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Um...i-it seems like everything started to calm down again, doesn't it? I'm still a little confused about the door and what happened exactly, but...I think it might have been a good thing? It must have been really awful for that Queen to be locked away for so long.

[After that tangent though, Tohru looks like she's suddenly remembered that she's forgotten something! There was another point to this message, wasn't there?]

Oh, but, um. I'm actually making this post because I wanted to ask - is everyone okay? I know there were monsters running around and being really destructive. I was safe in the diner, but I really hope no one else was hurt by them. Wonderland really can be dangerous sometimes...

[She sounds sad about that. Oh, but wasn't there something else she wanted to say? She keeps getting off track...]

Oh! And that's right I almost forgot. I asked the closets very nicely and it gave me some taiyaki pans for the diner! [She holds one up and wow that will make some cute fish-shaped desserts.] They're for making taiyaki, which is little, sweet, fish-shaped cakes with filling in them. Usually it's red bean filling, but I can put custard or chocolate in them instead. I've never been able to buy pans for it, so usually it was a special treat when Mom and I could get them.

So, um. I'm going to be making a bunch of them in the diner right now, if anyone wants to come up and try some! It's on the eighth floor, for anyone that hasn't been there yet. After everything that's happened, a warm snack might help everything start to feel a little more normal again - or, well. As normal as it can be somewhere like Wonderland, I guess!

[She smiles, and gives the camera a wave, and shuts it off so she can go run off to the diner.]
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[Anyone who heads down to the entrance hall today is going to be greeted by a (somewhat unevenly crafted) bulletin board sitting off to the side of the main stairs, out of the way but still hard to miss. Yes, Elsword finally had enough of this "no bulletin board in the town square Mansion" bullshit. How have you people even survived this long in such a primitive state? How are you supposed to find what everyone wants without a central quest dump?!?!

Anyway, yeah, it's there now. Fuck with it at your own risk.

There's only one thing posted to it so far, a page pinned to the centre with big bolded letters.]

Must be okay with swords & magic!
If interested leave a reply OR come to room 315 on the 7th floor
There will be a test of skill so don't come if you're not serious

[At the bottom are a bunch of those little paper tabs you can pull off (LF> Sparring, Elsword @ rm 315, fl 7). There's also a stack of post-it notes on a nearby stand.

Or you could, idk, photocopy your butt and put it up there instead of reading any of that shit. WE ARE ALL MATURE ADULTS HERE, I'M SURE.]
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[The scenery had completely changed once again. Sakura was nervous at first, since the last time that happened, it was completely terrifying. However, she couldn't help but feel calmed by the Truffula forest's storybook facade. The trees were so soft and colorful, and the whole place had a healthy brightness to it. It was a little ridiculous of course, but thankfully harmless, and wasn't that enough?

Her thoughts turned to her classmates, and she looked towards the tent area from her spot in a nearby clearing in the trees. She wondered how they were reacting to the event... they all deserved some peace after what had happened the previous fortnight. ]

Addendum: Picnic Time

[Sakura is currently seated with Chihiro on a pink thneed serving as a picnic blanket. There are so many sandwiches. Wont you help them with these sandwiches?]


Apr. 8th, 2013 10:24 am
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[The video blurs at first, the picture turning and twisting between colors of blue and white as the owner of the device tries to figure out its workings. Finally the video clears and stills in an upright position - but maybe it would be better for all if it hadn't.

The face isn't a particularly scary one, but neither is it at all attractive. A whiny laugh accompanies the picture's clearing, sharp pointed teeth, an expansive white matted beard, and obscenely long nose are all suddenly visible. Ouch, yes, the view might physically hurt anyone with keen dislike for anything on the ugly or disgusting side of the scale.

There we go, there we go. All better now, huh? Though I'm not really sure who I'm talking to. [Faintly crazed laughter.] Maybe- oh, could it be? Has a princess finally kidnapped me for once? That must be it! Oh finally, I don't have to do all the work for a change! [His whining, scratchy voice almost cracks with anger on that last part, then immeditately softens.]

Oooookay, Princess. I'm ready to meeeet you! No need to be shy, I mean, I won't bite unless you ask me to.

[One eyebrow waggles. Yes, yes it does. He's old enough to be most individuals ancestors and he's implying- yes, yes he is.]
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[ It doesn't matter how far away she runs - she can't get away from the sickening noise. ]

S-stop it! Just s-stop!

[ Her hands clutched haphazardly over her ears, she sprints down the hallway away from her room, panicked breath coming in short bursts as she fails to choke back her tears. After getting herself lost turning down random hallways to escape the sound, she finally loses the conviction to keep running. ]


[ She drops to her knees and shuts her eyes, pressing her forehead against the floor, holding her hands up against her ears, trying in vain stop the agonizing squelching and screeching that's taken up residence in her head. ]
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[ Yet again, Asahina's soaking wet. At least this time she's actually in the pool. In fact, you might notice that the pool's gotten a little larger since Asahina's started visiting it every morning. Or you might not have noticed; it doesn't matter. Instead, there are more important things to talk about today. ]

Did everyone get through that event okay? No one hurt too badly? That was pretty crazy. I mean, there was stuff falling from the sky, soggy donuts, water everywhere. It's stopped now, and hopefully it won't happen agai-- Huh?

[ CRASHSPLASHBANGERANANGNER!!!!! That's the sound and image of something-- someone falling from the sky and landing smack dab on Asahina. She didn't stand a chance. ]


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