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tl;dr backgroundy kind of things )

[At first there's mostly silence and the rustling of denim, broken by the odd groan or swear- but once he's gotten a better look at his surroundings:] What the hell is this, some kind of mansion? [-he's left with only one possible conclusion, one single, (almost) logical reason why he'd be in a friggin'  episode of Cribs when he'd fallen asleep in General Hospital. And he doesn't sound pleased about it at all:] 

Mr. White! Seriously, this isn't funny, man! I already said I'm in, fifty-fifty. It's on, yo! You didn't have to kidnap me for it, Jesus!

[There's more muffled grunting-] ...asshole-  [ and a few more minutes of indecipherable bitching before the feed cuts out as Jesse leans down to take a breather, hands bracing at his knees. 

Feel free to either run into his busted-up ass as he wanders the halls, or scare the bejesus out of him by responding through the network.]
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[ cordelia's sitting in her room, cross-legged on her bed. she puts on a brave face, but she's been thinking — and she's been thinking ever since giles was here — about those big, fat heroes (and their terrible, terrible fates) back home. ]

Ever think you've fallen down the wrong rabbit hole? I figured I did back home. But I'm starting to wonder if I'm still in it, what with Wonderland being so wonderful and everything. [ she cracks a smile. wonderland is her second chance at doing it right, but cordelia's starting to wonder if this is a second chance at all. ]

You think you can pull people out of the closets? They seem to be able to pull things out of our heads.

[ from her experience so far, she's started to realise that the things that befall wonderland are not strange to some of its residents. but she knows her question is impossible; though, it's open for anyone to refute. the superhero event didn't belong in her memory bank, but the dark avenger did. and vision girl without her dark avenger, shiny bald head, smooth green-skinned singer, genius girl, and agent yelsew was a superhero without her limbs or heart. ]

I've been thinking about a hero lately. And — trust me, I'm not about to break out and sing Mariah — but do you ever just catch yourself wondering why it is that you're the only person from your home?

[ cordelia chase misses her family and she's not quite sure how to say it. ]
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Secrets aren't really my thing. I mean, okay, so-- we all have them. They're secrety. I get it. People on the whole are secret-having and that's why we have secrets.

Can't there just be an 'opt-out' switch? [ she holds up her envelope, eyebrows lifting. ] What if I just burn this, without ever reading what's inside?

[ buffy turns the paper over, a slightly pensive frown creasing her features. ]

Here's the deal. The real-deal. This deal is so real they won't even put it on TV, real. Really. Dealy. So ask me a question any question, Wonderland. Because I'm willing to bet I know what's in this stupid thing anyway.

Which brings me to the real meat of my little speech. Don't ask me how words are meaty, they just are, and it's less gross than saying 'fatty.' But all of us, especially the girl-types of this venture, could use a night in. That's right, stick people of the skirt variety, I am proposing a girl's night hosted by none other than me. Buffy.

[ for the first time in the post she smiles, her envelope coming into view again. ]

And if for some reason these little things end up in the fire? We can blame it on the wine.

Oh, and someone, please bring wine! Room 2 Floor 2!! Xander, you're invited too. Scratch that, your presence is required. And you totally have girl's night precedent so gender is no issue of question.

[ and later on that night, buffy sits in her room and waits for her guests, wearing bunny pajamas, only pretend they don't have feet because pedicures are a thing that are happening. anyone is welcome to respond to the post but if you have a penis and your name is not alexander harris you will get turned away from the room, sorry notsorry! ]
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Secrets. [ There's a dry laugh, something wearied and underscored with years and years of self-loathing and disappointment. ] People'll kill to keep some stuff under wraps. And a lot of the others're just broadcasting out the worst things they've done. Stealing, lying, a murder--

[ There's a stretch of silence, now. What would it be like, to have more normalized worries, to only have something mildly mortifying to look back on and regret? ]

... I'm not doing either. Can't-- Won't. Killing someone isn't worth that. But I'm not going with this story time of twisted crap, either. I--

[ The things he'd done are, in his own mind, far past the point of sharing and caring. ]

I can't forgive myself for it all, but I can't talk about it, either. So if it comes out, it comes out.
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I just realized I haven't, like, actually used this thing for its intended purpose since the first time.

[ which for some reason is real fuzzy to buffy right around now. ] So this is my, hey. Let's touch base. That was some party-- let's not pretend we don't know what's really going on here, post. All rolled up into one convenient package.

[ she busies herself wrapping her brown hair into a ponytail before glancing away. ]

This place? Alice had it all wrong.

There's no hope here.

[ end transmission, yo. ]
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[ Something is really, very Wrong with Sam today. And it isn't like their loss after the chess match when his determined, smarmy mirror was able to slip through to Realside; oh, no. Anyone who's spoken to Sam will know that the man now projecting over the network, face a mask of distrust with a faint but chiding smile, will be able to tell that something's a little off about the younger Winchester. Anyone who knows him very well may find his new confidence, disregard for morality, and general robust asshole attitude to be striking and disturbing.

Anyone who spent time with him when he'd been without a soul will know in an instant; this is the soulless version of Sam, come back to play. ]

Evenin.' [ He drags his tongue over his lips purposefully, gaze sharp, smile a complete facade. ] ... Honestly, I'm feeling a little, uh. Restless. I'm planning on hitting up the party later, but if anyone's free, I'd love some company.

[ Up for interpretation what kind of company he's asking for, there. ]

Or a good training session. Gotta get rid of all this energy somehow.
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[If there's one thing that Blaine's learned, it's that every minute of every day is filled with choices. And for most people, the majority of those choices come easily to them. When it comes down to choosing between whether to heat up a frozen dinner for one or to whip up a batch of macaroni and cheese, most people have no problem deciding between the two.

But for Blaine, things are a little bit different. If he feels like cooking for himself, he has to make sure he has enough time to devote to the entire process: the process that starts with gathering the necessary ingredients and cooking supplies, and also familiarizing himself with the layout of the room he's in.

All of this takes some time, and a simple thing like making scrambled eggs for breakfast ends up becoming quite the endeavor. But the way he sees it, he has nothing but time on his hands, and what's three minutes or thirty when there's no appointments or classes to rush off to?

So, after the lengthy process of making sure everything he needed was prepared and within easy reach, Blaine settles back to wait for the stove to finish heating up to the proper temperature. He doesn't go very far away, because causing a fire this early wouldn't be great for anyone. He stays near enough that he can still feel the heat rising from the stove, working off instinct to tell when it's hot enough to cook the eggs that are sitting in a bowl to the right of the pan.

But in the meantime, he's just going to see if anyone's awake and in the mood for conversation, so he fiddles with his communication device until it flips to the video function. He manages this fairly well, only fumbling once or twice as the buttons prove difficult. It's something he's gotten used to, though, remembering which button he needs to push to get the function that he wants, but sometimes, he doesn't mesh well with technology. At least today, it seems to be cooperating.]

Morning. [He smiles in the direction of the screen.] It feels like it's going to be a nice day, doesn't it?

[He can't really tell by looking, of course, but there's something in the air that makes him feel like today's going to turn into a pleasant one.]

Listen, I'm going to be in the kitchen for awhile if anyone wants to stop by. You might even get some food out of it if you do.

[He's cooking for more than one person, because in his experience, the smell of food acts as quite the powerful lure, and really, it's a win/win all around. They get fed, he gets some company for a little while, and if they hit it off, an enjoyable conversation might end up happening.

And if they don't hit it off, well, sometimes that happens too. But whether they get along or not, it's not about that for him. Having someone else around to talk to, even if they're the grouchiest person on earth, really helps Blaine out in ways he never thought possible.

He puts on a brave face most of the time, but not being able to see definitely has its pitfall moments. He's come a long way in terms of taking care of himself, but the adjustment part of things is something he has to wrestle with on a daily basis.]
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[When the video pops on, a very happy and already buzzed Oliver is there grinning like a moron.]

Hey, Wonderland. I figure now is as good of a time as any to celebrate my arrival here. So in honor of me, I'm throwing a little get together for everyone that'd like to come on down. I did a little investigating the other day and I am happy to say that I found a room large enough to house all of you crazy people.

[The video pans over to a nicely decorated ball room with tables of food and drink. It's looking more like a club and less like a fancy dance room. He's somehow managed to get a jukebox from the closet and drag it there. Everything is all set up and ready to go.]

So anyone that feels the need to party knows where to come. All the food and alcohol you can handle and then some. If you're looking for a good time, look no further. There ain't no party like an Oliver Queen party.

[He'll finish it off with a drink and head back over to the fully stocked bar.

[ooc: consider this your giant mingling log of bad life choices. You can have people reply by video or just set up threads to get into shenanigans with other people! Enjoy yourselves ♥]
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[Before making any kind of public address, Bela found herself in one of the tea rooms at random whilst she was exploring her new found 'home.' The truth was, she had been here about two days, spending most of her time snooping rather than speaking to anyone else. But one could only find out so much by themselves before they were forced to ask around.

When the feed clicks on, it shows Bela with a china cup in one hand and a biscuit in the other. She's attractive, her hair a light brown colour and if you looked close enough you'd notice the greenness of her eyes. Bela finishes the biscuit off, taking delicate, ladylike bites from it before brushing the crumbs away.

Now she's ready to talk.

What kind of place doesn't have an exit? That's something I've been asking myself the past few days while I was exploring this quaint little mansion.

[The English accent is clear and for once Bela isn't faking one nor playing a role. She is serious this time.]

It's beginning to frustrate me, being unable to go back the way I came. I can't stay here, I refuse to and I need to know the way out. [She holds back, reigning her anger in as much as possible. Not a good way to endear people to her, even if she didn't particularly care about their opinion.]

Now if anyone could help a girl out, I'd be ever so grateful.

[The last part is overly sweet and sickeningly so. Completely unlike her.]

((ooc:Feel free to action it up in the tea room! :D))
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[When Jo addresses the network, she doesn't appear to be nearly as friendly or in good spirits as she usually does. Considering all that's happened the past few days, it's to be expected. She looks exhausted, worn thin, her eyes red as though she's been crying recently, but she forces a smile for the camera all the same. It's only partially successful, coming out tight and grim rather than truly genuine.]

And here I thought the last month had already been tough. Looks like Wonderland is hellbent on outdoing itself.

[Pun absolutely not intended.]

I just wanted to thank everyone who went on defense and helped keep others out of the line of fire. I know that a lot of people still got hurt, or worse... I'm sorry. A lot of us lost friends because of these things.

[Some more permanently than others, at least if she's counting what happened before Wonderland. She winces a little even as she says it. She doesn't know if the event was caused by her memory. It could have easily been someone else's, but she feels guilty all the same. It's too similar to her last experience back home.]

It seems to be over, but -- I can't do much to help anyone who got injured or lost someone, but I can offer a stiff drink or five to anyone who needs one.

[She ends the feed. That said, for anyone who wants to take her up on that offer or simply wants to talk to her in person, she'll be in the bar on the fifth floor for the rest of the day, running it on her own. It's as good a distraction from waiting for Dean to get back as any. She's always been one to throw herself into work of some kind to keep herself centered, focused, keep herself from dwelling on things. Now is no exception, although the success rate is questionable.]

Private to Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer & John Blake, Backdated to 8/04 )

Private to Gabriel )

Private to James Potter )

Private to Xander Harris )
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[Amy's heard the warnings from the network and felt how the howls skated along her spine like ice. She knows they are dangerous. The smartest thing would be to go to someone for protection. She usually does until the Doctor's gone in first or waits until she knows that someone might be able to help her.

This, however, is Wonderland. The Doctor's here and she has a phone full of names she can call if she gets into trouble. She's never been good at doing the smart thing or waiting things out. Her curiosity has always been a terrible curse. She can't sit back and watch things happen from a safe distance.

She's out in the hallways when they descend upon the mansion. She meant to make just a quick stop from her room to the diner. She'd hope the others would have secured the building by now so she could at least make it there but she knows Wonderland is tricky. And these beasts don't sound friendly. She can't see anything but she can hear them. There are distant screams, those eerie howls, and the sound of claws on the floors.

A window shatters down the hall. She whips around to face the beast and is startled to realize she can't see it. But she knows it's there. And that it is aware of her. She lets out a small noise and opens the first door she sees and slams it shut. She curses when she realizes it won't lock.

She remembers talking to Kevin about salt earlier and is glad she put a shaker of it in her pocket. She sprinkles a thin line of it at both entrances and backs herself into a corner. She takes the time to give herself a nice wide circle before she turns on her phone.]

Houston, I think we have a problem.

[She looks a little sheepish.]

Anyone know how to get one of these things to stop following me?

[Anyone with good ears can hear something moving in the hallways.]

[ooc: Feel free to reply by video or post up some action. The second day is for running and close encounters. At the end of the third day, Amy will be dying at the hands of a hell hound and Thea will be there for her death. If someone wants to save her a little too late, you're welcome to have some guilt, too. If you want to meet up with Amy at any time before that, go right ahead! She'll either be in the tea room or the halls.]
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[ Isaac might have kept to himself. He might have hidden away and spoken to no one and made no posts to the network, silent to the point of non-existence. But you're in luck, Wonderland, because thanks to your little hellhound outbreak, newcomer Isaac Mendez has decided to grace you with his presence. You're so very lucky.

He's kept his eyes and ears open, and apparently hellhounds are pretty dangerous or something? Who would have thunk it, but people are getting hurt, and he really isn't fond of that when something can possibly be done to prevent it. Also, it would sure be nice to focus on something beyond his own angst and guilt.


[ What was that, buddy? This man's voice is cracking and raspy from lack of use. Not too social, this one. He clear his throat and tries again. ]

I need--if I could just get painting supplies, I might be able to find a way to help. I know, it sounds crazy, but...if anyone knows where I can find some...I would be appreciative.

[ He doesn't sound sure of himself at all. ]
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[ Kevin is pale and rumpled, but he's as concerned about that as he is about the state of his room, which is a mess. The wall behind him is covered in painted-on sigils, all of them having been recently touched up, and the intrepid angel might be able to spot a few bits of Enochian, but only a few, and Kevin's not even really sure they're useful at keeping out hellhounds. Probably can't hurt, right?

When he speaks, it's just a little too fast, the words tumbling out one after the other. ]

Salt your doors and windows. Don't go out unless you have to, or unless you have some holy oil, which you probably don't because it's hard to find.

[ He stops, thoughtful. ] Do any of you have holy oil? I'll take some if you do. I just want to make a pair of glasses so I can see the them since they're invisible because they're freaking hellhounds holy crap how did they even get here? [ That sure was the start to a breakdown. Kevin's eyes are wide and his voice gets higher and more strained. ] What is this place? Who would be crazy enough to drag hellhounds into Wonderland? What's the other option, carrying bombs with you everywhere you go?!

[ So, that was panicked. He breaks off, breathing hard, and looks away to gather himself. ]

Like I said. Keep salt handy. Try to stay safe.

[ Kevin ends his message abruptly. ]

[ OOC: He'll spend the rest of the time the hellhounds are here in his room, which smells of salt, borax, and different spices and powders used in the making of demon bombs. It's possible to want to duck into Kevin's room to take refuge, or to call him up for hellhound advice as he'll be in there like Control Room Kevin. ]


Jul. 28th, 2013 02:03 pm
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[ Crowley's got a bit of extra stubble going on. ]

Funny thing. One moment I'm here and the next I'm home again. Can't remember a thing about Wonderland the whole time I'm there and then poof I'm here again with a whole new set of memories.

Last thing I remember [ He grins ] I killed Meg and her [ His grin gets even wider ] unicorn ran off with a very important rock.

So tell me where is the Little Angel Who Couldn't? I've got a few choice words for him.

Oh and Sam? Dean? I think it's time we had a little talk, don't you? Kevin, too. Family reunion. Why not?
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[A new video feed kicks on. This time? It's gaze is focused on a blonde-haired, sword wielding, baffled looked child. Anyone could see he looking in all sorts of directions, and, if they looked closely enough, they could see the two toned grass beneath him.]

H-Hey.. Din? Impa? Is anyone there?

[Looking around, the boy seemed to have discovered the journal laying about. So, crawling to it, Link takes it in his hand and flips it around in all different directions. What was this thing and how in the world did it work?]

Hey! Um.. My name is Link and I think I'm a little lost. I mean, this definitely doesn't look like Holodrum. And it really doesn't look like Subrosia.

Ah-ha! [He eventually noticed the screen and held it upright. Or what he thought was upright. Maybe it was upside-down now?]

I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't mind taking adventures every now and again. Especially if I don't have to save the world or anything. And it's really nice to have a break and all but..

Where am I? And where are my friends?

[Frowning at the lack of an immediate response, he stood up, looking around the grass. Some of his belongings had fallen from his person! Carefully, he picked up the few rupees and rings that had scattered across the ground and last, but not least, the Rod of Ages. He twirled it a bit in his hand, wondering if it would still work here. Not like it needed to from the looks of it. But he would certainly like to give it back to Din if he could.]

Guess I better start looking around.

[Looking back down at the journal, he pressed on what he thought was an off switch of sorts and, tucking the journal into his belt, he took off towards the towering mansion in the distance.]

((OOC: Early Morning, he can be found in the fields when he first arrives. Obviously video/action work during this time! By Noon or Early Afternoon, he'd be wondering around the mansion, up and down the halls, the tea room, the pool area. You name it, he'll be there at some point. Action from here on out if that's alright with you! Just mark it~))
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Someone better get with the talky before I start in with the punchy. And I don't mean the fun sort of cheeky-punchy where everything is oversaturated and there's a laugh track. I mean an honest-to-goodness fist to the face. This place is totally creepsville and I don't appreciate it even for a microsecond. That's like, a thousandth of an actual second so my patient toe-tapping faze is like way past over and done with.

This place is like a bad acid trip without any of the perks. Not that--I would know. So in the interest of keeping things copacetic: who wants the gold star? Only available for a limited time here, people.

[She cuts the feed, her chest heaving wildly; she doesn't want any of these strangers to know just how fucking shattered she is by this. Kill yourself, wind up in some wacky cartoon fantasy? Only Buffy Summers. This was her life, and she would shoulder that burden alone.]


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