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since we should stay inside during this..curse, does anyone want to watch a movie, cards?

there isn't much else to do, regardless. it looks like we're going to be stuck here for some time.
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[Regardless of whether the event is over or not, Nepeta is...very much going to practice her hunting skills. She's going to be all cat-like as she wanders all over the mansion.

The question she stalking you? Or is she stalking...something else?]
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[Well, Wonderland, what happens when a ninja-in-training is bored? Like, really bored? It's really very simple.

Dave does parkour all over the mansion.


On the roof? Parkour.

In the kitchen? Parkour.

In your bedroom by spontaneously crashing through your window?




Hell fucking yes.]
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[The communicator should not be on, but it is, oops. The room is dark with a strange, ethereal red glow in the corner. Nothing else can be seen but the red glow. The glow is transferred into a smaller container. A keen eye will be able to notice the smaller container is a syringe. Oh my.]

[A bizarre, strangled noise is heard after the color fades into the blackness. Brief panting comes next, then a slam of Delta accidentally hitting a closet in a brief foggy moment caused by the cards he's been dealt. It's drugs or craziness here, folks.]

44: action

Jun. 24th, 2012 08:45 pm
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In the morning Mark can be found at the beach, digging a wide, shallow pit just above the tide mark. He'll take take the occasional break to hunt the shoreline for bits of driftwood.

When the sun gets high, he'll retreat into the shade of the woods, in search of fallen branches (which are a bit rarer than he'd like--even the wilder parts of Wonderland are a bit manicured.)

In the evening, he hauls his finds back to the beach, stacks them in a tidy pyramid, and crouches down with a book of matches.

Around sunset he'll have a blazing bonfire down at the edge of the water, quite visible from the mansion windows. Feel free to bother him at any point in the process.
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[When the feed cuts on it shows Peacock in an empty room, beside her is a record player she got from one of the closets. She thumbs through some records before blowing one off, places it, and then not a minute later some swanky cool music fills the room and the connecting hallways. She grins and starts tapping her feet in time with the music.

In no time she is dancing by herself.

Who woulda thought this joint would have a thing like this in the closet?

[And with another grin and a twirl the feed cuts off.]
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[The feed flips on and Tara sits on her bed, eyes a little red. She clears her throat before speaking.]

So. I guess it became pretty clear during that event that I'm...not what you'd call "all there". I've got an explanation for that, but it's, uh, it's got nothing to do with magic. Unfortunately.

[She scratches at her neck, awkward. Hesitant. She wanted to avoid this for as long as possible but, well. There's no doing that now.

The most she can do is try and avoid saying what it is exactly.]

I have a psychological disorder. It can make me act pretty strange when it kicks in, but I swear I am not dangerous. I'm just...quirky.

[The word falls flat in the face of everything she's still hiding, but she tries not to show the discomfort in her face.]

Thanks for understanding, everyone. If you have any more questions, I can explain more specifically, be honest, I don't want to become a freak show if I can avoid it.


Jun. 20th, 2012 05:26 am
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[Kyle's just sitting on his bed, innocently reading one of the many books he's taken from the library when the camera comes on. Man, this is going to be a boring feed. Or it would be, if Kyle's mirror hadn't been spying and decides that now is the perfect time to put his and mirror Poland's plan in action. So he throws something thick, pink and twelve inches long at Kyle's head after setting it to vibrate first.

The force of the dildo sends Kyle face first into his book. He gets up, swearing, and looks for what interrupted him.]


[But being hit with dildos is nothing when he recognises the smell: pee and bananas, the two worst things in the world.]


[Then he sees that he's being filmed. Fuck you, camera, you're going off - for an hour, anyway, until he's fully cleaned and the offending object disposed of.]

Why didn't anyone tell me that the mirors can send stuff over here? And how do we send stuff back?
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[The communicator is on the ground, showing a worm's eye view of a massive man in a sludge and blood covered diving suit. The poor thing's boots are particularly dirty, the last pieces of Rapture clinging to him despite being submerged in water right before he came here. His hand is on the rounded top of his helmet, holding it as if dazed. The image of a triangle printed on his hand is barely visible, but can be seen, proving his identity of someone who's been here far too many times before.]

[He lets out a noise, a strange, half growling moan as the world comes back into focus. Eventually he leans down, giving a better view of the triangle imprint, and picks up the strange device on the ground carefully.]
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[Because Lo has been so busy with THINGS. Finally, have a backdated post-event entry. Text, as always.]

I'm sorry if I..scared anyone during the last "event."

I wasn't myself.

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[Beiste pops on the screen, her expression initially serious.]

So. This place has been kind of a drag lately, huh?

[She brightens, holding up a football suddenly.]

Well, not anymore. I've got a pigskin and a ballroom that need a bunch of squealin' kiddies playing flag football like some hyperactive Mexican jumpin' beans with a death wish.

Who wants to play some flag football up in here?
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Is everyone all right?

That last event was... Well, I didn't like it. I got out all right, but I'm sure some of you didn't.

[Katara twists her hands together.]

I felt like I needed to see how everyone is doing and if there's anything I can do, even if it's just sit and talk.
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[Welcome to the awesome shitheap that is Rapture. Yes, those are sharks swimming outside the dirty panes of glass. Yes, that is blood, pooled absolutely everywhere, splattered on the walls like wallpaper. And yes, there is a huge, hulking creature in the middle of it all. Some might recognize that mass of brass and leather as Delta, but something is..very off with him. His dream, or nightmare, is that his mental faculties are only slightly restored. Save for an every so often, brief glimpse of insight, he is little more than a confused and disoriented animal, pounding away at a random vent, calling his non-existent partner with sorrowful, desperate wails.]
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[Ammy is very curious today. She wants to get to know people better! She wants to know the likes, the dislikes, what people are up to, everything.

So, what better way to do it than by going into everyone's rooms, whether they're in there or not?

Yeah, she's somehow in your room, nosing through your stuff. What do?]
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[Yes, that is keysmash. Trembling hands slip over the buttons awkwardly. Eventually voice is triggered, and heavy, almost inhuman breathing can be heard on the other line. Video comes next, with a bright glowing lens. Yellow fills the screen, but eventually it shifts back to text.]


[No, try again, no one can read that shit.]


[Typing with gloves is hard to get a hang of. Hey, eventually he’ll get it!! But for now, enjoy drunken type. He goes back and fixes his words, though.]

Is anmon anyone there?

whaty What is this place? How did I evenms even get here?!

[Is he dead? Is he fucking dead? Maybe something blindsided him, instantly killed him. That’s the only rational explanation for appearing in a forest, with an actual sky. ]

is thjis this it?

..Am I dereadf dead?


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