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[ Waking up in the woods naked is something that Josh is sadly very used to. It's actually just part of his life now. Though waking up in front of what appears to be an incredibly huge house is pretty strange. Stranger than he'd like. His first instinct is that maybe he hurt somebody. He does have some blood on his chest, but it's light splashes. This makes him think that that maybe it was small. An animal? It wouldn't be the first time the wolf caught something a little fuzzy. If there's blood on his chest then he has to have some on his face. The dirt is the next thing he notices. A lot of it is smeared on his body. Smudges are all over his face and his hair has twigs in it. Classy. He looks like a crazy Hills Have Eyes person.

He shoots up onto his feet only to find a phone near him. He scoops it up considers he's losing his mind. This isn't his phone and he can't smell Nora anywhere. She has to be out hee wth him. He has to be going crazy. This goes on for an hour before Josh actually decides to use this damn thing. There's a new face on the network and he is incredibly dirty and looking a little crazy. ]

Um. Hi. I'm no sure what's going on, but if anyone could tell me where my clothes are that'd be super. Soon would be the preferred response time. Also if you see a short uh--naked blonde tell her to contact me. She's my wife and I can't ya know--find her.

[ He takes a deep breath. ] Awesome I'm talking to a phone like it's a person. Super job, Josh.


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