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[ Without preamble, except for maybe the clearing of a throat, a rough old cockney voice starts to speak over the network. ]

Seems I've stumbled into a wing of Rapture I don't recognise. [ He sounds mildly perturbed by this fact, but shrugs it off. ] Thought by now I knew every inch of the girl, but I suppose them building crews've outpaced me at last.

[ Bill, that's not an audio diary you're talking into. Bill, no, Bill you cut that out right now. ]

Important part is, I'm lost. In Rapture! [ Low chuckle. That's not a sentence he thought he'd find himself saying. ] Still, I reckon I'll run into someone who knows their way sooner or later. And if it's whoever owns the place, I'll buy him a pint to make up for tresspassin'.

[ Would somebody kindly tell Bill that he's speaking live over the whole network? Or maybe you want to run into him in person. In that case he's in the mansion's basement, poking around for an exit, and smoking a cigarette that smells of fish. ]


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