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[It's bright and early Thanksgiving morning that Dean appears on screen. Well, maybe not bright- he's sending this out at the sharp point of six in the morning, and the sun's not quite up yet. He doesn't sleep much, especially not when he's got stuff to do, and he's been thinking about this ever since the leaves started changing.

The plan was to do most of the work on his own, but standing there in the kitchen, flour coating most of the surfaces, flour sticking to his cheek, flour everywhere... in retrospect, maybe he could use a little help.

So he sends out a broadcast, figuring people'll stumble on it whenever they wake up during the day, and it'll kill two birds with one stone. He can wrangle help from the people that are willing, and it'll give a few hours notice to anyone that decides to just partake in the eating part.

Either way, his tight smile looks distinctly harried when he starts talking.]


[Sort of a generic, broad greeting.]

I'm, uh- not really sure how much most of you guys know about America- or... you know, Earth, but whatever. The point is, we've got this holiday in America called Thanksgiving, and it's pretty much the best holiday that exists anywhere ever.

[Oh, Dean... You don't have to lie to the nice people.]

There's a long drawn-out crappy historical story about Native Americans and Pilgrims, but since like half of you don't even know what those things are, I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Point is, every year on the last Thursday of November, families all get together and eat a crapload of food until they feel like they're gonna pass out, and talk about stuff they're grateful for. But mostly, it's all about the food and the putting up with one another. I figure, well, we're all kinda stuck here, right? That's about as close to family as some of us're ever gonna get, and- yeah, some of you are family to me. But even if you're not, I thought we ought to have a real Thanksgiving. Kinda put all the crap that's been going on behind us for a day while we stuff our faces with something that isn't... you know, each other.

[He shrugs a little. Zombies, man. Like it or not, somebody tried to eat somebody that last event.]

So, I figure we'll do that up in the bar around six. In the meantime... If anyone doesn't suck in the kitchen, I could... seriously use a hand. Or like twelve hands. I got like eight turkeys that ain't gonna stuff themselves, if I have to peel one more potato I'll shoot myself, and I'm pretty sure the oven just called me a name.

[He's not joking. It rhymed with rooshrag. He scowls at it, and it... Doesn't do anything. Because it's an inanimate object. In his defense, it does look particularly menacing about not being sentient. It's a sure sign that if he's left alone in that kitchen he's going to lose his mind and bake himself into 2 and 20 blackbird pies.

With that said, he cuts the feed.]


[Later that night, the bar is decked out in holiday themed decor. There are paper hand turkey strings and decorative leaves, tables are pushed together into long, room-spanning lines and covered with nice white table clothes. There's enough food to feed a small army and then some, and it ranges from the traditional things (turkey, mashed potatoes, corn) to... less commonly found items (white rice, cucumber sandwiches, bowls of gummy bears). In typical bar fashion, the beer is bottomless and abundant.

The whole place looks damn nice, which is good because Dean seems to be a hair away from having some kind of damn breakdown and stabbing someone with a two-pronged fork. People can serve themselves and fight for elbow room, but as far as the host is concerned, his mission is accomplished and the only thing he needs in his life is a giant flagon of beer and a viking-sized turkey leg.]


[This broadcast is post-dated 1 week, and officially going to take place on the holiday itself. To make sure everyone has time to tag at their leisure around their holiday plans, I just wanted to get it up in advance, so feel free to take your time / prioritize the event / postpone until after the holiday / whatever your jam is!

This is a mingle log! Please feel free to make use of the sub-threads, tag around, multi-person threads promote holiday togetherness, all that good stuff! The invitation is nice and broad, so everyone is welcome! Happy holidays! C:]


Nov. 20th, 2013 07:58 pm
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[Brittany looks worried.  Not overly so, mind you, but obviously enough that she feels the need to address the Network with her Absolutely Clever solution to the problem.]

So, wait, if we know there's about to be a crash...why don't we just tell people to get out of the way?  Or take away their drivers' license?
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[Toothless has a certain fascination with art. First it was sticks in the mud, then outside chalk, and then paint on the other side of the mirrors. Today he's found more paint, except in bigger containers. With lots of colors. And bigger brushes! He likes them — he can do more with them, and not worry about them breaking in his mouth.

Paint doesn't taste good. He's finding out again today.

Because today, one of the hallways has been sacrificed to his artistic efforts. Though, to be fair, it was an accident that the first paint container broke in his mouth. And then the others followed, because Toothless has discovered finger painting.

Or, more accurately, paw painting. And tail painting. It's a mess.

His communicator is jostled on as he paws patterns of yellow, blue, green, red, and white all over the floor and some of the walls. Toothless has lost his natural black camouflage. He's just a tangle of bright colors, splattered messily, as he also uses his chin and belly to get the colors in the right patterns.]
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Secrets aren't really my thing. I mean, okay, so-- we all have them. They're secrety. I get it. People on the whole are secret-having and that's why we have secrets.

Can't there just be an 'opt-out' switch? [ she holds up her envelope, eyebrows lifting. ] What if I just burn this, without ever reading what's inside?

[ buffy turns the paper over, a slightly pensive frown creasing her features. ]

Here's the deal. The real-deal. This deal is so real they won't even put it on TV, real. Really. Dealy. So ask me a question any question, Wonderland. Because I'm willing to bet I know what's in this stupid thing anyway.

Which brings me to the real meat of my little speech. Don't ask me how words are meaty, they just are, and it's less gross than saying 'fatty.' But all of us, especially the girl-types of this venture, could use a night in. That's right, stick people of the skirt variety, I am proposing a girl's night hosted by none other than me. Buffy.

[ for the first time in the post she smiles, her envelope coming into view again. ]

And if for some reason these little things end up in the fire? We can blame it on the wine.

Oh, and someone, please bring wine! Room 2 Floor 2!! Xander, you're invited too. Scratch that, your presence is required. And you totally have girl's night precedent so gender is no issue of question.

[ and later on that night, buffy sits in her room and waits for her guests, wearing bunny pajamas, only pretend they don't have feet because pedicures are a thing that are happening. anyone is welcome to respond to the post but if you have a penis and your name is not alexander harris you will get turned away from the room, sorry notsorry! ]
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[ So, since arriving to Wonderland, Stiles has pretty much constantly been thinking about getting home. His dad was still there, alone, and even with what Scott had told him, Stiles didn't like leaving his dad alone for anything--even just leaving him in the dark about their Big Furry Problem made him antsy. ]

cut for mid season finale spoilers! :> )
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[ A red-haired woman appears on the screen, eyes wide with alarm. ]

Hi, so... I'm not really used to this whole Alice in Wonderland scene, but... curiouser and curiouser! Heh --

[ She laughs, but judging from the way she averts her eyes and scratches along the part of her hair, she's at a loss for words and with good and predictable reason. The smile soon dies off Charlie's face, but it tries hard to stay on there! ]

I don't suppose there's someone out there who can fill a girl in on what's going on? Preferably someone without 'queen' or 'mad hatter' in their job description?
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I just realized I haven't, like, actually used this thing for its intended purpose since the first time.

[ which for some reason is real fuzzy to buffy right around now. ] So this is my, hey. Let's touch base. That was some party-- let's not pretend we don't know what's really going on here, post. All rolled up into one convenient package.

[ she busies herself wrapping her brown hair into a ponytail before glancing away. ]

This place? Alice had it all wrong.

There's no hope here.

[ end transmission, yo. ]
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[So let's get something straight: Santana is not.

Straight, that is.

(ha ha)

She's already lived through the whole painful coming out process, and she refuses to have another...process.

But see, the thing is, she has all these memories.

As much as she likes to not ever think about it because she's totally happy and in love with Brittany, there was a time in Wonderland when she had a relationship. With a guy.

And not even just for sex! She actually liked him!

Which is not really something that happens to lesbians, and dammit, that's a little harder to wave away as a phase.

Finding someone hot doesn't mean anything in the long run, after all. There are a lot of attractive people in Wonderland, and some of them happen to come equipped with a dick. No big deal.

...It's just that these stray heterosexual thoughts have been happening pretty regularly, and the weirdness during the last (incredibly awful and scary) event was the last straw. How else is one supposed to react to a dork that looks oddly nice without a shirt coming to your rescue and possibly doing some kind of magic to take your pain away? It's only logical to be intrigued.

(To be fair, Castiel also took her pain away once. But he sure didn't act all suspicious about his angelic powers. Also, he is also attractive so why the fuck is she even still thought-rambling about this?!)

Time for a scientific poll, asked professionally!]

So, who's gay?

[Nailed it.]

And I mean full-on, Lilith Fair- or Scissor Sisters-loving, gay. Step up, folks. This is a safe space, blah blah.
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[When Jo addresses the network, she doesn't appear to be nearly as friendly or in good spirits as she usually does. Considering all that's happened the past few days, it's to be expected. She looks exhausted, worn thin, her eyes red as though she's been crying recently, but she forces a smile for the camera all the same. It's only partially successful, coming out tight and grim rather than truly genuine.]

And here I thought the last month had already been tough. Looks like Wonderland is hellbent on outdoing itself.

[Pun absolutely not intended.]

I just wanted to thank everyone who went on defense and helped keep others out of the line of fire. I know that a lot of people still got hurt, or worse... I'm sorry. A lot of us lost friends because of these things.

[Some more permanently than others, at least if she's counting what happened before Wonderland. She winces a little even as she says it. She doesn't know if the event was caused by her memory. It could have easily been someone else's, but she feels guilty all the same. It's too similar to her last experience back home.]

It seems to be over, but -- I can't do much to help anyone who got injured or lost someone, but I can offer a stiff drink or five to anyone who needs one.

[She ends the feed. That said, for anyone who wants to take her up on that offer or simply wants to talk to her in person, she'll be in the bar on the fifth floor for the rest of the day, running it on her own. It's as good a distraction from waiting for Dean to get back as any. She's always been one to throw herself into work of some kind to keep herself centered, focused, keep herself from dwelling on things. Now is no exception, although the success rate is questionable.]

Private to Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer & John Blake, Backdated to 8/04 )

Private to Gabriel )

Private to James Potter )

Private to Xander Harris )

002: video;

Aug. 6th, 2013 01:11 am
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[ After the event...

The communicator is lying on a table, giving the viewers a wonderful, picturesque look at the ceiling. There's someone pacing just off screen.

Wait, where did the invisible dogs go? Where are they? Why are they gone?!
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[When the feed clicks on, McCoy's in a hallway, and he's definitely wandering around, looking for something. He's been here about a month, but he's yet to really explore this place very well. At least, not the interior of the mansion. He's been around the grounds enough, but sometimes he still loses his way inside the walls. It's because all the damn hallways look the same. And there's no signs anywhere! Seriously, what kind of place doesn't have signs?

(Someone might do well to mention to him that this is a mansion, damn it, not a hotel, but that's for another day.)

In any case, his face appears on the network, looking as disgruntled as ever.]

Any of you wanna tell me where this bar I keep hearin' about is? Think I'm on the right floor, but I can't tell.

[Look, it's been a hard couple of weeks. He just needs a drink. Someone help him out?]
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Who: Cordelia, Amy, and all the people who want to be judged and/or have a makeover.
Where: A room in the mansion So descriptive
When: During the event! At idec any point in time
Rating: PG-13? Probably nothing higher unless Amy decides someone looks better with their clothes off. Just saying.
Summary: Cordy and Amy just wanted to talk shoes. And then the mansion decided it was that time of the month. And now they are fashion judges. You've been warned, Wonderland.
The Story: except my gator shoes, those are green )

ooc: Cordy and Amy's initial thread will be prose, but the rest is totally cool for action spam. LET'S DO THIS. This is the catch all post for their event. This is open to everyone! Even if you didn't sign up for it. Just be warned I'm going to be slow :|a
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Someone better get with the talky before I start in with the punchy. And I don't mean the fun sort of cheeky-punchy where everything is oversaturated and there's a laugh track. I mean an honest-to-goodness fist to the face. This place is totally creepsville and I don't appreciate it even for a microsecond. That's like, a thousandth of an actual second so my patient toe-tapping faze is like way past over and done with.

This place is like a bad acid trip without any of the perks. Not that--I would know. So in the interest of keeping things copacetic: who wants the gold star? Only available for a limited time here, people.

[She cuts the feed, her chest heaving wildly; she doesn't want any of these strangers to know just how fucking shattered she is by this. Kill yourself, wind up in some wacky cartoon fantasy? Only Buffy Summers. This was her life, and she would shoulder that burden alone.]
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[George has been thinking...

With Death personified literally here and all. And she hasn't reaped a single person since her own event. And since dying works differently anyway here.

Maybe her powers don't work anymore?

And Death said he'd protect her, so. Maybe she can just...ask?]

I want to test something. I need somebody to help, though. Someone who's got a soul. [Which isn't a given anymore, probably.] I'll let you know what we're doing later. [Can't be taking too many risks, after all. The soul thing is weird enough.]


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[It starts with video and the briefest flash of a cuddly little teddy can be seen before an ear piercing scream cuts through the air and the video is lost. There is still audio, however. Deep breaths and the sound of someone running through the forest can be heard: Amy is running away from something. It's a few moments before she checks to ensure nothing is following her. Her voice is hushed when she speaks.]

I think something is following me.

[Scratch that, she knows what is following her.]

Is it possible for things to follow you through to Wonderland? Not people, but monsters.

[OOC: Amy has just been fear gassed and now thinks everyone is a weeping angel. If your character replies in video or happens across her, prepare for Amy to scream and/or run far, far away. And, if anyone wants to try help her out and she runs into the woods, she'll probably find herself more concerned for the angel that is after her than where she is going and run smack into one of Daryl's nets. If anyone wants to help her out, she'd be much obliged.]
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Captives of Wonderland, my shackled brethren, I have a question. Or ten.

Who are you?

No, really. Who the hell are you? All of you. I've been hearing some names — familiar names — and I find that very disconcerting. Which is saying something because we're all currently living in a storybook. Brigadoon doesn't have anything on this place.

So, I want to know more. Are you famous back home? Are your friends famous? What's everyone famous for?

I'm looking for some truly, truly worthwhile gossip here, so how about it? Is your neighbor actually Superman? I wanna know. Is the gal downstairs actually Barnabas Collins in drag? I wanna know. Give me your details and in return? Pie.

I've got a little bake "sale" going on outside if you're more comfortable sharing your friends' secrets in-person, so how about it?

And remember, campers, knowing is only half the battle.

[Come one, come all. Xander will take all your juicy gossip. Why? Because this is the best way to learn about people. Ask someone to describe themselves and they're going to describe what they feel is right, not necessarily what is right.]

[[OOC: Since there are so many opportunities for breaking the Fourth Wall here, please respect all players' wishes when it comes to canon puncturing and fourth walling. Also, if you don't want Xander to recognize your character, please note that when you tag in. He's pop culture savvy, but a few years behind current popular culture, so he wouldn't recognize characters from Supernatural, but he'd have no problem recognizing characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. And, as always, if you have questions, feel free to PM!]]

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[It's a bit of a delayed reaction; in fact, Jack's taken a couple of weeks to acknowledge what happened with the door, but he's here now--maskless and composed, if still a little shy--to demonstrate that he was in fact paying attention. And it hasn't escaped him that the event and its aftermath seem to have faded from the minds of the Mansion's inhabitants. People are introducing themselves to new arrivals, vague announcements hinting at events are being made, business as usual. But should business be as usual?]

Does anyone know what happened to the Red Queen?

How I see it...

The first two times that door opened, a monster came out. Just because this looks different, doesn't mean it is.
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[If one were to retrace the events in an attempt to find a culprit to blame, they could go so far as to point a finger at Gabriel, who had the brilliant idea of getting his siblings drunk. How he could not foresee the disastrous results of such an idea is anyone's guess at this point. Regardless, if one wished to find a source for what happened Tuesday night, they would have to look no further than dear Gabriel.

The facts are these: Castiel is drunk. Really, really drunk. Apparently giving a fallen angel access to unlimited alcohol supplies and having him drink with his older siblings, whose tolerance is supernaturally (heh) higher than his was not the best course of action. Countless bottles, shots, glasses and questionably colored drinks later, the usually reserved angel of the Thursday is something of a hot mess, inhibitions lowered, shame non-existent, creativity stoked by his older brothers.

Yes, at some point Balthazar and Castiel may have abducted some poor mattress and used it to slide down several flights of stairs. They're very noble beings, these angels.

Most importantly it should be noted that over the course of the evening, Castiel has taken to texting. Apparently even angels have the brilliant notion to attempt such feats when enough barrels of alcohol are poured into them and their judgement is muddled. Therefore, various text messages have found their way to various people. Some Castiel knows, some he doesn't. Most of the time he just pressed shiny buttons, leading to the text messages arriving in the inboxes of unrelated people. The spelling is atrocious, the meaning is basically non-existent, the intent mostly questionable. But more than that, a drunk Castiel is easily enabled, it would seem - and several people might find supposedly hilarious pranks have been pulled on them.

Enjoy, Wonderland. And really, keep him away from the drinks in the future.]

((OOC: There will be several top-level comments with texts. I'm not specifying a recipient. If anything tickles your fancy, feel free to assume your character received it and just respond to it! And yes, Castiel is still drunk when he replies to it, of course. Where's the fun in sober? Multiple characters can tag into each thread, and characters are allowed to tag into multiple threads, of course. In addition, if you want Cas to have played a "prank" on your character, poke me and we can set up an action log for that, too. Enjoy~))
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[Since Death is unaccustomed to hiding himself for fear of anything or anybody in existence, he does little to care about whether his face appears on this device. The device itself is nothing new to him. He may not use one since there is no reason normally, but technology like this has always been easily studied. It comes with the territory of being as old as he is.

Oh, is he ever not pleased with this situation. Irritation is evident on his face as he sits there a moment and gives a small shake of his head. This is all he needs is to be in the middle of yet another little matter he has to tweak. He is not in the mood for it now and he would not have been even before this after what happened.]

As I told the last fool that did something against my will, this is not going to end well. Whatever spell or elaborate little illusion this is, it will have a weakness. You will find that my patience is stretched thin. If this is about a deal then I implore you to reconsider for your own health.

[Not that he cares what happens to somebody that gets in his way in such an invasive manner. His dark eyes center on the screen, not an ounce of amusement evident there. Somebody's idea of a joke or not, he is considering if this place can grow on him in a way. Though he is asking for a scapegoat, he is not under a binding spell as far as he is aware of.]

This is the part where I expect an acceptable explanation.
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[Taps can be heard in the background, before and during the short message, as if the man is tapping his foot. They appear random, just an act of anxiety, but those who were trained to hear it may hear the specific rhythm of the military tap code; 1-4-1-5-1-1-3-3-4-3-1-1-3-2-4-2-1-5-3-5-3-4-4-2-4-4, that translates into d-e-a-n-s-a-m-r-e-p-o-r-t. The man's voice is low, raw, as if it hasn't been used in a long time - at least not for speaking.] 

Who do I talk to about getting the rundown of this place. 
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So, uh, Wonderland. That's...

[ Amidst the influx of new arrivals is Chuck. He's got short, curly brown hair and a beard. He also looks a bit bewildered and confused as he runs a hand down the side of his face. This whole thing is impossible, is what it is. On a number of different levels. ]

...Like the book? Alice in Wonderland? Is this--Is this some kind of joke?

[ He sounds apprehensive. He'd blame Zachariah. Or Gabriel. Because both of them have done something like this before. Unfortunately, both are dead. And he's not sure why the angels would have motive to do this to him. Especially since, ]

But, I mean. I thought the Apocalypse was over!
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[The Doctor's room looks like a total junk heap.

He'd managed to find a fairly good sized room on the top floor of this place, and in less than a week he had turned it into a dump. There were metal bits and bobs everywhere. Wires thin and thick connected to several different power sources. There were things that might look familiar to some and other things that looked, and were, out of this world or any world one might be familiar with.

He fiddles with the cellphone like thing for a moment and then it seems to spring to life. This is his first time using it, though he had played with it a little since being here. Hopefully it's working. It's probably the only thing in his room he hasn't completely dismantled.]

Hello there! This might sound a bit strange but, I come to you with a quick question so I do hope this works.

I seemed to have broken my closet. Or perhaps I just overworked it. [It's more likely the latter given the huge amount of stuff he's pulled from his own already. They're put here to appease them but apparently the Doctor is too hard to please.]

Might I borrow someone elses for a bit? I promise I'll stay out of the way. I only need a few more things, hopefully.
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[It's a short video this time. Dean's onscreen with a shotgun resting on his shoulder, face serious.]

First of all, a big thanks to the jackass who decided to poke the door with a stick. Really awesome, solid work on that one. Great going.

[He is just so unbelievably sarcastic about that. Really. You don't even know.]

Everyone else, get up to the bar. Lock the doors, pile the tables in front of it and sit tight

[Text to Sam.]

I think you better sit this one out, man.

[ooc: I asked around and people seemed in favor of the idea of one great big organized post with subsections, so feel free to keep your Bandersnatch shenanigans in here, or ignore it completely and do your own post thang!]
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[The video flickers on clumsily. It shifts around for a few seconds before focusing Blair witch style on Amy's face.]

So, I'm not sure what exactly that is, but I think I might need some help. If anyone can spare a minute.

[And then it flickers to the giant lumbering beast bearing down on her as the hallway dances in and out of view.]

Please. [She shouts the last bit.] I'm not sure where exactly I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm still on the first floor.

[Amy's nothing if not helpful :3]


Apr. 30th, 2013 11:14 pm
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[Tricking her "normal" self--and she used the term normal very loosely--had been too easy.  It was almost embarrassing.]

[But whatever, she was out and finally ready to stretch her long legs.  Maybe get to do a little research on this place.  First stop: the Library.  It shouldn't be hard to find.  Directions came easy to her near-photographic memory.  Assuming she didn't manage to get herself into a little trouble along the way.]

Damn, Wonderland was so wasted on that idiot.

[Smirking to herself, she ran a hand through her wild hair, not particular caring what it looked like so long as it was out of her face, and started to make her way across this eerily bright, new world.  Taking in the sights, and committing them to her mind's eye.  Just in case.]
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[ Perhaps to exercise cruel and horrifying irony, Rose wakes up in the middle of a rose garden. Furthermore, she finds herself Doctorless and TARDISless. Not that it matters that much. He wasn't there for her back in London, either. Whole of the world in danger and he just... Was unconscious. Unfair it may be of her to be so demanding of him, but the abandonment she felt and still feels pierces like a knife and if anybody knows how to be bitter and petty when wounded, it's Rose. Her arrival is disquieting at best and staggering at worst. The girl who speaks is distressed, and has a very thick London accent. ]

What's all this, then? Some sort of -- transport? Well, you've gone and got yourself in a bit of a twist, haven't you? 'Cause I'm not alone. Not ever. He wouldn't just leave me here. This place. Strange, innit? Bit... Spring-like. Nice, for a kidnapping. And callin' it Wonderland, hah!

[ She really does crack up, bust out laughing. Is that a nervous edge to her voice? Perhaps. Perhaps it is. But she hides it well. ]

Fat lot of good that name is. No... Stoned caterpillar or nothin', is there? Alright then, identify yourselves! Who's behind all this? He's gonna find me, y'know. He'll wake up. He'll come for me.
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[The video clicks on to show Dean sitting in his regular booth in the recently opened diner, laptop, coffee and pie within easy reach. Aerith moves through the feed before the video turns around to show Ruby, finally not pale and worried anymore, but relaxed and at ease with a slight smile, leaning against the jukebox. Journey's currently filling the diner with music, and Ruby wanders over to the counter, apparently happy with the selection. She shows Tohru preparing a dish while she talks.]

Guys, appreciate that you're all sitting in some corner of the mansion worrying about that door, but you know what? We happen to have this... nice, cozy establishment here, we have coffee, really good food, some beautiful ladies hanging around... [Yes, this includes Dean.] ... and all the space you could need, be it for fun or for some riddling around.

[And just to drive the point home, she pops a golden fry into her mouth and grins. Behind Ruby, Dean snorts at the ladies comment, but looks up from his laptop to eye the feed warily.]

While you're at it, how about throwing in a little PSA, sweetheart? Little tip: if a mirror sees it's reflection, it gets bounced back over to the other side. Start carrying around something shiny- but don't go getting all Twilight Zone. The last thing we need's mass hysteria.

[And with that, he turns his attention back to his work, sipping on his coffee. Ruby nods meaningfully at the video.]

Listen to the cowboy, guys, I mean it. He knows his stuff. Regardless, hop on over. [Yes, pun intended.] We're always open, and you can just as well riddle away with all the rest of us right here. Coffee's on the house, you can pay for food with small, meaningful tokens of your affection... no, just kidding, come on, everything's on the crazy magical house.

( Additional text announcement )

The Rabbit Hole - Floor 8, Room 001
Come for that riddle, stay for the company
Food, friends, drinks, music, riddles, pie, chicken wings, fun!

[ooc: Massive mingle post! The diner has never gotten an official opening, but it's now available to be used as event headquarters. There's food, there's music, there's company, there's people trying to figure out the puzzle. Mingle to your heart's desire <3 There are headers available, and you can feel free to make your own.

And remember guys! Mirrors on the real side can just waltz in there as well. Give us your alter egos, your reals, your firstborn children!]

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[Mark's hanging out near the new mystery-door, copying the inscription down and humming to himself when he notices a wall cam with a record light on. He gives it a tired sort of wave--he's so done with accidental transmissions.]

This wasn't announced. Ten to one that the Queen doesn't like it.

[Which, to him, means a heightened chance of mirrors. He's not ready to make a prediction about that just yet, but as long as he's on camera:]

I know we have a lot of new arrivals, and not everyone's gotten the rundown on this place yet. Whenever the mansion changes--sprouts a new wing, or fills up with fog or water, or turns into an outdoor campsite--that's an event. Normally they come from residents' memories, and they run the gamut from completely harmless to deadly. Sometimes it isn't the mansion that changes, but your body, or your thoughts, or your perceptions. Sometimes our mirrors get involved. It's a mess, is what I am saying here, and we didn't hear anything on the network beforehand, so this event is going to be irregular, on top of everything else.

So, ah. If you have someone you trust, it's a good idea to keep in touch with them. Be ready to fight or bunker down if you need to. The first day is usually pretty tame, so now's the time to make preparations.

...And if anyone wants to talk about what this means, here--[A gesture at the door.]--or anything else in person, my name's Mark Meltzer. I'll be down here for a while.
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[When the feed flickers to life Sunday afternoon, Dean is standing in front of a door. Not his door, not the entrance hall door, but a door he's never seen before and one that can only be bad news.]

Aright, I'm sure some of you have heard the news, but in case you haven't...

[He glances over his shoulder and then turns his attention to the camera again.]

It looks like some shit is about to go down. I'd like to start by asking any jackass who thinks they're clever enough to throw out an answer and get it wrong to, you know, not do that.

[A strained smile, which falls flat again in a second.]

I'm sure a bunch of you guys are gonna be down here throwing out answers, so all I'm asking on that one is work together. That's all. Figure out something you all agree on before you start... poking it with a stick.

[He licks his lips a little, shifts, levels the camera with a look.]

The rest of you... I think you know who you are and what I'm talking about. I'll be in the diner on the eighth floor. We need to do a little organizing and put some things into the works. Just in case. Check in with me if you can. We need to be prepared for when that thing opens... for whatever's behind it.

[Text to Chihiro]

How we looking on the network thing?

[Voice to Cas.]

Hey. You think you can get down there and see what your mojo picks up on that door?

[Text to John Blake.]

What do you make of this, man?
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[Time may have tempered Xander Harris, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten how to have a freakout of epic proportions.]

[He doesn't know where he is. That's to be expected since the end of the world had just been upon him. But he's definitely not dead. Just majorly spooked by the time he finally figures out 1.) having his best friend's phone number memorized doesn't matter because calling home isn't possible 2.) there's a video function on this phone someone must have reverse-pickpocketed to him (ooo, space-agey) and 3.) the basement is not where he'll make his stand. So Harris will be broadcasting from the hallway on the second floor.]

Yeah, I'd like to talk to a manager, please, because there is something freaky going on in the basement of this country club. [That would be our local basement-dwelling residents he's talking about.] So unless you're looking to have a full-blown problem on your hands, you might have to call an exterminator. Possibly the kind that deals heavily in supernatural crap, if you get my meaning. And if you don't, please look around. Seriously.

Speaking of exterminators... Buff, if you're out there and this is Hell, I am going to— [He pauses, mouth agape, finger in the air.] Nothing. I'm going to do nothing because this is not my level of expertise. The next time we get lost in a Dunkin' Donuts, I'll come to your rescue, okay? So, if you're listening, let's get this ass-kicking, Hell-ejecting party on the road because I've got work in the morning... assuming the world's still there.


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