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[ The first thing the video shows is a vibrantly yellow dress, attached to a girl who is currently talking to someone else, thanking them cheerfully for being so nice about showing her how to use the communicator. Once that's done the camera turns to actually focus on her face which is lit with a bright is slightly tentative smile. ] People here are so nice! I guess it's because people get lost here a lot, huh? I'm lost, too, sort of. Not lost-lost like I'm terrified.It’s the sort of lost like when you're a little kid and you get lost in the grocery store.

[ Realizing some might not get what she means, Chuck elaborates. ]

When you’re little and lost in a store it’s an adventure. You're more curious about where to find the candy or the fancy cheese your aunts told you about than you are about where your dad went so you just kind of wander around for a while and find all kinds of neat things. But then you start missing what you can't find and you ask for help.

So this is me. Asking for help. I'd like to go home but sometimes Home is a person and not a place and for me my Home is a person. A person named Ned, specifically. He's tall and really sweet and he bakes pies and even though he doesn't like touching too much he usually looks like he really needs a hug. Ned, if you're here, I'm here too and I'm waiting for you. I'll wait for a while longer before I come looking for you myself, okay?
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[ Boom. And just like that, as if he'd been asleep the whole time, Sam wakes up. It's a startling moment from death to life, though it's happened so many times now that he should be used to it. The younger Winchester takes a full twenty minutes to gather his bearings, flex his fingers, put a hand to his head where he feels a dull throbbing. Then, once he can get to his feet, he realizes he's been lying on his own bed, covered in blood (his own, probably) for some time. So he'd like to shower, get on fresh clothes, take another long period of staring at himself in the mirror, only faintly able to recall what it felt like to have his head beaten in by his own brother.

All he does, though, is slip the devil's trap handcuffs into his pockets, does a few stretches for the sake of doing something with his (living) body, and then pull up the network. ]

What the hell happened to my room?

[ It's a friggin' nightmare. It matched his corpse well enough, he guesses, but Sam isn't exactly in the mood for that kind of humor at the moment. ]

Oh, yeah. I'm alive. In one piece and everything. [ Tone: flat. Tired. ] And if you haven't figured it out yet, Dean's a demon, and he's probably trying to either kill or sleep with you, if you're talking to him. Or both. So don't do that.

[ Tone: flat. Tired. Very tired. ]

My room's, uh. Not my room, so I'll be mobile, but I've got holy water for people who want to piss him off. Generally I'd advise against, though, since he's pretty damn strong and is really into bashing people's heads in. Normal weapons don't do anything against demons, so, again, just avoid him like the plague. Which he basically is, right now.

[ ... ]

... Uh. Sorry to anyone who had to see me the other day. Like that.
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[All right. Martha has been gone long enough, and things have settled into at least a temporary lull, which means that Maxine has finally had the time to put the finishing touches on a few projects. The first – and largest – takes the form of a video that she records to post, phone propped carefully on her desk to provide a stationary camera with a good angle. She's groomed and professional, white coat in place, an expression of friendly neutrality on her face as she speaks.]

Hello, everyone. For those of you who haven't met me yet, I'm Dr. Maxine Myers, one of the doctor working out of the clinic on the first floor. Seeing as we're a community health center here, I thought I could take a minute to address a few community health concerns.

First, I'd encourage everyone to come in for an initial checkup and assessment at some point. Even if we all seem to be in a sort of limbo, it's probably best to err on the side of preventative health, and that includes yearly exams and appropriate screening. Besides that, if you need to come to the clinic in an emergency, you'll get better care if your medical history and individual needs are on record and accessible by the staff.

Next, seeing as we seem to have an emergency every other week, anyone who wants to learn even basic aid is welcome to schedule a lesson or two. If there's enough interest we can hold a few group classes, but I guess I'll need to see where the demand is first. Speaking for myself, I'd prefer to start with basic first aid and CPR courses, but if anyone who wants to move on from there to more advanced triage and trauma care is welcome.

Lastly, we are, as always, accepting volunteers. So anyone who has a few hours to kill a week, just stop by or give me a call. The clinic needs everything from people willing to clean and stock, to security, to expanded medical staff and allied health. As with most of the jobs here, there's no reimbursement, but if you're looking for something to do we'd love to have you.

Thanks, Wonderland. Take care.

[private to Adam Milligan]

That done, she picks up a neatly-sealed envelope on her desk, walks to Adam's room, and slides it under the door with a barely-supressed grin. The neatly handwritten form inside reads-


It is the pleasure of Wonderland School of Medicine to inform you that you have been accepted into the Class of Who Knows When It Is, Actually. We are, as I'm sure you are aware, an illustrious institution with a long history of things and also accomplishments.

Really. We are the only game in town a very legitimate medical school.

Class starts now, your textbooks and equipment are waiting for you in the clinic.

- Dr. Myers

03 - video

Mar. 14th, 2015 12:35 pm
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[ Ever since the memory room, Alex had been planning on teaching Claire how to shoot, just in case she had to defend herself and he couldn't be there. But an idea occurs to him: how many other people are there in Wonderland who could use this knowledge? The closets mean an unlimited supply of guns and ammo, and it's better that people know how to use guns than try to use one blindly.

So he makes this announcement. ]

My name is Sergeant Alex Lannon, Archangel Corps. Some of you know me, some of you don't. Either way, I was thinking... Wonderland can be a pretty dangerous place sometimes, if you don't know how to defend yourself. So that's why I'm offering to teach people to shoot. [ He holds up his handgun to demonstrate. ] We'll go out in the forest, where we can't hurt anyone, and set up there. Private lessons, not group stuff.

If you're wondering about what makes me qualified, I've been using guns since I was about eight. Handguns, rifles, semiautomatics... I may not be the best shot around, but I know enough about what I'm doing to teach. [ He knows his way around a sword, too, but isn't as confident in his abilities there. Not when there are swordsmen like Michael around. ]

And if there's anyone else out there hearing this who wants to offer to teach, yeah, feel free to put yourselves out there.
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I have an important announcement to make - even if you don't respond, I would greatly appreciate it if you would all listen.

[Evelyn appears tired, having suffered a recent sleepless night and three full days of resurrection, an undercurrent of emotional lividity pressing her forward. Her tone is firm and her gaze is just as hard, tempered steel cooling after being held aloft over a blazing fire.]

A similar network statement was made several months ago by one A. J. Crowley, but the dearth of evidence made it difficult for many to accept, myself included. It is with confidence that I can now inform the greater public that Hannibal Lecter is a psychotic serial murderer who cannibalises his victims.

[She is more disappointed in herself, but she won't blame anyone for doubting her. Crowley had to fight to be heard and Evelyn didn't want to believe it until she saw Will bleeding out on the floor, like a broken doll drenched in red, until she had to reach for her own weapon in self-defence. It feels strange now with all the data before her, files and notes and a strain in her voice that threatens to remind her who kept this information from her in the first place.

The broadcast continues.

Up until four days ago it was difficult to acquire substantial evidence on the identity of the man who killed, ate, and mutilated the bodies of Jesse Pinkman, Clarisse La Rue, and Dean Winchester, but I would like to submit my own recent murder at Hannibal Lecter's hands as adequate testimony.

[Evelyn's jaw tightens and she looks out of the camera frame for a moment, swallowing the vivid recollection and the stale, coppery taste of blood. As (purportedly) the first non-anonymous killing, it falls upon her to ensure than the very same does not happen to anyone else.]

Do not trust him, do not engage him, do not encourage his psychiatric practise by participating in therapy with him. He is a dangerous and skilled manipulator, so much so that I once considered him a friend. Please learn from my mistake.

[Evelyn cuts the feed.]
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Hello, everyone; this is Snow White. After this most recent... "event," as some of you call them, I've come to see for myself what kind of power Wonderland, its mansion, and/or its rulers have. Well, aside from the fact that they're able to capture and contain all of us without any trouble.

I've been looking through the records and heard about your fight with the Jabberwocky and I think this is a good time to say that we have the Vorpal Sword. Back in the Business Office of Fabletown... well, as far as I know, it's still there. I know that the Sword which used to be here is... indisposed, so--

Is there a way, aside from the closets, to obtain an item from our home world? It would be in everyone's best interest if we could come up with an answer as I really doubt we've seen the last of that monster.


Feb. 16th, 2015 09:40 am
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[When she clicks on the feed, it's obvious that she's actually used a phone before - unlike a lot of people, it seems. It's not a steady stream, though, since she's walking - the camera bobs slightly while she walks.

Someone's taking a tour of the garden.]

You know, I really thought I was done with being surprised by weird shit. I knew I shouldn't have made that 'down the rabbit hole' reference last night.

[She drops down into a sunbeam underneath a tree. It's really quite picturesque, as far as Zed's concerned - but she's taking care not to make too much actual contact with the grass and her hands.]

I have to say, this is a lot more literal sunshine and rainbows than I would've expected. Where's the big bad wolf, I wonder? Lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike? That'd be my bet.

Not that wolves are really that subtle in the fairy tales. At least I won't have any shortages of artistic inspiration.

[She points to the camera.]

That's where you come in, lovely viewers. I'm finding myself with a real shortage of supplies, having come here without really expecting to -- I'm guessing we don't have any sort of art kiosk here. No Marshall's crafts, am I right?

If anyone can point me in the right direction, there's probably a sketch in it for you.


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