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[ Yet again, Asahina's soaking wet. At least this time she's actually in the pool. In fact, you might notice that the pool's gotten a little larger since Asahina's started visiting it every morning. Or you might not have noticed; it doesn't matter. Instead, there are more important things to talk about today. ]

Did everyone get through that event okay? No one hurt too badly? That was pretty crazy. I mean, there was stuff falling from the sky, soggy donuts, water everywhere. It's stopped now, and hopefully it won't happen agai-- Huh?

[ CRASHSPLASHBANGERANANGNER!!!!! That's the sound and image of something-- someone falling from the sky and landing smack dab on Asahina. She didn't stand a chance. ]
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[Kirigiri hasn't noticed anything weird yet today, but she's also been inside, away from the windows up until now. Now, though, it is time to go observe the vendors and what they have to offer and take a million notes, so she heads outside.

She has enough time to get a few steps outside and turn on a video feed. She's got her mouth open to ask a question when something falling out of the sky bounces off of her head. Surprised, she looks at the ground to see what it is.

A slight frown crosses her face, but before she can do or say anything else, cups and packages of instant ramen start to pelt her from the sky. They are hitting her so frequently that she really doesn't have time to run away from them. She brings up her arms to shield her head (although they aren't really hitting her hard enough to do anything but be annoying), and in the process drops her device. It's quickly buried under cheap, packaged carbohydrates.

After precisely fifteen minutes and seven seconds, the million fungoes style ramen barrage ends, leaving Kirigiri standing on the lawn with a hill of ramen piled up to her waist. She stands and fumes for a couple of minutes before she starts digging herself out. Eventually, her device comes free of the pile and lands in the grass, capturing this process upside down.]
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[ A high pitched, somewhat robotic voice can be heard singing over the network feed. ]

"Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday to you~!"

[ As the video comes into focus, a room comes into view, filled mostly with computer systems of every kind - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. - all running and displaying arcane data of some kind or another. On one laptop screen in particular, the image of a cheerful face continues to sing. ]

"Happy birthday, dear Chihirooo~! Happy birthday to yooou~!"

[ Chihiro smiles brightly, sitting across from the laptop. A slice of cake lays on plate between them, adorned with a single candle. ]

Hehehe! When you sing, you sound just like a Vocaloid, Alter Ego... Oh, I should make a birthday wish, shouldn't I...?

[ Closing her eyes for a moment, Chihiro brings her hands up to her chest, envisioning the one thing she desires most - to be strong enough to help all of her new friends. With that, she takes a deep breath and blows the candle out, to the sound of Alter Ego's cheering. ]
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[In the music room, Souji is trying to play the violin. He's never really done it before, so he's not all that good. He never quite manages to get out a full string of notes either--he keeps stopping to look at the bow in his hand, to make adjustments, to check the music in front of him.

After several halting attempts, he stops and leans back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling.]

Why was it easier before?
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[Blake's been doing a lot of thinking lately. With everything that's been happening in Wonderland, it's really no surprise that his mind rarely stops. But it's important to take a couple moments and just breathe, right? Breathe, and get to know the people around him.]

[When he addresses the network, he's sitting atop a high surface in the library, legs dangling. His phone is held with an outstretched arm, recording at a distance to show something more than just the typical face shot.]

How's it goin', guys? Thought we could play a game or somethin' — maybe get to know each other a bit better. Kinda like a fill in the answer game? I'll start us off, you answer. Then you say somethin' and I'll fill in the blanks, if that's your thing. Simple enough, right?

So, say someone says, "If I were a pool toy..." you'd answer with "I'd be a beach ball, because they're colorful and round, just like me." You know, a revealin' answer, but nothin' too revealin', since there are prob'ly kids 'round. See how that works?

Anyway, here goes: If I were a superhero, I'd...

[A little too close to home? No way! Where better to hide than right out in the open. Besides, it's not like he's a card-carrying member of some super squad... yet.]


Feb. 20th, 2013 03:51 pm
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[The feed starts, focusing on a thoughtful looking Kirigiri who's got her chin in her hand, looking down as she thinks.]


[Contrary to appearances, she didn't turn this thing on by accident or for no reason. She's just gathering her thoughts, and at length she speaks.]

Let me sum up my findings.

[She moves her hand away from her face, raising one gloved finger for each item she lists, starting with her thumb.]

One: This building is ten stories tall, and there is no apparent end to any of its hallways.

Two: The building has gardens ending in fences on two sides, a forest on a third side, and a beach and sea on the fourth side.

Three: It seems impossible to walk up to the fences, and while there is a dock, there do not appear to be any boats.

Four: The environment appears safe and clean.

Five: There are other people here, and they regularly make use of this network.

[Having run out of fingers on that hand, she starts curling them down against her palm again, starting with her pinkie.]

Six: This network does not extend beyond this geographic area and there are no records of outside users.

Seven: Behind this building, there are people in masks, peddling all sorts of items, ranging from assault weapons to candies. None of them will answer questions posed to them.

[She lowers her hand and finally looks at the feed directly.]

Is all of this correct?
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[ I hope you enjoyed your hearing while you could, Entranceway, because now you're all deaf. It's obvious the girl hasn't noticed her communicator or the fact that she's dripping wet and in a swimsuit during winter. No, no, she's way too busy leaping for joy to notice that superfluous shit, nearly in tears by this point. ]

The sky! It's right there, the sky! The sky, the sky, the clouds, and the SKYYYYY! I-- I, oh, I've got to run laps! Run laps outside! I'm OUTSIDE! Haha! Yes!

[ Feel free to catch her doing just that-- running laps around the Mansion at an impressive speed. Alternatively, you can deal with her confusion in the kitchen once she realizes that donuts aren't the answer to all of her questions. ]


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