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[[OOC: Backdated to the baby event because my internet isn't going to stop me from exposing wonderland to two Thors.]]

[When the feed clicks on, Thor's room is chaos. Everything that can be flipped over IS flipped over and his few possessions are strewn about the room.

Suddenly, the door flies open and Thor strides in looking uncharacteristically exhausted. Held to his chest in one large hand is a chipper sounding baby, its little arms are flailing about and he seems to be gurgling out a conversation that Thor has no patience for.

Thor sighs loudly, but he still manages a smile.]

You are quick on your feet, child. I've yet to see a babe crawl quite so quickly. [The baby giggles, glancing about the room before his eyes fall on the hammer in Thor's other hand. He squeaks eagerly and begins to wiggle furiously, leaving Thor to attempt to juggle him and the hammer]

You are not playing with that again, boy.
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[Magic baby clones? Murder? The Once-ler's only kind of vaguely been paying attention to any of that. Because a couple of weeks ago, he struck a deal with the vendors and returned to his room with about 47 Truffula tufts, an itchy forehead, and no memories of being in Kindergarden. But hey, whatever! They practically gave him the materials, so who cares? And now, he is on-screen to present his glorious invention. He doesn't have much space, so the Truffula tufts are piled up behind him against the wall.]

My fellow Wonderlandians, I am about to show you something that's going to rock all of your worlds at the same time. I present to you...The Thneed!

[He holds up a yellow one, so everyone can see the design of it, but he's also wearing a pink one as a scarf. For the unfamiliar, it looks a lot like a sweater with four arm holes, two of which are sewn together in a loop.]

You might be thinking "Ew, what the heck is that thing?" or "Oh, that's just a stupid scarf!"! But oh, my friends, it is so much more than that. It's a mop! It's a trampoline! It's a cloth that keeps your face clean! It's a slingshot and a jump rope and a stylish bag - it's everything you wish you had!

[The Once-ler is good at this when he gets on a roll. While he's doing his routine though, he doesn't notice a long green arm reach through his mirror and snatch one of the Truffula tufts right off the pile! Unsurprisingly, since he's been so distracted, this has been going on for a while.]

It's easily the single most useful item you could ever have in Wonderland, and it can be yours today! Now, normally it's just $3.98, but since the circumstances are really weird, I'm going to be much more flexible and open it up to bartering! I know a bunch of you got stuck here without money, or never had American money to begin with, so I'll take whatever you've got! Come haggle with me, and I'll make you a glorious Thneed that will not disappoint.

They come in red, purple, yellow, orange, and pink, and I am open for business from now until forever! And, exclusively to Wonderland, I have plaid models - [He gestures to the Red plaid, and Purple/Yellow plaid that Alex drunkenly preordered.] - and I'm experimenting with specialty colors - [He gestures in the opposite direction to Jade's which It's hanging out to dry, but all the blue dye appears to be dripping right out of it. He turns the camera away from that disaster.] Uh, those aren't ready for sale yet.

So! Any takers?
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[Loki looks a bit desperate when he appears on the screen while he seems to be walking around with something wrapped up in blanket that is screeching horribly and really, he cannot make it stop.]

Land of wonders, I require your aid!

[He raises his voice.]

For reasons yet unknown I have been...entrusted with this infant! I will not stop wailing!

[Finally Loki stops walking and crouches down, placing the tiny Jotun-baby on the floor to look at it, placing the communicator next to him. His voice is still audible when he tells it to be quiet.]

Hush! Shhh!

[The baby is not listening.]

[OOC: baby!Loki is actually a tiny Jotun (Frost Giant). Their skin has a pale violet color with black curly marks around their heads and pointy ears. As seen in this fanart, the little guy way low on the right. Marvel!wiki did not provide me a clear picture U_U]
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[John, having awoken to the sound of quiet whimpering at around midnight, has decided to share his surprise visitor.]

Guys! I found a baby! A me baby! It's me as a baby! Guys, this is the best! Look at his widdle cheeks!

[Baby John doesn't seem as enthused. He just sort of hangs there limply as John holds him up, grinning with pride.]

I was the cutest! Okay, that's all. I bet the rest of you guys have baby-yous now too! Hehehehe.
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[Mysterion - aka Kenny McCormick - is seated behind his desk, looking grave. The news of the attacks came as a bit of a shock to him.]

I found out about what happened recently. For that...I'm sorry. Coon & Friends are supposed to protect the citizens, and we failed in that. I promise we'll do better next time.

That being said, I think it's time to discuss potential alliances and candidates into our organization. Those of the superhero persuasion should contact me as soon as possible. We need to work together if we have any hope of protecting the people here.
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[ It's been a while, Wonderland. Bartz has been meaning to make this post since about a week ago, but was distracted by loads of things. Namely, the mansion itself. It's huge, plus it has about a thousand interesting things inside it. Being very easily distracted doesn't help at all. That aside, the poster is currently lounging on his bed, fiddling with the journal idly with one hand, the other resting on his chin. Since he's not the type to lounge, this could only mean one thing: he's bored. And obviously, he's trying to relieve it. ]

Hey, does anyone wanna spar? It's been, I dunno, a month since I arrived here, and I haven't done that at all. I don't want my skills to get rusty, you know? That'd be suck, since I'm gonna kick Chaos's ass and all when I get back. Plus, I'd love to learn some new moves.

[ Short pause, as he realised that the people in Wonderland doesn't know about his crazy awesome mimicking ability yet. ]

Oh, right, about that, I can mimic your fighting skills right off the bat! And your weapons too. Magic also counts, so say yes, okay? [ He flashes a grin. ] I wouldn't mind teaching you my moves, either. I'm good with swords, lances, axes, you name it.

[ There's another pause as he switched hands. ]

If you don't wanna spar, just hanging out is okay. I'm kinda bored here.

( ooc; back-from-hiatus post! and the mimicking permission is here, if you have any objections / notes / haven't filled it. )
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[Thor is super excited to have figured out the text function. He wants his words to be as resonant as his voice, so he uses the BIG LETTERS to get his point across.]


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Oh drat hold on while i fix this eye sore.
Here we are. A much more suitable color for my fancy i should say.
So on with the questions. I see this isnt exactly where i left off and i feel like there must be some sort of reason i was dragged so far from my home.
Would anyone care to give a new fella like myself the whole rundown of things?
Once ive figured out that much id be more than happy to save your princess or do away with your villains! I cant very well start my adventure until im educated in the ways of your people either.
Just give me my quest and im your man!

((And for the action, he's currently meandering around the gardens, carrying around his skulltop and checking things out.))
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[The feed flips on and Alice stands front and center, a podium with papers in front of her. She's in her Sunday best and clearly ready to talk.]

Good morning, everyone!

This will be a short one, just until I get used to things. I'm no minister, so I can't claim I know everything that He-- [She points upwards.] --wants for us, but I think we can start on an easy note, hm?

I think we can all agree that killing is bad. )
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[ There's a young boy that appears on the screen, looking very perplexed. Also he seems to be holding the device the wrong way as his face is quite upside down. He's also mumbling something about uselessly complex Midgardian gadgets under his breath. His lips twist down into an adorable pout and the view is momentarily obscured as he obviously pokes the camera a few times. ]

I'm... not sure if this is on...?

[ His brow furrows as he stares at it in utter bafflement before his eyes widen in surprise as he seems to realizes something. The screen blurs for a moment and he appears right-side up when it clears again. It was no small miracle that someone as technology inept as he even managed to notice he had it upside down.  He honestly would have preferred not using this... thingamabob at all.  But the fact that he had found it after finding himself here led him to believe that using it would probably be the best way to ascertain were in the nine realms he actually WAS. ]

Sorry, I have... a profound distaste for devices like these. Is there anyone out there who can let me know where I am so I can turn this off before it gives me a headache?

[ Because he honestly hadn't the foggiest idea of how he managed to get himself here.  He knew in this child's form that his magic occasionally did wonky things if he attempted something too advanced... but all he'd been doing minutes ago was a simple summoning spell.  However after the puff! of magic cleared he discovered that instead of a low level magical beast appearing before him... he had simply appeared somewhere else instead.  He of course suspected some sort of assassination attempt, but after discovering none of the usual annoyances he suspected something else entirely must be afoot. ]


Jul. 8th, 2012 08:05 pm
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[ So after trying (and failing) to get in touch with her pals, Jane takes the time to poke around the mansion a little.  Nosing around and wishing she had her detective gear along with her. It would make this Sleuthing a lot more fun! Still, though, this place wasn't her house, and it didn't really look...well, like she expected the game to look. ]

Aww shucks,

[ She would ask something along the lines of 'Why can't I seem to connect to pesterchum, and where are my friends?' but what a silly question that would be. Instead, she settles on the more general. After all, her first order of business is figuring out where she is! ] 

this isn't what I was expecting at all! :(
Has anyone, by chance, seen a house lying around?
I don't mean this rather lavish mansion, either.
Now, I do realize this isn’t all that conventional a question, but I’m certain it should be here!
Unless, of course, something went awry right before I entered the game.
I wouldn’t be all that surprised if something had, given how the day’s been...
Still, this is a rather peculiar predicament I've found myself in, isn't it?
It seems I can't get in touch with my pals, either!

[ 'Peculiar predicament' is the understatement of the century, but still. ]  

Hoo boy, if anything, this certainly requires some serious sleuthing.
So! If you'll give me a moment here to see if I can find a fedora, I’ll get this case underway.
In the meantime, does anyone have any clues?
And on that note,
is there anyone even here?

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I have a kind of question that I have been thinking about for a while and just can't find a real answer to. It is a bit hard to solve alone, without ...examples, and romance books and stories probably do not hold too much truth and certainly not that much variety, so... I'm sorry if this intrudes on anyone's privacy and I apologize, but...

If you have ever been in a serious relationship, would you mind telling me a bit about how it came to be? Through the network is just as fine as over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.
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[The video opens to a horizontal profile of a woman staring at the ceiling, her crystal blue eyes focused intently upward. After a moment, she grunts, and sits up, brushing short black hair back from her face. The red mark across her face is more evident when she looks in the direction of the camera, staring at the wall behind it.]

... Okay. Can't say I'm familiar with this style of interior decorating. Orlesian, probably.

[The video times out as she rummages around the room, picking up and pocketing anything that looks valuable enough. Only fair since most of her stored equipment seems absent save for what she had on her. When it starts back up again, it looks like the device is being held in her hands as she monkeys around with it.]

-ome sort of artifact or something? Probably not worth much, either way...

[She taps at the camera inquisitively; someone will need a crash course in electronics before the day is through.]
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[It's July 1. The date hadn't meant too much, other than the fact that for some reason, the Garden was on its way to taking over the Mansion. It seemed to be spreading at a rapid pace, enough to cause concern. But it was low on Minato's list of concerns at the moment. He had something else to worry about--even besides turning more plant-like--and that was trying to figure out how to stay upright on his feet without wanting to fall over, pass out, or vomit. He would very much like the room to stop spinning too.

Minato resorted then to just sitting on the floor with his back against the side of the bed. It might've been more logical to sleep in the bed. When he had the strength in him to get up there, he would.

But right now he was as comfortable as he could get from just sitting where he was with his eyes closed, and trying not to pay too much pay attention to the way his head hurt and the incessant chatter of the larkspurs in his room.]


Jun. 30th, 2012 08:25 pm
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[Elaine looks pale in the video. There's a thin layer of sweat over her skin, and her lips are hardly pink at all. She looks distracted, perhaps because of all the vegetation in the garden around her.]

Has anyone seen the deer that's going around? [Her voice is thin, almost wheezy.] It still looks pretty normal even after all of this. I only got a glimpse of it. [She seems to lose her train of thought for a moment.]

...I don't know what to make of this event.

[[OCC: Wheeew had to disappear there for a while, but I'm back! :D]]
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[We all know this part by now, guy was doing something, guy gets transported here, guy is confused. Thor was in the middle of a particularly important something when he appeared in this place. So many things are hanging in the balance right now, Midgard, The Tesseract, Asgard and, while he would not admit to his worry, his brother.

When the feed clicks on he is pacing his room, twirling his hammer in his hand. Right now, he really wants to start smashing the unfamiliar objects in his room. Fortunately, this is a more mature Thor. He knows better than that now. He's taking deep, shakey breaths and mulling over the situation, looking more and more bewildered with every step.

Finally, he pauses and lets out a yell that could shake the walls, his frustration and concern obvious in his roar.]


[After being tricked so many times, even Thor will catch on eventually.]
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[Scene: Pinkie, smiling innocently, at the end of a corridor. Music is blasting out from somewhere.]

Hey, there's a party on the third floor! Free flying carpets for the first ten people to get up here!

[But this is a lie! And more importantly, an omission of truth. Because you see, Pinkie has tied all the doorknobs on the third floor together. Anyone opening their door will pull another door shut and vice versa times infinity! If people want to escape, they'll have to do the immensely hard task of cutting the pink string around their door handle.

But for anyone who does manage to get out or comes up to claim their flying carpet, they'll find a mini party set up at Pinkie's end of the corridor. No flying carpets, though. That was entirely a lie.]
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[The feed opens to show Battler's bathroom, where he is currently struggling to set up a towel to cover the mirror above the sink. The mirror is covered in what looks like writing in red paint, though from this angle it's hard to make out individual words. After a few seconds, he looks down and notices the device has turned itself on.]

...Oh, it's recording? In that case, does anyone know if there's any way to stop people on the other side from writing all over the mirrors? It's getting annoying.

[He reaches to close the feed, but seems to remember something and stops himself.]

And Beato? That last event does not mean you win, in case you were wondering.

1. [video]

Jun. 20th, 2012 12:52 pm
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[For a moment one does not see anything more then a pair of green eyes glued to the tiny screen of the palm pilot, obviously its owner is not aware of the fact he just turned on the button that gives access to a video connection. A finger finally taps against the screen.]

Ah! I see! This contraption is much like the phone of Stark I have in Asgard!

[Loki sounds overly enthusiastic about this. He likes Midgardian gadgets and its many options. Because this has to hail from Midgard…right?]

I have activated an ability to televise myself to other creatures. Is this the service of Skype perhaps?

[He's figuring out the workings of the palm pilot quite quickly, fingers pressing buttons and opening menu's. Loki wonders if he is able to connect to the Youtube as well. He mutters to himself while the device is making its connection.]

The Youtube tells me that Midgardians have a truly unusual taste in melody.
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[Kenny's chilling in the Gryffindor Common Room, throwing one of those Muggle bouncing balls at the wall.]

Classes, classes, classes. You know, when I found out I was a wizard, I thought I was going to get to go on great adventures and meet tons of fantastical creatures! Befriend dragons, save hot girls in distress...but it's the same crap you get in Muggle schools. Math, science, history...bleh. It's all so boring - except for Care of Magical Creatures. That's about the only subject I can handle.

And then we can't even go to Hogsmeade! I have to wait a whole other year while all of the older kids get to go and drink Butterbeer, see all the cool stuff for sale at Honeydukes, and go out on little weekend dates and excursions. And what do the first and second years get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except for our teachers breathing down our necks demanding that we study. Life's too short, man. You gotta have some fun.

That being said, I am pretty open to performing any kind of dare. After the boring weekend I had, I really want to actually do something. If I have to go to the Hospital Wing, that's okay too. So...any suggestions?
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Good morning, students! Did you know that Muggles have this adorably arbitrary view that Monday is somehow worse than any other day of the week?

Did that make sense to everyone? Does it matter?

Hint: The answer is no. Now quit wasting time, there are a lot of things to teach you about~!

eccentric lesson plans from an eccentric man )
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[Step right up, girls and boys, to the class that very well may be the best class in the entire school. Now, let’s not play coy. Everyone knows that the practical skills in this particular course can be applied to every aspect of your daily life. Who knows? You might meet a Hinkypunk on your next woodland hike!

Your illustrious professor - Winchester, Dean Winchester - and Head of Gryffindor House stands before you, twirling a long cypress wand between his fingers, chewing a piece of Droobles Best Blowing Gum.

What poise! you declare, what attitude!

But bloody Hell he’s so cool works just as well as he pops a bubble the size of your head.

All right, lissen up!

[With a lazy wave of his wand, his gum disappears and the classroom door shuts. Dean straightens.]

We got one heckuva day ahead of us, so let’s get started.

cue Yackety Sax )
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[Professor Gregson is, for the start of her classes today, anyway, mostly herself. She's a little frazzled, clearly, but that's just because T was out partying in the forest last night and, well, hopefully her students understand that that just isn't her, so...

So they'll understand if T decides to party in the middle of class, too.]

Lesson plans under here )
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[Well, Amaterasu has everything set up for her little ducklings students.

Second Years are going over to the lake for their lesson! She's already spoken to the Merfolk and gained permission to include some of them into the plan today.

As for the Third Years....]

This way, please!

[She shepherds them to a corral, where a few Hippogriffs are dotted here and there inside. Ammy turns to the students and gives them all a stern look.]

Now, Hippogriffs are proud and polite creatures. Do not insult one or they will likely rip you to shreds. Just be polite and flatter them. Make sure you bow first, and once they bow back you may approach the Hippogriff.

[Now, as for the Fourth Years...Ammy is standing in the usual spot, but she has a guest. This guest is a Sphinx. She beams happily at them.

Fifth Years are being led to a tree near her hut. At this tree is a unicorn and its foal.

Sixth Years are going to meet a centaur!

Finally, the Seventh Years are going to be getting a hands-on experience with a gryphon.

Of course, any professors with free time are welcome to take a look at what their eccentric, motherly colleague is putting into these kids' heads.]
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[The feed opens to show Beato sitting at the Ravenclaw table during lunch. She has several books open around her, and two plates of food: one for herself and one for the chicken sitting in her lap.]

There's so much schoolwork to do...I'm not too worried, because it's nothing I can't handle, but-

[She stops talking to give her chicken a stern "no" as it tries to eat some of the food off of her plate, then winces when it pecks at her in reply.]

Let's just say that I'll be looking forward to this weekend at Hogsmeade. A night at The Three Broomsticks is exactly what I need. I hope to see some of my fellow Ravenclaws out there; especially you third, fourth, and sixth years. The work is only going to get tougher from now on, but as important as studying is, it's even more important to take care of yourself. Make the time to go to Hogsmeade - trust me, you won't regret it and will find your brain feeling refreshed and better equipped to deal with your schoolwork.

[The chicken nibbles at her corn on the cob contentedly. Beato dabs some ink on her quill and makes note of this in the diary Professor Pie had given them. The calm is short-lived, however; several owls come swooping in through the window to deliver some letters and parcels, frightening the chicken so badly it manages to sort-of fly out of Beato's lap, where it begins to run around the Great Hall. The feed ends with Beato struggling to get out of her seat, trying to get the chicken back.]
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[ Good morning, darling seventh year students! Remember when Charms was a harmless subject with a lovable old professor and a slim to none chance of suffering emotional or physical trauma? No? Excellent.

Today each of you will find a candle sitting on the desk in front of them. Don't worry, unlike last time it will not grow teeth and attack you on sight. So sit down, get comfortable and listen to the task at hand!

Now, given the dreadful quality of your memory charms last week I trust that at least none of you will have any trouble recalling... the freezing charms you were taught in your third year. Today-

[ He snaps his fingers, lighting all the candles in the room at once. ]

-you will freeze the small flame in front of you.

[ He allows for a dramatic pause and for his students to wonder what place child's play like that has in a seventh year class. ]

Of course there... is a catch. Not only do I expect your actual incantation to be silent, no, I... should also like you to move your wand and lips as if you were conjuring fire. Allow me to demonstrate.

[ Professor Buckingham draws his wand (Dogwood, dragon heartstring, 15¾”, rather flexible, of course) and aims a flowing motion and a booming Incendio! at the candle on his desk, but instead of flames his wand produces a jet of ice that freezes flame, candle and holder solid.

Cue moment to let the display sink in.

To maintain the appearance of one charm while executing another is the very peak of focus, control and unity between you and... your wand, not to mention quite the edge in a duel.

[ It's also a rather underhanded technique and greatly frowned upon by Professor La Fère... which is all the more reason to teach it passionately and thoroughly!

Buckingham grins broadly and moves to the side of the classroom in strides.

That said, good luck and... do mind the eyebrows, eh?

[ For any ghosts, members of the faculty or students not presently suffering from his class Professor Buckingham will be in his office, grooming his owl. He will also be wandering the hallways often enough, especially to return a little something to a certain Ravenclaw's office. ]

For the curious, everybody else's lesson plan under the cut! )
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Today we will be making the Wit-Sharpening Potion. Every fourth year learns how but as some of you seem reluctant to use it despite your intellectual shortcomings, we're going to go over it again.

Your ingredients are ground scarab beetle, cut up ginger root, and armadillo bile. Do not forget to grab a mortar and knife when you collect your cauldron. I expect perfect results from fifth, sixth and seventh years and you can depend on losing house points for anything less. First, second and third years may gain points for the correct concoction. Fourth years: shut up.

You should all do your best if only in this one instance. The Wit-Sharpening Potion will make you all the more tolerable to deal with and will certainly improve your time spent in this class.

[Sherlock has set everything out in not the most organized of fashions but it's all there and recognizable. His own desk is a mess of equipment with human eyeballs in a jar and a string of thumbs tacked and hanging like Christmas tinsel.

When he isn't sat at his desk, doing more or less something completely different from what he's assigned, he's walking up and down to make sure everyone's on task. He might twirl just a bit on his turns and has a habit of dashing about and ignoring personal space bubbles.]
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[ Hey Wonderland, you have a new arrival today! The video feed turns on to show...nothing, precisely, just the blackness of someone's pocket, since the new owner haven't realised the journal's presence yet. From the sound of the footsteps, it's obvious that he's sizing up the place, and from the sound of his voice, he's thinking out loud. ]

I haven't seen this place around before. Is it part of Chaos's clubhouse? I thought I've gotten out ages ago! [ The footsteps stopped. ] Whatever it is, I'd better stay sharp.

[ "Taking a wrong turn" is not an option for him. In fact, he kind of...entered the mansion on purpose. It's not his fault he kept finding interesting things when his friends wasn't looking, okay! Anyway, this is the moment where he realised that there's something in his pocket, other than his crystal, and a moment later, the network finally gets a first glance of him. Brown hair, grey eyes, probably looked like he's in his late teens instead of 20 and dressed oddly in modern-day standards. He's probably holding the device upside-down or something. ]

Hey, I found something! What is this thing? I haven’t seen anything like this before. It doesn’t seem like it’s edible. Is it some kind of weapon? No, I don’t think so. Some kind of equipment? Nah, don’t think so either. Can it do- [ His boisterous train of thought was cut short by the fact that he realised the device is on. There’s a loud “woah” at this, and he stumbled back, almost dropping the journal. When he snapped out of his shock, you're getting one (1) Bartz Klauser staring at you in the face, network. A little too close, in fact. ]

Wow, this is cool! I’ve gotta show this to Zidane, he’s gonna be real jealous! [ That being said, he glanced around, obviously curious about everything. ] It's no time for playing around, and I've gotta get outta here, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I took a little detour.

[ After all, that's what he do best. Dudes and dudettes, feel free to run into him in the Entrance Hall, if you prefer some action. ]


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