy for granted until this place."
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When I was told about these event things, no one said anything about dying left and right.

[ He grimaces at the screen. Twice! He has died twice.

Yeah ok so the first time was his own fault. Big deal. Who knew hairspray could be so flammable? He still died.

...And so what if the second time was also sort of his fault too? He liked his dream. Even if everyone started acting really weird near the end. It was still better than the current situation. ]

Are they all like this?
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[Zuko now has everything he's ever wanted, which is quite sad, really, because nothing he has in his dream world is real, and he understands that. He sits, legs crossed, at the turtleduck pond in the palace gardens. He has no scar, and his hair is tied back neatly in a much more royal style. The young man seems conflicted. Idly he feeds the hybrid animals. His mother, for the moment, isn't with him.]
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[One plus side from the last event was that Sokka learned of the glorious invention, the post-it note. When the video starts, it's apparent that his room is now litterred with them. Even his maps have little post-it notes attached. In fact, on the table Sokka's sitting at, they're arranged in a rainbow. Take that, mansion! You give Sokka a horrible thing and he'll make it into something useful! THEY EVEN COME IN DIFFERENT COLORS AND SHAPES--

Er, Sokka is not here to gush over the awesomeness that is the post-it note, though. No, he actually has a purpose with this one.

Okay, so seeing as that last event was so wonderful, I think I have some questions for everybody. How many times have you guys died here? I'm trying to figure out some stuff, like if dying here actually means anything and all. I know, it sounds kinda weird, but trust me, I've got my reasons.

[He can wander around the library all he wants. Heck, he can even have all the maps in the world. But, the thing is, all those maps and books haven't explained a thing to him. He knows some little things, sure, but every time an event like the last one comes, the more clueless he becomes. Seriously, does anyone have a handle over this place?]
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[This is the worst post you will ever hear and I apologize for it.

It's the sound of crying. Somewhere in the mansion, there is a little girl crying, and thanks to her non-understanding of technology, she is clutching the journal and crying directly into your speaker. That's all. She doesn't sound in pain or in danger; it's just the hiccuping, exaggerated sobs of a frightened child. The post goes for a few solid minutes. Just. Crying.


So, enjoy that.
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[Hey, look, there's a wolf over here! She's sniffing at the device, and her nose accidentally turns on the video. Ammy gives it a curious look, having never seen technology like this before. She presses something, and now it's suddenly dual-screen, as if to see both her and text. Surprisingly, the wolf starts writing.]

This certainly isn't where I should be! Is this strange land part of Nippon?

[There's confusion and doubt evident in her eyes. If this is a trick of Yami's, she wouldn't be surprised. This place has a different scent from her world's.]

Also, is there food here? Peaches, apples, cherry cakes?

[This question seems to perk her up a little, her tail wagging gently.]
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[The camera catches Poland in a good mood as he heads towards Elaine's room. He's got a basket over his arm, and he's humming a little as he walks. But when he gets to the door...]

[No answer.]

[And another knock, and another, and again, nothing.]

[He tries opening the door, and-- nothing.]


No, no, don't--dammit! [His voice sounds a little close to breaking. Dropping his basket, he slams his fist into the wall, like he can pummel the mansion into doing what he wants.]

This totally isn't funny! This isn't--give her back!

[The mansion doesn't. Poland slides to the ground, shivering a little, trying to hold himself together.]
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[A hall video flips on on its own. It's almost as if the mansion knows what's about to happen.

Tara's making her way down the hall, on her way to the kitchen. She has to get out of her room sometime, right?

Too bad for her that somebody's drawn a wire across the top of the stairs. Just as she goes to take a step, her feet get caught in the wire and she just...tumbles. One might make a joke about being warned about stairs if it weren't so horrifying. She struggles to keep from falling but her momentum is too great. She flips head over heels at least twice, arms and legs tangling and catching on steps as she continues down before finally coming to rest on the landing below, her head cracking audibly against a banister.

The video cuts out, as if to say "DEAD".]
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[The feed turns on and there's a certain young man staring into the camera looking a little paranoid.]
Does anyone know where we are? I woke up here this morning and I-don't know how to get home. I don't even remember how I got here. The last thing I remember is-
[He paused looking down trying to remember what had happened through the fog in his mind only to widen his eyes slightly at the memory of getting up close and personal with that Operator thing in an abandoned building after trying to catch totheark.He shook his head a second as he shuddered at the memory before looking up at the camera again.] Also has anyone seen anybody-strange walking around like-a tall guy in a suit? [If anyone has don't expect Jay to be leaving his room ever.]
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[Jesus Christ, Dave, that is not the kind of thing you should be using in music! John hurries over as soon as the explosion sounds, only vaguely worried but mostly convinced that Dave's had some sort of specimen-preserving-incident.

But that's not the case.

No. Dave's up against a wall, slumped over and-- and he's not moving, not even breathing. John tries CPR, even special windy thing CPR but--



He flips on the video, not even trying to hide how upset and panicked he is.]

Guys, Dave's dead. Dave-- he died. There was a big bang and then-- I came in and--

Oh God, what do I do?! Does he even have a dreamself here or...

What do I do?


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm
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[This morning, George just happened to wake up to a yellow room. Except, no. There was just something stuck to her forehead. Something yellow.

A post-it.



George, after waking up enough to scream into her pillow in frustration, deduced that her assigned K. Hummel was that gay kid and, maybe, like, an hour later, she realized what this was. An event. A reaper event.

Shit. Shit fuck.

Better clue some people in. Carefully.]

So, uh. Anybody else find some weird post-it note this morning?
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[John's comm appears to be balanced on something precarious, if the gentle rocking from side to side is any indication. The camera is trained on an expanse of white-- apparently the area just in front of the mansion --where John is busy using his windy powers to form the shape of a giant salamander out of snow. It's going pretty well, all things considered, though this specific kind of salamander will only be recognizable to a select few within the mansion. He's even getting up close and personal with the eyes, floating up to do detail work about ten feet up.

Eventually John just hovers in midair, surveying his work. His hands land on his hips and he makes a satisfied noise. He is officially done! Time to clear out some space at the bottom. John raises his hands, sweeping the excess snow behind him aaaand knocking his comm to the ground.]



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