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[The first thing Natasha was taught to do in an uncontrolled situation was to assess what had happened. She remembers being back at S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, and now she was here, with what appeared to be a device for communicating. She felt like nothing had happened, and she wasn't hurt one bit.

But who knows what had happened. That, and she didn't recognize this place one bit. Too storybook for her liking.

It only took her several minutes to figure out the functions of the device, and once she had, turned it onto video. The Black Widow isn't fooled so easily, so she doesn't show that she's perplexed as to how she's come to be in this place, or how she had no memory of her kidnappers. Either this is magic or they were good, better than her, even. Only very few people were better than she was.]

I need information on this place and what has brought me here. I won't take no for an answer.

001; Video

Apr. 27th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Wonderland, huh? Never thought I'd see the day I visited here. Last I knew the ti- ship I was traveling on was having some issues. Thought I got them sorted out but I guess I was wrong. Although it sounds like less of a malfunction and more of a kidnapping. How long do people usually end up here anyway? Not too long I hope. I have other places to go and times to see.

[She leans back and crosses her arms over her chest before sitting up again.] Oh, and for those of you I haven't met yet, name's Amy Pond. It's a pleasure to meet you. Or it will be, I'm sure. Once I meet you I mean. Say, any chance any of you have seen the Doctor around? Tall, skinny, got a chin like this? Has floppy hair and thinks bowties are cool?
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Garcia if you could run the name Frances Dr-

[Something danced in the corner of his eye and an odd sort of noise that sounded faintly like a record skip filled his ears and he stopped, blinked, and stared into the room he had been walking into once more. Though something was off...

This wasn't the Unsubs room.

It was too clean first of all, that was perhaps the biggest difference. The Unsubs room had been trashed but this was perfect, it almost looked as though no one at all lived in it. Not to mention the whole layout had changed completely. Where the bed had once stood in the center of the room there was blank space, the bed now finding a home against the far right hand corner of the room, and rather than having four haphazardly displayed dressers scattered throughout there was only the one pushed against the far side wall.

He blinked furiously, concerned he might be seeing things which was more disconcerting then any other option there possibly was floating through his mind at this point. When he opened his eyes once more completely he found nothing had changed and moved to pull the phone away from his ear and found that, that too had changed. It was seemingly newer than his own, and appeared to be a matte black rather than the silver of the one he was so used to seeing. What the hell was going on here?! He panicked slightly and tried to figure out how to use the phone in his hand.]

Garcia? Garcia!? Penelope!

[He wasn't that great with this kind of phone and he had no idea if he was actually doing something or if he was just yelling into nothing. He spun around quickly, flinging open the door in an attempt to get back into the living room he'd just been walking from to get to the Unsubs room but... that wasn't there either. Instead there was a long hallway with seemingly hundreds of doors.

His breathing was heavy as he spun around to see the room he'd just come out of once more. Nothing had changed and now he started panicking. Not because he was worried about being somewhere else but... because of the fear that this wasn't real at all. That it was all some sort of twisted trick his mind was playing on him.]


[He srood in the middle of the hallway swallowing hard.]



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