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[ All you can see is a grinning face. Already you may feel the dread. If you've seen a calendar you already know what this means and, if you're smart, you've put in the ear plugs already because shit's about to get loud. ]




[ This isn't even text. The flickers of red white and blue are audible. It rings with freedom and inspires a certain kind of joy, like the kind that erupted when it was announced that Arrested Development was being brought back.

America steps back to reveal glory.

He's outside on the grounds. Everything that can possibly be associated with the 4th of July is there: burgers, hot dogs, apple pie, soda, ice cream, all sorts of glorious products and brands that aren't even around in the 1860s. Does that matter? Of course not. Today is a day when sense isn't even relevant.

The most indestructible car in existence has its bed full of fireworks, some that are probably illegal in most states. There's two cakes, one frosted like the Union flag and the other the Confederate, and both have sparklers stuck in them.

But most impressive is the absurd amount of booze. Seriously it's almost incomprehensible. It seems to stretch as far as the infinite fences and if you care to look out from a top floor or the roof, it's in the shape of the continental US. You should be terrified that he is setting off explosives this close to this much flammable liquid.

America lifts his arms as though to say behold my domain.

It's my birthday and everyone's invited! Even the Brits. Especially the Brits. I want ya to see how happy I am bein' independent.

Fireworks will happen soon as it's dark enough!

[ And if he's drunk enough he may or may not blow his hand off. He's already getting started on that btw. Join in the festivities, mingle, threadjack, do whatever you like DO WHATEVER YOU FUCKING LIKE TODAY IS A DAY OF FREEDOM. AMERICA WILL BE RIDING HIS DAMN DINOSAUR WAVING AN AMERICAN FLAG AS SOON AS THE FIREWORKS START YEAHHHHHHHHHH FOURTH OF JULY. ]
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[Hello, Wonderland. Clara is currently sitting at the desk in her room, looking very much like a miniature and much less threatening version of the Godfather. She's got her device sitting up on a nearby shelf recording, so it leaves plenty of room to have her hands clasped together and resting on the desk. There's piles of neatly stacked papers resting near her hands, all of her recent notes on a certain subject.

And what is that subject you ask?


[Yep, as much as it pains her to talk about magic, she really has to. But then she realizes that she actually has no idea what she wants to say, her mind's gone totally blank. And she fumbles.]

Magic, magic, magic, magic.

[She buys herself some time with that as uncertainty settles in, but she keeps her business face on.]

Thought I'd hold a bit of discussion on it, magic. Got a few questions about certain kinds of spells, if anyone's experienced in the field.
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I have a question for all of you! It's come to me very suddenly, like a dream, or some sort of vision.

[And Alice sighs, as if trying to have that dream again. But it is gone, and she will just have to ask what she wants to ask instead.]

If you could be any you, who would you be? No restrictions or rules - if you could simply be someone new suddenly, which new you would you be? Would you do it? What if you had to; what would you pick then?

I think I'd want to be a Princess. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Princess Alice. Really, it's much better than being a Queen. You get a very nice crown and you don't have to be so responsible all the time. That gets so tiring, you know!

[She would know, after all.]

So, who would you be, if you had to be someone else?
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[At first, he's utterly confused. Toothless falls asleep next to Hiccup, and wakes up on the grass in Wonderland. Then, slowly, the memories start coming back, and the Night Fury puts it together. It wasn't a dream! And the harness on his back was better than the one he remembered. He sprints back into the main level of the mansion, to track down Hiccup at his forge, and... discovers a regular door where the forge's should be.

When he runs - pretty much full-out - up to his room, he discovers that it's reverted to the way it used to be, a cozy cave. Rather than the lodge a Viking would be comfortable in.

Distressed, Toothless lets out a few sounding calls as he begins to scour the rest of the mansion. A long, forlorn, echoing sound. He doesn't understand. Hiccup had been here when he'd left, and he'd been back home, too...

Finally, he nudges his communicator open and stares at it, sitting down in the entrance hall. There's a gleam of judgment in his yellow eyes. What have you done with Hiccup, Wonderland, he seems to be asking, letting out one of his loud calls at the screen.]
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[ The fuzzy face of everyone's favorite illusive vampire is now broadcasting because it's getting hard for him to focus on anything these days. He doesn't wanna bring this to Dean's attention either because he's got enough on his hands. He can't babysit Benny and his problems all the time. Benny is capable of handling this--or he thought he was. The hunger is getting bad though. He's not at his breaking point yet, but he has to do something about this. If he reaches the breaking point he's afraid of what he'll do to these folks. He doesn't wanna be a moving target either. This place has some angels in it and he'd rather not ruffle their feathers. Being smote just ain't his idea of a good time.

He shuts his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath that he doesn't actually need. Sometimes it helps him get his nerves under control when he gets like this. Sometimes it just makes him feel a little more human which he just ain't. ]
I got somethin' I wanna say to you fine folks. [ He swallows hard and looks around his room once more. He's putting himself in a considerable amount of danger if this place has hunters or humans with itchy trigger fingers, but he's hoping things won't go south. ] Whoever's listenin'--Hell I don't even know. I need somethin' from you people. If any of you are at all sympathetic to vampire's I could use a hand. I ain't gonna hurt ya, but I could sure use some food of the blood variety. Think of it as uh--a donation to my survival. I'd be awful appreciative if you could help. [ He hasn't drunk live in so long and he's not sure he wants to start again. He's hoping that nice doctor from before is still willing to help store some for him. He was willing to overlook the whole "drink me" incident. ] Please.
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[A new video feed kicks on. This time? It's gaze is focused on a blonde-haired, sword wielding, baffled looked child. Anyone could see he looking in all sorts of directions, and, if they looked closely enough, they could see the two toned grass beneath him.]

H-Hey.. Din? Impa? Is anyone there?

[Looking around, the boy seemed to have discovered the journal laying about. So, crawling to it, Link takes it in his hand and flips it around in all different directions. What was this thing and how in the world did it work?]

Hey! Um.. My name is Link and I think I'm a little lost. I mean, this definitely doesn't look like Holodrum. And it really doesn't look like Subrosia.

Ah-ha! [He eventually noticed the screen and held it upright. Or what he thought was upright. Maybe it was upside-down now?]

I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't mind taking adventures every now and again. Especially if I don't have to save the world or anything. And it's really nice to have a break and all but..

Where am I? And where are my friends?

[Frowning at the lack of an immediate response, he stood up, looking around the grass. Some of his belongings had fallen from his person! Carefully, he picked up the few rupees and rings that had scattered across the ground and last, but not least, the Rod of Ages. He twirled it a bit in his hand, wondering if it would still work here. Not like it needed to from the looks of it. But he would certainly like to give it back to Din if he could.]

Guess I better start looking around.

[Looking back down at the journal, he pressed on what he thought was an off switch of sorts and, tucking the journal into his belt, he took off towards the towering mansion in the distance.]

((OOC: Early Morning, he can be found in the fields when he first arrives. Obviously video/action work during this time! By Noon or Early Afternoon, he'd be wondering around the mansion, up and down the halls, the tea room, the pool area. You name it, he'll be there at some point. Action from here on out if that's alright with you! Just mark it~))
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That had been awful.

Between the shock of having Xander and Cordelia and
Buffy here and having his shadow following him around for the last few days, Giles found himself mentally exhausted. Perversely, it was almost too quiet without it chattering at him. But considering everything it had said, to people he otherwise didn't know at all, maybe it was better that he'd found himself alone again. Maybe that way they could all just forget about it, and him.

In an attempt to fill the silence, however, Giles found himself drifting to the music room. Thanks to some early advice from Ed, he actually managed to track it down. Some rummaging around in the cabinets turned up a guitar, and to Giles' relief he could still actually play where most of his weapon knowledge was useless.

Some time passed getting it back into tune, and playing a bit, and it was the most peaceful he'd felt in days. At least until someone came in - then, inevitably, noticing them resulted in a guilty start and a cessation of playing.]
Sorry, um...am I being too loud?

[Even if he isn't during his playing, the point where he breaks one of the music room mirrors might get some attention. But Giles has had enough of his own face staring at him for one week. He tries to get all the glass out of the way where it won't be stepped on, though, before he goes back to it.]

[After that found him wandering around the gardens. They were really very nice, and he found that he liked being outside. Always something of an outdoorsman by nature, it was only now that he found himself capable of just...enjoying that fact. Giles tried the hedge maze properly, without climbing up the walls, and swung by the greenhouse to try and look around some more maybe without running into strange women with machetes. Some more exploring turned up the stables, and Giles spent a while there - why hadn't anyone told him there were horses here? Even if they were Wonderland horses.

His exploration ended with the discovery of the tunnels. Giles lingered outside the entrance for a bit, debating with himself. There could be absolutely anything down there. There could be monsters. He could get hideously lost. He might run into another madwoman wielding a machete.

But, because Giles wouldn't have survived as a Watcher without an overwhelming sense of curiosity about the dangerous, he went down anyway. And emerged a few hours later in the mansion's basement, dusty and coughing but otherwise no worse for wear.]

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[The feed clicks on and shows a stretch of bright blue sky. There's a snatch of someone mumbling to themselves, clearly unaware of the video being recorded.. The voice quite obviously belongs to a young girl.]

- is this thing? Too smooth for a pebble, but not metal either... Weird.

[There's a sniffle, then an impatient huff. The journal is being moved around. Small, stubby fingers move over the camera, knuckles recently scraped raw. There's a flash of an arm, the ground, then bare and dirty feet. The toes flex, burrow in the grass outside the mansion a little. Finally the camera catches a face, more by accident than anything else. It's only half visible, and turned at an angle.

The girl is young, no older than 11 or 12 maybe. Looks East Asian, with strange green and yellow clothes, black hair falling into her face, unruly. The child's face is round and sweet, but the small mouth pressed into a concentrated frown. She's got sand in her hair, on her clothes, hint of sunburn on her cheeks and nose. Her wide eyes are not only red-rimmed as if she was fighting tears just a moment ago, but more noticably very milky, almost entirely white - she's blind.

Her head tilts away from the journal - she really is entirely unaware that she's managed to record herself on video, unfamiliar with the technology and unable to see the visual feedback on the device. Toph, as the girl's name is, lowers the strange object in her hands, makes the camera point at the mansion's walls. All residents watching this will get a lovely, if shaky view of her walking into the building - by punching a 12-year-old-girl-sized hole into the wall. Doors are for sissies. Toph could sneak around and try to find out where she is.

But then again, she could also stomp into the middle of the entrance hall and call out.]

HEY. You dunderheads in here gonna tell me what's up or do I have to knock someone around first?

[Yeah, no, seriously, screw subtlety or letting anyone know she's kinda worried the library collapsed on her head and this is the spirit world's idea of a practical joke. She isn't scared or anything stupid like that, okay, shut up.]
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I know this place is hard to deal with at the best of times, and the past couple of events seem to have been especially bad. If anyone is interested in getting together in a group setting to discuss the things that have happened to them here and share knowledge, coping skills, and emotional support, please respond.

Private to Sherlock Holmes )
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Someone better get with the talky before I start in with the punchy. And I don't mean the fun sort of cheeky-punchy where everything is oversaturated and there's a laugh track. I mean an honest-to-goodness fist to the face. This place is totally creepsville and I don't appreciate it even for a microsecond. That's like, a thousandth of an actual second so my patient toe-tapping faze is like way past over and done with.

This place is like a bad acid trip without any of the perks. Not that--I would know. So in the interest of keeping things copacetic: who wants the gold star? Only available for a limited time here, people.

[She cuts the feed, her chest heaving wildly; she doesn't want any of these strangers to know just how fucking shattered she is by this. Kill yourself, wind up in some wacky cartoon fantasy? Only Buffy Summers. This was her life, and she would shoulder that burden alone.]


Jun. 15th, 2013 09:22 pm
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[Do not attempt to adjust your television screen. Yes, you are seeing double. Yes, you probably are going crazy. But you're still seeing double.]

[Double Brittany's, that is. Each looking at the screen with a fairly cheerful smile. And a tophat.]

[~Cue Inexplicable Music coming from somewhere off-screen~]

♪-Shades of night are falling and I'm lonely
Standing on the corner feeling blue
Sweethearts out for fun-

[Brittany is first, but in the second half of the verse, her Shadow abruptly takes over in a similar, slightly distorted, but otherwise equally autotuned in-tune voice.]

♪-Pass me one by one
Guess I'll wind up like I always do
With only-

[The two of them start to harmonize, doing an impressive kickline to the beat]

♪-Me and my shadow
Strolling down the avenue
Me and my shadow
Not a soul to tell our troubles to
But when it's twelve a clock
We climb the stair
We never knock-

♪-'Cause nobody's there
Just me and my shadow-

♪-All alone and feeling--

[Here, Shadow Brittany suddenly stops.  Her faces falls, and within seconds, so does she.  Collapsing to her knees in a fit of inexplicable sobs.]

They hate me!  All of them!  They think I'm stupid and annoying and sometimes, they're even right!

[Brittany immediately comes to her Shadow's aid, looking distraught by the words but still trying to force a smile.]

No.  That's not true.

It is!  You know it is!


[Lips pressing together, she looks away just as the camera decides to take pity on them both and cut out.]
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Look, I know it's annoying, having to babysit people who come out of nowhere and ruin your day. But locking them up or beating them around, that's not the solution.

But who lets a little attempted genocide get in the way of their domestic idyll?

[Luke sighs, and the camera swings as he tries to get his photo-bombing shadow out of shot.]

Just because they have our faces, it doesn't mean they are us. They're sentient people. We don't have to be cruel.

Did you get a badge when they made you the Wonderland moral high ground? Quick, someone name a time when a self-righteous lecture made people like you. Ego-trip, or what?

[Luke hangs his head for a long moment, and from his clenched hands looks, hypocritically, like he might be about to commit voluntary manslaughter.]

It's just talk.

[It's not clear if he's informing his audience of this, or his shadow, or himself. His yellow-eyed friend finally muscles onto the scene, successfully gaining control of the mobile and playing with all the settings, turning the screen yellow or fuzzy or upside down. Luke seems to have given up caring.]

Cheer up. Maybe you teenage angst'd some of them into submission.
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[He's in the orchard when his Shadow appears. He tried to fight it at first and almost broke his own jaw when his hammer bounced off the Shadow's head. After a few more tries and some of the Shadow's yammering, he figured out what was going on. And tried to endure it while he gathered apples.]

Y'know you've thought 'bout it over an' over. "Why're you alive?" What makes you so damn special?


All 'f 'em died 'cept you. They's nothin' special 'bout ya. Ya were lucky. Ya feel lucky, Kid?

I ain't listenin' t'this.

Why'd ya survive, Kid? Ya didn't deserve it. Ain't fair, 's it? They all died, an' a useless piece o' nothin' like you survived. Ya shoulda died with th' rest 'f 'em.

I ain't listenin'.

[Eventually he gets fed up and sends a text.]


ther must be a way to shut em up
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[Souji is outside when he flips the feed on, sitting in the grass. With the possibility of anyone meeting his Shadow, whom he's never even had to face despite this being a phenomenon from his world, he's gotten himself as far from the Mansion and other people as he can manage. The patches of dark and light green grass behind him attests to where he's fled to.

He opens his mouth, then glances down and to one side at a murmur from that direction. A few seconds later, he looks at the camera again and takes a deep breath.]

They're called Shadows.

[That might be an abrupt way to begin, but he figures everyone's aware of the Shadows' presence by now.]

They are you, so there's no point in arguing about it with them.

[He pauses for a minute, shifting away as that someone off screen tugs at his sleeve.]

All the Shadows I've met can become violent pretty easily. These ones don't seem like they're going to, from what I can tell, but everyone should be careful, just in case.

[The tugging on his sleeve becomes more persistent and a rare look of irritation crosses Souji's face before he shuts off the feed.]
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[The video clicks on to find John Egbert sitting in some grass on the edge of the forest. A skidding mark leading up to the spot where he sits with his knees crossed and his head in his hands indicates that he didn't intend to land here, and may have actually crashed. The communicator's sits at a bit of an angle where it has landed, but the camera is undamaged. The sounds of nature don't manage to block out his soft gasping breaths.

In the foreground, a figure appears. It's dressed in the same god tier pajamas that John is wearing. The same dark hair slides into frame as the figure approaches John. But it moves with a rigid sort of confidence that in no way resembles the real John. John flows and bounces, this figure steps heavily and with purpose. That purpose seems to be to circle John and then crouch behind him, yellow eyes flickering as they focus on John and nothing else.]

John Egbert is missing. )
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[The funny thing about memories, even when they're not being affected by a strange mansion world, is that they weren't always at the forefront on one's mind. There was a priority list there, and in Chell's case, there was a lot more on her mind before today's revelation: That the event had been probably been based on her memories, that the mansion had taken one of her memories, that because of the event, she'd handed out Aperture tech unthinkingly - and less focused on her: That there were others here with powers like Jack, that there was someone from Jack's world specifically, and that could be trouble. And more recently, that there was another event announced. What did that mean? Shadows were mentioned again - would there be a risk of her or Jack turning into a monster again?

Eventually, her mind takes a sudden left turn: Experiments - memories - the mansion and memories - that time she and Jack had relieved some of her time at Aperture - and then suddenly, the line of children's science projects. Cute, and in a faint way, vaguely similar to everyone trying their hand at science - and then hang a left and she's thinking about what was apparently her potato battery.

And then it hits her: The other experiment she ran.]

[Minutes later and Chell is stumbling out of the greenhouse, and making a post to the network.]

Don't go in the greenhouse.

[She almost... Looks embarrassed. Ahem. Excuse her, she's off to grab some massive shears...]

[If you venture into said greenhouse, you'll find it a little overgrown. Any calls Chell answers will have a backdrop of hanging green foilage, discoloured, bloated roots and potato eyes, or maybe even some flowers.]
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This isn’t my off-ramp.

[ cordelia had been expecting white fluffy clouds ... or at least a mall again. which means one thing: skip. but, then, that didn't explain the talking cat … if this was skip's doing, she's sure keanu reeves would be somewhere, lurking in the corners, ready to enter an alternate reality with his glasses. but, he wasn't. ]

[ she fiddles with the device, switching it from audio to video with a few misguided clicks, and her face, eyebrow cocked, distress clear in her eyes and voice, can be seen. the gardens are behind her. she's sitting by the large pond. ]

Can someone tell me which direction a large, metallic looking thing who is a big fan of Keanu Reeves is? Don't let the exterior fool you, he's super friendly. I need to talk to him; it's important. Like I've lost my ruby shoes and this isn't Oz, but, hey, there's a talking cat who knows how to work a phone kind of important.

I can handle red demons and blue demons and singing demons and spikey demons and, hell, vampires with souls! But talking cats?

[ is she freaking out? no way! (yes way.) cordelia can handle green, singing demons with hearts of gold, but talking cats? no way. no, no, no. she's wiggin' out right now. she has to go kick skip's ass for being a jerk and then make him send her on her merry way to becoming ... whatever it is she's meant to be now. ]

[ inhale, exhale. she's back on the right track. ]

His name is Skip. Honestly, you can't miss him.


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