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[Xephos had expected magma. He had expected wires and pipes and electronics and most of all he had expected Honeydew at the very least to be right there with him. Alone in the woods was most certainly not at all what he had expected at all

The camera shows one William Riker of the USS Enterprise standing in the woods, looking rather lost and confused. He may look like the starship commander, but he most certainly does not sound like him.]

Wha-this isn’t the Nether. Simon? Simon! Oh, this is absolutely ridiculous! Is this the spawn point? How did I die?! I don’t remember dying! I was just… Is this… is this near Terrorvale? Was Terrorvale near the forest biome? How did... I can’t believe this! Are you in the Nether? Actually, can I teleport to the Nether from here? Hold on.

[He stands still for a moment then throws his arms up in the air.]

Great, just great. Something’s wrong; I’m not an op anymore. Simon, can you even hear me? I can’t teleport to you and it’s getting dark… Oh, look at this, I have absolutely nothing! No coal, no sword, no tools! I cannot believe this!

[Xephos walks over to the nearest tree and starts to punch it.]

Punch tree, punch tree-Eeaaah~! What's wrong with the trees?

[He tries other trees with much the same result, shaking his poor hands.]

Oh, God. I am so screwed! Why can’t I punch these trees down?! [whine] Oh my God, Simon, what has gone wrong with my client? Notch!

[Not able to punch the trees down, Xephos goes for the only logical step left: dig down deep to bury himself underground for safety. He crouches and furiously digs at the earth. There is a lot of whining and pretend heavy breathing involved.]

I can’t punch through the dirt? Oh, God, this is going to take ages! Why is everything so nerfed?!
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[After he had realized he had said the same monologue a couple times, he had thought something was off about it, so he was a little prepared for something weird to happen. That still didn't prepare him fully for when the 3rd floor corridor disappeared and he was inside of this room instead.

For now, however, the wizard had managed to keep relativity calm. He had found the device in his pocket, and having studied muggles and their odd creations, he sort of knew what it was. His expression is showing the confused, angry, wrecked state he was in... Being betrayed by the guy you've been entirely loyal to for years can do that to a guy. He then realizes he may need a little help here in order to get out of this place... May as well act pathetic nice.


[He still looks a little upset, but now more scared and confused than irritated.]

W-Would anybody be w-willing to, uhm, inform me where I am? [As if in afterthought, he adds quickly] P-Please?...
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[Tara is seven years old. She's sitting Indian-style in a beanbag in a basement. Her face is beat-up, some cuts, mostly bruises and burns. He could do more to her face as it became clear there'd be no use in her hiding what happened anymore. He'd made his decision and there was no one to stop him.

No one did.

She's all cried out. At some point she put a bandage over some of the cuts, but she knows there's no point anymore. They don't even bleed.]
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[Within walking distance of McKinley high school is the inside of a cell. There's no bars or door in this memory, but the woman sitting inside has no intention of leaving anyway. She's old-- in her sixties, at least --and blank-faced. Empty. As if she's been in there too long to have any anger or sadness left.

As if she died in that cell and even in death has nowhere else to go.]

04. [text]

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Land of wonders! I am excruciatingly bored. Not the kind of bored that is a part of these scheduled situations called 'events'. But the one that involves being actually bored out of one's mind.

This is a link to the world of online. Is someone able to explain this melody to me? I am very curious why one should drop everything as if its hot because a pimp enters a dwelling.

[The next textmessages are filtered to Thor only, since Loki finally managed to figure that out.]

spam )

[The next text gets send to Thor, but also to everyone else. Just because Loki particulary likes this face of rage.]

This is not a gentleman.
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[ At first Thorfinn thought he was dreaming.  He was clearly in a building of some sort, though never had he been in so fine before in his life, nor one so large.  He already had walked around a little and all the doors he encountered thus far only led to more rooms and not a way out.  He eventually drew one of his knives and poked a finger.  No, he could definitely feel that.  He wasn't dreaming.  Somehow this was all real.  How, he had no idea. 

There was also the matter of the strange object he picked up shortly after finding himself here.  Small and flat with a glowing panel, it was unlike anything he'd ever set his eyes on before.  He wasn't sure what purpose it held, but poking at it seemed to change how some of the things on the glowing panel looked (he had, in the processes of prodding it, unknowingly turned the video function on).

He hadn't exactly believed in enchantments before now, but truly the only explanation he was that some sort of sorcery was afoot.

Well... there was one other explanation he could think of. ]

I've... died maybe? This doesn't look like how I had pictured Valhalla though.

[ The Viking teen pauses, biting his lip.  Nothing made sense. ]

No... sorcery.  That man was not skilled enough to kill me.

[ He needed to figure this situation out, and quickly.  There was still someone he needed to kill before he would allow anyone to slay him, and he had that idiot girly Prince to worry about now as well. ]


Aug. 26th, 2012 07:16 pm
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[As Blaine walks into view of the camera, he's putting away his keys, giving his hair a smooth over - generally not paying attention to his surroundings. Until he realizes that he definitely didn't walk into a giant mansion. Except that he apparently did. He looks around cautiously for someone to tell him exactly what the hell is going on.]

Ah...hello? Excuse me, I'm looking for directions to William McKinley High School? Is there anyone here?

[He doesn't get an answer for a minute and checks his phone. He's alarmed when he sees that he has no service. He hurriedly tries to call someone but just gets a (rather loud) dial tone. Not even a ring. He's obviously very disappointed and upset that he couldn't get a hold of whoever he was trying to call.]


[And then something dawns on him very quickly. Something that probably should have dawned on him earlier. His eyes are wide and they shift from side to side. He even does a little whirl around.]

If I'm not in Lima, where am I?
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[Jay hadn't been doing to well lately; Jay had locked himself in his room for days without food or water and it was begining to effect his health. He ignored all reasons to leave until he looked out the window and saw the fog. He paled even more then he already was, he could tell it was probably dangerous but-he almost wanted to investigate it, not realizing that it would turn him to stone. He noticed the device was on and grabbed it before heading towards the stairs, planning on investigating. Someone try to talk some sense into him?]
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I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of feeling like we need a group update on, uh. Death and death-like things that've happened to folks.

Anybody wanna help me get up to date?
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[ Sam's in his element, looking Serious, albeit somewhat tired. ]

Hey. Uh-- I hope by now everyone's figured out that this is dangerous, and that keeping to the higher floors is the right way to go. But, if anyone's stuck, let me know, alright? We should stick together when this kinda stuff goes down. Won't do any of us any good to adopt a "every man for himself" sort of attitude.

[ He nods, firmly. ]

... At least we don't have the babies around anymore, though, right?
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[The feed turns on to show Aang curled up in a room that is not his own - like many, he has moved to the upper floors for safety. He looks tired, as if he isn't quite himself.

[He sighs, rubbing his eyes before speaking.]

I feel so tired. It's this curse - Amaterasu said it's from her world, and that it's really dangerous. I've been trying to gather as many people who are trying to get away from the fog as I can. I'd like to try and get those who have turned into stone to the upper floors as well, but I don't think I can manage it. I'm just not as strong as I was.

[Aang smiles bitterly.]

My bending is pretty much all but gone.

[To demonstrate, he tries to create one of his air scooters - a simple trademark move for Aang. However, all he manages to create is barely a puff of wind.]

I don't like this - it feels unnatural to not bend. It's been such a huge part of my life...I know I might regret saying this later, but this is probably the worst event I've ever been a part of.

[The Avatar doesn't say anything for a few moments before he turns off the feed.]
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[Lithuania and Poland had evacuated the horses and ponies from the stables as soon as they noticed that the fog would not stay away from the immediate mansion grounds, but when Lithuania gets up at the morning of the 20th to go downstairs and check on them, give them their food and calm them down, he can see that something is very wrong the moment he enters the ground floor.

Very wrong..

The fumes or clouds or whatever they are have invaded the house. With a hand that is too agitated and jittery to really hit the right bottoms, he speeddials Poland's number, hitting the general network instead with his message, only waiting for the feed to turn on before starting to walk again, dodging the red and black fog more hastily than entirely successfully. By the time that he can see the tearoom that they have turned into a makeshift stable for the time being (getting the equestrians upstairs would just have been too much when it didn't seem necessary) he is almost running, the view of the camera jumping up and down, sometimes showing the nation's face, a deep frown from worry marring his features.]

Poland. The ground floor is affected too! Get down, we need to get the ponies and horses upstairs, and as quickly as possible - I hope-

[And then he stands in front of a cloud, of only maybe a metre diameter but it is blocking the door to him. He angles the camera at it before stuffing the still running device into his shirt.] I'll go in there.

[And then there is only darkness and the screeching of the door before the device bumps against his tummy, hitting the off button.]
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[That morning, Amaterasu's comm's camera is pointed at a window. Well, technically, it's up against the glass to give the residents a very clear look at what lays outside it.

Purple fog with red glints in it covers sizable portions of the grounds of the mansion. Whatever this stuff is, it doesn't look good. What's barely seen of the fountain is some sort of purple sludge instead of water.

Ammy growls lowly in her throat beside the comm, and then shifts it to train on her face. She looks grim.]

This is a curse. Something from my home world of Nippon. It's a plague caused by demons, though I have neither seen nor scented them so far in Wonderland.

The curse saps those with supernatural powers of their strength. If a mortal should so much as touch the fog or water, they will be turned to stone. An immortal touching the fog will start to grow weaker as it feeds off of their life force. Please, be extremely careful if you decide to venture out.

If you have questions about this, I will answer as best I can.
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[Natasha woke with a strangled scream bubbling in her throat, lips locked against letting it actually sound. Her chest was heaving was she struggled for air, curls matted against her forehead, damp with sweat. How long -- how long had she been asleep? Her body felt heavy, weak; she had to estimate four days, perhaps even as long as a week, off hand. But why?

This stank of an attack to her.

Her second priority was, of course, the child. With her asleep, who had taken care of the miniature who had suddenly appeared in her apartments? Her first survey of the room yielded no sign of a toddler, her second told her that all the various out-of-place items had been reordered.. no sign of a child whatsoever.

Good. She didn't want to have to worry about a kid when she went after whoever it was who saw fit to put her in a coma for the last week or so. Forcing her still sleep-sodden body to cooperate with her demands, Natasha ran her fingers through her matted curls. Shower first.

Finding out who did this and making them pay would come later.]

[ooc: Oops, sleeping beauty is awake and not happy about it! Just in case you didn't see the note in the title, this is backdated to August 9th, because I fail. Feel free to have your character have noticed her absence or that her door has been suspiciously locked and she has been unreachable the last week!]
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[The camera turned on to Jay looking more tired then usual sitting on a bed, holding a baby version of himself. He could hardly keep his eyes open but he kept telling himself he needed to in case the baby version of himself got into some sort of trouble while he slept.]

Has Wonderland made a baby sitting service yet or...? I really haven't slept in a couple days..I need to sleep, but I can't if someone won't watch the kid. Any help?
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[Tony wakes up at his desk, which no matter where he is is normal for him. He stretches  and heads to the wardrobe, where he pulls out a large coffee mug out and he clings to it as he heads to his bedroom to change into some clean clothes. He stops in the door way when he sees a child. No more than a year old, sitting in the middle of the bed.

He stares at it.

The baby stares back.]



That's a baby.

As always, sir. You are incredibly on top of things.

Why is it here?

My sensors didn't detect anyone coming in and leaving him there, sir. He seems to have just materialised.

In a weird pocket dimension, with wish fulfilment closets, and freaky mirrors. Then all of a sudden baby. You know, if I didn't know that horses could talk here. This would be disturbing.

It is still cause for concern.

Then you can concern yourself. Tell me if it cries or does something that it shouldn't be doing.

[Tony leaves the room and pulls the communicator out of his pocket, and turns it on to broadcast.]

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a baby here. Because I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be up for a paternity suit. Also, what do I do with it?


Jul. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Sorry, this is so overdue, I was dealing with an... incident.

[If anyone notices him brushing his fingers against his neck absently, pay that no mind... he's just remembering where his neck was slashed open.

He clears his throat awkwardly, drops his hand and continues, expression growing concerned.]

...In any case, I'm looking for a young boy named Conan. He was injured quite badly the other day and I was... interrupted while treating him.

Has anyone seen or talked to him? Is he alright?

I owe him an apology.
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[Alice looks severe. Not angry or happy or anything in particular just...severe. Intense. Intimidating, even in her rouge and lipstick. Maybe because of the lipstick.]

So. It's come to my attention that our morals have gone a bit...lax. While I can't claim to be perfectly sinless, I do think I make a daily effort to better myself and those close to me, and if I'm doing that much, why shouldn't I offer to extend my efforts to the entire mansion?

[She holds up a book. The Good Book, to be precise. You know-- the Bible.]

Starting this Sunday, I'll be hosting a class once a month to remind everyone of the values I know you all hold deep down. As I can't expect everyone to get up at six AM sharp like I always do, I'll simply record my lessons for you. Feel free to reflect on them whenever you have time, but it would please me very much to see some of you in person. I'll be using one of the tea rooms for the recordings, more info TBA!

[She pauses, clearly trying to remember what else she meant to say.]

Oh! There will be coffee and freshly made donuts after every meeting! Everyone is welcome to stop by just for the snack if they so desire.

[The tone of her voice suggests that Alice wouldn't exactly suggest anyone do that.]

Well, thank you all for listening. I hope to have some intriguing discussions this Sunday! God bless!
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I have a kind of question that I have been thinking about for a while and just can't find a real answer to. It is a bit hard to solve alone, without ...examples, and romance books and stories probably do not hold too much truth and certainly not that much variety, so... I'm sorry if this intrudes on anyone's privacy and I apologize, but...

If you have ever been in a serious relationship, would you mind telling me a bit about how it came to be? Through the network is just as fine as over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.
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[George looks particularly uncomfortable today. Maybe that's partially because she's scared out of her wits that someone is going to blame her for the death thanks to misunderstanding what happened during the reaper event. But it might also be what she's about to say.]

So, uh. I figured this was as good a time as any to bring this up:

During the event, I talked to some daisies. Or, well, sang. We were just doing song lyrics, mostly, but then they told me something kind of important about the mansion. Something about how we can only die five times. Something about what happens if we die more than that.

I'm gonna try and quote as directly as I can from what they said, even though I do know that part of it was song lyrics.

[She pauses.] )

So, yeah. Thought everybody would want to know. Who knows if they're just fucking with us, though.
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[ Hey Wonderland, you have a new arrival today! The video feed turns on to show...nothing, precisely, just the blackness of someone's pocket, since the new owner haven't realised the journal's presence yet. From the sound of the footsteps, it's obvious that he's sizing up the place, and from the sound of his voice, he's thinking out loud. ]

I haven't seen this place around before. Is it part of Chaos's clubhouse? I thought I've gotten out ages ago! [ The footsteps stopped. ] Whatever it is, I'd better stay sharp.

[ "Taking a wrong turn" is not an option for him. In fact, he kind of...entered the mansion on purpose. It's not his fault he kept finding interesting things when his friends wasn't looking, okay! Anyway, this is the moment where he realised that there's something in his pocket, other than his crystal, and a moment later, the network finally gets a first glance of him. Brown hair, grey eyes, probably looked like he's in his late teens instead of 20 and dressed oddly in modern-day standards. He's probably holding the device upside-down or something. ]

Hey, I found something! What is this thing? I haven’t seen anything like this before. It doesn’t seem like it’s edible. Is it some kind of weapon? No, I don’t think so. Some kind of equipment? Nah, don’t think so either. Can it do- [ His boisterous train of thought was cut short by the fact that he realised the device is on. There’s a loud “woah” at this, and he stumbled back, almost dropping the journal. When he snapped out of his shock, you're getting one (1) Bartz Klauser staring at you in the face, network. A little too close, in fact. ]

Wow, this is cool! I’ve gotta show this to Zidane, he’s gonna be real jealous! [ That being said, he glanced around, obviously curious about everything. ] It's no time for playing around, and I've gotta get outta here, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I took a little detour.

[ After all, that's what he do best. Dudes and dudettes, feel free to run into him in the Entrance Hall, if you prefer some action. ]


Jun. 6th, 2012 04:15 pm
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[Lithuania has three stages of being drunk: Responsible, relaxed and brooding. The second one does not alst very long, and the last forever. You can meet him during the last two.]


[Lithuania is sitting in the kitchen, a glass with beer and one with vodka in front of him, and peers at them as if deciding which to drink first is the next question after the one about the life, the universe and everything else. He seems to be in a good mood.]


[He's still sitting in the kitchen, but now he is just drinking, staring at the table with an aura of gloom. Every once in a while he will mutter something in a voice too low for someone else to understand, but he's clearly in a mood of "everything is horrible and I will tell you about it if you get too close".]


May. 25th, 2012 10:12 am
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[Michael had spent several days within the walls of his bedroom, to scared to leave into a world in what he assumed were illusions.He had been taking pills from the closet in hopes that it would help him wake up back home but nothing, he was stuck here.
One day turned into multiple days without food or water and he was getting ill but Michael paid no mind and just stayed in the safety of the bedroom he had originally woken up in. Then halfway through the day something changed, his mind seemed to freeze on him and he blacked out.
Michael's switch in the brain had shut off and the other personality was allowed to wake up.His eyes widened when he realized he wasn't where he was supposed to be, the feeling of his master's static was no longer around him or even close by. In fact he didn't even feel it which spooked the proxy a bit more then he would have liked to admit.He went through the things that had been brought with them and found his small mannequin he had been hiding. He set it up on the bedroom floor before looking towards the door, heading to the closet first and pulling out a knife to attack someone if needed.He also grabbed out some nicer clothes and changed into them before leaving the room.
He chuckled slightly in anticipation as he walked down the hall, his knife held firmly in his hand in case someone tried to hurt him.]
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[Poland has quite obviously been introducing imps to his lancekind abstractus for some time; the area he's in is littered with grist, down to a little chunk of it stuck in his hair. He looks a little exhausted, but surprisingly energetic in spite of it, like he's having the time of his life. He's at a point in his life when invading Russia actually sounds like a fun way to kill a little time; while there are other nations who are more inherently warlike, a little fighting can get his blood pumping.]

So like, why are we fighting these things, anyway? For the stuff they drop? I've got like, a bajillion of these little dealies, but they still just kinda keep popping... up... everywhere...

[Miniboss fight! That's sure a lot of ogres... It doesn't occur to the Knight of Hope to be worried about it, naturally, but perhaps he could use a little hand?]
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[Puck's in the music room by himself, jamming out with his guitar and playing anything and everything, whatever songs come to his mind.

Whoever happens to be passing by might even catch him singing to himself. It's something he's good at, and he doesn't care who's listening. An audience is great, and he gets a huge rush from that, but sometimes, he just needs to play for himself.

Anyone's welcome to join him. He's gonna be here for awhile, playing and singing and thinking things over.]
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[The com flickered a moment before clearing up and focusing on a sleeping Michael. He laid there unmoving for a few minutes before his eyes began to slowly flutter movement.
He shot up from the bed, his eyes now wide as he realized he wasn't home; stuck in a room he had no memory of going in.]

Shaun? Anyone?

[A pause.]

Where am I?

[Michael stood up from the bed, looking panicked as hell as he opened the door to see where he was.Still within veiw of the camera as he did so. He moved away from the door, his breathing becoming slightly altered as he panicked. Memories of the mental hospital came flooding back as voices in their head told him he was forced into a new mental facility.
He sat in a corner of his room, crying. Now confused and scared, anyone want to comfort him?]
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[The problem with science is sometimes it can take too long. There's time in the middle to be idle, time to kill and no deaths to find interest in. There is simply so much time to just think on the things he can't forget and ruminate on all his failures. With an audience, Sherlock's narcissistic, arrogant, antagonistic attitude is neigh unstoppable but alone he is simply quiet, ghosting around his room in his dressing gown with a sullen expression on his face.

He picks up his violin and starts to play near the windows looking out, the sad melody finally completed as he expresses himself in the only way he really knows how.]
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So like, let me get this straight and junk, just so we're all on the same page.

Her Royal Creepiness shows back up right after the monster she was supposed to have killed does? Wow, totes not suspicious at all or anything! Seriously, does anyone else think she's probably behind--well, a lot of junk, obviously, but defs the Jabberthing?

Maybe it's like, her pet. She'd totally keep a fugly thing like that around. Maybe she like, never even really killed it in the first place, and was just trying to come up with one reason she's fit to rule when we all know she's not!

It totally makes sense. Right?

[Some days, it almost sounds like Poland is trying to get himself arrested.]


Private to Liet )
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[Aang's voice sounds tired.]

Now that the Event is over, I can finally talk about what happened last time...

Seeing the Jabberwocky kill Zuko was painful. I wish I could have prevented it. I had thought that this place wasn't so bad. The first few weeks here have been wonderful. They really have. But seeing my friend be killed and acting like Ozai has made me realize that Wonderland is just as dangerous and fickle as they say it is.

At the same time, though, I can't believe that this place is all that bad! I've seen such beautiful things here, and have gotten to make so many good friends! This place can be good all the time, I know it can! There's just something a bit off about it, that's all.

[He mumbles incoherently.]

I have to keep telling myself that. If I don't, this place becomes much worse than it already is.

[He clears his throat.]

The other thing that's bothering me is the fact that Sokka's gone home. I wish I could take all of my friends and myself back, but I don't have a clue how I would do that. I think it's for the best, really. I don't think Sokka was all that happy here, and he'll be of more use to our loved ones at home. They need strong warriors like him.

All of this aside, who was that lady that killed the Jabberwocky? I wonder if she'll grant someone an audience if they wanted one.
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[When the feed comes on, Lithuania is leaning against a wall, breathing harshly and covered in blood - some of it is definitely not his own, but some of it probably is. He turns the camera away from himself to show a white and heavily bleeding ...pig. In a semicircle around it lie dead dogs that have clearly been killed with a sword or some other kind of blade, which means that the pig can hardly have done it.]

Are there any doctors that specialize in animals here, or someone who could tell me how I can figure out if the pig will live or die? It's bleeding but I don't think that any deep wounds have been inflicted on it, except for one of the hind legs being damaged too heavily for it to walk on it.

[Normally he would just deliver a mercy-kill to an animal that is hurt like this, but in this place you can never tell if someone/thing is sentient or not...]


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