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[Mary had been looking over some of the books in the library. Most of which are after her time and are...confusing to say the least.]

I knew books would be different that what I read, but these are so strange. Romances with monsters, books filled with gore and murder...

Reading should be an escape from the horrors that fill our worlds and yet these books seem to be in abundance.

[Shaking her head, she sets a book on the table.]

Times change so damn much.
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[ Philip sits at his desk. He briefly considers setting the scene, tidying up the stack of papers, or-- What's the point? It's his office. Nobody is going to see him. But all of Genosha is about to hear him.

He clears his throat.

And rolls his eyes at the private joke, because even like that it's getting old.

Due to the series of recent events I'm forced to remind all fellow mutants to travel carefully, especially near the Ridgeback Mountains region. Do not travel alone. Do not underestimate what their misguided rebellion is capable of. And remember to listen to Her Majesty's daily broadcast for further updates and information.

Long live the Queen.

[ Because he sure as bloody hell isn't going to bother reaching out like this again anytime soon. He doesn't add as much, though. Instead Philip presses a tissue to his nose, and catches the blood. Shuffles around some papers, and takes the opportunity to pause, anyway, because when his mind reaches across the island again the message plays a different tune: ]

To all homo sapiens: Our world does not need to be like this. Why try to anchor us in the past, when you could be part of our future? We are offering our help to you. If you would like to accept it, report to the science faculty at Magda University to participate in our Human Evolutionary Advancement Research Trials. Don't let the coming days be your end. Let them be a new beginning for all of us.

Never forget this: You have a chance to decide your own fate, before it gets decided for you.

[ He combs through his notes. Nope, that's that taken care of. Jesus Christ, he'll need a stiff drink now. He fumbles for a bottle in his drawer, and the phone on his desk. ]

Private Text to Ford Pines
Since as usual none of what I'm saying gets through to your tin brain, get your bloody arse over here and give me a status report on the experiments.

[[ OOC: Plotting comment is here, my contact post is here. Philip cannot read thoughts, so any replies will need to happen through other means. He won't get his memories back until late on the fourth day, so feel free to post starters across all days accordingly (or contact me if you want to set something up!) ]]
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Hm...I've been wondering about Superpowers lately! Does anyone else wonder what it would be like to have them? Or what it would be like to have a different one, if you've already got one? There's no need to leave anyone out of the pondering just because they've alr͕̦̤̝e҉͈͇̦̼̕a̹͢ͅd̡͖̼̹̤͈͎̟͡ỳ҉̗̟̜̖̹ ͡҉̳͔g̡͈̪͇̪̻̲̼̬o͏̸̛̰̗̰̦̲ͅt̻̠̜͝͠͝-͕̙-҉̣͈

[Curiously, the audio glitches out of the post and becomes something else entirely. The video feed is still there and everyone can see Alice excitedly talking about something, presumably different superpowers, and occasionally shaking her head and going on a different excited tangent. Even without her eyes, her moods are crystal clear. The audio, however, sounds more like a radio broadcast. The voice that comes through is not Alice's and does not match up with her movements at all. it belongs to someone a bit older than her.

--ecent attacks? [A small, polite, controlled laugh.] I should think everyone knows who's responsible. Clearly we ought to be investigating the Humans! We should have never allowed them to live among us. It was doomed to fail from the start!? You simply can't expect them to live alongside people who are biologically superior to them in every way. It was never going to work! It was only a matter of time before they began lashing out. They won't be happy unless we are suffering.

[There something garbled, another voice - perhaps an interviewer?]

Their inherent jealousy should not be the problem of my people. Thankfully, our task force is working their absolute hardest - my "heart" goes out to every one of you! [There's some more static, as a small group of people laughs at the pun.] My honest opinion though, is that none of them belong here. Not a single one. And if I have my way, EVERY last one of them wil͝҉̱̳̦̦l͏̷̱̳ ̶̯̖̜͔͍̗̩͘b̢̧͙͇͓̻̯͈̺̤̀e̛͏̖ ̢̧͚͡ḓ̢̰͙͕̦͉̜͢-̸̫̦̺͡-̥͉̠̣̯̝̪̕͝!

[The audio cuts out once more and returns to Alice, speaking as she normally does, with her mouth matching up to her voice again.]

--and that's why I think flying would be the best power. Don't you think so? What sort of power would you want, if you could pick anything at all?
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Hello darlings~!

I must say, as events go, this one has to be a personal favorite of mine! A sleeping curse that only ~true love's kiss~ can abide? It's just out of a fairy tale!

Now, don't fret! My love for all of my fans is strong and true, so if you or a buddy of yours is still asleep, you may get a special gift from your favorite celebrity! ♥

[He blows a kiss to the camera and winks.]

((ooc: whether this actually WORKS on your character or friend is totally up to you, Mettaton is still down to give out kisses regardless of success rate.))
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[Seren appears on screen, grinning brightly. You can practically hear her vibrating with excitement.]

I think I've figured it out. "It" being an idea I've had. You see, dueling magic is better for long range, but it's so easy to get cornered in events. And since I'll never be a big old brawler-- [She flexes one arm. It's got more muscle than it used to, but it's still rather slight.] --I thought maybe I could combine the two. And what better place to start than lighting something on fire?

[Her eyes gleam as she lifts up her left fist and, with a muttered word and a flick of her wand, sets it aflame from the wrist up. As she proceeds to jam her wand into her pocket, she doesn't even flinch at the flames licking at her hand. Yet, when she introduces a slip of paper into the fire, it lights right up.]

Brilliant, eh? This took some work, let me tell you. [Seren tosses the paper aside and stamps it out off screen, then uses her wand to douse the flame.]

Now, the issue is that in a fight, you don't want to have your hand on fire all the bloody time, so what I' working on now-- and what I think I've mastered --is rapidly transitioning between on, off fire. You get the idea. So, for an in-action demonstration...

[Seren squares up and lifts both hands like a boxer ready to throw a punch. Her wand held in her dominant right hand, she raises her arm to throw a left hook, simultaneously shifting her wand to aim at her hand and shouting the charm she'd created. And it works! Her hand lights up and she throws a flaming punch at her imagined enemy.

...Except apparently her charm isn't configured quite right. Because as she pulled her arm back to throw the punch, the spell hit just in time to kindle a fire in the ends of her hair.

Not that Seren immediately notices. She's grinning into the camera, proud of her work, when her face falls and she realizes where that sudden heat is coming from.]


[Seren fumbles with her wand and quickly douses the fire, but not fast enough to keep her hair from getting pretty decently singed. She holds up the ends and pouts at them before glancing back at the camera.]

Well, it could have gone worse.


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[There's bright eyes and a friendly smile beneath the curly mop of red hair on his head as he addresses the network, even if his outfit is all dark colors and leather.]

Alright, so I've got a question for you guys.

[He rubs the back of his neck a little sheepishly, before he just comes out with it.]

Do you or anyone you know have a bunch of experience with a sword or hand-to-hand combat? I was working pretty hard on it back home, and I'd rather keep that up while I'm here if I can.

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[Willa tends not to appear on the network very often, due to both anxiousness and being generally bad at any form of public speaking. But...there's something she should probably address, and now that there's (supposedly?) an event going on it's even more noticeable that something, or someone rather, is missing.]

Um...I-I don't know how many people knew him, but...Bernard? The uh, the red-haired boy who hangs out with me a lot? He's...I think he's gone. Like, I think he went home.

[There's an awkward beat, and she looks downward, fiddling with her hands for lack of anything else to do with them. She has a lot more on her mind about this particular subject, but...not much more she actually wants to say to the entire population of Wonderland.]

I...I don't know how many people knew him here, but. I. I just...I thought you should know.

[She seems unsure if that's a note she wants to end the message on, but what else is there to say? Just traditional farewells that won't mean anything in the end? The things people are supposed to end conversations with won't bring him back to Wonderland, so...Willa shuts the camera off.]

[ooc: Replies will come from [personal profile] waywardleaves and Bernard is Rule 63!Beatrice, if that wasn't clear!]
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Greetings, denizens of Wonderland! [Prince Gumball might not be the most frequent participant in Wonderland's various networks, but when he does choose to speak up, it's usually with something particularly interesting. As usual, he's in front of a whiteboard covered in writing.]

I woke up feeling strangely... woozy, which I'm given to understand means this event, first of all, has already started, and second of all, comes from my world. Considering nothing appears to have changed, one may suspect this is one of those events we won't truly understand until after it's over.

[He slams his hands down on the desk in front of him.]

One would suspect wrong, though. I've started a list of every strange thing that's happened over the course of my reign in the Candy Kingdom. I'll narrow it down, believe me. Just wait. Wonderland won't get the better of us this time.

I'll be certain to keep you all updated when I do. Until then, enjoy the relative calm of whatever this event is.

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[Kanji looks nervous as he turns on the feed, shifting uncomfortably with one hand at the back of his neck, eyes darting off to one side as if to make sure he's not being watched by anyone other than the folks he's broadcasting too-- it looks like he's in the diner at the moment, taking a break on one of the stools at the counter as he clears his throat and focuses his attention back on the device in his hands.]

So, I was just wonderin'-- would anyone be interested in some kinda arts and crafts workshop?

[He's been wanting to offer some kind of classes for awhile, if only to find other people with interests that are in line with his own, but he's been a little anxious about stepping up to actually say something. Events had given him plenty of reason to push it back, but if he was honest, being somewhere other than Inaba made him a little hesitant to take that big first step again, especially with how hard he'd had to work to make it back home.]

Nothin' fancy, but we could do different stuff each week maybe. Puppets, crochet, painting-- whatever. We've got this great youth center, thought it might be a good place for it. If-- if anyone's interested, let me know what days work for you, yeah? Thinkin' maybe some weekday afternoons. Y'know, we don't get events during the week for the most part, so-- probably seems like the best bet.

[He's rambling, and trying hard not to trip over his words, but he manages a hopeful smile as he closes out the message all the same.]

Hopefully I'm not the only one into this kind of thing. If you wanna talk in person, I'm in the diner most days, and I've been hanging out in the youth center in the afternoons. A-anyway-- thanks for listening. Lemme know if you want in.

[He cuts the feed, but he'll be working in the diner for most of the afternoon, helping Souji out both in the kitchen and behind the counter, wiping down tables whenever people finish up their meals. Afterwards, he'll be down in the youth center, where he's claimed a corner table for himself with a number of supplies laid out across it. Anyone who walks in will see him working on the finishing touches of a small knit doll: a monkey, to be specific, which he seems to be intent on dressing in great detail now that the doll itself is complete.]
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[He's going to regret this. He already knows he's going to regret this. But he has questions, and he's not exactly sure who to go to. Not his moms, not...anyone who would tell his moms, probably? He's going to regret this.]

So. Hi, Wonderland. Good afternoon.


I just...I had a question. So. Here it goes. My question.

How do you
I mean, when you want to know what or how, or
I mean

[Stop saying 'I mean,' Henry.]

Girls. Girls and the things that make them girls.
When do you get to see those things?

[Oh, man. He's going to have a panic attack over girls and boobs.]

I'm not trying to. I mean I just. How does anyone ever get to see them if you're also trying to be respectful?

[This is all Kenzi's fault.]
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[The screen boots up, blipping out of focus ever so slightly, as the happy titles for a DRAWING TUTORIAL make their way onto, and occasionally fizzle off, the display. Distantly, this 'tune' can be heard in the background, distorting the music with its impossible, never heightening decibels.]

HOW tO dRaw A T̶̴͝R̶̕͞I̷͜͞͠A̛҉̀Ņ͘͢͞͡G̨Ļ͢͝E̢͜

1.) Put THREE DOTS on YOUR PAPER or whatever object YOU'VE CHOSEN TO DEFACE!





VI.) Use the midpoint to draw an oval YOU CREEPS!

7.) ADD a dot within the oval at wherever you'd like to SUBJECT YOUR JUDGEMENTAL stare first. GO ON, YOU'VE EARNED IT!!

.) Fail to realize you just STARTED FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS without thought like THE SHEEPLE you are!


[All at once, the screen flashes with an obscenely bright light, aiming to seer the videos completed after image into the watchers retinas. After all, it's much easier for Bill to enter the minds of people, when they already have his image imprinted somewhere in their brains! The static emits one more alarmingly loud hiss before the picture dissipates entirely.]

E͠M̸͟͝K̡ ̵̢͝ ̧Y̶̡̧K͞ ̴̴ ̵̧̢ ̷̕Z͘͠MY͢͡͡Q̡
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--s like Facebook? Vine or something? Am I broadcasting live? Ah, yes, here we are.

[The feed cuts from audio to video, showing a young man holding his phone at arm's length so it can record him. He hopes he's doing this correctly as he'd hate to make a fool of himself. Being separated from his landmass and people is extremely disconcerting if not outright uncomfortable. He's met other people here, but he'd like to put a few words out there just to cover his figurative bases.]

Hello! [He smiles. His accent is very... Londoner. His eyes, if anyone cares to look into them, aren't very young at all. It's not that he doesn't seem trustworthy... just that some things don't seem to line up. And anyone who is of British citizenship may think there is something off about this young man. They may even know who he is--or not.]

I've only just arrived and I'd hoped someone would be kind enough to provide information about where we are and why? I've already heard about the closets, and that this is a twisted sort of "Wonderland." Hah! The thought is laughable.

The assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you, and good day.

[If anyone wants to approach him, for a while he'll be in the halls with a book on European architecture in his hands.]


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