Mar. 12th, 2012 10:56 pm
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[George looks...off. She's usually pretty neutral, but this time when the video starts, it's clear she's not feeling her best. Not that she's sick, but, well.

It's been a rough few weeks.]

Do you guys think there's any point to making friends here? I mean. It's not like we remember anyway.

And maybe it doesn't count as much.

Then again, we all die eventually in our own worlds, right? Well, most of us, anyway. But maybe that means there's no point to making friends ever.

[She looks self consciously away, eyes blinking uncomfortably.]

I...I don't know why I did this. Never mind.

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{{ shallow breathing can be heard as the camera clicks on, first filming the palm of the mans hand, then finally flipping over to face him. his lefthand runs slowly over the front of his face, eyebrows pulled inward as he stares down at the strange little machine, hearing odd noises comingout from it. }}

H...Hello? Is there...anyone around here?

{{ his gaze never quite stays fixated on the camera, looking all about him, eyes darting to the walls and the windows, as if expecting them to disappear at a moments notice. }}

My name is...Daniel. I need help finding someone...I don't...quite know where I am.

{{ he speaks into the air, his eyes finally settling back down on the device, seeming to look even more confused than before. }}

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[ Today's video feed is brought to you live and in colour from your local library by a Philip surrounded by notes and books. ]

Erm... so I've been doing some research and I was wondering...

[ Philip clears his throat. ]

Does anybody actually know where this five death rumour comes from?

[ He flicks through his notes, tapping the desk in front of him with a pencil. ]

I'm almost positive most of us were told that, er, that you can "only" [ cue matching finger quotes ] die five times here, but nobody seems to have any idea what happens then and, erm... I can't find any records of that anywhere and--

[ He hesitates. ]

I guess I might has well ask, has anyone ever seen a fifth death? ...Or suffered one?

And while Philip waits for the answers to that, here's a little backdated something for one Dean Winchester. )
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The existance of a rulebook for something as simple as a game has caused me to ponder whether or not you lot have actually designated a law system to prevent any mishaps from happening in the mansion and on the grounds. It seems to me that there is a significant lack of law around here in general, which is obviously unacceptable. Common sense, lacking the trait of being common in and of itself, is not a suitable way to govern a society.

[There is a hard 'CRACK' as she smacks her cane into her desk.]

However, [she sighs] I suppose many of you are unaccustomed to Alternian law, as well as simply having a softer justice system in comparison to the apparently harsh law we have on Alternia.

[Here's lookin' at you, humans.]

I have read quite a few f your human law books, but many of the laws seem rather dated, pointless, arbitrarty and useless for a society as small as this one. So my plan is this. Consider this an announcement as well as an open forum for the public to submit ideas on what our new law system should be based on as well as possible new laws and so on and such forth. I will write them all down, consider them and return with a comprehensive list based on my good judgement and then we will restart the process until either the majority is satisfied or I am satisfied.

The former will probably happen first.


Feb. 23rd, 2012 09:58 pm
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So I'm pretty much done with this friggen' nonsense fake reality TV sh...tuff. [Kanji's trying not to curse over the comm, you've got to give him that. It doesn't stop him from scowling down at the screen, but hey, this isn't charity and we can't get everything we want.]

I know it's over and shit [Oops.] and I'll quit thinking about it. So basically I'm goin' down to the kitchen to bake cupcakes in five. I'm giving them out when they're done.

For free. [He shuts off the feed abruptly afterwards.]
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Fellow residents of the mansion, I have a proposal which I wish to put to you for your approval. It is something which has been on my mind ever since Sokka-san and I conversed, and the latter event has me more convinced than before that we need to work more closely together in order to better endure what the mansion throws at us.

In particular, it would be useful to know who is most susceptible to the mansion's influence. I must admit the idea is not entirely my own - for her draconian measures and forceful attitude, the - I believe legislacerator is the term - speaks sense when she manages to speak plainly. But now that the mansion has forcibly isolated us, we need to know who is most likely to crumble without support. That way, we can ensure they receive the assistance they require before it is too late to prevent the worst.

I will gladly collate this information, but I realise some may not be so ready to trust in someone they barely know. If that is the case, perhaps there is someone else you can confide in, who can be responsible for checking on you when these events begin.

I thank you all for your time, and in advance for your cooperation.
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[Yes, that is keysmash. Trembling hands slip over the buttons awkwardly. Eventually voice is triggered, and heavy, almost inhuman breathing can be heard on the other line. Video comes next, with a bright glowing lens. Yellow fills the screen, but eventually it shifts back to text.]


[No, try again, no one can read that shit.]


[Typing with gloves is hard to get a hang of. Hey, eventually he’ll get it!! But for now, enjoy drunken type. He goes back and fixes his words, though.]

Is anmon anyone there?

whaty What is this place? How did I evenms even get here?!

[Is he dead? Is he fucking dead? Maybe something blindsided him, instantly killed him. That’s the only rational explanation for appearing in a forest, with an actual sky. ]

is thjis this it?

..Am I dereadf dead?


Feb. 5th, 2012 06:38 pm
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Hee hee, that was fuckin' hilarious. I didn't know ya humans could die so fuckin' easily by trippin' like that...

[Despite the event the Hollow clearly hasn't been paying attention to... that fall of that crazy lady made his day. He's been so bored!]

Somethin' finally entertainin' to watch around here other than yer constant bitchin'!
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[A hall video flips on on its own. It's almost as if the mansion knows what's about to happen.

Tara's making her way down the hall, on her way to the kitchen. She has to get out of her room sometime, right?

Too bad for her that somebody's drawn a wire across the top of the stairs. Just as she goes to take a step, her feet get caught in the wire and she just...tumbles. One might make a joke about being warned about stairs if it weren't so horrifying. She struggles to keep from falling but her momentum is too great. She flips head over heels at least twice, arms and legs tangling and catching on steps as she continues down before finally coming to rest on the landing below, her head cracking audibly against a banister.

The video cuts out, as if to say "DEAD".]
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[Marceline shoots while brushing out her ridiculously long hair. It's a full-time job keeping this mane in check you guys. Sometimes she has to multi-task!]

I've been thinking these days, I need a new henchman.

[Brush brush brush.]

I had one for a little bit, but he split awhile ago and now I've had to do things for myself again. It's a total drag! Queens aren't supposed to do their own dirty work, it's just wrong!

So I've got a deal. If you wanna be my henchman, you gotta be ready to do stuff like:

Help me feed
Do recordings
Set up pranks

...There's probably more I'll think of later but that's the gist of it!

And in return, you of course get the protection and unbeatable companionship of a totally rad vampire queen. Who doesn't want that? It's a super sweet deal if you ask me!

Oh, and there's only one opening. Night hours mostly. If more than one person applies I guess you'll have to duel for it or something. Tough cookies!

Good luuuuuuck!
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[The video flips on. It’s immediately clear that Tara isn’t planning on speaking to anyone in particular.]

Hey. Tara. Not sure where I am. Not sure what happened to my phone, so uh, whoever this belongs to, sorry. Crazy lady needs to talk it out.

[She runs her hand through her hair.]

I was…bowling? Fuck, yes, that’s right. I don’t...feel like someone took over, though. Don’t remember anything if they did.

[She curses and shuts the video off.]


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