2; Audio

Oct. 27th, 2016 12:11 pm
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[Columbia tried drowning him... Wonderland turned him into a murderous youth. He can't wait to find out what happens next.]

Jesus. Helluva welcome.

[Really heavy sigh. He's not sorry, he's never sorry about his actions. He just drowns himself in whiskey to rid himself of the guilt and by the sound of it, he's already started.]

Mr. Gray, you have anything a little stronger than whiskey? I'd be much obliged.

1; Video -

Oct. 17th, 2016 10:29 am
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Elizabeth? Elizabeth!?

[Booker mumbled off camera for a bit until the device was picked up, and nearly dropped out of shock upon seeing himself on the small screen. He figured it was some sort of lady's compact mirror... with typewriter keys. He was more concerned about the gash on his forehead and the current nosebleed he was sporting. He touched two fingers to the bleeding wound, allowing himself to can the macho act for just a moment to whimper like a baby. This job was going from bad to worse.]

Great. At least we're away from that mechanical menace.

[He lifted an arm to wipe the blood away with a sleeve, inspecting the source of it, that's when he noticed the words ‘recording’ flashing in the corner of the screen.]

Recording…? Recording what? Hey, just so we're clear. I ain't paying for this moving pictures thing.

Uh, hello? I’m looking for a girl. [He felt like a moron for talking to a moving picture.] Brunette, blue skirt. Long hair- tied up in a ribbon. No, that’s wrong. Short hair. She just cut it. Goes by the name Elizabeth...?

This is ridiculous. No one is going to hear this.

[He pockets the device as it's still recording, catching a rather colorful monologue as he heads towards what he believes is civilization.]
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 [So. Ruby's been going a bit mad, all cooped up in the clinic. Can't even leave the bed yet, her leg still all torn up and making pathetic progress at healing itself back up. Almost worse than worrying over that, though, is the fact that it's maddening and boring to lie in a bed all day for two weeks. When Ruby 2.0 appears, she's all but ready to dismiss her as some kind of weird 'bored out of her own head' hallucination. Only, well, the copy never leaves, and the whole thing is a bit... scary? Intimidating? 

It takes exactly one mention of Peter, and Ruby is diving for her device, plastering on a smile as she snaps on a video.]

So. Ah. I guess we managed to gain twins, huh? I'm kinda freaking out about mine.

That's because you don't want everyone to know you're a werewolf and did terrible things. You know. As a wolf. 

Shut up, freaking.... hell. Yeah, could... Guys, can someone come over here and, I don't know, shove a sock in her mouth, I can't exactly hobble over there and do it myself. 

Well, girl, when you fail - and I say when, not if - you certainly do it with a taste for the dramatic. 

.... On second thought...

[Yeah, she's... so not cool with this. Any of this.]
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[Booker DeWitt is a simple man with simple needs, but like any other man he gets bored. Tires of the same-old, same-old. Makes a conscious decision to hypnotize the doves fluttering around in the garden so that they run into each other.

Of course, you might be wondering how he's accomplishing such a thing, why, by the same means with which he sets a particularly lurid flower on fire.

With his bare hand.

Like we said, he's a simple man.
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[ This thought isn't new. It's been on Philip's mind for a while, only getting louder and louder since the last time he died. You'd think the question itself was an old hat, but Wonderland has a habit of paraphrasing things, and so the issue still stands, good as new:

What happens if you die a fifth time?

His first solution to find the answer was only a joke when he mentioned it, honestly. It was a joke and (temptation aside) he had every intention of letting it pass that way. Only then the morning came and, watching the sunrise from the rooftop, Philip found himself typing up this innocent little inquiry:

Anybody feel like throwing himself off the roof five times for science?

[[ OOC: I don't have any particular plans for this post. Philip doesn't expect anybody to actually take him up on that offer and is mostly bracing himself for snark and/or objections, but any reactions are welcome! ]]
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Barely a day in this place and I’m already gettin’ thrown around like some kinda- Elizabeth!

[Booker sits upright, coughing up sand and all manner of other unpleasantness. He was so sure he’d seen that bird-thing fall into the water with them, with him, that it wouldn’t be coming out again any time soon.]

Look, I’ve still got my Sky-Hook, we can just attach it to the nearest line and...

[And what? To whom? It’s only now that Booker realizes he’s alone on the sand, with what looks like a fancy cigarette case sitting next to him. Digging it out and popping it open, he groans in obvious displeasure. Technology. What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned telegram?]

...Great. More stuff from Columbia’s best and brightest. Next thing you know we’ll be sending things by freak carrier pigeon.

[He shoots a suspicious glance at the water stretching out in front of him, as if daring the bird to return. It doesn’t.

Somehow, the lack of surprise attack bothers him more.


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