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[The feed begins with Pinkie waving excitedly at the camera. She's wearing a glittery fuchsia dress and a monocle. That's how serious this business is, guys.]

Hey, everypony and everyhuman and everybeing! Get your bestest clothes on because it's super fancy and official Award Ceremony time tonight! Come to the dining room when you're ready.

[She's literally bouncing with excitement. She clicks the video off and waits for the guests in the dining room that she's completely taken over.

There are silvery streamers and balloons spaced around the walls. The parts of the tables which aren't covered in food (each silver platter of which is tiny and delicious and, above all, fancy) have glitter almost completely coating the white tablecloths. Somehow, the closets provided balloons that bob around the room at arm's height, each lifting a small tray of sparkling drinks in ever so fancy champagne flutes. Who knows what the drinks actually are - Pinkie certainly didn't bother to specify.

But most important of all is the long table at the back of the room covered in trophies. Click here for the list of awards.]

{OOC note: anyone not on the list can still get one! Just PM me or AIM me or ask Pinkie for one.}
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[From the looks of it, Redglare seems to be on the beach. There's certainly enough sand and water, as well as the sound of the ocean. She's even in a rather interesting wetsuit though it is red and teal as opposed to red and black.

The only thing wrong is that she seems to have lost a fight with a blender, or perhaps a giant shark. There is a large bitemark on her torso and a good chunk of flesh is missing from her left thigh. On the other hand, she does have a rather large fin in her hand. Redglare rolls over and lies on her back, breathing hard.]

That sharp-toothed giant finbeast... is in a no sharp-toothed giant finbeast zone.

Someone bring a medicinal kit and patch me up. I am going to kill that monstrosity. It is a menace to innocent bystanders of the shore, as well as swimmers.

((OOC: Redglare got into a tussle with the shark from Jaws.))


May. 1st, 2012 01:14 am
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[A tapping can be heard as a young woman with blue eyes and bright blonde hair done up in a bun peer into the communicator. The hedges of the maze in the gardens can be seen in the background. She seems confused.]

Hm...such a peculiar place this is. It is very strange. I feel like a piece in someone else's game - perhaps another Witch found my actions interesting or deplorable? It can't be that. Witches aren't pieces.

[She fumes over this for a moment before becoming absolutely serious, glaring into the camera.]

Never mind that, though. There are more pressing matters to attend to. Has anyone seen a red-haired young man named Battler Ushiromiya? He's very stubborn and an idiot, although I'm finding these are his redeeming qualities. I wonder if he left my game? I don't know why he would, though...we were getting along so well, and I was finally beginning to understand how much more I have to learn and how far I have to go. If I'm lucky, perhaps he is here as well? If so, I want to continue our game as soon as possible. I do not like the fact that right now, Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are in my territory, possibly doing whatever they please to my peices. Hmph.

[Beato pauses for a moment, her eyes falling as she contemplates to herself.]

I wonder if Teacher's "North Wind and the Sun" strategy worked. I do feel a bit remorseful for what I did, but it was necessary. We were going nowhere, always caught at a stalemate, which, amusing as it was, began to be a bit troubling. I had forgotten the true meaning of the endless magic, but George, Jessica, and Teacher have helped to remind me what it is.

Even so, I will continue this game, no matter how long it takes. I'll make Battler acknowledge me! Anything to see that look on his face again!

[She snaps out of this reverie, coughing slightly in embarrassment.]

That aside, is there anyone that can tell me where I am, or if they've seen Battler? I will make it worth your while, I assure you.
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[ The camera is propped in a tree, giving a good angle to show off exactly how many Velociraptors Prussia has completely obliterated in the Wonderland forest. There are like seven or eight, man. It's pretty impressive.

He stands atop the corpse of one, with at least four guns strapped to his back, and one for each hand. Laughing. Hysterically.


[ This is the first time Prussia has been sober in Wonderland. You are welcome. Instead of turning off his camera, he points a gun at it and BAM, the video is no more. ]
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[The face of a young woman appears on the screen. The little device seems to be below her face, resting on something. The woman seems..mystical or at least, some entity that has a spiritual presence.]

[Text. Always. Text.]

I give my apologies to whoever owns this.

However, I seem to be some distance from home, and I must return prestissimo.

Can anyone who locates this point me in the direction of the Fields of Justice?

[Some time passes, and it's clear she has no idea how to work this thing.]

Or is there someone who can explain this predicament to me? It was that I simply was one place, then somewhere else, soudainment. A strange occurrence, but I suppose magic can be unpredictable sometimes even in the most deft fingers.
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[The video clicks on to show a girl with big breasts in glasses standing in one of the Mansion's many nondescript hallways. She's holding her cellphone in one hand with the device in the other, and speaks to herself with a sigh:] No reception...

[She closes the phone and tucks it her school uniform before turning to the device. She starts to fiddle with the buttons, then gives a small, surprised "oh!" when she notices she's turned on the video.]

Ah...I'm not sure whose this is. Or where this is....

[She glances around for a moment before continuing.]

I tried to look through the archive, but...

[There's a lengthy pause while she considers how to proceed.]

Um...anyway. I-I'm Sonohara Anri. [She gives a quick half-bow, which is awkward since the camera moves with her.] If someone could help me, I...would be grateful.

[She pauses, then gives another quick bow and a quiet apology before shutting off the video.]
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[Alice is quite positive this place is just the dreariest it has ever been, and frankly she cannot take it a moment longer!]

Good morning, everyone! I'm just terribly sorry to hear about all the horrible ickiness that happened while I was away, but isn't everyone just pleased as punch that it's over now?

[She certainly is!]

So we should all just cheer on up, I think! I'm making some sweets and treats in the kitchen if anyone wants to join! [Conspiratorially:] I'll even let you lick the bowl!

[With that, she beams a smile and turns the comm off once again.]


Apr. 15th, 2012 11:54 pm
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[On the screen is a tall, lanky young man peering at the screen curiously. He has a stylish hat and strapped to his back is an electric guitar.]

Huh. This thing’s kind of neat. Like some kind of video phone?

[Yeah, that sounds about right. So he steps back, coughs, and introduces himself.]

Right. Okay. So, uh. Hi. I’m the Once-ler. [He waves!] And while this place is pretty amazing looking, I really need to get back to Greenville. I’m kind of an important guy there now, so...

[Hm. This is kind of boring. So he flips the guitar in front of him and he strums it, hums a few notes to make up a tune, and-]

I’ve reallyreallyreally gotta get back to Greenville please
Back to that valley with that lovely breeze
And all of those beautiful Truffula tree-heeees!

[And he gives himself a pretty nice little guitar solo. Not bad, for an unplugged electric guitar!]

Anyway, any help getting home would be great. Thanks!

[He waves again, and shuts off his journal.]

001 video;

Apr. 15th, 2012 07:48 pm
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Haha, first telegraph to the whole Mansion! And look, I don't even need to ask where I am or what's going on! How often does that happen? Hahaha, I bet most of you idiots just blundered in and started questioning everything with a pulse, didn't you? Can't expect that sort of behavior from an awesome guy like me! Too smart! [ He taps his head in emphasis.

It's obvious, by the red tint to his cheeks and ears and the various empty beer mugs surrounding him, that he is very drunk. In fact, he has been drunk the entire week he's been in Wonderland. As you all know, hangovers are for those who stop drinking.

So I hear some Queen slayed some ridiculously massive beast, right? God, I love the monarchy. They really know how to get shit done. [ hold on, give him a few seconds to reminisce about how awesome kings and queens are. look at that dreamy face. siiiiigh. ]

Alright! Down to business, kids! And by business, I mean, we are celebrating this shit! Come grab a beer in the cooking quarters with me!


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