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[The first thing Pinkie notices when she wakes up is arms. Not legs, like she's used to, but those funny thin human arms. She rolls over to see who they're attached to and finds no-one else in the bed. Confused, she sits up, and realises they're attached to her. And she is no longer a horse. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade from being a ghost? Pinkie doesn't know, but she does spend the next half hour playing with her fingers.

She stumbles over to the communicator in the hopes that someone will have answers. She knocks it over as she switches it to video, so at first all anyone can see is the ceiling. Hands are hard!]

Hello? A really weird thing has happened!

[Her voice is croaky and robotic, not at all like her usual high pitch. It's even slightly slower than usual. With great effort, she lifts up the communicator so people can see her face.]

I'm in a human body and my hair is a weird dark colour and and and what's happened to meeee? I'm not even pink now! Does that mean I have to change my name from Pinkie to - to - I don't knoooow!

[She bursts into tears, terrified by this latest prospect.]

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[ Sawyer spent most of the time since her arrival playing video games in the basement because her mun is lazy and forgetful she couldn't rightly make up her mind about Wonderland and anything or anyone in it.

By now she knows at least one thing: None of it is going away.

So she has finally decided to pull herself together, embrace the bright side of life, see the glass as half full and open the door to her roo--

...Except there is no door, her room is gone and they are on a fucking camping trip and REALLY how is she supposed to react to that if not by lying listlessly on her stomach on a sleeping bag somewhere near the girls' tents? (And since pets have to stay inside Sawyer doesn't even have her chainsaw with her to pass the time. Damn you, outdoors!)

But hey, strike up a conversation if you like. Or just... trip over her, it's not like the colour of those sweats is all that much different from the forest floor. Blergh.
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[The narration apologizes for posting again so soon since the last time, but it couldn't be helped. Because you see, the other day's run-in with Tweedledee and Tweedledum has left Santana a little...unhinged. And not unhinged in the weirdly cheerful way she and Puck were for the glee club announcement, no.

Unhinged in the sense that she has barely left her room. The drawing she found on the beach after Christmas was brought out, stared at, crumpled up and tossed under her bed, then brought out and flattened out again. It's face down on her dresser now, because every time she looks at it, there's a twisty feeling in her gut and she hates it.

So there she is, playing a violent video game--oh, did we forget to mention? She finally caved and got the same games she so enjoyed kicking Tim's ass in out of the closet. Apparently the desperate urge to not think about Brittany means she allowed herself to think a little about Tim. Who knew?

Anyway, the point is, she doesn't notice the comm recording her bloodthirsty gaming action, but since she's looking for distractions, she won't care.]
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Hey Sokka, where have you been? We need to talk.

[She addresses whoever might be listening.]

Does anyone have a good cure for idiocy? If you don't mind, could you share your ideas with me?
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Alex just had a really freaky conversation with Tweedledum and Tweedledee. And he's far from the only person to have had one, but he's probably the only person who was inspired to go back to his room and dig a nondescript camera bag out from under the bed.

This would be the point at which the feed turns on, broadcasting him live across the mansion and not bothering to tell him about it.

Next, he goes to the closet and fetches a large hammer. Then he reaches into the camera bag, pulls out an external hard drive with a worn grey case, sets it on the carpet and hits it so hard that the case splits and bits of metal and plastic skid across the floor.
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[ Hey, wanna hear some good news?

Yeah well, so does Sawyer. Because she just left a hotel in fucking Thailand and ended up ON A BOAT. IN A SNOWSTORM. IN FRONT OF THE COAST OF WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS PLACE?



...The bright side? It's slightly pre-dated to Monday morning. The storm stops after a few minutes. The paddling begins.

So, Wonderland, do you see this figure* standing on the beach, kicking at the debris? And doesn't he/she/it look friendly and approachable?

Wouldn't you just love to say hello and help the new arrival out?

(Because she really has no clue and is not particularly eager to venture into that fancy mansion just yet.)

(And by the way, her communication device is probably buried somewhere in the sand as well, just in case you want to catch an accidental video glance instead.)

* Blood not yet included. Chainsaw strapped to back and available upon request. ]


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