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[Amy's heard the warnings from the network and felt how the howls skated along her spine like ice. She knows they are dangerous. The smartest thing would be to go to someone for protection. She usually does until the Doctor's gone in first or waits until she knows that someone might be able to help her.

This, however, is Wonderland. The Doctor's here and she has a phone full of names she can call if she gets into trouble. She's never been good at doing the smart thing or waiting things out. Her curiosity has always been a terrible curse. She can't sit back and watch things happen from a safe distance.

She's out in the hallways when they descend upon the mansion. She meant to make just a quick stop from her room to the diner. She'd hope the others would have secured the building by now so she could at least make it there but she knows Wonderland is tricky. And these beasts don't sound friendly. She can't see anything but she can hear them. There are distant screams, those eerie howls, and the sound of claws on the floors.

A window shatters down the hall. She whips around to face the beast and is startled to realize she can't see it. But she knows it's there. And that it is aware of her. She lets out a small noise and opens the first door she sees and slams it shut. She curses when she realizes it won't lock.

She remembers talking to Kevin about salt earlier and is glad she put a shaker of it in her pocket. She sprinkles a thin line of it at both entrances and backs herself into a corner. She takes the time to give herself a nice wide circle before she turns on her phone.]

Houston, I think we have a problem.

[She looks a little sheepish.]

Anyone know how to get one of these things to stop following me?

[Anyone with good ears can hear something moving in the hallways.]

[ooc: Feel free to reply by video or post up some action. The second day is for running and close encounters. At the end of the third day, Amy will be dying at the hands of a hell hound and Thea will be there for her death. If someone wants to save her a little too late, you're welcome to have some guilt, too. If you want to meet up with Amy at any time before that, go right ahead! She'll either be in the tea room or the halls.]
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[ allison's looking off-screen when her journal eventually starts up the feed, and it's another moment or two before she notices. when she does, it's with a jump. only a slight one, before she's giving the camera was looks like a very thin smile and tucking a bit of her hair behind her ear. she's been exploring the area around her for almost fifteen minutes now, and she's tired. tired, annoyed, and getting kind of frustrated, but she'll give in. say uncle. that's what this journal is for, right? ]

Listen, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some kind of joke; but if it is, it's not really funny.

[ she looks almost apologetic. almost, except for the fact she's really not sure where she is and would really like answers. allison's got theories of what's going on, sure, but none of them make a whole lot of sense, especially with everything going on at home, but what other option is there? unless she's been kidnapped, but why would the twins drop her here? why not kill her? ]

So, okay, whoever planned this - you had your laugh. Can I go home now? [ not like she's been trying to do just that since she woke up or anything, but all she can see around her are walls of green and no matter which way she turns, all she can find are more walls. ] Or at least out of this maze? [ her eyes look up over her, and then over her shoulder, where the camera can probably see tall hedges. someone woke up the maze, in her pjays. best day or best day?

she bites the corner of her lip for a second, like she's trying to decide if she wants to say what she says next or not. ]


[ and cut to black. ]
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[Castle was doing some very important investigating.

The library in Wonderland was huge - two stories tall with all kinds of books. Some were in languages he had never seen before, and some didn't even look like books. The whole place could take days to explore, but there was something he wanted to check out first.

It took him a while to find the huge mystery section. There were so many books he hadn't heard of in it that it could take him months to go through them all. Fortunately it seemed like he had a lot of time here to do as he pleased. Castle's eyes scanned the shelves, looking for the section of authors with the last name "C". Finding it, he paused, looking over the shelf and moving his lips wordlessly as he read the names. Then finally, his eyes lit up and he grinned.]


[So much for being quiet in a library. Castle grabbed one of the books off of the shelf and held it up. He turned on the video function on his communicator.]

Wonderland. I'm happy to announce that all of my written books are available for checkout in the library, including my latest, Frozen Heat.

[He held up the book and grinned widely.]

Though I would suggest starting with my first book in the Nikki Heat series, called Heat Wave. If you do pick them up, please let me know. I'd love to hear what you think of them.

[Again, he showed the cover of Frozen Heat on the video screen. Castle anticipated Kate having a fit and killing him but he didn't care. His books were here and that made him incredibly excited.]
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[The feed turns on to Annie's bright, smiling face. Behind her is the Wonderland Clinic, and it's practically shining with how clean it is. All of the beds are made up, the shelves are stocked and organized and the floor would probably squeak if anyone were to walk across it. Except no one's walking across it. Because it's empty.

And usually Annie wouldn't mind something like that, because, whatever she can read a book or something to keep occupied, but every time she takes her shift at the clinic, it's completely empty. It's like people know she's going to be there so they don't get hurt. Well, no that's stupid, and she knows that's stupid, but... she doesn't want to sit alone in the clinic! That's weird and kinda lame, and Annie has friends, okay! She does! So, she smiles into the device.]

Hey guys!! Um, just here to remind you that the Clinic is open and I'm on duty, if you're like, hurt or something and need help. Or if you just wanna talk! I won't bite, I promise.

[She laughs, because she's funny, okay???]

Anyway, I'm here for a few more hours, so you should drop by!
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Well, I see that it is pointless to try and keep any sort of secrets here, isn't it? Never mind that they are sometimes kept for a reason...

My sister is the most precious thing in the world to me, and I am very serious about my role as a doctor and about helping people who need me. That is all anybody needs to know about me.

[OOC: Since I was hiatused for most of the Shadow plot, if anybody wants to have run into Simon's Shadow, you can either handwave or contact me if you'd like to backtag something. It would have told people all about how he rebelled against the government, lived as a fugitive, and got disowned by his parents for his troubles.]
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 [So. Ruby's been going a bit mad, all cooped up in the clinic. Can't even leave the bed yet, her leg still all torn up and making pathetic progress at healing itself back up. Almost worse than worrying over that, though, is the fact that it's maddening and boring to lie in a bed all day for two weeks. When Ruby 2.0 appears, she's all but ready to dismiss her as some kind of weird 'bored out of her own head' hallucination. Only, well, the copy never leaves, and the whole thing is a bit... scary? Intimidating? 

It takes exactly one mention of Peter, and Ruby is diving for her device, plastering on a smile as she snaps on a video.]

So. Ah. I guess we managed to gain twins, huh? I'm kinda freaking out about mine.

That's because you don't want everyone to know you're a werewolf and did terrible things. You know. As a wolf. 

Shut up, freaking.... hell. Yeah, could... Guys, can someone come over here and, I don't know, shove a sock in her mouth, I can't exactly hobble over there and do it myself. 

Well, girl, when you fail - and I say when, not if - you certainly do it with a taste for the dramatic. 

.... On second thought...

[Yeah, she's... so not cool with this. Any of this.]
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[The feed starts by showing an extreme closeup of a man's face, mostly nose and eyes, then the shot zooms out. Looking back at you is a rather handsome middle aged man with a confused look on his face.]

So.. uh.. I'm not sure what this is, but.. I guess I checked into some sort of hotel?

[There's a bed and some floral wallpaper in the background. Not exactly his personal styling choices.]

Anyway, I'm looking for a woman named Kate Beckett. She's tall, brunette, really hot, kind of standoffish. She proooobably checked in with me. At least I'm guessing so. She also might have drugged me because I've never seen this place in my life. Either that or someone else drugged me. Anyway…. answers? If someone is seeing this?

[He nods, then clicks off the feed.]


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