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...Hello, everyone.

[ Chihiro isn't quite sure where to begin - so much has changed overnight, and she has so much to say about it. ]

I just wanted to let you all know... this is... this is my event. These are my memories. When I woke up, I thought I ended up back in my world for a moment... everything is almost exactly the same as I remember, including... including this letter.

[ She holds up a small envelope, marked "Chihiro Fujisaki", and shows it to the camera. ]

Back in my world, we were trapped in a school like this, and we were told that our secrets would be revealed if we didn't kill someone. I... I don't know what kind of secrets you all have but... please... nothing is worth killing someone else for.

...One of my classmates suggested... that we all admit our secrets, so that we could be sure nobody would kill to keep them. And... I can't ask all of you to do that, but... since this is my event, I feel like I should take responsibility. So, I'm... I'm going to tell you all what this letter says.

[ Her hands trembling, she opens the envelope, taking out the small paper inside. She clears her dry throat before continuing to speak. ]

H-here it goes...

[ With a deep breath, she reaches within herself to find the strength to admit her secret to everyone, drawing on the resolve she had felt when this had all happened to her before. ]

It says...

(Warning: Dangan Ronpa Spoilers!) )


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[Clara's spent the past handful of weeks being busy locked away in her room and the library, doing some research and jotting down notes. The product of all this research is currently sprawled out in front of her, a calendar filled with perfectly written and organized information.]

Suppose I've been a bit distant here lately. [A pause, and she tips her head to the side, frowning.] It happens.

[She shrugs, and continues.]

So, figure Wonderland ought to have a proper school. There are children here. Course, classes won't be limited to just them. Everyone's invited to attend. Oh! And assist, too. Still need to set up a classroom and gather supplies, but don't see any reason why things won't start in a week or two.

[And now she's feeling socially awkward for proposing something that most people probably won't have any interest in, so she gives a curt nod and a grin, then cuts the feed.]
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[Castle was doing some very important investigating.

The library in Wonderland was huge - two stories tall with all kinds of books. Some were in languages he had never seen before, and some didn't even look like books. The whole place could take days to explore, but there was something he wanted to check out first.

It took him a while to find the huge mystery section. There were so many books he hadn't heard of in it that it could take him months to go through them all. Fortunately it seemed like he had a lot of time here to do as he pleased. Castle's eyes scanned the shelves, looking for the section of authors with the last name "C". Finding it, he paused, looking over the shelf and moving his lips wordlessly as he read the names. Then finally, his eyes lit up and he grinned.]


[So much for being quiet in a library. Castle grabbed one of the books off of the shelf and held it up. He turned on the video function on his communicator.]

Wonderland. I'm happy to announce that all of my written books are available for checkout in the library, including my latest, Frozen Heat.

[He held up the book and grinned widely.]

Though I would suggest starting with my first book in the Nikki Heat series, called Heat Wave. If you do pick them up, please let me know. I'd love to hear what you think of them.

[Again, he showed the cover of Frozen Heat on the video screen. Castle anticipated Kate having a fit and killing him but he didn't care. His books were here and that made him incredibly excited.]
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I know this place is hard to deal with at the best of times, and the past couple of events seem to have been especially bad. If anyone is interested in getting together in a group setting to discuss the things that have happened to them here and share knowledge, coping skills, and emotional support, please respond.

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Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard & David Nolan )

Private to Martha Jones )

Private to Neal Cassidy )

Private to Dean Winchester )

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Private to Jefferson )


[Emma is a person who doesn't do well without something to occupy her, meaning that most of her time here in Wonderland between various disturbances has been spent restless. During the morning, she can be found in the library, perusing the shelves and occasionally sitting at one of the tables or near one of the windows to look through one of a number of books she's pulled from the stacks.

Mid-day and most of the afternoon, she'll be at the diner on the eighth floor, slowing working her way through a sandwich followed by alternating cups of hot cocoa and coffee with a notebook open in front of her. She goes back and forth between writing and reviewing what she's already written -- there's too much for it all to be from this particular afternoon, but at least three pages of it are fresh.

Late afternoon, she'll be out at the beach, standing out at the end of the dock before seating herself on the edge of it, frowning as she looks out at the water. It's not quite like where she and Henry used to spend their afternoons together back in Storybrooke, but for a quiet thinking spot, it will have to do.]
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[The feed starts by showing an extreme closeup of a man's face, mostly nose and eyes, then the shot zooms out. Looking back at you is a rather handsome middle aged man with a confused look on his face.]

So.. uh.. I'm not sure what this is, but.. I guess I checked into some sort of hotel?

[There's a bed and some floral wallpaper in the background. Not exactly his personal styling choices.]

Anyway, I'm looking for a woman named Kate Beckett. She's tall, brunette, really hot, kind of standoffish. She proooobably checked in with me. At least I'm guessing so. She also might have drugged me because I've never seen this place in my life. Either that or someone else drugged me. Anyway…. answers? If someone is seeing this?

[He nods, then clicks off the feed.]


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[Kate's looking directly at the journal, figuring she can just use it like a tablet or something. She's willing to try anything to figure out where she is.]

Uh, hi. I'm Detective Kate Beckett, and I seem to have woken up in a library of some sort. I'm not sure how I got here, but if you can hear this, can you call the Twelfth Precinct NYPD and tell them to come get me?

[She runs her fingers through her hair, nervous.]

Or if someone, anyone, could just clue me in to how I got here, and how I can get home, that would be great. Um, okay. Thanks.


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