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 [It's taken a day and some to collect up everything necessary, but John Blake and Blaine Anderson had been tossing around the idea of a get-together for so long, it didn't feel like all that much work. As the day is coming to a close in Truffula Valley, they put on the finishing touches and convene near the decently sized fire.]

[There's music, there's food, there's even a place where people can secretly meet to discuss the finer aspects of revolution under the cover of near-darkness. If nothing else, it's a place where people can come together, enjoy some company, and just be together. Who could complain about that?]

[Blake sends a message.]

Party tonight. Everyone's invited!

[Thankfully, Blaine comes to the rescue with a few more details.

Camp Wonderland Who Party
Tonight @ Dusk
Food • Friends • Entertainment • Clues

Come dressed as your friends!

[That's right, everyone, it's your chance to dress up as anyone in Wonderland. Come with one costume or ten!]

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[Now, this is an event that Toothless can get behind. Everything is outdoors, and there's plenty of interesting new smells and sights. His room is comfortable and everything, but nothing beats the waft of fresh air and soft grass under his feet.

Of course, there's also new... wildlife. And fish. Large, beautiful, noisy fish. It's the hummingfish that Toothless is curious about. He wonders how they taste, and how many he can fit into his belly — it doesn't occur to them that others might consider hummingfish off-limits, being sentient.

So here he is. Stalking along the ground, as close to it as possible, following a group of the fish. The video cutting on is unintentional, but it shows very clearly that these hummingfish are about to be incredibly frightened.]
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[It took the Kid awhile to figure out this...whatever it is. Magical communication-y thing. There was nothing like this back in Caelondia. Fortunately magical bullshit tends to be somewhat intuitive.]

[Now here's a kid who ain't got a clue what's going on. His face is half-hidden behind an umbrella and he's not looking straight into the camera; more off to the side, as if he's not sure where to look. And he speaks like he's definitely not used to public speaking.]

...'Preciate a free bed an' all, but I'm confused. Would be fair pleased if someone could explain where I am. Never seen any place like this.

[He rubs the back of his head awkwardly.] M' lookin' for a big 'ol hunk 'o flyin' land, 's called the Bastion. An' any o' the folk who were on it. Mighta, uh...appeared here with me. Name of Zia, Zulf an' Rucks.
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[ The camera comes to life, showing a young woman who's probably 17 or so, of apparent Asian descent, peering curiously at it. She smiles widely when she realizes she's figured out how to use it ]

Hello! It seems there are so many people here! I'd gotten used to only being with a few, this is so strange.

[ She gets a bit more serious, then, glancing around like she's looking for someone before looking back to the camera ] Also, if anyone has met men who go by Zulf or Rucks, or a young man with white hair and a Cael hammer... please let me know? We're the only ones left, really, from our home, and I'd hate to lose track of them.

Thank you!


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