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[It's your friendly neighborhood Mirror!Kid, smiling oh so pleasantly behind his bandanna as he faces the camera.]

This is proving to be quite the nice vacation, isn't it? There are so many interesting places and things to examine here. And such a wealth of materials not always afforded to us Mirrors. For instance, look at what I have found among my double's possessions.

[He ducks out of camera view for a moment, then reappears with what looks like a giant, horrible, shoulder-mounted cannon of some kind.]

Do you suppose our fair queen would accept it if I presented it to her? It may well be a fine addition to her arsenal.
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[ Listen. Can you hear it? Playing just audibly enough on everyone's devices.

A minute of silence passes. What follows is a voice, feminine, though robotic. It may be an android, or a human voice that's been masked somehow. ]

I realize this may be someone's idea of a joke. And I like jokes. Really. I had the sarcasm self-test playback all ready for when I figured out what was going on and incinerated the person responsible.

So. Congratulations for beating the odds and literally doing the impossible in bringing me here. Put me back. You don't want me to ask "in person."

The first person with any reliable or useful information will receive cake.
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[The post starts out as a video. Yousuke just looks... Surprised. He runs a hand through his hair.]

Holy shit, this many?

Looks like we really need to start on that pamphlet...

[He shakes his head and turns off the feed, switching instead to text.]

A couple days ago I was talking with someone about the mirrors, just passing on information, and it sorta made me realize, there a lot of stuff us, uh, established residents know that newbies don't. Things about how the mansion works, and why, the residents, the mirrors, things that've happened in the past that were important. Sometimes it takes a really long time for them to figure that out. And it could end up being important, knowing the crap that goes down around here.

I know that usually people get helped by others when they first get here, but it's easy to forget stuff and they still might not get the whole story. So I was thinking, maybe we could work out some kind of pamphlet to hand out to newbies, or a whole shebang we can post somewhere where anyone could read it whenever they wanted.

Since we're getting this crazy amount of new guys in this time around, I thought about it again. It's just that-- well, I'm no good at writing and organizing and that sort of thing. But if a couple of us work together, it could totally get done.

So, who out there's good with details and nitty gritty like that? I've been here long enough that I can provide the information. Even just the basics of daily life around here could be helpful to anyone that's just gotten here.

And, uh, welcome to all the newcomers. Usually we don't get such huge groups all at once. Don't trample each other on your way in.
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[ A high pitched, somewhat robotic voice can be heard singing over the network feed. ]

"Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday to you~!"

[ As the video comes into focus, a room comes into view, filled mostly with computer systems of every kind - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. - all running and displaying arcane data of some kind or another. On one laptop screen in particular, the image of a cheerful face continues to sing. ]

"Happy birthday, dear Chihirooo~! Happy birthday to yooou~!"

[ Chihiro smiles brightly, sitting across from the laptop. A slice of cake lays on plate between them, adorned with a single candle. ]

Hehehe! When you sing, you sound just like a Vocaloid, Alter Ego... Oh, I should make a birthday wish, shouldn't I...?

[ Closing her eyes for a moment, Chihiro brings her hands up to her chest, envisioning the one thing she desires most - to be strong enough to help all of her new friends. With that, she takes a deep breath and blows the candle out, to the sound of Alter Ego's cheering. ]
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[ An unexpected notification sounds on Karkat's husktop, with a strange message. ]

49 6e 69 74 69 61 74 69 6e 67 20 6e 65 74 77 6f 72 6b 20 74 65 73 74 20 6e 75 6d 62 65 72 20 34 33 2c 20 61 74 74 65 6d 70 74 20 31 2e 2e 2e

49 6e 69 74 69 61 74 69 6e 67 20 6e 65 74 77 6f 72 6b 20 74 65 73 74 20 6e 75 6d 62 65 72 20 34 33 2c 20 61 74 74 65 6d 70 74 20 32 2e 2e 2e


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