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Feb. 17th, 2014 06:07 pm
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...It's been over a year now... hasn't it...?

[ Chihiro is looking unusually pensive, her voice devoid of that twinge of nervous energy that usually underpins everything she says. ]

I... I never really thought to keep track of the passing of time, while I was here... I mean... I didn't think I would be here this long. I've seen so many people come and go, in just a few months...

...It's strange. All of the horrible things that have happened, here... it's all starting to feel... normal. I mean... any rational person would be terrified, traumatized by the things they've seen, but... the longer I stay here, the less I feel affected by them.

...It worries me... I can't tell if it's the magic of the mansion, or if this normal... I mean... I don't have any frame of reference for what "normal" is anymore, do I...? My memories of my normal life at home have become less and less clear... and it's harder to tell the difference between my real memories and the fake ones the mansion gives me, sometimes...

...I mean... I'm still worried about it, at least, but... I wonder how long it'll be until it doesn't even worry me anymore...


Jan. 18th, 2014 12:17 pm
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[Early in the morning, not long after the Midnight Channel broadcast, Souji decides he has some 'splaining to do. He fires up the old network device, but isn't really sure how to go about this.]

I can't explain the armor, but these broadcasts...they come from my world.

[It's not easy to tell from his tone whether or not he's affected by what he saw, especially for people who don't know him well. In reality, it's hard for him not to feel agitated in response to it. He spent a year hyper-alert to this thing, after all, and even after the time he's spent in Wonderland, it's become a habit to react this way.]

I don't think you should worry about what it shows you. It's probably not real.


This sort of thing used to happen sometimes. Where two events got mixed together. It's been over a year though, I think.

[He can't think of anything else to say that would actually be helpful. He had thought of offering to explain the broadcasts, but he's alarmed by the fact that he can't remember what they're called. After a couple seconds of dead air, he shuts off the feed.]
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The others have filled you in on the situation, so I'll make this brief.

[ Those who knew Chihiro in the present might be shocked by her calm and serious demeanor - not quite the shy and stuttering programmer they were used to. ]

In our time, the network has been down for years, but I still retained record of all of the publicly available conversations for posterity. I've encoded them all and left them here on a flash drive, in my room.

Our timelines are identical up until the moment we arrived here, in your present. The network posts from our timeline extend a couple of years after, so they are in your future. Because of this, I believe it's too dangerous to make them all freely available. I've declassified all posts relevant to our situation in the our time and what steps could have been taken to prevent it - steps that you will all be in a position to implement now.

I can make unrelated information about the future available upon request, but keep in mind that not only are these posts from an alternate timeline you will no longer experience, but that looking to access any posts pertaining to your personal lives will be distracting from the issue at hand.

The rest of the posts, I've placed behind heavy encryption. I'm confident that nobody but me will be able to crack it - if I am replaced by the version of myself from your time, she alone will have the ability to access them, and declassify them at her own discretion.

My apologies. This wasn't brief, after all.

I will be available by all channels if you have any questions or require any assistance. Fujisaki out.

[ The sign-off is a bit odd, but is probably normal for a post-apocalyptic resistance member. ]


Feel free to respond to this video post, or use this post to run into Chihiro about the mansion, send her text messages, etc.
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( This takes place on the second day, during the early Morning. December the 16th. It's being posted now since some of us live in bizarro future timezones (lookin' at Andi). Depending on mun availability and what's in character or not, you'll get tags from either me or Andi (Tom). If you have a preference make it known in the tag somehow, being by addressing or tagging it in the subject lines. )

[ The video feed flicks on to show two familiar but also unfamiliar residents of Wonderland. They're dressed like they've just been plucked from a war (and they have.), both donning a number of visible and not so visible weapons - worn over heavy tactical gear. Angels, or indeed anyone with great perception, might be able to tell that they're not exactly in the right time, but there's more important business to get to.

Isaac doesn't speak, he lets Tom do that, because that's what he's better at, being the social one. That's a bit odd, isn't it? When did they become close enough to simply exchange looks and seem to know what the other is thinking? Also when did Isaac's hair get so dang long and curly? It's not the same doe eyed boy who had been asking about angels and demons. When was Tom so sure of himself? When did he adopt the stance of a warrior? If he was already too easily confused with present Dean than this Tom is even more similar. Something about the shadow resting just behind his eyes and the tight clench of his jaw. Still, a familiar but weathered green hoodie is poking up form under his chest piece.

Tom addresses the network with an easy confidence he is most certainly not currently known for, shifting his weight slightly and crossing one leg over the other so that one armored foot rests on the opposite armored knee. He looks hard, tired but sharp. ]

Alright, first thing's first I need to know who else is on this mission. Sound off if you know what's up.

Secondly, I think we've all figured out by now that something weird has happened. Not that it's anything new, but from what we've gathered, Wonderland doesn't usually fuck with it's own timeline.

[He takes a small, pregnant pause and glances at Isaac. Where do you even begin? But he does, and when he speaks it is with authority and a deadly seriousness.]

We think we're here as a warning so I need everyone to listen up and listen up good. In two years time, the Jabberwocky will return to Wonderland. It will destroy everything and you will not be able to defeat it.

The closets will run dry and the mirrors will break. By year five of the war the magic will stop. People will die and they won't come back.

[Go on, take a moment to process that. The gravity of his message. Everyone is going to die.]

Our only hope of fighting the Jabberwocky disappeared with The Duchess and the Vorpal sword.

We think we were sent here with what is left of Wonderland's power. To keep this from happening, or to prepare you in case it does.

I need any and all information pertaining to either the Duchess or the Vorpal sword. I need you all to stay calm but get ready.

[He takes a breath, tongue poked up to rest behind his front teeth.]

War is coming.

[When Tom stops talking is when Isaac chimes in, naturally. It's clear that they've worked alongside each other before and from the ease of it, it seems like they might even be used to it. ]

If there are any original residents of Wonderland around, contact us, immediately. [ There's an odd forcefulness to his voice, but this is a matter of life and death, and he's to the point he'll kill countless people to keep the future from happening - kindness is overrated at the moment.

This has to be some form of last ditch effort by Wonderland to save itself. Why it had chosen them? He's not sure, but he's not going to let it be in vain. ]
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˙puɐlɹǝpuoM oʇ˙˙˙ǝɯoɔlǝM ˙ʍouʞ noʎ ʍou 'llǝM ¿uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn ǝʞods noʎ ɟᴉ uǝddɐɥ plnoʍ ʇɐɥʍ pǝɹǝpuoʍ ɹǝʌǝ noʎ ǝʌɐH

I'm sorry about your eyes )
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[He debates how to send the message for a few hours, and then whether he wants to at all. Tough call. Stay quiet and let the people who know you in Wonderland wonder if you've lost your mind, or put yourself out there and make them seriously question it?

In the end, Adam figures there's got to be weirder stuff out there than just what he's seen and experienced. At least in this place.]

Anyone else seen a dragon around? Big black thing with wings that can understand what you're saying?

Where does it live around here?

[Color him curious.]

[ action ]

Nov. 18th, 2013 06:50 pm
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[ Chihiro used to be out and about in the mansion a lot more - she was rather quiet, never saying much, except for the occasional pleasantries or pre-emptive apology for some imagined transgression. As time went on, however, Chihiro started appearing in public less and less. The events kept getting harder, more taxing. People she knew kept vanishing for good, without any warning. Every project she started wound up at some dead end. Knowing she could get sent back at any moment - not back home, but back to the Despair Academy, locked in with a group of would-be murderers - such a thing did quite a number on her motivation to try and make a better future.

Once she finally emerges from her room, craving some kind of comfort food the closets won't give her, she's an absolute mess. She's not at all composed, fairly scruffy even, having the look of someone who'd either slept too much or not enough. Her hair is in tangles, her normally well put-together wardrobe forgone in favor of some wrinkled pajamas. One might find her on her way to the kitchen, or on her way back, not even bothering to address anyone she passed by.

Her communicator was left in her room, untouched for days - she couldn't bring herself to bother anyone with her own problems, to take attention away from the efforts to get everyone - that is, everyone else - back to their homes.

After all, a strong person didn't need to rely on other people... right? ]
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The mirror network bridge is gone. The computer system on the mirror side was likely consumed during the last event, when the mirror side vanished. I still have an archive of all the mirror transmissions to that point, but we won't be able to observe their communications any longer until some other solution can be implemented. If you would like to see any of the mirror network transmissions, you may arrange a meeting with Alter Ego and I - please avoid speaking about such matters on the network, as we are still unsure how secure communication over the network is. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to re-establish the connection, or know of any alternative methods that can be employed.


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Nov. 5th, 2013 04:50 pm
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[The video clicks on, and he looks a little hesitant, which is maybe a bit odd given his appearance and high tech armor, but Wash has always been a little awkward. It doesn't help much that he still doesn't really know anyone around here, but that's at least part of the reason he's appearing on your screens today, Wonderland - he's looking to socialize. ...Sort of.]

Uh. Hey there. This might come off as a strange request to some of you, but I figured broadcasting it like this is the best way of actually getting some responses, so.... I was wondering if there were any of you out there that might be interested in doing things like sparring, or combat practice, or... anything along those lines, really.

[To be honest, now that he's more adjusted to being stuck here, he's been pretty bored when there's nothing ridiculous or dangerous happening. What better way to fix that than to get himself something to do, search out some people to spend some time with? There's a shrug, but he seems to gain a bit more confidence as he goes and thus presses on.]

I don't know about most of you, but that's normal, everyday stuff for me, and after all the craziness lately... I guess some normal sounded pretty good. [He smiles a bit awkwardly, and though it can't be seen through the visor covering his face, it can be heard in his voice.] Couldn't hurt to have something to do either, right? Seemed like a good distraction to me. So, uh-- Yeah. If anyone's interested, just let me know. Oh, and questions are okay too. ...If anyone has any.

[For a moment, he pauses and looks as though he might say something more, but then there's a puff of breath and some fumbling with the device before the feed cuts out.]


Oct. 18th, 2013 10:44 pm
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[It's been a long week.

James has been counting the days since all signs of Lily vanished, and he's been trying not to worry or panic. The last time she disappeared, she was back within a week. Plenty of people leave and come back in a week. It's a well-documented occurrence, so James waited on edge for an entire seven days.

But, a week has passed, and there's still no sign of her anywhere.

He's been dreading making this post, but he knows he has to. He fusses with the camera for a moment, but then he can't bring himself to look at it.

...Lily's gone.

[And then he abruptly shuts the video off. That's it, that's the whole message. Just two words to convey something that still feels so impossible. It still stings, so he makes sure it's short and to the point. He's not about to sob to the network at large, but it's the most effective way to let everyone know.]
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[Cecil took a few days to recover emotionally from legit actual death, but now he's back in full form, whatever that means. He also had to go make sure Carlos was okay before he could get to a usual broadcast.]

The rabbit hole is within your own mind. Welcome...to Wonderland.

Have you ever thought about death? It's weird, right? )
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[Carlos has been having a very...emotional week so far. First he kills Cecil by opening a door due to his blasted curiosity, which is probably karma biting him in the ass for when Carlos almost got killed. Second, he finds out via dubious sources (aka Crowley the snake demon) that there's a chance Cecil will come back to life hale and hearty. He's still not sure if he believes that this is possible for even Wonderland to do.

He is, however, willing to give it a chance. He'll shelve his grief and sorrow for a few days, and if it turns out the information is false...well. Carlos decides to cross that bridge if he gets there.

Maybe it's not the most healthy reaction, but Carlos isn't in the mood to care at the moment. He throws himself into his work, starting with doing some research in the mansion's library. After a couple of hours, he thinks he's stable enough to pester Wonderland with more questions.]

A question for the people who have been to Wonderland the longest. Has there ever been any experiments conducted here? I'd like to see the notes, if any have been taken, and perhaps recreate the experiment to see the results myself.

[He pauses for a moment to think.]

Also, I'd like to compile a scientific journal, if you would, on any experiments conducted in the past and the ones that may pop up in the future. At least this way we could have the information all in one place, and I wouldn't mind making paper or digital copies for anyone interested in reading up on it. If there are any other scientists in Wonderland, I'm hoping we can collaborate on this...project, I guess.

[Another pause and Carlos decides that this is about all he needs at the moment.]

Thank you for your time.

[And he cuts the connection.]
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[He's actually stopped lurking around in the dead of night after what seems like forever, and has actually made his way down to the beach, which in and of itself is something of a miracle. He's avoided it as much as possible, considering it still had that hemmed in, trapped feeling the rest of the grounds and mansion do, and it's more suffocating than relaxing, at least to someone used to the real, wide-open ocean.

But he sounds positively pleasant, in the best of moods, which while isn't at thing that's exactly rare, given recent happenings that tone is sure to be a tip off for at least one person in Wonderland.]

Well, another done and gone, and I suppose we have nigh just over a week before the next. P'raps the next, at least, won't be so ridiculous. I still can't say as I understand the whole superhero and supervillain business. A bunch of codswallop if ye were to ask me.

But it do raise a good point, along with another that were brought up before that last...Event, as ye say, was upon us. And something that I'm sure we can all say has been more than a little frustrating, from time to time, as there be such disparity between our wheres and whens.

[He pauses, as Rose climbs up him like a jungle gym, right to his shoulder, covered in sand where she's been running this way and that along the beach.

And seriously he's being completely altruistic when he continues:]

Why, I'll be honest here and say half the time I nary understand what ye lot are even going on about. Terms and phrases that do mean one thing in me own where and when, that seem to mean something completely different to another. Oh, I know I could take the good Mister Castle's suggestion and dig it up in the library, but words on a page hardly give the nuance the spoken word do. And when it's something written by you lot for you lot, they're hardly taking folks like meself into account, now are they.

Which, of course, brings me to me point. We get on well enough, after plenty of hemmin' and hawin' and finding the context in between the words but I'd say it'd be a fair sight easier if we were all on the same page. The King's English has changed quite a bit in between mine and your'n, and I'm curious as to just how much. I'd daresay we'd find our exchanges a wee bit...Cleaner, with that knowledge in hand.

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[Crowley is only mildly exasperated now that the event is passed.]

There, you see? That whole event was one big, pathetic bluff. I never revealed my secret and never had to kill any poor blighter to keep it. Yet here I am, secret intact, and past the deadline now, yes? I imagine it's the same for many of you as well.

Seems like a fair few people here became killers for no real reason.

[But that's humanity for you. Weirdos, the lot of 'em.]

But all's well that ends well. I say we all hit the pub, or have some kind of "we have escaped high school" celebration. I've seen other people on the network who have about the same idea. Party, then?

...And just out of curiosity, how many of you managed to keep your secrets without resorting to murder?
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[Reviving from death isn't easier the second time, but at least the initial shock of being alive again isn't broadcast to the network this time. That gives Souji the time to clean up any leftover blood from his face and clothes before he finds his device and opens up a video feed.

His tone is more clipped than normal as he addresses the network.]

Did any of the secrets ever get revealed? Not the ones people told everyone themselves, but the others.

[Because if he died for no reason, he's going to be pretty ticked off.

He leaves it at that, cutting the feed. He'll respond to network messages, but in the meantime he needs to figure out where the heck in the Mansion he is. Some random room on a random floor, it seems.

He's still disoriented, and wanders the halls for some time before getting his bearings. After that, he finds the dining room, because food makes everything better.]
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Secrets aren't really my thing. I mean, okay, so-- we all have them. They're secrety. I get it. People on the whole are secret-having and that's why we have secrets.

Can't there just be an 'opt-out' switch? [ she holds up her envelope, eyebrows lifting. ] What if I just burn this, without ever reading what's inside?

[ buffy turns the paper over, a slightly pensive frown creasing her features. ]

Here's the deal. The real-deal. This deal is so real they won't even put it on TV, real. Really. Dealy. So ask me a question any question, Wonderland. Because I'm willing to bet I know what's in this stupid thing anyway.

Which brings me to the real meat of my little speech. Don't ask me how words are meaty, they just are, and it's less gross than saying 'fatty.' But all of us, especially the girl-types of this venture, could use a night in. That's right, stick people of the skirt variety, I am proposing a girl's night hosted by none other than me. Buffy.

[ for the first time in the post she smiles, her envelope coming into view again. ]

And if for some reason these little things end up in the fire? We can blame it on the wine.

Oh, and someone, please bring wine! Room 2 Floor 2!! Xander, you're invited too. Scratch that, your presence is required. And you totally have girl's night precedent so gender is no issue of question.

[ and later on that night, buffy sits in her room and waits for her guests, wearing bunny pajamas, only pretend they don't have feet because pedicures are a thing that are happening. anyone is welcome to respond to the post but if you have a penis and your name is not alexander harris you will get turned away from the room, sorry notsorry! ]
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Two days in, and we've already seen at least one body. Maybe there's more that haven't been spotted yet, but I'd just like to firmly remind people that there aren't a whole lot of secrets that are really worth killing over. We've all got 'em. We've all got something to lose. People are going to be embarrassed or hurt or who knows what else, but none of it's really worth going after your fellow residents, is it?

[She's prepared for people to challenge her on this, at least. There are a few people she knows will agree with her, but like anywhere else, Wonderland is a mixed bag. People have different ideas about right and wrong and some might be of the opinion that since death here isn't permanent, it doesn't really hurt anything. Regardless, she's always been an opinionated woman -- and she's always been mouthy about those opinions. That's not going to change any time soon.]

Chihiro took a pretty bold step to try and prove that to all of us. Maybe admitting our secrets over the network won't work for everyone, but by the end of the week, they're coming out. Hell, knowing how Wonderland works? This place doesn't always play fair. I'd bet that even people who actually follow through to try and protect their secrets will end up getting them spilled.

Be careful out there. Keep a cool head if you can. This crap never lasts that long.

[The audio feed ends.

If there's one thing Emma Swan does not do, it's take Wonderland's crap lying down. Everyone seems to be dealing with the event differently. For some, the answer is to squirrel themselves away somewhere and barricade the door. For others, it seems to be to go about their days as normally as possible, but for Emma, the best course of action has been to step back into her former role as sheriff as much as she can in this place and take to patrolling the hallways. The grounds aren't an option, thanks to the doors and windows being barred, but all that means is that it's a little bit easier to keep track of people if she happens to spot anyone suspicious, prepared to intervene if need be. Anyone who comes across her will find her to be resolved and alert, if a tiny bit paranoid. Sometimes, paranoid was a good thing. She's beginning to believe that more and more the longer she stays in Wonderland.]

Private to Martha Jones )

Private to Killian Jones )

Private to Lena Duchannes )


Sep. 6th, 2013 12:43 pm
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...Hello, everyone.

[ Chihiro isn't quite sure where to begin - so much has changed overnight, and she has so much to say about it. ]

I just wanted to let you all know... this is... this is my event. These are my memories. When I woke up, I thought I ended up back in my world for a moment... everything is almost exactly the same as I remember, including... including this letter.

[ She holds up a small envelope, marked "Chihiro Fujisaki", and shows it to the camera. ]

Back in my world, we were trapped in a school like this, and we were told that our secrets would be revealed if we didn't kill someone. I... I don't know what kind of secrets you all have but... please... nothing is worth killing someone else for.

...One of my classmates suggested... that we all admit our secrets, so that we could be sure nobody would kill to keep them. And... I can't ask all of you to do that, but... since this is my event, I feel like I should take responsibility. So, I'm... I'm going to tell you all what this letter says.

[ Her hands trembling, she opens the envelope, taking out the small paper inside. She clears her dry throat before continuing to speak. ]

H-here it goes...

[ With a deep breath, she reaches within herself to find the strength to admit her secret to everyone, drawing on the resolve she had felt when this had all happened to her before. ]

It says...

(Warning: Dangan Ronpa Spoilers!) )


Aug. 6th, 2013 06:30 pm
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[The camera is sitting on the bathroom counter, well away from the sink, where Kirigiri is bent over, dressed in skirt and undershirt, washing her hair. It's quite a task, considering how long her hair is. And yes, she's still wearing her gloves. They're waterproof okay?

She's almost done, though. She straightens and squeezes water out of her hair with both hands. The water is clear, but there are pinkish-red stains on her undershirt and a nearby towel that might give a clue about why she needed to wash her hair.

Once her hair is just damp and not totally sodden, she turns to the camera, pensive. Noticing it's on, she goes ahead and addresses the network.]

I have...been thinking about cutting my hair. It's been getting in the way, lately, and I'm not sure what else to do about it.

Though I...am a little attached to it.

[She reddens a little, embarrassed for caring about something like that. She picks up the towel and fidgets with it a bit before she starts toweling off her head.]

This sort of thing isn't one of my strengths. I'd...like any advice about what I can do.
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[ Not long after Daryl's message appears, a new message begins to appear on the next page, in neat (if somewhat rushed) handwriting. ]

Finished repairing damage left by mirror self - my copy of the database is unaccounted for. Mirrors may now know about the bridge. Network transmissions up to this point have been archived and encrypted. AE will alert me if bridge becomes inactive. Do not attempt to interfere with real-side system, location must remain secret as long as possible.

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[ The video opens in darkness, the only sound to be heard the gentle movement of waves lapping against the shore. However, the very moment a tinge of light begins to creep over the horizon, a Voice begins to sing.

It is a Song the likes of which few have ever heard before. It rises as the light grows stronger, swelling with the tide and soaring as a bird may fly. It resonates in the air as well as the earth, a happy sound that could make even the most solemn of men dance to its melody.

The brightness of the morning spills over the waves, glistening with the newness of day. The Song crescendos finally as the sun peaks in the sky, only to diminish and fade into the sounds of the sea.

A few moments pass before the Singer finally appears. Great paws, golden and velveted all, appear first as he steps into view. A large, shaggy lion pads silently to the water edge, the breeze rustling its mane.

He stands there for a little while before turning and walking down the beach. ]

[ ooc: Please have a look at Aslan's PERMISSIONS POST before tagging! Aslan will be wandering around the beach as well as the outside part of the grounds all day. Feel free to run into him! He will respond to this video as well. Also, if you think your character might be able to detect/discern Aslan's true nature, feel free to have them do so! ]
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[Angeal is recovering nicely, much to Zack's insistence that he not do anything. However, he has opted to keep his post to just voice- There are still bandages needed for his back, over where the wound from his wing is, would be something he isn't intrested in talking about, at least right now.]

Wonderland, huh? This is quite the place. I suppose to many, this place has taken them away from their homes. [A pause, and he seems to consider how to put this delicately, the right way.] But to others, like myself it is a second chance of sorts. Another chance to make things right, another chance at life...

[He chuckles, a soft noise as a smile catches on his face, small but genuine.] A chance to get some sense of penance, to start over, and do the right thing.

[Now that he is convinced that it could be possible, even for a monster like him. If the others could find it in them to forgive him, then perhaps he may be able to find it for himself.]

But for the others... why do you want to go back? What is waiting for you? And most importantly of all, how can I start to help?

[After checking with Zack for a brief moment to make sure that these devices worked much like their phones, he composes a few private messages to send out to a few people he really needed to reach out to.]

PMs' to Genesis, Sephrioth )
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[It's been a while since Dean's bright and shining face has graced the screens of the communicators. Graced being a... strong and slightly ironic word. He looks distinctly less morose than he did the last time, but he's still got an expression on his face that clues the observant in rather quickly that it's going to be serious business this time.]

First off, I wanna to apologize on behalf of all of the idiots from back home. Not sure which of them it was, might've been me, but that last event was all on us.

[Actually, it's all on Dean, but he's not one hundred precent on that. Considering Gabriel's here, and he's... tricky? Not exactly the word he's looking for, but anyway, moving on, he can't be sure it wasn't him, Cas, or Sam. He'd like to keep the latter two from being thrown directly under the bus, though.]

Second off, I'm thinking it's time we had a little pow-wow.

[He shoots the camera a significant look. It's not hard to guess what he's hinting at.]

Time to step it up a little, be a little more proactive, see if we can't start heading these things off at the pass.

[He shrugs a shoulder. Might not be possible, but hell, it's worth a shot, right?]

Either way, we're taking this somewhere a little more private. If you're interested in a hike, be out front in a couple of hours. Someone'll escort you to the party. Bring a pen.

[And that's all awesomely vague except for the places where it ain't. The feed ends rather abruptly. A few hours later, Daryl Dixon will be making a few trips back and forth leading groups of people to secret place out in the middle of the woods. It's there that the real fun begins.]

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I have a question for all of you! It's come to me very suddenly, like a dream, or some sort of vision.

[And Alice sighs, as if trying to have that dream again. But it is gone, and she will just have to ask what she wants to ask instead.]

If you could be any you, who would you be? No restrictions or rules - if you could simply be someone new suddenly, which new you would you be? Would you do it? What if you had to; what would you pick then?

I think I'd want to be a Princess. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Princess Alice. Really, it's much better than being a Queen. You get a very nice crown and you don't have to be so responsible all the time. That gets so tiring, you know!

[She would know, after all.]

So, who would you be, if you had to be someone else?
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[Hello, Wonderland! Have a Kirigiri on your screen. She appears to be in the diner, based on the background behind her, but she's not eating anything. She's much to busy for that, natch.

As is to be expected of her, she gets right down to business.]

I am aware that there are a number of people who have gone home, spent some time there, and then returned to Wonderland with their memories intact. I would like to know as much as possible about this phenomenon, if anyone would be willing to answer my questions.

[She glances away and then back at the camera, deciding to add a little more on to that.]

It is for my notes and for the database. Of course, if anyone wishes for the information they provide to be kept confidential, I will not disclose anything that might identify him or her.

I would also appreciate any other recent observations concerning Wonderland as a whole, as well.

Thank you.

[She reaches out to turn off the feed. She'll be in the diner for most of the day, should anyone happen in while she's working and like to say hello.]

005; video

Jun. 20th, 2013 04:16 am
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[The feeds opens up on Amy sitting in the gardens, sunflowers filling the spaces around her. She's plucking the petals off a few of them and they form a carpet around her. Despite the fact that she turned the video to record, she's trying to get her thoughts in order first. It's obvious that whatever she wants to say has been on her mind for a while. After a moment, she looks up at the feed. When she speaks, her words come quickly.]

Is it true that when we go back, we don't remember Wonderland? It's as if we never left? If so, then what's the point of all of this? Why torture us with shadows and monsters and the like?

[She presses her lips together.]

What if I don't want to forget any of this? [And then softly.] Or any of you?

[Despite it being a question she knows the answer to, she's still upset about it. For the first time in a long while she has true connections to people. Having her shadow constantly in her ear telling her that everyone is going to leave her and she was going to be alone again made for a very trying weekend.

She offers a weak smile to the camera once she's finished.]

It's funny. When I first got here, I couldn't wait to go back home and get back to my adventures. And while I still want to see what the universe has to offer...[She trails off and looks down at her lap.] I wish I could take all my friends with me.

[And that's a new feeling for Amy Pond. It used to be that all she needed was the Doctor to make her life complete. And while she stills feels that there's a hole inside of her that's missing something vital, she isn't ready to say goodbye to anyone. Especially since she noticed that people do occasionally disappear. Sometimes they return and sometimes...She clicks the feed off.]

[ooc: got a little busy and don't want to be swamped with backtags. but if anyone wants to handwave a shadow encounter, here is a little summary of what Amy's been up to.]
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[ Chihiro had been taking a morning stroll through the gardens on the day her shadow appeared to her; it was a grave misfortune that she had not been holed up in the privacy of her own room, as she often was on these sleepy Wonderland mornings.

Nobody would expect that the demure, soft-spoken Chihiro Fujisaki would have a secret so dramatic as she did - which makes it all the more vital that she make haste back to her room as quickly as possible. As horrifying a prospect as it was to spend time alone with this person, this thing that was chasing her, to be seen was even more horrifying a prospect. ]

Leave... l-leave me alone! Y-you're not me!!

- potential Dangan Ronpa spoilers below -  )


ooc: Feel free to have her run into your character at any point between the gardens and her room on the fifth floor, or you can attempt to reach her after she's holed up in her room.
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[ Since the start of the event, nobody's seen any trace of Chihiro Fujisaki. As the video feed kicks in, it's clear to see why - she's holed up in her room, typing furiously on her laptop, looking disheveled to the point of being borderline unpresentable. Her normally tidy room is littered with empty ramen cups and food containers, as well as various wires and computer systems of unidentifiable purpose. ]

Almost... al... almost...

[ She mutters to herself, her fingers working at a lightning-fast pace, her bloodshot eyes glued to the screen. ]
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I haven't kept track of the exact date, but I've definitely been here for two years now.

[Yousuke sighs heavily. He looks a little exasperated, a little bemused, but mostly just done. So done. Like a steak left on the grill for a half hour.]

And in a about a month I'll be 20. But with the... I don't know, time screw? I still look like I'm 17.

[His expression implies how sad that is. Anyone who has seen him in his entirety knows how sad that is. Waiting all his life to fill out, only to hit a metaphorical invisible wall, clipping forever into the nothingness of "lol, you can't go there dude". Have fun squeaking like a chihuahua every time you get flustered for all eternity.]

What haven't I done? What haven't I said? Abra Kadabra! Open Sesame! Tax exemption!

[His head hits his table with an audible thud.]

Just let me go home already...


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